Chapter 25 – Good morning, then good morning explanation, then explanations

Chapter 25 – Good morning, then good morning explanation, then explanations

My body felt heavy and my head not clear… Yes, that’s true, I went to bed yesterday.
Why couldn’t my body move? Was it the so-called after sleep paralysis?
My chest was tightly oppressed, it was painful.
When I looked around, the day had already risen.
I was bound so tight that the only thing I was able to move was my hand. And when I moved it to the upper part of the futon…


Labiris was sleeping there.
Oh, I can remember now. I was in the other world was it… And I had to manage a Dungeon.
Because I was sleeping in a Japanese style Inn, I had a strange homesickness like feeling that you have when you’re far away from home for too long.

(Labiris)「N, … Suー」

I pushed her aside the top of my chest trying not to wake her up.
Was this the so-called child room feeling?
Although I remember the horrors of last night, I was somehow feeling warm and good now.

Well, now is the time to prepare breakfast, I can’t cut it, right? Let’s refine it quickly with DP
Because I will explain a lot, they will need plenty of strenght.
(Yuki)「Oi, Wake up Mauve!。Otherwise, no rice for you!」
(Mauve)「I…Is this morning?」
(Yuki)「Come on, until when did you party? 」

Mauve finally started to wake up after receiving my kicks.
Raija and Curse had already gotten up and were tidying the futons.

(Mauve)「Huh, morning teas are delicious.」
(Yuki)「Yes it is. When accustomed to tea, it’s a good drink that calms the mind」

We leisurely enjoyed tea near the window.

(Mauve)「Where’s breakfast?」
(Yuki)「First, tidy your futon. I must also call the Women’s group」
(Mauve)「Heihei. By the way, did the princess meet them already?」
(Yuki)「The explanations are still lacking. Millie is confused, and I must remove that feeling from here first.」

Yes, to the girls, I had yet to say that Herge was alive.
I needed firstly to explain many things to them and be sure that I could trust them. Then only would I tell them about Herge.
Expecialy for you Mauve, if you don’t want to get hated by Millie.

(Mauve)「Alright, I will not interfere with them. Okay, get done quickly with the futon. Okay?」

So, I started to fold the futon.
I still have to wake up the girls… And the children I had left untreated.
(Labiris)「You came… How dare you throwing me away, don’t you have any shame?」
(Yuki)「No, I didn’t mean to.」

As I thought, Labiris glared at me from the Futon.
Aslin and Philia were rubbing their eyes. They seemed to be still in the world of dreams.

(Yuki)「Okay, okay. I will teach you the luxury of this Inn soon. But before that, I will wake up the other girls first.」

Holding Aslin and Philia, and together with Labiris, we left the room.
They were heavy. Well, they are kind of cute so I guess it was okay.
The thing which crossed my mind was an image of a parent and his childs.

(Labiris)「I’m still sleepy…So…」
(Yuki)「But hey, I don’t have three arms, only two.」
(Labiris)「Promise me …」
(Yuki)「Why are you showing a sorrowful face? Well, come here and climb onto my shoulder. Be careful with your balance.」

Labiris seemed very lonely, so I offered my shoulders to her.
This proposal should not fall out of Aslin and Philia.

(Labiris)「Thank you…」

She was now on my shoulders and placed her hands over my head.
By the way, two melons were hitting my heads, but I ignored them.
So, next door.

(Yuki)「Oi, are you awake? Open hereー」
(Lutz)「Yes, Onii-san.I’m awake yo~」

To answer me, Lutz opened the door but…

(Lutz)「Eh~…Are you doing childcare?」
(Yuki)「I don’t deny」
(Lutz)「You don’t deny that desu ne. For everything you’ve done, thank you. What will we have for this morning meal?」
(Yuki)「Ah, but before that, I’ll show you the taste of unique luxury of this Inn.」
(Lutz)「That’s bad~,don’t you think everyone else is already in an over luxury state? Of course, I’d like to see what more luxurious things you will show me. But…」

While I was chatting with Lutz, Ellis and Millie came here.

(Ellis)「Also, is it going to be once again strange and extravagant?」
(Millie)「Oh, I became accustomed enough to luxury in that half a day. I had been hoping to hear more from Yuki-San」

Ellis had already given up. As for Millie, helplessness could be seen on her face.

(Yuki)「Fufufu… Take everyone and go to the outdoor hot spring!! It’s the highest luxury facility!!」

Japanese Inn. They said the Onsen hosted by a Japanese Inn are the most luxurious. You could take a bath at any time!!
In the morning, in the day and the evening!!

(Yuki)「It’s the program after waking up. Put your clothes in the basket the same as yesterday. Your change will be next to the basket too」
(Lutz)「What can I say…? About the luxury that we can step into the bath whenever we want? Moreover, to have this as the program after waking up… We even have our change of clothing there. Oni-San, aren’t you spoiling us?」
(Yuki)「No, as long as you are here, like I said yesterday, it’s normal. But you will have to maintain the Dungeon well if you want to keep it. If you work hard, this kind of life can be preserved forever. So please, think of today morning lightly and freshen yourselves」
(Lutz)「I still want to say many things but… I will obediently follow you Oni-san.Because this kind of luxury, is a once in a lifetime experience.」

After Lutz had said that, everyone was now in the room.

(Lutz)「What will you do Oni-san? Will you enter together?」
(Yuki)「No, I’m not going. Can I rely on you for the children? I want to go to the men’s bath and enjoy it leisurely」

I tried to give the three little girls to Lutz but.

(Labiris)「Me too, I also go to the men’s bath…」
(Aslin)「Together Desu一」

Aslin and Philia were holding me. They seemed to have woken up way too fast.
As for Labiris, she clung to my head tightly with her two melons pressed onto my head.

(Lutz)「Oni-san I’m sorry… I’m not Oni-San wife, so I can’t find a way to take care of the children」
(Yuki)「Haaa, It’s inevitable. When you get out of the bath, gather where we ate dinner yesterday. We will have breakfast there later.」
(Lutz)「Roger De~su」

After that, I parted from Lutz and the other and entered the men’s bath.

(Yuki)「You learned the way yesterday, do you remember?」
(Philia)「All, all right desu!」
(Aslin)「I can’t remember really well.」
(Labiris)「Because they are heavy, please help me again」

That they couldn’t remember well except for one was normal, because they were children, after all, they will need time to learn it.
Honestly, Labiris, you did that on purpose, didn’t you? Did you think that looking at me as if you was a spoiled child will do any good?

Also, I think that I was one step closer to enlightenment.
Because doing nothing while holding, these two melons required incredible willpower.
After we had breakfast without almost any problem, I will explain more about the Dungeon and everyone’s specific position.

(Yuki)「Before we begin, let’s take some tea everyone.」

When it comes to a long stretch like this, a drink is absolutely needed.
Everyone sat on floors cushion around a large desk.
By the way, about the three children, I had one on my lap and the other two at both of my sides. I looked absolutely like a parent.

(Yuki)「I want to explain about the Dungeon. But first I need to resolve yesterday’s interrogation of Lutz and the others about me. That way, I will be able to begin my explanations properly.」
(Lutz)「Let’s see desu~, I’m sure if we listen to Onii-san explanations, we will have less question. Was the matter of yesterday about Onii-san’s hometown?」
(Yuki)「Humm, I’m confident that I can solve some of your questions by explaining from an external point of view. You will hear the details once I get to the part telling about the Dungeon Master」
(Lutz)「Okay ~, Thank you.」

Then, the explanation started, but it held a bit of lie amongst the truth. I said the same content as I did for the Princess.
・Before I noticed, I became a Dungeon Master.
・My hometown is somewhere outside the continent.

I said that because I didn’t want them to learn about the real place. They wouldn’t trust me anyway even if I didn’t lie about the other world.

・The thing I did and how I managed the Dungeon for self-defense.
・Thanks to the meeting with Mauve and his friends and after having a few conversations with them, Lutz and the others were bought as a result.
・And what followed that was I would make DP while trying to make a Town or a Village.

< Now here.

Regarding the explanations until now, everyone had a different level of understanding. The highly educated Lutz and Curse had no problem, they were at the top. Following them, were Ellis, Millie, and Tori who barely understood. And to my surprise, Labiris seemed to understand way more than expected. I had the feeling that Aslin was trying to listen. Kaya, Philia, and Riel looked as if they would spout smoke anytime.

(Lutz)「What, wa, was that… It was hard for you Onii-San~. Suddenly, I feel like you…」

Surprisingly, Lutz seemed worried about her choice of words.But actually, I was kidnapped. That damned Goddess.

(Ellis)「I see, if you can handle the Dungeon however you want, it’s more convenient than a castle. It would be wonderful if we could make a town or a village there」

Ellis who listened to my explanation was impressed. It can be considered normal because I already displayed my skills as a Dungeon Master.

(Millie)「Huh, does another Dungeon Master like Yuki-San exist? Because until now, whenever a new Dungeon appeared, it would get subdued right away…」
(Lutz)「I don’t want to think that a guy like Onii-san would get suddenly attacked…If it were me, I would harden the Dungeon and reverse back the invasion to the outside. For my own safety. And for the things which my common sense can’t connect with, I won’t be able to talk about them」

Millie while listening to my circumstances, had a nasty imagination about what happened with the Dungeon until now.
I think that Lutz might have the same kind of thought as me. In general, I gave out the answer and talked about Dungeon Management theory.

(Yuki)「Well, I was lucky that I met Mauve. I was able to earn DP without killing. But still, I can’t return to my hometown. So I’m trying my best to take advantage of the Dungeon process.」
(Lutz)「Oh, it was like that. What are「Dungeon Point」? How do you get them? I just heard some dangerous word from Onii-san」
(Yuki)「Altought there is a dangerous method, another way exist. Now listen to me.」

Then, I briefly described how to get DP.
・DP are added for each living things born outside of the Dungeon, if they die or if they stay in the Dungeon for a period of time.
・DP in the case of death are equal to HP + MP. Regarding fixed time, it’s 1/100(MP) x 1/100(MP) with the minimal amount of 1DP. With the exception that every MP used are not turned into DP. The efficiency is pretty bad .
・Caution, the ones under Guardian Appointment would not bring DP.

(Lutz)「I see, I see. If I die, then it’s about 800 DP? It’s hard to discern the value of 1 DP. Onii-san, what about this hotel? How much DP did you use?」

Because she asked me, I wrote every expense onto a paper. Altought Lutz and the others were surprised by the paper’s high quality. I disregarded them.

Hotspring 2000DP Yearly maintenance 100DP
・Outdoor bath 500DP with self-cleaning function
・The restroom, rooms and the grand hall 300 DP
・Courtyard 400DP with maintenance features
・Food 300DP It include Kitchen equipment, food and Self replenishment feature for the fridge
・Supplies 300DP Futon, Desk and an equipment box to make simple things.
・Cleaning tools 200DP Washing machine, recycle bin… recycle bin wich destruct inanimate objects.

Extraordinary expenses 560DP
・Yesterday and today meal 300DP 一Around 10DP per person.
・Yukata 260DP 一10DP per person

「U~n. This is quite the sum. How much did you spend to make this Dungeon Onii-san?」

Because she said that, I tried to report the expenses since the beginning.

First time Dungeon cost 1380DP
200DP 2km² of land (1km² = 100DP) Yearly maintenance cost (1km² = 10DP)
100DP 1㎞² of land (1km² = 100DP) Yearly maintenance cost (1km² = 10DP)
300DP Dungeon Modeling (1 Floor = 100DP)
150DP Dungeon customisation (1 Floor = = 50DP) ※Change of typography
150DP traps (manifacturing only)DP used depend of the trap
30DP Custom traps(Deployement)一1 Floor = 10DP
300DP Monster summoning, details afterward.
150DP Shoping system… Room furniture etc.

Total 1380DP Maintenance 120DP remaining amount used 90DP
(Lutz)「The things needed for managing the Dungeon seem to amount way lower DP」
(Ellis)「It’s a little more subtle than that. For other Dungeon Master, people are usually poor (DP wise), so it’s easier to earn by killing. I guess that it’s natural for luxury goods to cost more money. But I don’t know, Nii-san, how much more room you have for DP. But Yukata and Food are another expense.」

Ellis was thinking various things about DP and what I wrote.
Lutz also understood why a friendly Dungeon Master like me is unlikely to appear. Even if you connect with people, the DP earned might not be good. Because of this, it would be better to kill them.
When reducing it only to the people you like, the DP consumption may be lower. To make a town or a village, I really needed to have guts.

(Millie)「Considerable courage is required for a Dungeon Master to make a town or a village… That reminds me, how much DP did you have at first Yuki-San? And also, what are this thing called monster summoning?」
(Yuki)「1500DP. The monster I could summon at that time were only Slimes and Goblins」

When I answered to Millie, Lutz intervened with a pale looking face.

(Lutz)「What with this severe situation… Only three floors and they were defended by Goblins and Slimes… Even I could break that. It’s good that you were able to remain safe with these little.」
(Millie)「But I understand that it was a good reason for weak people to enter. Like this, you could lure people in. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to earn DP.」
(Lutz)「Desu ne~, but I can’t understand how you can deal with a stronger demon if he invade the Dungeon. Is it the reason why you want the income to become stable?」

I nodded at Lutz and Millie.
Ellis who also had her idea wanted to speak about it.

(Ellis)「I understood your story Yuki-San.B ut what do you want us to do now? Should we think about the arrangement of the buildings or something?」
(Yuki)「No, I will just hand to everyone a part of my Dungeon Master’s authority, and you’ll modify the Dungeon as you like.」

After I had answered to Ellis, Lutz barged in ferociously displaying her teeth.

(Lutz)「Hey wait!? You can transfer it!! Your power!?」
(Millie)「This is completely unreasonable. And in the worst case if I die, who will manage the Dungeon?」
(Yuki)「Oh about that, I have insurance.」
(Lutz)「Such a thing. And we also need to protect the Dungeon Core. Because the Dungeon will break if the core gets stolen」
(Millie)「This is quite troublesome… It looks boring as well.」
(Yuki)「I’m sorry, for the people to be able to live here. I ask for your help」

I said that and asked the favor to everyone. After this, I thought about the future. My life would definitely become easier. I can’t afford to back off now.

(Lutz)「If it’s Onii-san who ask for it, I can’t refuse… Onii-san, you helped me, you got me out of slavery, you never hit me with a whip, and you treated me with such a good treatment. I, Lutz, will cooperate with you Onii-san. What will everybody do?」

Lutz looked at everyone after saying that.

(Yuki)「I will not be unreasonable and force you to work in this Management operation. You can just become ordinary residents of this Dungeon. I won’t expel you」

I had to say that, because if they helped me by force, it would bring trouble in the future.

(Ellis)「I think that I want to help you Yuki-San」

Ellis had no problem and gave a simple answer to me.

(Millie)「I can’t ignore the friendly Dungeon Master here.」

Was said by Millie.

(Tori)「From the start, I want to follow you Yuki-sama!!」
(Riel)「I will help!!」
(Kaya)「I will cooperate…」
(TL : not sure if Tori or Riel aren’t reversed here.)

Tori, Kaya, and Riel also agreed with it.

(Labiris)「I also want to help , I want to be Yuki-San maid!!」
(Aslin)「I’ll help…Even if I dislike it, I’ll do it throught」

And the three kids consented.

(Lutz)「Fufufu, the first step of Onii-san’s harem. By the way, this Dungeon was created something like one month ago, right?」
(Yuki)「Yeah, what about it?」
(Lutz)「Even thought you want us to build a village or a town here. The Inn was over 2000 DP already? And your initial amount was 1500 DP?I’m worried about the amount of DP remaining… I think that you already spent all the income for the past month. And because we are under your protection, we will not even bring any DP…」

Lutz was afraid that I wasted everything in the past two days.
Well, I didn’t have to worry about that because of the DP I earned thanks to the soldiers.

(Yuki)「Oh, you don’t need to worry, we have enough DP. Still 490 000DP are left」

I silenced everyone.

(Lutz)「Why is there so much DP!? Several hundred people worth!? No, thousands!? Only one month!? What happened!? Answer me!!」

Hum about this, should I introduce Herge…?

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