Chapter 26 – The bitter feeling of a bitter feeling.

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Chapter 26 – The bitter feeling of a bitter feeling.

Lutz was considerably upset.
That’s because 490 000 DP brought the evidence that people died here.

(Lutz)「No, I didn’t say anything bad about Onii-san!! But you earned so much DP in this short period of time, so you can’t say that nothing hapenned!? The only thing I have not heard yet is how Herge was related to the Dungeon!!」

That remind me, I didn’t speak yet about Herge’s circumstances.

(Millie)「I’m sorry, can I ask a question? What Herge-Sama story is about? Until I listen to it, I won’t be able to understand」

They wanted to know about Herge’s story, but they don’t let me the time to explain.

(Lutz)「Ah, After all Onii-san gave shelter to Herge-sama. But when Herge-sama wanted to leave, she died from the attack of the Demon King. Around 2000 Elite soldiers had come here and only 1500 of them stayed alive. With so many elites, It must have been a severe attack」

I see, I see. It became that kind of talk in the streets.
How cheated, you thought that the loss of soldiers was due to the Demon King and not because of the Dungeon. Like this, it was way more convenient for everyone to keep their honor and also easier to form an alliance against the Demon King.

(Lutz)「You didn’t seem to be that much surprised by it Onii-san. Indeed… This 500 elites soldiers should have turned into DP.」

Oh? As excepted of Lutz, she reached the best conclusion regarding what I said earlier.

(Lutz)「Onii-san, would you explain from your side what happened?」

(Yuki)「Of course, you have to listen about this matter. Otherwise, you will not be able to manage the Dungeon properly.」

I took a short pause and looked at everyone’s face.
Everyone seemed ready to listen. Because of that, Mauve sat next to Millie.

(Yuki)「First of all, I will introduce her to you. Herge, enter now.」

Herge and Oriel came after they heard me. The large door opened to let them enter.
Because Herge received treatment, she was now looking magnificent.
When the girls saw Herge, they displayed a face full of surprise.

(Herge)「Nice to meet you everyone, My name is Herge Rau Rochelle. I almost died, but I’m still alive」

(Oriel)「I’m Herge-sama’s escort, Oriel」

After she had identified Herself, everyone had his mouth wide open.
Finally, Lutz recovered first and moved her mouth.

(Lutz)「I…I understand. Was the amount of food written yesterday included these two as well? But I can’t believe that an important person like her would come here.」

To reach this level of understanding with only some numbers wrote on a sheet, you were awesome Lutz.
However, did you notice that there was another person included within the numbers? Likewise, Lutz seemed quite reliable.

(Yuki)「Well, I will now begin the explanation about Herge and the others. Take a seat Herge」

Afterward, Herge sat down, and I told everyone the general outline of what happened.

・Herge as Mauve’s Slave came into the Dungeon.
・How Herge was protected and how I managed to learn information about the continent and the country.
・How Mauve was persuaded and then escorted Herge’s clone to the Royal Capital.
・Why the King was hiding inside the Royal Capital. and Also, I explained about Loire’s behind the scene assassination attempt of Seraria.
・Immediately after, Lulu of the Holy Country Ritea had joined Mauve and tried to solve the conflict.
・The punitive force Loire sent against this Dungeon but how Herge was once again protected.
・Taking advantage of the situation, Loire returned to the castle.
・How Herge couldn’t move because of Holy Country Ritea reputation.
・Lastly, how we simulated Herge’s death in order to avoid war.

(Lutz)「This again… a lot of troubles happened here.」

After I had finished the story, Lutz answered that.

(Yuki)「Ah, but thanks to that, the Dungeon received the guaranty of full assistance from the country and in about 10 days, to answer Herge’s dying wish, immigrants will start to gather at the Dungeon led by Seararia.」

(Lutz)「Onii-san, isn’t it too soon? Aren’t you too careless? Are the preparations here finished? Or will you only make them afterward?」

(Yuki)「Altought I don’t know yet if we will make a Town or a Village because that’s beyond my vision, for now, we will do it inside the Dungeon.」

(Lutz)「Hey, Onii-san. Why didn’t you tell us that Herge was alive beforehand? Well, from the flow of the conversation I understand that it was advantageous for you to do it but still.」

(Yuki)「Simply because Herge is also involved in the Dungeon Management. For her own purpose.」

(Lutz)「I’ll think about it later after you give us our rights… I understand…」

Although Lutz was still talking. She was prevented from doing so by a yell.

(Millie)「I can’t understand!! Why is that woman operating the Dungeon…!! Wasn’t she died sheltered inside the Dungeon?!!」

As Millie exploded, she hurled her cup to Herge. But with a particular protective Skill, the cup dropped right before Herge’s feet.

(Oriel)「You!! What are you trying to do to Herge!!」

Oriel barked at Millie.

(Millie)「Everyone can understand why!! This woman is cursed!! Because she introduced herself as a Holy Woman…!! We became slaves!! How many villages and towns do you think were covered in blood because of her!!!!」

Hearing that Lutz and Ellis frowned.
They understood what Millie said. Everyone else also had a hint. Their face were puzzled.

(Millie)「Return them!! My family!! And everyone of the town who are gone!! I’ll kill you… Because of you, my younger brother died defending the city!! If you try to resist my stab, I will cut your arm!! Raise your neck!! I will do the same thing to you that happened to him!!」

Mauve jumped at her and pinned her down.

(Millie)「Mauve, go away!! When you met her, why didn’t you kill her!! This fellow is the ringleader of everything!! Why can she have a comfortable life!! I wish she was dead!!」

Mauve didn’t say any word. Instead, he only held her down.

(Herge)「I am sorry…I was thoughtless…」

Bending her head, Herge apologized to Millie.

(Millie)「What? Don’t apologize!! Even if you do it, it won’t return anything back!! Don’t be sorry… Even if you are, the result will be the same. I’ll murder you…」

When Millie said that, she couldn’t hold it anymore. Sobs started to leak.
Although she understood But she didn’t want to accept the fact that Herge wasn’t as bad as she knew.

(Lutz)「I’m sorry Onii-san but can we continue the talk tomorrow?Honestly, I’m also not feeling really well」

(Ellis)「Me too. I’m sorry, but I need time to arrange it」

Ellis and Lutz said that while supporting Millie.
Although Herge did nothing bad, she was still the instigator of it. There was no mistake. It was the truth.

(Yuki)「Finally, it comes to that. You can now go to rest. I will carry rice to your room later. If you want, you can also head to the bath for a change of mind. 」

(Lutz)「Thank for your concern. Then Onii-san, we will head to our room.」

After that, Lutz and the others went out followed by the beast trio.
I just realized that Kaya held Tori and Riel.

(Kaya)「Stop screwing around… Because of you, everyone in the village…」

(Riel)「Settle down Kaya」

(Tori)「Please Kaya, for Yuki-San consideration, holds for a bit here.」

Her voice was flat and small, making it difficult to hear what she was saying, but at the same time, it sounded really heavy.
After that, the little crowd together with Kaya left the room.

The only ones left were me, the three kids, Oriel, Herge, and Mauve.


Oriel was inquiring about Here whose head was still bowed.

The ones who broke the situation where Aslin and Philia.
They were holding hands, standing in front of Herge.

(Aslin)「Hee, well Herge-sama. Thank you very much!!」

(Philia)「Because you saved me, thank you so much!!」


Finally, Herge raised her head. Her face looked like she didn’t know why she was given thanks.
Then, the two people continued their talk.

(Aslin)「Maybe Herge-sama can’t remember, but Philia and I were cured by you!!」

(Philia)「A soldier had cut my arm, and the bleeding wouldn’t stop. At that time, it was Herge who rushed and saved me!!」

Aslin and Philia used hand gestures while they talked.

(Philia)「I couldn’t understand the talk earlier because it was a bit confusing. But the magic Herge used to cure me was warm. So once again, thank you.Thanks to you Herge I’m now here and alive!!」

(Aslin)「Yes Desu!! Although I understood Millie a little, Herge is kind. She’s not bad girl!!」

When the two of them were done talking, tears emerged on Herge’s face.

(Herge)「I am sorry… Thank you………」

The two little girls held her into their embrace and repeated their words.

(Aslin)「Hee, well Herge-sama.Why are you sorry? We are the one grateful…」


The two were in a situation that didn’t make sense for her.

(Oriel)「I’m sorry you too. Please, stay a little longer like this and help Herge settle down.」

Oriel who was also shedding tears kept watching them.

(Mauve)「Humm, should I too retire to my room?」

Mauve left the room after asking.

(Yuki)「What about you Labiris?」

(Labiris)「Of course, I’ll wait for the others. These two are pretty cute.」

(Yuki)「Do you intend to sit on my lap until then?」

(Labiris)「Naturally…This place is my exclusive sit after all.」

While she said that, Labiris adjusted her posture on my lap.

(Yuki)「It can’t be helped. Well, what would you like for tonight’s dinner?」
(Labiris)「If it’s made by Yuki, anything!」

Well, what can I do about this daughter’s hope? She wants homemade cooking huh.
(TL : Yuki said Musume wich should mean daughter here.)

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  1. Finally managed to log in.
    So the thing about Herge, it was explained some chapters ago when Yuki poured the cold truth on her, but I still don’t get it. She went to visit some towns in the holy nation and somehow that cause deaths and slavery? I know they didn’t like her being the holy woman, so they somehow tried to get rid of her, again not clear on what and how.
    Can someone give me a summary of everything about Herge? Everything is clear, EXCEPT Herge for some reason.

    • The only thing you need to retain is that Herge was used as an excuse for war.

      – Ritea felt bad for their reputation
      – Loire did everything he could to take advantage of that
      – The King of Roshuru wasn’t a good dad nor a good King.

      I guess that Herge needed to know the truth before meeting the slaves IN CASE one of them was from Gal and IN CASE she would hate her.

      I agree that the part with Herge was a little confusing at first.
      But after Yuki said that he made a clone of Herge, everything became clear (for me).

    • Made sense to me, but maybe something will come up to later to make my assumptions wrong. Roshuru was at war with the neighboring Gal, but despite that Herge visited for humanitarian reasons. Warmongers in Roshuru, and probably others as well, used her presence to move troops about that country committing atrocities, which all got blamed on her to discredit her as a Holy Woman.

      • Yup in a nut shell Yuki is actually wrong in what he said in chapter 19. He can’t place blame on Herge for others actions. And her being blessed by a goddess specifically to heal people? I would call that saintly. She isn’t responsible for Loire’s or the other nations actions in fact I all most dropped the series at 19 just because of how irritating that entire chapter was and how badly written it is.

  2. Seriously you need an editor, maybe you lack some coffee, but there are a lot of grammatical errors, still I thank you a lot for taking your time translating this.

    P.D: Labriris is so damn cute, fav character! xD

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    • If I remember right there are at least 3 child (age-wise) slaves. It’s just that Labiris is more well endowed even while still being a child.
      Also I’m not so sure myself but I think “Musume” means “Girl/s” not Daughter/s.

      • It can mean either depending on the context.

        Like how 少女 can mean “girl” or “virgin”/”maiden”.

        Here, I feel like it’s read as “girl”, but with the feeling of “daughter”. It’s a seird subtlety that doesn’t translate well in English.

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  7. Kinda like this it should be:
    Herge as Mauve’s Slabe came into the Dungeon. => Herge as Mauve’s slave came into the Dungeon.

  8. btw, there’s a typo here, i was bored so i reread everything again XD
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    So it would make sense to have children show up to put in input on things.
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