Chapter 32 – The fundamental of things and it’s meaning

Chapter 32 – The fundamental of things and it’s meaning
Tomorrow is a holiday and I will take a rest!!
I want to play some games!!
I think it is time to introduce a new fellow.
That’s why…I’m sorry.1)He really said this: だからごめんよ。

The fundamental of things and it’s meaning

Side : Herge . Rau . Rochelle

Right now I was in the room of Yuki-san with Lulu-sama.
We were now continuing the discussion about Lulu-sama’s treatment of the early afternoon.
Lutz-san accepted us only after an unthinkable and tremendous demand.

(Lutz)「The first of the conditions to shelter Lulu-sama is the following: I want you to personally attend to onii-san, Yuki-san’s sexual needs everyday from now on. While you’re at it, please become pregnant.」


I was left speechless. Even as a joke, what a terrible thing to ask for a Holy Woman, even a normal woman.

(Lutz)「Oh? Isn’t this considerably conceded?. To be honest, I wished for you to have sex with goblins. But if I did that, Lulu-sama couldn’t give us information after being broken. As you said Herge-sama, don’t you agree that she can help in many things, including non standard ones?」

(Herge)「Of course I agree!!. However, such a condition is hard to swallow…!!」

(Lulu)「Please Herge-Sama, calm down. They only want to see my determination. Herge-sama, my life is on the line and if I do something like this, the girls would rely on me and trust my words.」

(Lutz)「When Lulu-sama receives the Guardian appointment!! She will have to provide information!! Giving useless information isn’t allowed!! You must deserve our truth, okay!?」

(Lulu)「Of course, when I receive the Guardian Appointment, that’s it. I had already decided to demonstrate my determination and prove that you’ll gain a lot from sheltering me. Also, Guardian Appointment doesn’t seem to give an obligation order like a slave contract would. This means that the information I will pass on you could be a lie. Therefore, it means I must give my all in order to gain your trust from the very beginning.」

That’s right, as Lulu-sama said, if I don’t want to decapitate her neck, then it’s best if she chose the way that would make everyone trust her.
That means that I can only believe. Believe in Lulu-sama.

(Lutz)「As expected of the Holy Woman of Ritea, you would said that? Will you accept? We all really want to believe in Lulu-sama, but you will need to answer the question first for that. Well~, that’s if Lulu-sama really offers her body and doesn’t disappoint us. That’s our terms, do you accept them?」

Lutz-san said in reply to Lulu-sama’s words.
I couldn’t interrupt. Otherwise, I may just worsen Lulu-sama’s position.

(Lulu)「Understood, I will happily take care of Yuki-sama’s sexual needs. If I don’t become pregnant within 1 month, it’s fine if to behead me.」

Without an ounce of hesitation, Lulu-sama responded.
… I wonder if this is the world Lulu-sama didn’t want to show me.
A world where people didn’t have dignity.

(Yuki)「Pfft!? Wait a minute, hey!! I was leisurely enjoying my tea and what is with that unthinkable development!?」

For the first time, Yuki-san joined the conversation in an aggressive way.
As of now, that was the first time I saw him this upset.

(Lutz)「No~, it’s not any significant problem. Isn’t this the minimal we should be asking for, in order to give a helping hand and shelter to Lulu-sama?」

(Yuki)「A lie!! That’s a lie!! To say that I would only use Lulu-sama as a mean to make children, isn’t this terrible!?」

(Lutz)「It’s not unreasonable~? No matter how you look at it, Lulu-sama agreed with this fair and equal condition」

(Lulu)「 It’s a pleasure to be with you from now on. I may be inexperienced since this is my first time, so I hope you will be gentle with me please. 」2)Imagine this scene with her bowing

(Yuki)「Yatta!! I will just do that!!…Did you seriously thought I would say that!? And how do you expect me to embrace you for a whole month!?, we don’t even know how many months it will take to have a hard chance to hit!?」

Yuki-san kept talking about that.
…No…1 month to become pregnant… how? They would need to do that every night and every day… right?.

(Lutz)「Hou? Onii-san, didn’t you want to reach this point on purpose because you didn’t want to kill Lulu-sama? If you’re not lucky even after 1 month… fumu, that proves to be a problem. Labiris-chan, how should we handle this problem?」

Lutz-san who was sitting next to the little girl said that in a sort of amusing tone.

(Labiris)「… It’s easy. We only have to watch. If they don’t embrace properly, we will only need to help them. If necessary, we may have to demonstrate a sample.」

(Lutz)「Ahaha, you did a good move there. Like this if we watch after them, we can prove that Lulu-sama isn’t at fault after a month, how about it?」

(Labiris)「…Well, if we do such a thing, maybe one of us could end up pregnant right? RIGHT Yuki?」

(Yuki)「Did Lutz plan all of that!? Also, why are you part of it Labiris!?」

(Lutz)「Ahahahah, although we are OK, onii-san, weren’t you obsessed with Lulu-sama’s breasts? I mean, don’t joke with us?」3)she actually said: fuzakeruna, you probably saw it in an anime when a character shells to not screw with him/her

(Labiris)「…Yuki is being so rude. Breasts are eagerly waiting for you here.」

Following the quarrel of Yuki-san and the girls…

(Lutz)「Ah, Lulu-sama. As per the condition, from today onwards, please attend to onii-san sexual needs.」

(Lulu)「Yes I understand. Using my chest, I will serve him to the best of my ability.」

(Yuki)「…Lulu-sama, don’t pursue this anymore. This was only prepared as a test. Anything further is unnecessary.」

(Lulu)「Now that I made my promise, I will stick to it. From today forth, Yuki-sama and I will unite our voices, the rest of you can cheer for us.」

Was it my imagination? Or did sparks fly through the air for a moment?.

That’s why we are in the Yuki-san’s room now, but…

(Lutz)「Hey hey, onii-san. Wouldn’t Aslin and the rest wake up if you do too much noise?」

(Labiris)「… You should give up already.」

(Yuki)「Nーooo!! So-Someone!! GODDESS please!!!」

I carefully listened to the conversation and heard the above-mentioned gist of a sentence.
I wonder what was that about? The young man had his clothes stripped away and sat reluctantly on the floor drawing のs. 4)When in mangas/animes the character squats on the floor and draw circles

(Lulu)「Thank you for having me in, as per the agreement, here it is Lulu… umm do you want me to help you?」5)She spoke in 3rd person here

(Yuki)「I-I’m saved!! Lulu please help me…and you two are acting weird!!」

(Lulu)「Oh~, Can I really come?」

(Yuki)「…What do you mean?」

(Lulu)「As long as I have a good reason, it’s fine to do it with Yuki-sama, right? I am willing to help you, Labiris, Lutz.」

(Yuki/Herge)「Eh? Th-that, Lulu-sama?」

While Yuki and I were confused, Labiris-chan walked to Lulu-sama and they made a firm handshake.

(Labiris)「… I am believing you. We will surely become good friends.」

(Lulu)「Yes, I think so as well.」

(Yuki)「Gya~, I can’t understand the meaning of that. What..what did you agree upon!?」

「Ehen~, onii-san. Isn’t women’s friendship hot? It seems even I will be able to get along with Lulu-sama happily.」

In a moment, the conversation became slightly noisy.
Which caused the lovely Aslin and Philia to woke up.

(Herge)「He-hey…it seems that Aslin-chan and Philia-chan have woken up…」

When I said that, everyone stopped their movements.

(Yuki)「Yosh, because we will continue the story. Let’s move to the banquet hall.」

(Lulue, Labiris, Lutz)「「Tch」」」6)clicking tongue

Was it my imagination? Or did I hear everyone except me click their tongue?.
When I went out of the room, Oriel was waiting as usual.

(Oriel)「Oh, you ended already… well that doesn’t seem to be case.」

(Herge)「Yes, because Yuki-san seemed to have something else to say we are going to the Great hall. 」

(Oriel)「…Indeed, but you don’t seem overjoyed by that? Did his balls shrink?」

(Yuki)「Oy you!! Don’t say misleading things like that!!」

Didn’t Yuki-san had enough yet?.
He drank tea all along since we started from the Banquet hall.7)Intended pun here. Basically Oriel is calling Yuki a coward while Herge thinks she is referring to Yuki drinking so much tea that he needs to go to the toilet

(Yuki)「Well then」

(Labiris)「Are we doing it here? Was there a problem with the mattress?」

(Yuki)「Geez, leave me alone. Lulu, do you have anything you want to said regarding what you did?」

Pausing, Yuki-san looked at Lulu-sama with a serious look.

(Lulu(「I didn’t become senile. Shall we show them that I can become pregnant within 1 month? Well, let’s put jokes aside. Continuing from where we started at lunch. As Yuki-sama said… Democracy, was it?」

(Yuki)「Hee, so you were aware after all uh?」

As Lulu-sama displayed a joking face, Yuki-san became earnest.

(Lulu)「Once, there was a hero who visited the Holy Country Ritea and defeated the Demon King. Trying to enrich people’s life, he made a few literatures.」

(Lulu)「What were the results?」

(Lulu)「The hero of that time had good ideas and tried to expand his ideals to some extent. However, not many agreed with him and he retreated quickly after a revolt started against his ideas.」

(Yuki)「Sigh, so, what do you mean Lulu?」

(Lulu)「… I want to express clearly…it is impossible for Yuki-sama to make a town or a village in this Dungeon the way you want to. Please reassess your idea.」

I see now why Lulu-sama disagreed with Yuki-san, she had a good reason.
And I understand that failure is absolutely not permitted.
According to me, the opinion of Lulu-sama was correct. To allow useless people to participate is outrageous.

(Yuki)「Certainly, in that case, it will absolutely fail. That’s too dreamy even for a hero. What Lulu said, I already understood it.」


(Yuki)「However, I plan to pursue this policy.」

(Lulu)「Why? Even when you know that it would fail.」

(Yuki)「Un~, can you notice that the premise is different? You should think carefully. The people will gather here because they hate the others places. Nobody was able to change the law of an existing village or town from where I came from either.」


(Yuki)「Gathering here will be a majority of people who hate the current regime. The people who failed in your perfect policy will gather here. Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but isn’t this place already under democracy? Of course, it is, but where the Hero went, it wasn’t right?」

(Lulu)「What do yo mean?」

(Yuki)「In accordance to the absolute way the hero decreed, I can do it. For that place, it was the first time the hero tried to set and create a democracy. In other words, it was a battle between an absolute monarchy and forced democracy. A long one」

Indeed, I could understand Yuki-san as well.
Until now, it always was a problem if a new system was set up where an existing one was already functioning.
However, here was a different one since the beginning. And the finality was, if someone didn’t like it, he could simply go away.
However, I was still wondering. Didn’t he feared the risk of failure if he put it into practice?.

(Herge)「Erm, Yuki-San, just as Lulu-sama said, do you want democracy here? Do you think people will accept it?」

(Yuki)「Well~, it has more than 90% chance to fail maybe? If the monarchy was mainstream up till now, we will have a lot of groundwork to do. To be honest, wouldn’t it be more stable if we used the method you two said?」

(Lulu)「In that case, why do you still want to use this approach?」

(Yuki)「Oh, it’s easy. The hero didn’t make enough preparations. And unluckily, the circumstances were bad. That being said, this Dungeon would be the best place to enforce democracy and should definitely be a success. At any rate, I’m young and this can be used as a pretext. That’s why, I will not go out and cast the Guardian Appointment skill carelessly from now on. As you know, this city will not own any military power. In other words, outside of negotiation, there is no way. Everyone here will be a representative and given the Guardian Appointment. Under that, you will be able to maintain perpetual youth and manage this place properly.」8)He just said something amazing didn’t he?

Of course, like this, the reason Lulu-sama said regarding the previous Hero does no longer exist.
It was as Yuki-san said, if he really possessed eternal youth, then he could keep this system running forever.

(Yuki)「Well, I will explain what means we should take to stabilize this because we didn’t talk about that yet. Would you always give up when you are told that it’s impossible?」

Everything this guy said is mind challenging, for Lutz and the young girls, it will be their first time.However, it was more or less the same for everyone.

(Yuki)「I’ll guarantee the security as much as possible. As for everything you said, it’s unprecedented. Furthermore, there’s no example of success, you can probably call doing this is reckless. But even so, when the people revived your country, they did an amazing and unprecedented job to form the country. I won’t be impolite if I said that they made the country for you, the inhabitants. That being said, how long will you need to understand that it’s possible?」

It’s as Yuki-san said, the founder stood at the top of the country for the sake of the people.
It would be a mistake to ignore that…

(Yuki)「Like that, didn’t everything end well even when Herge and the others made a mistake? Here is a place where you will be able to take the technique in hand since the start. There, the place had poor circumstances for the hero. In your country, if democracy is urged, then it would only escalate as a civil war and insurgency. Because they are afraid. Afraid that what they own would disappear. Everyone’s manner of doing is wrong, but it’s fine to do mistakes. I won’t force my opinion on you.But I hope that you, after listening my story, would change your mind even for a bit. To accelerate suddenly isn’t good. Until it’s the good time, we have to cultivate it. To set it as a tradition, or as a good example. When we make this place, and the people would be able to see it, I hope that you would judge it in a good way.」

Yuki-san was telling us to look at the results of the experiment by ourselves.
And after that, we can do it to our own countries.

(Herge)「But that is… well, aren’t you too pitiful!? To put your hands on something we fear, to laugh if it fails and to favor this place if it’s a success… why?」

(Yuki)「Hai hai, calm down. Herge now, did you just said it was pitiful?」


(Yuki)「We… no sorry, I have my reasons to do what I want to do and I’m not playing around, I don’t consider myself pitiful. But, hey Herge, you do have a reason, weren’t you the one that I treated unreasonably. So aren’t you the pitiful one?」

(Herge)「No, you saved my life. Now it looks somewhat like a quarrel, can’t we add our opinion in between? On the other hand, I think that I was rather lucky.」

(Yuki)「You can, however, the other person will probably not agreed when he gets hit by so many opinions. You are happy. You are unhappy. Or something like that. What is it?」

(Herge)「… It’s arrogant. My opinions only came from my point of view. I think that I am being treated unreasonably and I don’t want to look pitiful.」

(Yuki)「Ou, me too. To anyone, if they had great powers, they would be happy, just like the main protagonist of a story. But to be honest, it’s just irritating me.」


(Yuki)「You already know how I came here.」


(Yuki)「Even though the situation I’m in seems a happy one. It’s not a happy one at all. To arrive until here, I had to make use of my powers. But the process by which I came till here never made me happy!!」

Yuki-san shouted. In a very sad voice.
We mistook him for a transcendental being.
And we forced it.
Therefore, he vented out his frustration.
Because he is a Dungeon master.
A Dungeon master isn’t something fit for reason.
We blamed him when he created an escape route.
We criticized him when he did weird things.
… If it was you, you could do anything.

However, what happened was natural. Even he is afraid.
After all, he is only a person too.

I was surprised of Lulu-sama who looked in dissatisfaction at Yuki-san when he complained in front of us.
Labiris-chan and Lutz-chan displayed very astonished faces.

(Yuki)「Hah, sorry sorry. Labiris, Lutz. It’s not that I hate you guys. Please, forgive me. Well, it’s just that sometimes I want to shout too.」



Both of them made a wry and apologizing smile to Yuki-san.

(Yuki)「Though I am ashamed, I want this town to resemble my hometown. Well, thinking that this way have many advantages isn’t a mistake. That’s why Labiris, Lutz, altought I am a miserable coward, please help me.」

(Lutz)「… miserable huh. I cannot let Onii-san do that alone. Or I would have unbearable worries.」

(Labiris)「… As I sworn. Till the end, I’ll stay with Yuki.」

Next to me I saw Lulu-sama who suddenly said.

(Lulu)「… what can I say, there are still many things we need to do. Herge-sama, I will support Yuki-sama in the future, I think that we have a slight chance of success.」

(Herge)「Yes, I firmly intend to catch up as well.」

A little more calm Yuki-san spoked.

(Yuki)「Well, that was bad. I showed something ugly.」


(Yuki)「I did not say the thing I wanted to say the most. Lulu, Herge, why do you think I argued with you when you said your opinions?」

(Herge)「Eh? Because we forced it unto you and it was unreasonable?」

I answered that by reflex. Well, until now, he made the Demon King responsible, deliberately injured Lulu-sama even so, Lulu-sama though of Yuki-sama’s future.

(Yuki)「That wasn’t the only reason why you argued right?」

(Lulu)「…Oh, how to say it…」

Lulu-sama noticed something and became perplexed.

(Herge)「Eh, Lulu-sama, did I say something wrong?」

(Lulu)「Herge-sama, just now you seemed to have a different viewpoint than before.」


(Lulu)「Herge-sama was bad in regards to the politics of other countries. No, you couldn’t even understand how your own country was ruled, am I right?」

(Herge)「Such a thing… Ah!」

I understood what Lulu-sama wanted to say.
As for what we were doing …

「Yes it is…. It is a complete intervention in politics.Moreover, I didn’t go through any procedure. It was like a regular civilian banging the gate and directly calling to the King… Like an act of barbarism」

What we did lacked of any etiquette.
But, that’s embarrassing…

(Yuki)「But even if you think of me as the evil guy who instilled democracy, it’s fine. I don’t need dignity, I’ll be tolerant to whatever opinion you may have. Well, you all came from different countries, that’s why I expected you to interrupt my speech. And that’s why I made use of Lutz’s and the girls’s motivation.」

Guh…such shrewdness.

(Yuki)「Well, we’re arriving at the end for today. The day will become over soon, let’s go to sleep. There’s still various things for tommorow~」

Yuki-san tried to leave but he was held by Labiris-chan and Lutz-chan.

(Lutz)「Nope nope, didn’t you omit something just now? Please correct your half-hearted resolution and decide. Now that we know about Onii-san’s feeling, do you want to act like a spoiled child?」

(Labiris)「…it is fine, you can cry a lot in my chest.」

(Yuki)「There’s no way I can do that right!? There’s something called the pride of a man. After all, in my former country I was a wizard(A 30 years old DT9)DT stand for Doutei –> Virgin)…」

(Lutz)「…don’t be so whisy washy. Lulu help me.」

(Lulu)「Yes, you can count on me.」

Like this, Lulu-sama happily joined them.
How should I say it, it was fun. Position, standpoint, tribes, relation, nothing mattered.
As Lulu-sama said, Yuki-san had a tremendous dream.

… That’s why, I’m aiming for it.
Simply, it’s good because it’s a dreamlike story. I hope that a scene like this would overflow all over the world.

I’d be happy.

I was really intrusive…how arrogant.
Even if you understood this happiness, everyone couldn’t be happy, but still…
When you see a light… You want to reach it.

(Herge)「Our ancestor who founded Rochelle was probably like this…」

My arrogance, I even pushed it over my father. My selfish emotions and imaginations.
Even so, I thought that this scene wasn’t a mistake.

(Herge)「I must become strong…Oriel, I think that I will walk on my own path from now on. Will you come?」

(Oriel)「Until my life ends, forever.」
In the end, she couldn’t find the answer.
That’s why she was doing what she thought right.
It simple to make a mistake but it’s harder to correct it. If they were, the religious issues and the wars would have already disappeared.

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References   [ + ]

1. He really said this: だからごめんよ。
2. Imagine this scene with her bowing
3. she actually said: fuzakeruna, you probably saw it in an anime when a character shells to not screw with him/her
4. When in mangas/animes the character squats on the floor and draw circles
5. She spoke in 3rd person here
6. clicking tongue
7. Intended pun here. Basically Oriel is calling Yuki a coward while Herge thinks she is referring to Yuki drinking so much tea that he needs to go to the toilet
8. He just said something amazing didn’t he?
9. DT stand for Doutei –> Virgin

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