Chapter 40 – Selfish

Chapter 40 : Selfish

side : Lutz

After we had heard that Herge-sama talked with Lulu-sama, Labiris-chan and myself went back to onii-san’s room together.

(Lutz)「As you planned, Onii-san. We made her fall on purpose then Herge-sama came to heal her wound and had that particular talk with her.」

(Labiris)「… Yuki, was it needed to work in a hurry? Lulu-sama has yet to rest her mind since coming here. What’s more, anyone hearing her complaints would want to throw up. Yuki, you only had to say one word, and I would have cut her neck…」

As for me, I was thinking the same that he rushed it.
Lulu-sama was only here for one week. And she fled from her country only to receive this treatment.

(Yuki)「That would be okay if she was of nobility or a simple girl.」

It wasn’t like onii-san to drink alcohol.
Maybe it’s because he was never able to reach a state of drunkenness. The more you drink it, the more you will get attacked by nausea the next time.
So far, I didn’t know if it was true or not.

(Lutz))「Regardless, that one condition from Millie’s party is simply absurd. We are stalling for time as much as we can but she has yet to steady her mind, and it has to originate from herself. I’d like to have a convincing explanation. I want to hear it from you because I cannot help but think that you’re blind in this case.」

I asked onii-san about an explanation concerning Lulu-sama’s treatment.

(Yuki)「…… If you have those intentions about Lulu. Then you can as well go to the Holy Country Ritea and turn everything back to how it was before. Because the deadline is near, I can’t afford to take my time and wait that everything settles by itself.」


(Labiris)「Are you serious Yuki!?」

Not to mention my surprise, even Labiris-chan let out a roaring voice.
That’s impossible! I would have sent her to a place where she had high chances to die, not somewhere like bringing her back to home.

(Yuki)「In the end, what awaits her is death, whether she stay here or not. Because when you say to someone that he is poor, then he will tend to go into misery. The same applies to her. Firstly with their boundless request. Then with Lulu own misery. Afterward, only two options remain to her. To be kicked out or suicide. If she was to live for the sake of her children, it’s good. But to make children for the interests of living is horrible. I don’t want my kid to be bothered by a thought like「I was born purposely for my mother’s survival」or 「My mother killed herself after she had to give birth forcedly」」

Onii-san, what you said made sense.
When I was an adventurer, I participated in a quest which was requiring to destroy a bandits’ hideout.
Every time, I saw a lot of women violated and used as tools.
Roughly one month after we saved them, nearly half of them chose to suicide.

… After that, only children with ties of blood remained.
I asked the women who survived because I wanted to understand.

(Lutz)「Why did they chose to commit suicide? And why you didn’t?」.

She gave birth to a child just after she was saved, and while holding him in her arms, she answered my awkward question.

(Woman)「For me, I don’t quite understand the reason for their suicide. But I think they certainly couldn’t compromise amidst their hearts. I was also teased by men and ended up receiving this child. When I look at him, I just can’t abandon him. The people who passed away because they couldn’t bear it, they leave their children behind. However… I find it disgusting to leave behind another child. Although he was not the desired child, he was still born in the end. This little one is the only warmth remaining for me. This is because I have this child that I try to live.」

After all, the livings have a will to live. Those who die didn’t have the will to live.
After enduring great troubles and giving birth to children, they can only go forwards if they are strong willed. After that, if everything advances without accident, they can only hold their unhappiness within themselves.

(Lutz)「… Lulu-sama was provoked, but it turned that she avoided suicide. But why do you want her to return at Ritea?」

(Yuki)「As I said earlier, we had no problem if she was a noble’s daughter or a simple girl. Can you remember what was Lulu’s standpoint?」

(Lutz)「Lulu-sama was the former number one of the Holy Country Ritea.」

(Yuki)「That’s right, so don’t you think that she is a weight too heavy for our little Dungeon to carry?」

(Lutz)「I think so. However, can’t she live quietly if it’s just a facade?」

(Yuki)「Is she was to live quietly it wouldn’t matter. But she negotiated and not in a way someone without any power would. First by taking information to sell to us. Secondly by intervening in the Management of our Dungeon. Do you know what I mean by this?」

(Lutz)「…… Huh!? Is Lulu-sama trying to act like a ruler!??」

(Yuki)「That’s right. Lulu has yet to forgot her pride as the Holy Woman of Ritea. At first, I was a bit unconscious about it. However, it’s different now. The distraught in the earlier meeting made me this way for a while. If she wanted to help in the first place, she wouldn’t take a position as a martyr. Because of her, no conflicts will happen. It seems that Millie and the others are already reflecting about it」

Finally… I Understood. If Lulu-sama wanted to liver here, she shouldn’t be telling any opinion as a ruler.
Lulu-sama has a lot of skill. She will play her hand to temper the Dungeon without showing anything in public.
Risks were very likely to exist for this Dungeon.
This is a result that everyone of us should avoid. That’s why Millie had this particular reaction.

(Lutz)「However, Lulu with the pretext of being a Holy Woman participated in the Management. This isn’t a problem because this is a Dungeon, and thanks to the Galtz and Rochelle countries, even the houses will end free」

(Yuki)「… … Now that an alliance with Ritea has been formed, the country which is sheltering Lulu has to send her back immediately or when asked should handle the matter of the assassination appropriately. For a country, the profit is likely to be high. Whereas she was setting priority to the topic about the homes of the commoners, it proves how simple-minded she acted. She tried to help them without hiding her identity.
With my selfish motives, it might destroy this village, but I want to cooperate with her further. That’s about all I had to say.」

While onii-san had answered my questions, I started to feel dizziness…
Initially, no matter where she was going, actions that are already familiar with her real identity can not be taken.
… … Although she is intelligent, she didn’t understand it.

(Lutz)「…… I see. She is unaware. If there is a chance, I will return her to Ritea. That’s is what Lulu-sama should expect. However, we can’t neglect the current situation and act without hesitations.」

How selfish.No, was it because it’s selfish that I unconsciously sympathized?

(Yuki)「Such a thing is never a reason. However, until how long will Lulu be allowed to cross the line? Especially by further increasing the gap between her and Millie’s group. She might even end up suiciding.」

So that’s why. Because onii-san hated the ending where she suicide he used his hand to crush it as soon as he could.
Mainly thanks to the injury which led to Herge-sama’s sweet talking followed by a good conversation between the too.

(Lutz)「Onii-san that… Was the reason why you helped Lulu-sama only a pretext? When you said that we had no time… Impossible!」

(Yuki)「It’s been one week since Lulu came here. The time needed to walk by foot from the Holy Country Ritea is one month. Ten days by horses. Perhaps even less with a fast horse. In other words, even if Ritea doesn’t know whether Lulu is dead or not, this news should be certified by most of the higher ups. That’s why I improved the security around to prevent those hardliners. While Lulu’s death isn’t confirmed, even if they don’t hear any report testifying her death they can still handle the situation. Also, if we take over some of Lulu’s belongings and we bring them somewhere, they’re most likely to believe in her death. Well, here is the problem Lutz. Why would they assassinate Lulu?」

(Lutz)「The possibility is high that because, as you said earlier, she had a lot of abilities and authority. She was probably a hindrance… Huh!? In other words, it was something like that!? The Holy Country Ritea has different factions, and a hardliner faction who isn’t following Lulu made a move!?」

(Yuki)「It’s like that. If the hardliners grasped the full powers, then Lulu would have gone down smoothly without any problem and without raising any appeal. The reason why they had to kill her was that they wanted to gather the remaining hardliners scattered inside the multiples factions. Well, now we need to find something for Lulu to manage. Then we need to find a place for her to live in. The place shouldn’t be too crowded, what would happen if someone learned about the assassination?」

(Lutz)「The situation suddenly took a big reversal. Those hardliners, if they didn’t act, with Lulu’s leadership her plan to take over Ritea should work. Hence with their assassination, they wanted to dispose of her swiftly. Fortunately, Lulu-sama should possess some hardliners still following her. Because they should discern where lie loyalty and justice.」

In the end, everything turned well.
For how long did you intend to instill your hand in this matter?

(Lutz)「… But, onii-san. Why are you going so far for Lulu’s sake? I think the chance of failure is high.」

(Yuki)「Uh? Why is everyone saying that it’s for the sake of Lulu? And as for whether this ends up in failure, or this ends up in success, whichever happens, will befall me. For example, let say that for worst, Lulu returns to Ritea and dies. In this way, Millie’s and the others’ anger will lighten a lot. Whereas if successful, she might or might not go back to the top of Ritea, yet it will considerably improve her position. When that happens, the assistance brought by the Dungeon is justified. And she will supposedly help the Dungeon afterwards」

(Lutz)「It’s cruel, isn’t it? Onii-san. Please stop already with your unskilled and irresponsible selfishness.」

(Yuki)「… Really. To be frank, I really want to help Lulu.」

Yes, onii-san, you just wanted to help Lulu-sama.
Even though both are fine, you didn’t need to help when it’s so troublesome.
All you had to do was to leave it to Lulu. However, you weren’t going do that.
Particularly when you tried to explain some benefits when you were just selfish.

(Yuki)「Well thatー, for the sake of helping Lulu, if we move poorly with Rochelle, it will end up a big lose for the Dungeon. Is it unreasonable to calculate the benefits and move?」

(Labiris)「Yeah yeah, Yuki is a scoundrel~」

(Lutz)「Seraria-sama and Lulu-sama. You bestowed upon them protection, and yet you’re still trying to act elegantly. Were you planning to suffer everything by yourself? Weren’t you? Onii-san. To drove that far with alcohol while we think about Lulu’s future, I can’t let our onii’san’s number one brain go dull.」

I said that and took onii-san’s sake.

(Yuki)「Ha-a, don’t you know the joy of falling asleep while drinking sake? I was drinking for her sake. Therefore it was nothing…」

(Lutz)「Truthfully, we have no time, because the hardliners are hardening their position inside the Holy Country Ritea. If Lulu-sama want to go to the battlefield immediately, do you still desire to make it as safe as possible?」

(Yuki)「……Yes that’s right. Presently, if she remains in the present state she will most likely die. I want to play my cards this time, but how to do it when the person herself is feeling helpless? Looks like this time, I can only draw Mauve out of my hand. The rest will be which items I will give to them.」

(lutz)「As excepted. With her state, Lulu-sama won’t be able to make it. Furthermore, with us here and with Seraria-sama and Herge-sama coming from Rochelle, we can’t make a move. If we do, then it might create a crack withing the internal affair of the alliance. I don’t mind making the declaration later but I think now isn’t the right time to intervene?」

(Yuki)「That’s it. As for Lulu, she will have to go through herself.」

(Lutz)「Lulu-sama should be made aware of her responsibilities in this matter. She has to do it and return to Ritea by her own means. We need to tell her that she must do it, from now on until forever. What do you think about it onii-san?」

(Yuki)「We can’t move by ourselves, Ritea is Lulu’s place after all. I’m not going to help her right away…. … There is still three more days, and I think she will make it. If she doesn’t respond by then, it will be really hard to return Ritea back to its previous state.」

(Lutz)「That is also… Will Lulu-sama makes it in time?」

(Yuki)「Without using Herge as a medium, I don’t know if she could.」

(Lutz)「… That’s hard. And what Herge-sama said. Was it good? Or was it bad?」

Now, Lulu-sama.
This is an answer you already had.
Please somehow, end up with the answer onii-san wanted.
This was why Yuki talked to Lulu this time.
Everything is in harmony.It is black, pitch black!!

As usual, thank you for reporting the errors.


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  1. With that delay in releases i forgot who Lulu was , well , this chapter does give some clues but i’m still off about this point .
    Why exactly does Yuki want to help lulu ? And why /how did she come to the dungeon in the first place ?
    Also why her returning everything to peace will help the dungeon ?
    If i think correctly wouldn’t a state of war be beneficial for the dungeon which can guarantee almost absolute safety and therefore have plenty of willing immigrants ?

    Side note : another novel kinda like this one – Maou sama no machizukuri

    • He wants to help her just because he feels like it ahah. She came toward the Dungeon after she fled from an assassination

      I’ll check the novel someday 🙂

    • Lulu – Holy Maiden of Ritea. Has blue hair, huge breasts and quite the political clout in her home country, making her a pest to some… especially those wishing to install a more manageable puppet as Holy Maiden.

      Yuki just wants to help her in the end, but uses pretenses of cost/benefits analysis to justify his actions… basically, to be the villain.

      And no, were the countries to go to war with eachother, the stability of the Dungeon’s peace would be broken because Rochelle would be involved. This would, most likely end their aid to Yuki and force Seraria to the frontlines. Both as 2nd Princess, and as a military general. Also, with immigration… it’s a Dungeon. Unless the situation is handled carefully, it won’t be so simple as, “Hey, come in and live here!”. War is like that, after all.

      You can basically trace all this back to the use of the Holy Maiden as convenient tools by an overly prideful, selfish country rife with factional infighting.

      Their internal bullshit and corrupt politics are causing trouble for EVERYONE… The trigger, was the issue of Herge being a Holy Maiden too. Even IF the Goddess Lily granted her power, Herge herself was never recognized as a legitimate Holy Maiden by Ritea, who thinks they own that right like it’s a private brand.

      From ther, and because of Lulu acting on her own, gave her enemies a reason to act. They installed a 3rd Holy Maiden, but since Lulu is still highly influential… they need her dead. Luckily, Yuki was there… but her being corneredvkinda… messed her up, along with her pride and status as a Holy Maiden.

      Yuki, in the end… is just too kind. But not able to do more than he can from the Dungeon itself. He had to be forceful, but knows it might not be that easy.

      He used Herge to spur in the right direction since she was in a similar state not too long ago herself.

      He wants to help, needs to rush, but doesn’t have much room to help…

  2. Urgh, why does all the japanese MC have such complicated planning and be so cunning? Cant we get a normal guy that makes mistakes like the rest of us mortals? ^^”
    Thanks for the chapters, looking forward to when his “side-quest, Town building” is done so i can see what his main goal actually is. It feels like the author has gotten a bit distracted here, he only thought of a village or town cause it could boost his DP but now it sounds like its his dream and that hes willing to bet his life on it. 😛

    • My deciphering skills are telling me Yuki is planning to have Lulu live in the the dungeon as a citizen rather than getting strange ideas about returning to her country and getting herself killed by her enemies. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

      • We don’t know yet if he wants her to remain or not. What we know is he doesn’t want the country to become in the hand of the wrong person, hence he wants her to go and save the nation, with the help of Mauve’s party and a few additional help.

        The fact is, he doesn’t want her to die, unlike his adult slaves who want her to die.

        So he didn’t know how to bring the talk to them, and remember, he was drunk while talking to them.

  3. Error:
    If Lulu-sama wanted to liver here -> If Lulu-sama wanted to live here

    a good conversation between the too -> a good conversation between the two

    Thanks for the treat.

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