Chapter 37 – The importance of one’s own room.

Chapter 37 – The importance of one’s own room.

side: Millie

After the conference with Seraria-sama ended, Yuki-san turned toward us.

(Yuki)「Well, I want you to listen, because everyone’s schedule is decided.I intend to prepare for a place where 400 people can live.What kind of home do you think will do the job?」

Without hesitation, as always; he who respect us, was seeking our cooperation.
With outstanding knowledge and abilities beyond humans, as a Dungeon Master, he fought against nobility for our sake.
Along with that, he seemed to have saved the holy women.
Originally, because we were slaves, we were destined to be used as playthings until we met our end.
However, after I was bought by Mauve-san’s party and brought to Yuki-san, I was able to see a new age.
When he said 「Nothing has begun, there’s still more.」I was just smiling wryly.
However, soon I understood easily.If the future he showed to us was to happen, unfortunate things like the ones which happened to us would decrease in the world.
It wouldn’t be as beautiful as becoming zero. But nonetheless, it would decrease. 1)Zero was written in Katakana, as if it was a foreign word.
What he said wasn’t irresponsible. Unlike someone who wouldn’t have his foot onto the ground.What he said felt real before our eyes.
Because of his power as a Dungeon Master, I believe that even zero is possible.
Although he had power, he didn’t present himself as someone arrogant, nor did he showed up as someone self-righteous. For the success of his plan, he asked for our cooperation.

… Honestly, even if Yuki-san said that he wanted to make an army and he wanted to annex the country Galtz, I would follow him.
That’s how much I trusted him.Even tough the time I spent with him has been little.
… Was it fate?

For the time being, he thought that neither dictatorship nor monarchy was desirable. Tough what we want to do for now is to bear his children and raise an heir.
Because Labiris and Lutz are on the offensive, for now, I’m patiently waiting.
… Well, even though I wasn’t for it, Lulu-sama has been forced to conceive Yuki-san’s child.2)Remember the half-joke in the bedroom
I had a personal grudge. But regardless of that, she had a superior ability for this matter.

That’s why I accepted it.For the sake of raising a talented child, Lulu-sama will be used as a sexual tool. But please, do me as well.3)Yuki you lucky bastard!
I pray for the monogamy concept of Yuki-san to disappear, this way, it will be a good opportunity for all of us to become pregnant.

All the requirements for Lulu-sama were written on a paper. Seems like she will be able to bear children. But I will be the one to do it first and bear Yuki-san’s children. Even if we are sheltering this harmful animal, I was still thinking of murdering her.
You should only attend to Yuki-san’s sexual need at night instead of coming to this place.
Even if you can make a child, we will raise him. You don’t have to worry because the blood of Yuki-san will be flowing inside him, it’s important to raise the child diligently. Lulu-sama won’t have to worry about anything ok? However, I would like it if you could stay inside a room for the rest of your life.

While I was thinking about this dark things, Yuki-san asked me.

(Yuki)「…e, cause Lutz can do it in seven days,What kind of house would you like Millie?」

(Millie)「Me? When I was working at the guild, I shared a room with three coworkers.Although I had my family’s house too, it wasn’t that much different.」

(Yuki)「Did you three had separate rooms?」

(Millie)「No, only very wealthy merchants, nobles or royalty can have the privilege to own their own room.」

Yuki-san had a hard time thinking.

(Millie)「Ellis, what is difficult for Yuki-san?」

Because I was absent minded and didn’t listen to what Yuki-san said, I asked Ellis instead.

(Ellis)「What is… Oh, Herge-sama? Lulu-sama? I understand that you didn’t listen, but Yuki-san’s talk is important, okay?」

(Millie)「Sorry, I’ll be careful.Then, about Yuki-san?」

(Ellis)「The talk was about whether the slaves, the escort, and the guards should have their personal rooms. To say more specifically, they won’t probably have their family with them. That’s why he is thinking to give one room per person.」

(Millie)「Huh, no matter how much Yuki-san is gentle… The slaves shouldn’t push their luck…」

It was forbidden for Yuki-san to convey his generosity to the upcoming slaves.
We should be the only ones to embrace Yuki-san with our chest. We must hide him.
Therefore, we must use the name of Dungeon Master. We needed to establish respect and fear into the slaves.
The management of the slaves. We are still unskilful, but we were still arranged as representatives.
To have one’s own room is a privilege only received by those with higher status.
If you give such a treatment to the slaves, they won’t think like slaves anymore. Instead, they probably wouldn’t listen to you.

(Millie)「In the first place, weren’t the slaves used as a pretext to hire them? Plus, don’t we need them to eliminate discrimination? Will you be troubled if the slaves suddenly brought refugees?」

(Lutz)「Honestly, I understand ~… Well, assuming refugees will come here, won’t it become something usual in the future?」

(Ellis)「That’s right.The slaves are the lowest of this continent hierarchy. That way, if we give one room to each slave, wouldn’t it be a good thing to remove that sense of discrimination?」

(Lutz)「But I think, if we use the employment system to handle the slaves, won’t it be enough to remove the sense of discrimination onii-san?」

As Lutz said, the slaves couldn’t even think how paradise-like is this place.
Even if they don’t have their private room, there is a place to sleep and even meals.Even if they were slaves, they will be welcomed here.
Usually, they sleep curled on the floor and ate the leftovers.It’s normal for a slave.

(Millie)「Yuki-san, The slaves can just live like us, together in a mass. Why not create a big room for 400 people? Or 100 people? 50? Don’t you think it’s good? However, what does a private room even mean?」

(Yuki)「Oh, I see.You don’t understand the meaning behind a private room…That’s it, follow me.」

After he said that, Yuki-san walked away holding Labiris-chan like a mother.
To be honest, I envied Labiris-chan, Aslin and Philia.

(Lutz)「Oh! Isn’t this the place with the Dungeon core?」

Lutz said so.Certainly, this should be the place with the Dungeon core.
When we came here at first, we received the strict order to not touch anything in this room.
Though I didn’t understand the meaning beforehand, now I don’t think that I would touch the Dungeon core.

(Yuki)「Yes, it’s a Dummy.Anyway, come over here.」

(Lutz)「Haa!? Onii-san, is this core fake!?」

(Yuki)「Well, I doubt this place would be so easy to find.It’s a real core but it’s irrelevant to this Dungeon tough.」

(Lutz)「… Real but not real, it’s unusual…」

Lutz passed to an amazed state from a surprised state…. She really is a shrewd person.
When the core was put on the wall, a door appeared on its left.
… This room was already like a hidden room…And there’s another room hidden too?
I mean, would an adventure be able to reach this place?
As far as I heard, this Dungeon had more brutal traps than any other Dungeon.

(Yuki)「Yes. This is my private room with my personal things.Welcome in.」

Yuki-san opened the door and invited us inside.

(Girls)「Yes, excuse me for intruding.」

We said that while passing the door.

(Yuki)「Ah, please take off your shoes there.It’s the same as the inn.Please wear the slippers.」

In that way, we were let inside Yuki-san’s room.
… It was beyond our understanding.

(Millie)「Heh, ah, ah… This place…」

(Lutz)「What, well, is onii-san’s private room a copy of the hotel?

Though the area is narrower than the banquet hall, how can I say this, it’s beautiful.
I have looked at various rooms from noble purveyors. They were beautiful as well but this place is different.
What to say about our baptism. None of the furnitures were luxurious, but they had a lean shape.
There was a beautiful desk used for writing on paper. The same screen as the one which appears when we use 「Call」 is here with something strange attached on it.
When we turned our eyes to the wall, we could see colorful bookshelves with many books.
For decoration, there was also a drawn landscape and the map of the Dungeon displayed at the hall in a corner of the room.

(Yuki)「Well, even if there are various unusual things, please sit. I guess 15 guests are too many … 8 can sit on the sofa.The table has enough chairs for 8 people.For the remaining, I’m sorry but you’ll have to sit on the floor…. It might be a good thing to expand this room.」

Although we were looking at the various things, we were urged to sit on the sofa by Yuki-san.
The youngsters waited for Yuki-san and followed him.

(Yuki)「That reminds me, does any of you can’t drink milk?」

Nobody said no.

(Yuki)「Well, that’s good. Do you want to try cocoa4)Hot chocolate? 」

“Cocoa”? What is that?
After waiting for a little while, Labiris and the others took the glasses places on the tray.

(Yuki)「Are you alright?」

(Aslin)「Please sit onii-chan!! Aslin wants to be useful!!」


(Labiris)「… Yuki, give up.」5)She ended her sentence with a cute “ne” but I didn’t know how to put it into context

For a little moment, I became insecure but we received “cocoa”? When I got a hold of the cup,
I was surprised… The content was a brown and warm water… Mud water?

(Yuki)「Regardless of its look, try to drink it.It’s not poisonous.」

Because Yuki-san said that, I tried to put it up to my mouth…


(Lutz)「Fua!? Wha-what is this!? It’s terribly delicious!? Does it contain sugar!?」

While the others made round eyes, Lutz and me were the only one expressing ourselves. I took yet another mouthful of cocoa.

(Yuki)「Oh, perhaps sugar is a luxury?」

(Millie)「Of course it is…」


We didn’t know how deep Yuki-san was.6)As in mysterious

(Lutz)「O-onii-san.For what reason have you brought us here? Was it because you wanted us to drink cocoa?」

(Yuki)「Well, it’s a part of the reason.What did you think when you saw this room?」

(Lutz)「How can I say it, this room is very much like you, onii-san.」

This was Lutz-san answer.I thought the same.Although it’s not overly luxurious, it’s a clean and friendly place.
Each furniture was attractive. Like this glass, it was more than simply something you use.
Strangely, this room gave a good feeling.

(Yuki)「Really? When I have a private room, I can fill it with my things and use it for my hobbies. Millie, do you mind if I hold you like a Princess for a bit?」

(Millie)「Eh? Eh?」

(Yuki)「The time is short, so I will apologize later if you want.」

Before I could even answer, I was already carried by Yuki-san.
In such a way that I stood dreamy. But when I heard him congratulate me, something like a 「Kasha」7)Sound of a camera could be heard.

(Yuki)「Thank you.Are you ok? If it’s unpleasant, I’m sorry?」

(Millie)「No!! You’re welcome at any time!!」

After he released me, I think that my cheeks were dyed red.
Yuki-san was operating his finger with something on the desk? He’s done.
The box under the desk spat out something like a paper.8)A printer

(Yuki)「Here, Millie.This is called a photo, you take them when you find something or someone beautiful.」

Saying so, he showed me the photo.

(Millie)「Ah, thi-this is Yuki-san and me!?」

What Yuki-san and me did a bit earlier was reflected in the picture.
As I looked at the picture where time seemed frozen, I could see my nervous looking face and Yuki-san’s calming one.

(Lutz)「Once again, this is amazing~」

(Labiris)「… I’m jealous. I want a photo too.」

Everyone looked at the photo, some said their admirations while others expressed their wishes.

(Yuki)「Millie, I want to hear from you, what did you think about this room. Did you feel something different?」


(Yuki)「As for this, you can secretly display this in your private room. Or rather, do you want everyone to see it?」

(Millie)「… I don’t want to show it to someone who isn’t my friend.」

Because I was fascinated by the picture, I lost to Yuki-san.
It was a shame, but I was happy. A picture of us… It’s wonderful!!

(Yuki)「Inside a private room, one can decorate it with photos. After collecting materials for his hobby as well, won’t his salary circulate inside the Dungeon?」

(Lutz)「Oh, that’s the idea? If we want to keep them employed, and as we are supplying them with the money, it will most likely dry up otherwise. Now, I’m convinced as for the utility of a private room.」

(Yuki)「Milie, what about you?」

(Millie)「I don’t have any objection!! Later, I want to receive more of this photos! I want a private room too!!」

(Yuki)「No, having more than one of the same photo is useless, well it can’t be helped… There are private rooms for you all in the hotel. I was going to have you live in private rooms from the beginning. When we return to the hotel, you can choose which room is good for you.」

After that, Yuki-san took a picture with everyone. They will display their photos in their own rooms.
A photo taken with everyone was used as a decoration at the front door of the inn.

Still, I think that Yuki-san’s goal is really good.
I’d do anything for you.
Therefore, I pray that this sweet face of yours doesn’t get distorted by something…

Of course, after that was the bookshelf of Yuki-san.Nude women were reflected in the large book. Before we could judge his preference, he took the book back and threw it away.
Yuki-san’s face was distorted but that’s not considered with my previous statement.
This was Millie’s first time.Lulu-san’s sex plan was to deal with her resentment.
Did you find the small worship I expressed?

When I say it’s from a net game? It’s Gundam online!!
I started to collect money to pay for EX and DX!!
Tomorrow is Alex!! However, I want a Japanese night seeker!!
The phrase 「Yuki no Sakasuki」some people who know about it are okay with it.9)Basically “Let’s search Yuki’s room” a typical cliche in romcoms

As usual, thank you for reporting the errors.

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1. Zero was written in Katakana, as if it was a foreign word.
2. Remember the half-joke in the bedroom
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5. She ended her sentence with a cute “ne” but I didn’t know how to put it into context
6. As in mysterious
7. Sound of a camera
8. A printer
9. Basically “Let’s search Yuki’s room” a typical cliche in romcoms

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  4. They are not yanderes …. they just hate those who ruined their lives … imagine your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your boyfriend or fiancé, your loved ones and the dog you became attached to. ..all killed by the political stupidity of two countries and their saints ….. all to the water well by such stupid … and when there are 10 women and a single man (who they like) it is obvious that the balance of power falls about them xD

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