Chapter 29 – Watermelon

Chapter 29 – Watermelon
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Now lets move with the script.
It was the time for that girl I had prepared to appear.
Then, here you are.

(Yuki)「Say, Labiris.How long will you be sitting here?.It’s not that I don’t like it, but I have yet to get used to the feeling.」

I tried to say that to Labiris who was still on my lap.

(Labiris)「I must reject that Yuki. Can I not sit here forever?」

Without hesitation, she retorted back easily.

(Yuki)「…You’re doing as you like.So I will do as I like too.」

(Labiris)「Ee, then I might accidentally push you down.」

After I said that, I patted the head of the satisfied Labiris.
Well, on that specific day「You seriously believed that I would fall for you?」,I was so shocked when told that.
When I was younger, I was afraid of everyone in Japan.More precisely, along the road of my youth.
There were a lot of girls who liked to do pranks of that level.This happened in my school days, I almost drowned in despair.

(Labiris)「…Tell me everything about that girl.I’ll kill her.」

(Yuki)「Don’t worry.」

(Labiris)「…It’s a big problem.The woman that made Yuki feel like this, I’ll torture her until she regrets being born.」

(Yuki)「Calm down, it’s useless to attack that person. You shouldn’t mind her either.It’s fine to think to that extent.」

To calm Labiris who was incessantly throwing dangerous words, I hugged her firmly.
That was dangerous.I thought we were on the Kuudere course but looks like it’s balanced with a few Yandere elements.

While I was thinking about traps with Labiris (No, we were not flirting). A report came from the slime scouts and small animals that were patrolling around the area. Apparently, people neared towards here.

(Yuki)「That’s bad.The ennemies are… One woman and… About 10 men, are they thieves?」

(Labiris)「What’s happening?」

(Yuki)「Humans are near the Dungeon.But I can’t meddle unskillfully.」


(Yuki)「Now this Dungeon is supposed to remain peaceful thanks to Herge.This mean that we can’t show the Dungeon running wild to the other party. Under Herge’s supervision, we can’t use brute force like how Seraria would do, so the Dungeon would likely be taken over. That’s why, we should send Mauve & Co, Millie and Lutz to intercept them.」

(Labiris)「…Disguised as travelers, Mauve and Lutz would help the woman?」

(Yuki)「If they are thieves, even if the woman ran, it would be fine.However, if they happen to be soldiers or assassins…」

(Labiris)「…It would be a perfect opportunity to add false charge on this Dungeon.」

(Yuki)「Because this place will soon become a town village, we can’t create any reason for them to complain regardless of why they come here.」

(Labiris)「…Regarding the monsters of this Dungeon, wouldn’t it be fine if they attack under the directives of someone?」

(Yuki)「About that…」

Well, let’s judge it after watching them through the video.
According to the Slime scouts and the small animals, they seemed to have a bit of distance remaining inside the forest before reaching here.
In the meantime, let’s verify both ideas.

(Yuki)「I’ll decide after watching the video.」


(Yuki)「Yes, which reminds me, you don’t know about that yet.Lets see「Call」everyone.」


When Labiris murmured, a blue screen appeared right in front of us.

(Labiris)「What’s this?」

(Yuki)「It will work if I don’t call everyone’s name one by one, right?.Everyone can be seen with this, try pressing your button.」


When Labiris pushed the button, the face of 13 persons appeared inside 13 distinct windows.
(Ed: Hail Yuki, the first person to create a video-conference in another world xD)

(Lutz)『Wh wh what’s that!? Is that you onii-san and Labiris-Chan?』

As usual, the reaction of Lutz was as good as ever. I mean good in a bad sense.

(Yuki)「Can the others see our face as well?.Please answer if you do.」

Everyone answered positively to my question.

(Yuki)「This ability is designated for every member under Guardian appointment. Its use is to ease the communication between us.Please gather at the Banquet Hall where we ate reakfast. There are some Humans near the Dungeon.I want to discuss about how to deal with them.」

With Labiris on my shoulders, I transported Aslin and Philia who were sleeping until now. I headed towards the Hall.

(Yuki)「Everyone sure is fast.」

(Lutz)「No~, isn’t onii-san’s room the farthest?.It’s natural.」

Lutz retorted to me.Millie had come as well.She didn’t seem to be struggling even though Herge was here.
She probably settled down a little.

(Yuki)「Well, I’m sorry.Sit down everyone and I’ll explain he situation.」

Then, I walked towards a near small stage inside the Banquet Hall. I pushed a button situated right under the electricity light’s device.
Having done that, it raised their curiosity.From the top descended a large flat TV. On its screen appeared the MAP of the Dungeon’s levels and its surroundings.

(Lutz)「…O, Onii-san.It’s a map of the whole area. Althought I can understand… it’s so unreasonable.」

(Yuki)「We will talk about it after solving the current problem.」

The situation was described to everyone.

(Lutz)「I see, you can’t do that carelessly~」

(Mauve)「With the ten of us it will be hard to held them down unless we attack them by surprise.」

(Ellis)「…It would be inevitable to intercept them if she takes refuge inside the Dungeon and they keep following her.」

Lutz displayed her understanding and Mauve explained the not so brilliant plan proposed by his adventurer’s group.
Ellis eventually said the same thing about the girl once she would come into the Dungeon.
It was worth to bring everyone here, they brought a lot of ideas.

(Curse)「…Yuki, do you have any information regarding the woman being chased?.We can’t take actions if we know nothing about that person.」

According to Curse, more information is required.
Indeed, in a small moment… It’s here.

(Yuki)「The scouts finally have them in sight.」

Then, I displayed the picture in front of everyone.
After that, some people raised their voices.


(Mauve)「It’s the Miss!?」

Herge and Mauve stated as follow.The woman reflected inside the picture was the Holy Woman Lulu of Ritea.

(Raija)「And the ones who are chasing her…」

(Curse)「… Are nothing like Bandits.」

Raija and Curse exposed that.The ones chasing her were twelve well built persons with sturdy armors.One of them was probably a woman, but I don’t know since I couldn’t see really well because of the full fledged helmet.

(Labiris)「… Do you know that woman currently being chased?」

(Mauve)「Yes, I know her.The three of us already met Miss Lulu.There’s no doubt.」

Mauve answered.
… Yet, the fact that she’s here means.

(Yuki)「That should have a lot of impacts.Lulu’s fellows…」


(Curse)「Seems like it.」

That way, the people who already knew about Lulu aggreed.

(Lutz)「We-ll, Onii-san.We are quite left behind.I presume that she is the previous Holy Woman of Ritea?」

Lutz intervened with a face saying don’t forget us.

(Yuki)「Sorry, it’s as Lutz said.And the one following her according to Mauve, are the Knights of Ritea.」

(Millie)「… What do you mean?.Don’t they know that we have a Holy Woman here?」

Millie glared at Herge.

(Yuki)「No, in the end, they only aimed for Herge’s life.They said that it was to stabilize their country.」

(Ellis)「Now I understand.But how can this be?」

Ellis seemed to be satisfied with these explanations.

(Yuki)「Well, Ellis.Can you tell me what conclusion you have reached?.I had Slime 01 reach Lulu and instruct her to come towards the Dungeon.In addition, I have slime 02 – 10 go out of the Dungeon to help slime 01.
After she enters the Dungeon, slime 01 will wait at the exit to see if the enemies entered the Dungeon.」

As I instructed them to, if the enemies reach the blue point, slime 8 will go out of the Dungeon.

(Lulu)『Slime!?At such time?』

The face of Lulu was reflected fully on the screen.

(Yuki)「Settle down, here is the Dungeon and I’m its master, Yuki .Follow the guidance of the slime.It will guide you towards the Dungeon」

(Lulu)『Dungeon Master!? I am being chased now.Will that be a bad thing?』

(Yuki)「Don’t worry about such a thing.If possible while you’re moving, tell us about your story.Also, be careful because the other party isn’t far away from you.」

(Lulu)『…How unreasonable is that?…Okay.Seems like the best choice』

The slime captured the image of Lulu while they were on the move.

… Yusa, Yusa (Ed: Sound of clothes fluttering while running)

The fact that the slime could see from a lower angle was simple to understand.
Wore by Lulu was a white beautiful robe. And because of that, it wasn’t easy to see what kind of extra clothes she was wearing.
However, it’s different when you can see from the underside.You can see wether the chest is big or flat.
Sometimes, the slime wasn’t able to successfully see Lulu’s face.
…In other words, they were big.

……Yusa, tapun. (Ed: More clothes fluttering and bouncing boobs :v)

It was bouncing. …Wait?
Was that above of Labiris’ size?. Wasn’t her’s the biggest of everyone here?.
Watermelon, yes, defintely watermelon size!!

(Labiris)「…What do you mean?. Nee… Yuki?」

Labiris who I held on my shoulders whispered to my ear.

(Yuki)「Alright, Lulu started to move.Ellis explain to me.Labiris in the meantime, think about a trap that would be able to capture or kill the Knights who are chasing her.」

(Ellis)「Okay, I will explain my assumption…」

That was a brilliant method of evading!!

(Labiris)「… I will tell everything to Lutz, in tonight’s bath… prepare yourself.」

After Labiris said that, she ran towards Lutz and started mumbling something in her ear.
When Lutz looked at me, she had a smiling face.Was it my imagination or did I feel a chill for a second?.

POV: Lulu

Honestly, I thought that I was done already.
Indeed, it was the same person that plotted everything who wanted to erase me…
Amongst the 15 persons who came to visit me, 12 belonged to that man.
I was sorry for the 3 who protected me.

(Lulu)「It’s presumptuous of me, but the Holy Country Ritea wants to kill me for their stability like they tried to do with Herge.」

(Elf-Woman)『It seems that the assassination of Herge, although it stabilized the country, became shadowed by the previous Holy Woman, Lulu-sama.

The person who wanted to defeat Lulu at that time, should be the one who introduced the new Holy Woman.

For the one who orchestrated this, Lulu-sama’s power is a very bad thing.

Therefore, the Demon King might be the one trying to kill Lulu-sama.』

The Elf woman who came on the screen kept talking.
It was probably as she said.
For the people who planned everything, in various ways, I was probably a hindrance to them.
However, I wasn’t intending to do anything. In fact, I even thought that this Holy Woman was a good successor.
There were some hidden things still remaining, probably.

(Lulu)「Yes, I think that you are right.Toh~」

Seems like I got caught in the root of a tree I wasn’t able to see.
While my light balance was broken, the slime in front of me was hurrying me to move.

(Knight A)「Where is she!!.The fake Holy Woman must be killed here for the sake of the true one!!」

They are already so close!?

(Knight B)「Especially the fake Holy Woman’s companions, at the place where she is going, I’ll murder them all!!Be thankful!!」

While they advanced that way, their voices shouted like this.
Absolute bad taste. We were now approaching a place Seraria-Sama said to be off limit for the people.
How should I say this.I just might get killed here.

(Lulu)「I am finished…」
(Yuki/Slime)『You are 57 steps away from the entrence.Keep going!』
(Lulu)「How can you say that it’s 57 steps?. Are saying that you can see my current position?」

The Dungeon Master said something that sounded like a complete joke.
How could he figure that if he can’t see my position…

(Lulu)「…It’s a lie」

Before my eyes appeared the wide entrance of the Dungeon.

【There is no one inside this Dungeon.Please leave it alone. Customers or neighbours can place their letters in the mailbox but please consider that paper reduces the number of trees, OK~.】

This stupid signboard was making fun of people.

(Yuki/Slime)『Hey, quickly enter.Or do you want to get found?』

(Knight A)「She’s here!!Prepare the arrows!!」

Looks like it took me a little much time to calm down.


The fired arrow quickly stuck into my back.
… I could still move.
I must escape deeply inside…

My consciousness was becoming dimer and dimer. Regardless of that, my feet kept moving, step by step.

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