Chapter 20 : Mauve… Out!

Chapter 20 : Mauve… Out!

It was a long time since I last saw new faces entering the dungeon.

Because of the recent events, I was really busy and could not find any time to manage the Dungeon.

Now that everything was handled properly, I could finally go and meet with them.

At that time, when I met them, although it was unreasonable, they were already standing on the main stage. They did not come here properly by doing the tutorial.

Finally, I was able to gather a lot of data. Enough of them to start the preparation and open the Dungeon.

The last time we had a serious talk about managing the Dungeon, it was something like the following.

(Yuki)「Because I will open a convenience store here, in the middle of nothing, please, have a good look and try your best to estimate!!」 It was something like that.

So, that was the main reason as to why I collected information. Regarding this, it was really fortunate that I knew members from the royalty and skilled adventurers.
Thanks to them, I somehow managed to earn the permission of the Country.

Oops, I went a bit out of place here. I asked Mauve to bring them.
I meant, the Slaves.

They were mostly young women… No, they were definitely all young women. After all, he did as I instructed him.

Hiyaho! it was a harem!! Although it was what I wanted to say, this was not the reason why I took them in. It was because I wanted my own pawns in my hands.

There was also a variety of other reasons. But look, these were real boobs!! Boobs!!

I had to remain calm…

No matter how beautiful were the Princess, the Drilled Princess or even the Holy Woman of Ritea; If I were to think about the future, I could not harbour any delusion about them.

That was enough delusions for now. It was finally the time to check the offering brought by Mauve and his party.

(Yuki)「Well, now that Mauve and his party are back from buying the Slaves, I intend to properly analyse and criticize everyone’s taste in women.」

(Mauve)「Hey, wait!! Did you just say criticize!? I protest!!」

(Yuki)「Now now, don’t worry about that. You should not be selfish and hold any grudge because you went outside to do it.」
(Mauve)「I am worrying!!」

(Yuki)「Alright , let’s stop with all this random talk. Now I want all of you to introduce them, starting form Mauve.」

Selfishly, I ignored him. I decided to advance on my own. Right now, Mauve was probably doing his best to hold his complaints towards me.

(Mauve)「I understand. I will give an overall explanation first. As you can see, we were able to acquire nine of them. We are really sorry, but we couldn’t obtain one from every race. I hope you can understand, but some unique races are extremely expensive.」
(Yuki)「That’s really plausible. Did all of you buy three?」
(Mauve)「Che, you had a really good point. Come to think of it, do you have any problem with the content of the contract?」
(Raija)「Oh, if you place them under your protection, the contracts will hold no meaning. Just in case, us 3 will handle the slaves.」
(Yuki)「Is that so, but first I want to ask you. Do any of you have a girl he wants to get his hand on?」
(Mauve)「No, you can rest assured. Right now, if we were to blend with an unskilled novice, our balance we managed to get back will break.」
(Yuki)「I see, then, how about we begin with the self-introduction?」

After they heard me, the 9 Slaves standing before were a bit startled.

Likewise, it seemed that they never received any good treatment before.

(Yuki)「I don’t know yet how much you heard from Mauve and his friends. But my name is Yuki and I am now your new employer.」

The girl with long ears reacted to what I said and had a puzzled look.
I wondered, was this girl an elf?

She, unlike your typical type of elf, had a really big chest.

(Elf-Chan)「I’m sorry for my impoliteness… are you not going treat us like slaves? What do you mean when you said employ…」

(Yuki)「That’s correct, I won’t treat you as slaves. I want to do too many things in the future and I would like you to cooperate with me.」

(Elf-Chan)「Cooperation…? Then, you would probably prefer to treat us as slaves?」

(Yuki)「Fufufu, Oh I don’t need to hide it. But your new tasks could possibly even be harder than the one you would do as slaves.」

When they heard me, all of their face twisted.

(Mauve)「 Oi Oi , no need to frighten them so much. Aren’t they pitiful?」

(Curse)「Mauve, hold it. Yuki must have taken everything into consideration already. That’s Because the girls will have to manage and protect this place in the future.」

(Raija)「Curse had a point. They might want to flee after all.」

(Yuki)「Stop it, it’s painful to hear.」

Curse agreed with me, but what Raija said made me frown.

(Elf-Chan)「To manage this place? What kind of thing is it?」

The elf girl from before asked for more explanation, while tilting her head.

(Yuki)「It’s a simple story. We are the people responsible for this dungeon. After the Dungeon was subdued by the now deceased Herge-sama. The story is as follow. We will construct a village or a town here, and Herge’s Older Sister, Seraria-Sama have in her possession the proprietary rights.

(Elf-Chan)「It seems that we were brought here for an experiment…」

This girl was quite a nice child. She might develop fairly well if I taught her.

(Yuki)「You’re wrong, your safety is guaranteed. What I want you to do here is something different.」

(Elf-Chan)「How is it different?」

(Yuki)「You were not brought here for an experiment, and that’s only for one reason. It’s in order to follower Herge-Sama’s wish. She was really eager to create a place where everyone who lost his family and everyone who lost his home, because of the war, could live together happily.」

(Elf-Chan)「Herge-Sama did…」

(Yuki)「We created a plan. We want to make a safe haven here and collect the

slaves from everywhere. We will afterwards free them from their contract. That’s why, the first thing we need is manpower. If you agree with this story, we want you to help here. Even so, I hope that you can treat the former slave nicely. We can’t afford to have anyone here who will hurt them.」

The existence of Herge-Sama was useful. Thanks to that, I will not have to reveal my existence.

I think it was the safest choice, since I knew nothing about the outside world, it was better that I didn’t get discovered by anyone.

Because I came from another world, I needed to stay hidden for a while.

(Elf-Chan)「However, I don’t have any experience into building a village, neither a town. And probably everyone here are the same…」

After she said so, she looked into her surrounding to see if anyone had knowledge on this matter. But all the remaining slaves shook their heads, agreeing with her.

(Yuki)「You don’t have to worry. Mauve, his friends and me will support you. But, firstly, I want you girls to tell me about the cultural differences between the races. It will be necessary when making a village or town here, because we plan to gather people from many races in the future. I want you to consider this problem as much as possible, and even more when we are not present. I would like to ask for your cooperation.」

(Elf-Chan)「If we cooperate but don’t bring results, will you drive us out?」
(Yuki)「That will never happen. As long as you try your best and get involved with the management. But regarding what you understand, what you hear or what you see. I will have to ensure that you don’t leak anything outside as it will be regarded as huge treason if you do it.」
(Elf-Chan)「I guess that’s only natural. I understand. I will cooperate with you to
make Herge-sama’s wish become reality. I will make this place a better one for all the people who met with tragedy.」

Everyone nodded after hearing her. I was glad that everything went so smoothly.

(Yuki)「Then, if you are going to cooperate with us, shouldn’t you introduce yourselves? It’s inconvenient if I don’t know how to call you.」
(Elf-Chan)「Ah, yes. Excuse my rudeness. The three of us who fell in love at first sight with Mauve-Sama, we are…」
(Mauve)「Why did you say out!!」

I cant ignore such a statement, to address him with Sama and to claim that you had fallen in love with him?? This was enough of a teasing.

(Yuki)「Che ,If I meddle here, we will never end. Please end the introduction at once.」
(Elf-Chan)「Wha, what? I understand. Then starting from me…」

(Ellis, Known as Elf-Chan until now)「My name is Ellis. As you can see, I am an elf. Although I can use a little magic, I don’t have any battle experience. I can do a bit of arithmetic. Please take care of me in the future」

So she’s Ellis huh, When I looked at her status, I saw that she was already level 10. Wasn’t this considered really high? From my understanding, the status of a 18 years old commoner should be around level 5.

The first impression I had of her was that I felt like she had the qualities to be a leader. If you consider the fact that took the lead and was the representative for all the slaves. It seemed that I could expect a lot from her in the future.
For her impression, I feel like she has the qualities of a leader

As I said before, She was a 160CM blond beauty with long hair and an overflowing chest.

(Tori)「 E..euh.. I am Tori~ Desu!! I am from the wolf kin of the beastman tribe ~ Desu!! Magic, I can’t… but I am very confident with my physical ability ~su !! Please take care of me ~su!!」

Tori-chan’s level was really high, as amazing as 21, She must be part of a battle race huh!! Well putting aside the gag with her size, she gives the impression of a dog eared girl. And, to be honest, I was really thankful that the beastkin were not some extremely hairy people.

She had short and white hair. Some place where shining, was it because she had some kind of curly hear?

(Aslin)「I am called Aslin ~Desu. I am from the human race… My knowledge is really poor, and I can’t do anything like battling or magic… The only thing I can do is cooking and housework…」

Her voice became smaller and smaller as if it was about to disappear towards the end of her introduction. I understand that kind of feeling. It must have been hard for you, Aslin-Chan, to introduce yourself.
If you looked at the 9 girls, she was by far the youngest. I didn’t think
anyone, including me, would choose such a little Loli.
Aslin had short hair with a chestnut color. She had a bobbed haircut, I think that it suited her really well.

(Yuki) 「Thank you three for your introductions . I am thankful to Ellis for answering back to me since the beginning. As for Tori, she is full of energy. Please take care of me in the future. And Aslin, you don’t need to worry. cooking and doing housework are truly important in order to live after all. Well, take your time to learn whatever you find useful.」

(Ellis)「No, I am the one who should thank you for the time you took to explain things to a slave like me.」
(Tori)「Yes!! Please tale care of me ~Desu!!」
(Aslin)「Am I a nuisance…?」

Only Aslin seemed to be uneasy. Since there was nothing more I could do, I tried to calm her down by patting her head, this is the best feeling when dealing with children.

No, except for that one!! there was an annoying kid in my neighbourhood who hated me
with a passion… His parents seemed really pleased with it!!

(Yuki)「Then, I will give you my judgement Mauve!!」
(Mauve)「What judgement!!」
(Yuki)「Lolicon, you’re out!! I have no doubts, you’re a lolicon!!」

She was way too young!! No matter how I loked at her!! I understand that you mistook her for your child, but please, think carefully!! Otherwise it will once again bring troubles for me in the future!

With a young child like her, I wonder how much she would grow with a good education. Although I wanted to know it, there was nothing I could do if the person herself rejected it.

Let’s see, what we had now with the 6 remaining peoples.

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    • He is still trying to hide himself even from the Slaves. I guess that he didn’t change his own policy since the beginning.

      He only want the DP that can be produced by a Village (Remember, for each person inside the Dungeon, he will earn DP)

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