Chapter 36 – Melon & Usagi VS Peach

Chapter 36 – Melon & Usagi VS Peach

We didn’t see each other for something like 20 days?
It was 10 days one way to the royal capital.Since the last disturbance in the Royal Capital, the imitation of Herge and the princess Seraria stayed there while Mauve came back.
Meanwhile, I stayed idle, I played and made a lot of DP.
Around 400 Royal guards from the country of Rochelle tried to come and play with me.They were delicious.

Seraria had no particular problems, her cheerfulness in this meeting was fully enough to prove it.
I expected more delay but looks like she had a reasonable amount of charisma and did prepare skillfully.

(Yuki)「Say your report, I want to hear about it.」

(Sera)『…. What’s that.After a long absence without seeing each other, aren’t you a bit too cold?』

She was troublesome… Like always.

(Yuki)「Not particularly cold.I have been busy, and we need to hear the report. Without that, the Dungeon will not be ready in time.What you did on your side Seraria, was only as hard as breathing. But now starts the real thing.」

(Sera)『Oh, well I suppose you are right.Ok, for the time being, the number of immigrants to the Dungeon will only be slaves and they are about 300.It’s not much but you need to understand the circumstances, okay? To suddenly send the refugee inside a Dungeon, the Parliament didn’t agree with it.So in the beginning, we can only send slaves.』

(Yuki)「Amongst the slaves, was there any former criminal? Should we stay cautious about them?」

(Sera)『You don’t need to worry.The people who were sold are the people who were captured in the previous disturbances.That’s why, they are no different than refugees.Now that you know, do you understand from where we are sending the slaves?』

(Yuki)「… the country of Galtz?」

(Sera)『Well, the shops in the streets of the country of Rochelle tried hard to not sell refugees .To enslave the people of their own country, they would shame themselves hard.Nevertheless, many were still sold. They profited from the riot.However, the majority of the people seems to come from the country of Galtz. By pushing these refugees onto Yuki , we can sincerely say that our country protected the refugees. Even if you fail, they can simply disappear and we won’t quarrel with you.』

Seraria told us her news with a disgusted face.
I liked that part of her.Personally, I would rate Seraria higher than Herge.

(Yuki)「By pushing them onto me, it can reduce the cost necessary to manage them.Each of the things you said seemed like an excuse to me.It’s obvious that Rochelle only wants to get rid of the nuisances.Well, anything else?」

(Sera)『If I understand well, I will need to become the ruler of the Dungeon for the external eyes, am I right?』

(Yuki)「Yeah, because I want the official recognition of the country of Rochelle.On the contrary, if someone else than Seraria is the ruler, it will pose a big problem.We will do as scheduled.」

Seraria was significant for this Dungeon.
The official approval of Rochelle.The second Princess agreed on it.Nothing would certify more than this.
With this, when I shoot 「It’s safe」, this place will definitely look safe for her country and the others.
In other words, a situation where it can easy to gather people could happen.
Moreover, a lesser noble wouldn’t be able to act under the name of Seraria.
It was convenient for our future development.

(Sera)『Well, I will just be the public face right? The real ruler would be Yuki .As for me, I’ll have an easy life.The unit under my direct order will guard the Dungeon and escort the slaves.You may use me as an intermediary freely as long as it’s reasonable.』

(Yuki)「Really? I appreciate it. Do you trust me?」

(Sera)『What are you saying? Altough you did it easily, you drove away the army that attacked the Dungeon.I understand that anything you do, Yuki, isn’t useless.』

Seraria was nowhere close to be stupid, she only had a strange policies to fight.

(Yuki)「Is there something else?」

(Sera)『Oh well, I more or less received money and materials from the capital since I am a part of the officials.White gold, I received about 300 of them.Though it seems to be a lot, it’s not enough to develop.When you build a common house, you need roughly 1 to 5 pieces. And when you build an aristocratic house it can be from 10 to 40 pieces.Futhermore, that’s only when the workers and the materials are close by.The funds aren’t sufficient enough to build 300 houses, moreover, we won’t receive more financial aid.As for the supplies, we have enough to build around 30 simple houses.It seems to barely be able to hold 300 people.In regards to the food, they sent the minimum that will last 15 days.Because I went alone, I took only 10 days but with the slaves accompanying me this time, we can barely make it in 15 days.When in that place, we can instantly start hunting but we might end up starving.The only good thing is that we won’t have to pay tax for five years.』

(Yuki)「That’s definitely a story where we might end up dying.You can’t ask more from the council any longer, right?」

(Sera)『Well, it seems impossible.However, I thought it was good.By accepting their poor support, after we evolve, it will be fun to see how they will try to meddle with us.Rather, we can even turn down their request when the time comes because of the current situation.What else? Yuki, are you ready? Did you prepare enough food for 300 people?』

No, I am not ready yet… But I can barely manage to prepare the food.That way we heard from Seraria that the support we will receive is lesser than what I expected and we will have to take it into account.Well it would be strange to object, it might decrease the elements as well.」

With the help of Herge, this strong disadvantage might not change either.I didn’t expect that.

(Sera)『What? Was there any other support you needed?』

(Yuki)「… Inside the Dungeon, I thought of a structured organization when money is needed to hire people.How much would cost one month of employment for 300 persons?」

(Sera)『Now I understand.You don’t have the intention to make everything with your Dungeon master’s ability.Furthermore, Yuki can’t be there all the time too.If Yuki were to disappear, the place will become terrible and people won’t be able to live there anymore.Eventually, you want the place to become stable and the people to live there on their own.』

(Yuki)「Something like that.So, how much do you think it is?」

(Sera)『Hum~, this might not be helpful but our troops allowance is 3 to 5 gold coins monthly.Low ranking members earn 3 coins.Vice-captains earn 4 coins.Captains earn 5 coins.Didn’t you hear that from Herge? For a family of 4 members, one gold coin a month can suffice.』

(Yuki)「I wanted to confirm that.Because if by mistake the price isn’t right, it’s likely to become a terrible headache.」

(Sera)『It’s natural.I understand.I’ll check out the general salary.』

(Yuki)「That reminds me, will the salary of the military be paid neatly?」

(Sera)『Obviously, otherwise how could we earn their loyalty. There is a lot of soldiers which raise and support their family with their wage as well.It’ll be a written arrangement about how much the wages should be sent to the Dungeon.Including other informations.Well, I guess unless they would need it inside the Dungeon, the pay will be directly send to their families.Because they will not be troubled with their meals.』

Oh, heh~? Isn’t that a nice chance to make some foreign money?

(Yuki)「Hey wait a moment.Please make sure that a part of the funds will reach the unit at least.」

(Sera)『What do you mean? There’s no shop inside the Dungeon right?』

(Yuki)「Not yet, but we will make one in the future you know? As long as I have the DP, I can make whatever I like.The rinse and shampoo that pleased Seraria, I plan to sell them inside the Dungeon.」

(Sera)『What’s that!? If it’s serious, I will carry a lot of money.But that’s not the only thing is it?』

(Yuki)「I will make an employment system.Commodities such as consumable goods like clothing and food will be sold.」

(Sera)『… In that case, until we farm or hunt, we won’t risk starvation.But is that good? After that, counterfeit rinse, shampoo or even soap might appear in every direction, right?』

(Yuki)「It will not be immediate.Not unless people start to gather and it becomes this place’s specialty.Well, I want to leave 2 to 3 months for the slaves to get used to their new life here before using the goods…」

(Sera)『Well, it’s not necessary to conceal that from start.Unlike this skill 『call』, information is either transmited by humans or horses.I will forbid my unit to speak about it.When you decide that the time is right, only then will I lift the ban.』

Humans can’t remain silent forever, rumors would naturally spread.Yet, this time it’s unlikely that someone won’t be able to remain silent and unexpectedly spoke…
That’s because Seraria had a high enough standing with her guards.

(Yuki)「Oh well, Seraria, we want to make an adventurer guild inside this Dungeon, do you think if anything is required to do so?」

(Sera)『Do you have a death wish?』

(Yuki)「No no, it has been decided that we will manage the Dungeon and open it freely.Therefore, I will make a Dungeon located inside the Dungeon in order to train beginner adventurers.That will help to gather people here.」

(Sera)『Oh yes? I think it’s interesting.I also want to make the Dungeon and blend it.This way, I’ll get to know the talented prople from the guild.When I will explain the previous story about training, they will definitely be attracted from it.』

Seraria muttered that she was looking forward to the fun in making the Dungeon or something.
… Let’s just hope that she doesn’t fill the map with powerful demons.

(Yuki)「Since I need to take various things into consideration, please explain in detail how many people will come to this place.The reason is because I need to prepare their living place.」

(Sera)『Oh, I’m sorry.Let me see… It’s quite hard to use the parchment… I’m missing the copy paper… Ah I got it I got it.325 people.My unit amounts to 54.That’s 379 people in total.I think it may grow a bit but not more than 400 people.Because we don’t have the supplies.』

(Yuki)「Okay.We will build houses assuming that 400 persons are coming.」

When I looked to the side, Lutz and Ellis were writting the detail of our conversation to the copy paper.
Could well educated children like this be found in modern Japan nowadays?

(Yuki)「Then, we will wait for your arrival, Seraria.We will contact you when the houses are ready」

(Sera)『At that time, I’ll be thankful.Knowing that there is a safe roof waiting for you feels different.It will take around 5 days of time to get everything ready.』

(Labiris)「…Hey Yuki, are we finally starting?」

(Yuki)「Yes Labiris, now we will become very busy.」

Since the talk with Seraria started, Labiris butted in for the first time.
Well, since the story was roughly settled, I was waiting for it.
Whilst I was stroking the head of Labiris, Seraria looked curiously from the other side of the monitor.

(Sera)『By the way, what hapenned with this little girl?』

(Yuki)「She’s one of the kids bought by Mauve and his group… Oh, that’s right Seraria!! Is there any children amongst the gathered people?」

(Sera)『Eh? Not particulary, why? Do you have this kind of hobby? That explains why you didn’t react when you took a bath with me.』

Labiris came and strongly hugged me.I felt that something was wrong, but it might just be my imagination.

(Yuki)「No, I don’t have this kind of hobby.Aside from that, don’t you like Labiris? Isn’t she cute?」

(Labiris)「… Yuki, it’s embarassing.」

I took Labiris and carried her towards the screen.

(Sera)『… She has unnaturally big breasts…Well, what was with the children again? By all means, I want to lessen the burden of this long journey by travelling without them.』

(Yuki)「A place without children would not mean much, right?」

(Sera)『That’s…… Indeed, if you want to raise the next generation.』

(Yuki)「Something like that.Ah, and I want women whenever is possible.」

(Sera)『Why is that?』

(Yuki)「Between a man and a woman, which would be despised the most?」

(Sera)『It’s a woman…. To make them at the top with high responsibilities, do you want to remove the discrimination within the residents? Are the children a part of this too?』

(Yuki)「Well, they are a part of this.It has a deeper meaning than that Seraria.」

(Labiris)「… Seraria-sama.Yuki’s legal wife is Labiris1)YAY!! Way to go girl!!.Nice to meet you,But do not dare to get a hand on Yuki.」

The air froze.
What is this? I thought that the current conversation had nothing to do with Seraria. However…


Seraria, dumbfounded, hadn’t understand the meaning of those words.

(Lutz)「Labiris-chan, you’re hazy~, you forgot about me, I’m Onii-san’s second wife.Seraria-sama, I’m pleased to make your acquitance.Unless especially stated otherwise by him, you can’t put your hands on Onii-san, okay?」

Lutz broke into the conversation and a feeling of anger appeared on Seraria’s face.

(Sera)『At a time like this, you don’t use honorifics and don’t respect the social standing?』2)She is refering to: Royal 2nd Princess Seraria Rushoru-sama

(Yuki)「Calm down…」

(Lutz)「That way you could selfishly involve Yuki? Seraria-sama, your breasts are tiny.」

(Sera)『What!? Speaking of the size of breast, yours aren’t big either!! My breast became excellent peaches with practicing military…』

(Lutz)「Unless used, they are not worth anything Seraria-sama.Can you see our Onii-san using them?」

(Sera)『… It’s not like that.After all, I’m the second princess.Unless a man is stronger than me, I won’t recognize him…』

Oh, she became timid.

(Lutz)「Well, this war princess Seraria-sama might be a bit too strong to meet someone acknowledgeable for her… Did you consider lowering your standards?」

Lutz followed on Seraria’s sinking.

(Labiris)「… I said too much.Seraria-sama,Yuki cherishes everyone, even though he can’t be splited.」

Labiris also followed on Seraria’s sinking.
… The split, was I sold?

(Sera)『Really!? I wasn’t confident anymore since Yuki didn’t react when I entered the bath with him… I couldn’t stop thinking about that!!』

(Lutz)「Oh~, I understand.Onii-san’s ability to hold his weird thoughts is troublesome~」

(Sera)『That, altought I like Yuki, it doesn’t mean that I want him as my husband!!』

(Labiris)「… Difficult personality.It’s all right.I want you to help us and enter the bath along with us and Yuki.」

(Sera)『If it can’t be helped!! I’ll join together!! Look forward to it, Yuki!!』

With that, the screen turned off.
… uh? Altough we gathered for an important story… Wasn’t something wrong?
Yes, I was busy yesterday and couldn’t help it!!

As usual, thank you for reporting the errors.

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1. YAY!! Way to go girl!!
2. She is refering to: Royal 2nd Princess Seraria Rushoru-sama

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