Chapter 34 – The meeting (Latter Half)

Chapter 34 – The meeting (Latter half)

The things Ellis said, we needed to think about them first. As expected of her, she had said that.
For now, everybody would probably add on the topic.
Well, for the time being we had to choose the land. And write it down.

(Yuki)「Yes. Ellis is right. When you are unsure of the numbers, no matter how ready you are, you may not be ready at all. That will depend upon the arrival of Seraria. And how much help will be decided.」

Then: Immigrations details *ScratchScratch*

(Lutz)「Well, next I want to say that I love onii-san. And I want to say that after we receive the help of Rochelle to some extent, we use the help for the future inhabitants, we can prepare field and hunting grounds. For the sake of our self-sufficient policy. So that it won’t be different from their countries. As suggested by Tori-san before, we can hire slaves for the entertainment facilities and then manage it. We can pay them wages, and they can use them to buy themselves back. In addition, I will have you prepare a variety of stores with DP from scratch and create them. Of course, the stores would run with hired slaves as well. I think that we can make the plowing of
land active from the beginning. Rather than having poor fields, we can choose some place beforehand near the village or the town that we could loan at the beginning. In other words, it’s a method to make the slaves work for a certain amount of time, while they would be self-sufficient without freeing them immediately. No, what Tori-san said about the field wasn’t my idea. Regarding the DP, we should use it efficiently. Then we will receive the support from the country. Besides that, it’s important that we have a large sum of money. That’s why, I think it’s necessary that the country Rochelle provide us with some funds.」

That’s right, it was as Lutz said.
I was intending to plow the field from the beginning.
However, we will need new lands for that occasion. We should use the DP as well.
And money was needed…? It’s hard.

・ Slave employment
・ DP use efficiently (Initial investment, including stores and more).
・Money to hire (First plan with the support of Rochelle. Second plan by cashing refined precious metal with DP).

(Ellis)「Lastly, to do as Yuki-san said. If we plan to manage a town or a village. Is it fine to listen to the opinions of the upcoming residents?」

(Yuki)「Oh, if you think that your personal opinion is insufficient and you are aware of that, you can also hear the opinions of more people in the future.」

(Ellis)「Then, I think we should make a place where we can held meetings such as this one. I should be able to somehow hear their opinions.」

・ Construction of a meeting place to seek the opinions of the inhabitants and…

(Ellis)「Well, it’s a necessity. Because I don’t know everything, so for the first time you’ll have to lead.」

(Yuki)「Well, how can I say this, that’s a bit hard…」

Millie had a somewhat uncomfortable face.

(Yuki)「Just say what you want, you’re free to do it. Even if you are wrong, we will correct you. That’s one of the aims of this meeting after all.」

(Millie)「Then, I will tell you. I hope to disclose the matters related to the management of the Dungeon to the public.」

The surroundings became murderous in an instant. In a sense, this remark may be regarded as treason against me.

(Yuki)「Please give us your reason. Going along with that, we cannot say for sure yet.」

(Millie)「Yes, the commoners do know that it’s a Dungeon but they don’t know what is the real meaning for the Dungeon core to disappear. We, because we live here, understood its usefulness from Yuki-san’s story. But if each person is self sufficient in the Dungeon, regarding the safety measures for the core…if we don’t disclose it, the number of people targeting the core will only increase.」

What Millie said was true. It was important to think about safety measures for the core againt the persons aiming for it.
Only the members here who knew about the Dungeon core could be considered safe. For the others, it would be like Pandora’s box.

(Yuki)「What Millie talked about is reasonable. But they won’t stop targeting the core only for the disclosed information about it. And that’s not a reason why they couldn’t be able to live in the Dungeon anymore.」

(Millie)「Yes, therefore. The entertainment facilities that Tori talked about… a function such as the open air bath will stop if the Dungeon core is disrupted. Yes, if it’s a river or a water source, it can be successfully dried up. When doing that, the core will become indispensable for the people and they will defend it with their own initiative.」

The inhabitants would defend the core independently because they use its functions.
It would be hard for a rebellion to break down like that, and the core would unlikely be the cause of one.
Because it would become impossible to live here otherwise without it…
Regardless, it would be a good reason for one to take the core hostage. Because the Dungeon would disappear when someone would smash the core .
At the moment, we weren’t known by the other countries nor the adventurers, so they weren’t a threat yet.
The declaration of Seraria would soon happen about the Holy prayer of Herge and the declaration of this Dungeon’s safety.
That’s why, there was no reason to act for the time being.
Only the top members of the country knew about me.

・Description of the Dungeon core(Safe for the inhabitants).

(Lutz)「I happen to have something to add regarding Millie’s opinion. Is that okay, onii-san?」

(Yuki)「Mmm, was there a problem or something?」

(Lutz)「No, how about using 1/10 of the revenues in DP as expenditure? Each race could hold a meeting where they could freely decide how to use them.

If we do that, not only the dependence for the Dungeon’s core will deepen, moreoever us representatives will be perceived favorably.

At any rate, DP will answer the people’s hope.

Managed by us, it will proves meaningful.

Because the articles are good.」

Lutz added to Millie’s opinion. Everyone nodded in agreement to what the young girl said.

・Return a part of the earned DP to the inhabitants(To improve their feelings).

(Millie)「Finally we could add one more entertainment facility. The Dungeon itself can be used to advertise this place, so can we use the Dungeon like a normal one as well? Not with the purpose to take the core, but simply to bring adventurers to take root here because it’s a Dungeon.」

It was the opinion of Millie who worked with adventurers before.
Well, I thought about that one too.

(Yuki)「I also thought of what Millie said as well. I’ll speak in depht about it later but to summarize. To everyone… I will pass on you a Dungeon core and I will have you think in turn to make a Dungeon. This dungeon is of medium difficulty. Altough it would feel strange to have more than one Dungeon, we can make one adjusted to beginner, with the purpose to train adventurers.」

(Mauve)「Oh!! It looks fun!! Please let me make one!!」

At last, Mauve finally showed a reaction.

(Yuki)「Okay. I understand. That’s still for later. Now let’s continue the meeting.」

・Bring the adventurers by making a small Dungeon.

With that, Ellis was done talking.It was quite thick.
She caught me off guard in various blind spots. It’s a very important meeting.

(Yuki)「Then, it’s the turn of Herge’s group? It seems like you wrote a lot too?」

I said so and focused on Herge and the people around her.
Millie and Kaya wanted to complain badly but they didn’t because they understood the significance of this meeting.

(Herge)「Yes, but first I realized various things at this conference. I wish to express my gratitude for being able to participate. Thank you.」

Herge lowered her head and bowed deeply.

(Herge)「Because I’m a doctor, can I be employed as one inside the Dungeon? I don’t doubt of Yuki-san’s way of doing things, but even so, it’s impossible for an injury to not appear.」

(Yuki)「Yes, it’s reasonable. However, as to hire you a healer as a doctor…」

(Herge)「No, even if you don’t hire us it’s fine. Please use Lulu-sama and me. There is the name of Holy Woman, you can make use of that as well.」

Just after Herge said that, Millie barged in.

(Millie)「Excuse me, but the Holy Woman should be dead right now. If she appears in public, it will hamper the Management of the Dungeon. Could you quickly stop it.」

It was reasonable, if the other party suddenly discovered that the dead were suddenly alive, it would become tedious.

(Ellis)「… I understand what you mean Millie. Wait a little before getting angry. I’m favorable to use Herge-sama and Lulu-sama. Because they are thought to be dead, with little make-up, an hair cut and glasses they will look totally different. And because to treat the injuries, they won’t need to use large recovery magic. If they take action, it’s needless to say that they will be useful.」

Lutz reacted to what Ellis said.

(Lutz)「Well about that, the point was that that problem will be likely to appear easily. If so, before a problem arises, you can easily deal with it. But the Guardian appointment’s protection doesn’t allow the use of powers inside the Dungeon.」


Ellis agreed to what Lutz said.
Hmm, nice bait. I considered that as well but it would depend on the persons themselves…

(Yuki)「I have a way that would permit Herge-sama to manage an hospital… And to treat the injuries there.However, I want to say something to everyone, it’s not fail proof.」

(Lulu)「What do you mean? You cannot use magic with the Guardian appointment of Yuki-sama. How is it different?」

Lulu said her doubts.

(Lutz)「Oh~, we cannot force the skill to be aware that the power is safe. This is considered a loophole in the rules. In other words, since we cannot use powers inside the Dungeon…」

(Oriel)「Then we can do it outside. However, we may even get kidnapped while we are asleep.」

(Yuki)「Oriel is correct. That’s why I will give everyone a safety ring with the ability to teleport. Its destination is this Banquet hall. However it’s not absolute, it’s fine to use it before getting kidnapped but won’t work when someone get slain. In spite of that, I want you to come back in the village or the town as often as possible, be sure to come back here.」

After I said that, everyone nodded quietly.

(Yuki)「The talk shifted. Herge and Lulu, are you two okay with that?」


(Lulu)「I’m aware and agree.」

*Scratch scratch*・Establishment of a hospital.

(Yuki)「Next is me. As my opinion wasn’t talked of before, I will talk about it now. I think that we should organize a squadron for maintaining the security. As per Lutz’s idea, we can employ slaves for that purpose.」

This was natural. The number of people should be little, but we needed something like a vigilance unit.
There was the necessity to organize it as well.

・Establishment of a vigilance unit, plan of its activity.

Look like I had nobody for the job. Oriel would do too much.

(Lulu)「That’s my time, isn’t it? Hence, should I start explaining about the village’s segmentation?」

Not eveyone could understand what Lulu said. Well, I understand that this opinion was necessary to an extent when managing a Town.

(Yuki)「Yes, as Lulu said. A place for working, a place for living and a place to help and manage the people. Although the towns around here don’t seem to be divided like that, there is still the division regarding the nobles, right?」

(Yuki)「Oh, it was like that.Do you mean that a randomly built place will bring problems?」

(Lulu)「Yeah, for example if a noisy bar that opens at night was next to a house, could those who live into that house sleep?」


(Lulu)「By dividing to a certain degree, it is easier to protect the people. For instance, imagine the place where the inhabitants live, the residents district. If a fire happens during the day, or during the night. Which do you think will do the most damage?」

(Lutz)「It would be the night of course. When everyone is sleeping. Indeed, that’s very easy to understand. Are you saying that the people will gather insde a place like a work district, during daytime?」

Everyone seemed to have understood now that Lulu and Lutz answered the questions.
That included the strange places.Like the slums.

(Yuki)「Now we have finished to hear everyone’s opinion. After this, let’s think of which one to start with. If you want to add something, do it now because it’s a pain to add on a subject later.」

After I said that, I moved the white board to the center and showed its content to everyone.
Here was the content of the white board.
Team Labiris said:
・The squared place to play(An open space which can hold a meeting).
・Field(In order to live).
・Blacksmith’s workshop(To make necessary goods).
・Place where people live(Houses).

Team Tori said:
・Open air hotspring(entertainment facilities).
・Training center.
・Green(For the beastkins and the elves).

Team Ellis said:
・Choose the land.
・Immigrants details.
・ Slave employment.
・ DP use efficiently (Initial investment, including stores and more).
・Money to hire (First plan with the support of Rochelle. Second plan by cashing refined precious
metals with DP).
・ Construction of a meeting place to seek the opinions of the inhabitants.
・Description of the Dungeon core(Safe for the inhabitants).
・Return a part of the earned DP to the inhabitants(To improve their feelings).
・Bring the adventurers by making a small Dungeon.

Team Herge said:
・Establishment of an hospital.
・Establishment of a vigilance unit, plan of its activities.
・Division of the parcels.

In my opinion:
・Establishment of a school (Scholarship progress. Exchanges between residents).
・Never forget to make toilets.
・Next generation of Mobile-suits for me (personal affairs).1)Reference to Gundam Series. If you
don’t remember in one of the first chapters he said he wanted a mobile-suit or a mobile-weapon

・Negotiations that I go to the outside world and play (Rejected).

Okay, work work…
Everyone said diverse opinions about the last chapter.
They said this and that about managing the Dungeon Haha.
From now on will be the Management of the Dungeon. If you disagree with that, it’s fine to comment about it.

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References   [ + ]

1. Reference to Gundam Series. If you
don’t remember in one of the first chapters he said he wanted a mobile-suit or a mobile-weapon

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