Chapter 41 – Heated

Chapter 41 – Heated

Side: Riel

Now, we were in the middle of managing the Dungeon.
To be honest, I never thought that one day I’d be able to create towns and villages from my own hands.
With Yuki-san’s ability as a Dungeon Master, the nine of us were mostly able to handle everything.
I looked at the paper where I wrote down the current situation.

Dungeon Village (Name undecided) Riel candidacy: The village of Yuki’s delightful companions.

Floors’ details:
First: a future increase in the overall size to 20 km².
1700 DP: Acquisition (100 DP per 1KM) — 170DP: Yearly maintenance (10DP per km)

・1st floor defense is a verdant land of 5km² with layers of defense. We already made the paved road.
Weather added: (Morning and evening)
500 DP : Acquisition — 50 DP : yearly maintenance

・2nd floor, the last line of defense. Its length is 10 Km², and in every direction, soldiers are stationed, trenches are dug, barbed wire are installed and checkpoints made.
This base is a wasteland. Yuki wanted to introduce a few Tochka1)A Russian military short range missile ballistic but they cost 100 000 DP per unit so it was out of the budget.
Weather added: (Morning and evening)
500 DP: Acquisition — 50 DP: yearly maintenance

・3rd floor: residential district 10km² based over contemporary Japan. Prudence with this one.
Adding a weather(All season)
5000 DP: Acquisition — 500 DP: yearly maintenance
Adding nature.
1000 DP: Acquisition — 100 DP: yearly maintenance

・4th floor, agricultural district, industrial district, and the working zone. This floor is 20km² with grassy plains and forests.
Adding a weather (Sunny and rain)
2000 DP: Acquisition — 200 DP: yearly maintenance
Various colored fields for the agricultural district. (I heard from Labiris that the fields are from Yuki’s recommendation).
4000DP DP: Acquisition — no yearly maintenance. we will grow on our own after the first harvest
The forge in the industrial district (I can’t really understand this one… Especially since Philia is so tiny)
10000 DP: Acquisition — 1000 DP: yearly maintenance

・5th floor. Adventurers district, leisure district, amusement district, and small Dungeon facilities.
This floor is 20km² with grassy plains.
Adding a weather(All seasons)
5000 DP : Acquisition — 500 DP : yearly maintenance
・New floor creation
The creation of the 4th and 5th floor for 600 DP (300 DP each.)

The total is 30300DP, and the annual upkeep is 2630DP.

Details of the immigrant houses ※ The number of possible inhabitants is counted by Yuki’s standard (Japanese of today).

・The number of houses built is 20 (A house can hold at most 6 people). It will accommodate about 100 people.
10000 DP: Acquisition (One is 500)— 1000 DP: yearly maintenance.

・15 apartment buildings. Each with 10 rooms (Tenement? Maybe up to 4 people per room) will accommodate about 600 people.
15000 DP: Acquisition (One is 1000)— 1500 DP: yearly maintenance

・2 training facilities. Each one can accommodate about 300 people with many classrooms.
15000 DP: Acquisition (One is 7500)— 1500 DP: yearly maintenance

・The military post. One building including a training ground that can accommodate about 200 people.
※This is also based on the standard facilities of modern Japan. Not less than half of the installation will be used anonymously by Seraria and her people.
50000 DP: Acquisition — 5000 DP: yearly maintenance ※ Yuki’s hobby, the firearms, are also included.

Subtotal 90 000 DP Acquisition — 9000 DP yearly ※ All homes have bath and toilet included.

Commodities, food and shop supplies.
・The value of the food stock to give three meals a day for five years For approximately 400 persons
is at least 30 000 DP. For meat, vegetables, and soup.

・Luxuries food and product.
30 000DP with noodles, sweets, desserts, drinks, etc.

・Consumables of absolute necessity.
20 000DP . Clothing, toilet paper, copy paper, files, pens, etc.

・Luxury consumables products.
30 000 DP Hobby clothes, shampoo, rinse, soap, perfume, etc.

・Products for the adventurer shop.
50 000 DP. Maintenance, weapons, armor, potions, toolkit…

・Weapons for the guards.
10 000DP. Something like stun guns?Armors, Uniforms, etc.

・Educational materials.
10 000DP. Whiteboard, pens and necessary tools etc.

・Yuki’s monster forces, increase of supplies.Firearms, vehicles, etc…
100 000 DP ※With pistols which are starting from 300DP、and vehicles for 1500DP each.
※ In addition, an individual magical authentication is required, so it cannot be used when stolen.
※ Currently, the goblin army and the slim army are training with the guns and vehicles.

Total 270 000DP

Details of the others facilities.
・Construction of Lutz’s company’s small shops and uniforms. Managed by Lutz.
Floors 3 4 and 5 will have at least two stores each.
10 000DP of a budget for her stores should be sufficient.

・Construction of the entertainment facilities.
Tavern, a Japanese inn, hotels, public bath, etc.
20000 DP of a budget is barely enough I guess?

5000 DP of a budget should be sufficient. There won’t be so many kids.

The total is 425300 DP with an annual upkeep of 11630DP.

After that begin the construction of the small Dungeon and the costs to set up the guild.
・ Five small dungeon
25000 DP (Each is 5000 DP)

・Five dungeon cores
25 0000 DP, (a core is 5000 DP)

I didn’t need this, but because we need to manage them, the dungeons are raising my fighting spirit so I was enthusiastic.
If Someone snatched the dungeon core then the Management of the small dungeon is a fail.
Furthermore, each member who will make a Dungeon is assigned a definite number of DP he can use freely.

With the sum of 50 000 DP for the management. It includes the budget for the maintenance.

The total is 475300 DP and the annual upkeep 11630 DP.
We only had 22304 DP for the annual maintenance costs.

Various comments were cast by Yuki-san.
I wrote the details with considerable attention but in an easy to understand way.

「「「Please reduce the increase of supplies for the monster forces」」」

Lutz, Millie, and Ellis promptly pushed their request.

(Yuki)「Cho2)Expression of surprise, suddenly!? Nice distribution I guess!?」

(Ellis)「I don’t understand what are these firearms. Even though the traps can handle almost any military force, what kind of weapons they are?」

(Yuki)「Ugh3)Dispirited sfx

Ellis’ sharp comment flew out.

(Lutz)「I really want to go through the request of onii-san. However, to invest 100 000DP in it is unacceptable! Please at least use a maximum of 30 000DP」

(Yuki)「Less than the half!?」

Lutz readily sharpened the amount by more than half.

(Millie)「I am sorry. For at least 3 years… We need to hold this long even without any income so we should have a bit more DP」

(Yuki)「… I think that’s right.」

Millie excuse seemed to give a reason.
Yuki-san needed to understand, but it was easy to pull.
With the sight you displayed, you probably realized after all?

(Riel)「Hey, everyone. What will you decide now? You already finished the details of the 「Floors specifics」and the 「Migrants houses」? In that case, I want to talk about what I plan to with the stationed army and the training facility, is that okay?」

I thought so and talked.

(Millie)「Riel. It’s sweet. It’s sweeter than the ice cream I ate here for the first time. From now on, what we decide here…」

Lutz paid close attention to Millie.

(Lutz)「The luxuries goods, which one to include and how much of them!!」

Millie raised her fist to the sky. No, to the ceiling.

(Ellis)「Well, clearly it’s easy to understand… So. To increase Riel’s favorite fish food amongst other thing or to buy an exotic weapon. Taking into consideration at which place we are.」

With a wry smile, Ellis explained it clearly to me.

(Yuki)「You can think of the luxuries goods prices.」

Finally added Yuki-san.

(Riel)「What is that…!? Well then, please restock this four cardinals shuriken4)!! I want more of that one!! It’s only one copper!! And it’s the same for the kodachi5)Short Japanese sword!!」

I came to Yuki-san, and he took one out.
Was it Japanese? I got the weapon and felt its greatness.
Shurikens were perfectly suitable for my hobby. Because it could give damages like an arrow by hand throwing, and like a kodachi or a katana, it could display a frightful sharpness!!
It will inevitably become famous if you sell it!! Sell it cheap!!

(Lutz)「Only this!! the heck, how many shurikens and kodachis do you think we have? ! A shuriken is 50 DP piece. A kodachi or a katana is at least 500 DP. To sell it for only 1 copper per item, are you making fun of me?」

(Riel)「Hiss6)Surprised/rebuked sfx!?」

Lutz became angry with a horrendous momentum…
Why did she get so angry~.

(Yuki)「Now, Lutz calm down. That’s right, Riel. In your adventurer days, how much did you earn a day?」

(Riel)「What with the sudden question? Let’s see, many silver coins, 5 at most. And the less I had was probably 7 coppers? Even with only this, for me that was incredible!! In one day, 5 silver coin!! It was half a gold coin in a day, therefore!! A gold coin can make a family of 4 people live for a whole month」

I told them my earnings with full confidence.

(Mauve)「Wow. When I was accompanying the young miss Riel for training, I thought she performed awfully, but surprisingly she earned very well. Her rank was… 5 or maybe 6?」

(Riel)「Oh, excellent observation as you would expect from the hero!! I was of rank 6. As for you Mauve you were rank 8.」

(Mauve)「That’s true. Until then I was doing good. As expected of the soft young miss Riel to omit those parts」

Mauve-san was talking happily.
At this place, because I didn’t have many turns remaining, I had a lot of nice chat with Mauve-san and his friends.
And then, yesterday. Because the training school was done, I trained until dinner with Mauve-san’s party, Tori and Kaya.

(Ellis)「I am sorry Riel to interrupt your story. The amount an ordinary citizen can earn in a day is about 2 to 4 coppers. An ordinary person will bring 1DP per hour. In other words, we get 24 DP in a day.」

(Riel)「I understand.I know that.」

(Ellis)「Riel seemed to earn more than I thought. Nevertheless, let’s assume that at least 7 coppers = 24 DP」

Ellis walked to the whiteboard and wrote what she told earlier.

(Lutz)「Shuriken was it? The one Riel wished for are 50DP. In other words, Riel won’t be able to buy it if she doesn’t work for at least two days. Kodachi and katana amount for 500 DP so it would take 20 days. If you sell them for only one copper per piece, we will soon run out of DP. Do you understand?」

(Riel)「I understand. I’m sorry Lutz, I spoke without consideration. I was a little carried away.」

(Lutz)「No, I’m sorry for my shout earlier. However, thanks to Riel’s story we have now found the general exchange rate for a DP.」

(Ellis)「Yes, it’s roughly 24 DP and around 5 coppers coins? There is a necessity to follow various procedures according to the good.」

Ellis said so and talked with Lutz.
I was a bit scared, and my eyes became watery.
After all, I was not helpful.

(Yuki)「Riel, don’t get depressed. You firmly said important things. Thanks to you, our talks will progress a lot.」

Yuki-san stroked my head.

(Riel) 「What I said, Was it useful?」

(Yuki)「In a sense, the exotic weapons Riel talked about will become a specialty here. We also understood the overall money value of a DP. You did an outstanding job.」

The way you were talking to me Yuki-san…

(Millie)「Fufufu, Ellis, Lutz. Since we found the value of a DP I have a suggestion!!」

Since she used a loud voice to talk to the two, the gazes of everyone gathered around her.

(Ellis)「What is it Millie?」

(Lutz)「Any suggestion?」

Almost at the same time, Ellis and Lutz answered Millie.

(Millie)「We should invest 5000 DP in ultra-luxury goods such as Ballantine7)English scotch that take a year to buy!! I’m sure the residents will work firmly for this goal!!」

「「Shut up, you drunkard!!」」

I think that Millie was sometimes going out of control with liquor.
No matter how I look at it, I understood from the conversation earlier regarding the exchange rate how stupid it was to use 5000 DP.

(Aslin)「Lutz-san. I want this!!」

In the midst of the quarrel, Aslin brought and handed her paper to Lutz.

(Lutz)「Ice cream ・ Potato crisp ・Chocolate… … Millie, isn’t her heart pure?」

(Millie)「Ngungu gu … Aslin!! But I want to drink delicious alcohol!!」


(Lutz)「Hey, aren’t you done!! Aslin-chan please, come over here. That woman has a drinking disorder!!」

It was somehow becoming incandescent.
But, if you wrote what you want like Aslin, I wonder if it was easy for Lutz to understand?
When I thought so, I was going to write on my copy paper…

(Lulu)「Well!! Can you listen to me!!」

It was the Holy Woman who remained silent so far.

「… What is it? Are you dissatisfied?」

Millie scowled with cold eyes. I thought that it couldn’t be helped.
Not a chance she would continue. Kaya had the same look in her eyes.

(Lulu)「Yes. The treatment facility that I talked about the other day. Because the budget for the guard facilities isn’t decided, please reconsider.」

… I realized now. The voice from a little while ago came from Lulu.
Until now it was only Herge-sama, did she have a change of mind?
However, shortly after I was considering such a thing.

(Millie)「Oh, I forgot. I’ll find the budget for it, I’m sorry.」

(Lutz)「Let’s use the reduced budget from Onii-san.」

(Yuki)「So heartless!?」

Thus, this meeting became flooded with luxury goods.

(Riel)「Now I should write my favorites things too!!」
The limit is 3 days before Lulu has to move.
And the merits and demerits of products became heated!!

And every typographical error did as well.


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References   [ + ]

1. A Russian military short range missile ballistic
2. Expression of surprise
3. Dispirited sfx
5. Short Japanese sword
6. Surprised/rebuked sfx
7. English scotch

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  1. Guns? Modern vehicles? is he an idiot? the goddesses will kill him even before the dungeon is complete, dont bring in uneccesary stuff inside a fantasy world. Baka!

    • But…if that were really an issue… that Goddess would’ve destroyed the Dungeon the moment he introduced modern toilets.

      And besides, most of this is going to be restrivted to the Dungeon with the goal of slowly integrating it into that world anyway.

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      • yes but the goddess explicitly said not to introduce modern culture and items, she said its fine if over time it rubs off on people and they naturally adopt it, but what hes doing now is explicitly against what the goddess said NOT to do (forcing modern technology and culture onto the world)

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