Chapter 42 – Fox and answers

Chapter 42 – Fox and answers
Side : Kaya
I couldn’t do anything.
I saw the village. It was burning.
Without the power to raise my tattered body up, I just laid there clumsily…

In the village, the candidate to be the leader of the vigilante corp talked.
He took pride in his martial arts, magic, and sober leadership ability.
And his lover was in the village too.
He was my Childhood friend, he was unyielding and kind, but we mixed very well together.
He was happy. Not too modest, he had a little appetite.
It should have been a peaceful village…

But one day.
…The Holy Woman Herge visited the village, and everything was burnt down.
No, strictly speaking after the Holy Woman Herge came and walked away, the soldiers of the same country Rochelle took their way in and turned everything to ash.

They thought that we were connected to the「Galtz country」so they came to dispose of us.
I couldn’t find the reason behind. Why did they attack?
The village never did such a thing!!

I desperately fought back to let the villagers and everyone escape.
The Fox is a race that is particularly unusual amongst the beastmen and is a race good at magic.
The Fox tribe is outstanding, with magic as the core and taijutsu together, our most important purpose is to become warriors.
Still, our numbers were tiny, there was nothing I could do.
When the leader and I fought desperately and defeated many enemy soldiers, a man wearing gorgeous clothes came from behind…. Pointing a sword at my important person.
Taking hostages, the coward brought out his request.

(Loire)「Kill the man next to you. If you do so, I guarantee your and that man security. I am a minister from Rochelle. Loire Escher. The other villagers are the same. If you kill that man, I guarantee your safety.」

What now… What was he thinking? Furthermore, he took a hostage from behind.
Mostly all the villagers of this village were here. It’s a small village, filled with less than 100 people.
Even I know right now who isn’t there.
Thinking outside of the dead body lying around here, they are 4 to 5 people.

(Loire)「If you still want to continue to resist. I will recognize this village to be entirely a spy from the Galtz country. In other words, I will execute everyone at this place.」

We had no choice anymore.
Even though I knew it was a lie and a trap, I couldn’t help but accept his demand.
Eventually, all the villagers would end up killed.
… A young girl survived, but several people died on the spot as if they were a plaything.
The rest were sold as slaves.

(Man)「…Ya!! Kaya!! Grip yourself!!」

(Kaya)「… I’m sorry. Please leave now. Otherwise both of us will be caught.」

And I also saw this dream.
I was usually poor at that time, but it was still amazing.
I was running through the woods with my childhood sweetheart.
In the end, it didn’t mean that I had the strength to continue indefinitely.
His breath was getting rough.

The moment we thought that we would be killed off.
A teacher from the village used a magic light to blind everyone’s eyes.
We benefited of the occasion to run away with my childhood friend.
It was as expected, a deluge of arrows rained, and only a few managed to escape.

Because of the previous battle and the wounds from the fight I already lost almost all of my physical strength by the time we left.
So he wanted to save me at least.

(???)「Come here!! Your resistance is over!! Surrounded, you are surrounded!!」

(Man)「Kaya, Kaya, I wanted to protect you!! And yet… I could not…」

An axe was stuck in his head.
It might be someone amongst the enemy who threw it.
I fell with him, motionless.

(Loire)「This woman is tattered but she’s a great beauty. To kill her doesn’t fit. Let’s sell her with the rest!!」

And then Loire grabbed my hair and pulled my face to watch it.
Yes, the hairs he called beautifully fell off.

(???)「What are we going to do with this guy?」

(Loire)「There is no way someone with an axe in the head can stay alive. Throw him away.」

They separated me from him.
As my last will of resistance, I tried to hold is hand vigorously.
But such a power was broken loose, leaving him behind.
Gush of tears were falling from my eyes. They didn’t stop.


I woke up in a dimly lit room.
Where was this place?
Looking around, I found Tori and Riel in my sight.

(Kaya)「… This is… the inn.」

So, here was the inn located in the lowest level of the Dungeon.
It’s a private room given to us by the Dungeon Master.
Most of the members gathered in someone else room and slept with three to five people.
I think our private rooms were quite luxurious.
It’s my private room, but even if Tori and Riel came to sleep, it’s not crowded.
My personal room was mainly filled with 3 rooms. 10 tatami mats1)Japanese people measure the size of a room by the number of tatamis you can fit inside, a tatami is a sort of bed., 8 tatami mats and 8 tatami mats had said Yuki?
He said 10 tatami mats was the living room. 8 tatami mats was the bedroom. Finally, the last 8 tatami mats was the hobby room.
And it’s equipped with a toilet and a kitchenette. Closet? It’s also there.
The bath「Not in the room, are you stupid?Do you want to die?」He seemed that he had no reason to attach behind it.

(Kaya)「…… Water」

My nerves aren’t so thick as to try and sleep again after waking up from such a dream.
I sneak out of the futon as to not wake Tori and Riel.
I went to the kitchen and poured water into a cup.

(Kaya)「… It’s a luxury. This place will become very happy and luxurious.」

It seemed that Yuki told us to get used to it.
In just 6 days. Well, the kitchen and the convenience of the facilities no longer surprised me.
And I understood.
This luxury, this convenience, people will surely dwell happily here.
Not only that, if Yuki’s policy ran this dungeon, people will be able to get what they want from their own hands.
Unless Yuki or we become lost in self-interest, this fortress was also great against any foreign enemies.

(Kaya)「… And so, I have to eliminate my personal feelings as much as possible…. I can not bring conflicts to this Dungeon.」

I told myself.

The next day after I came here, I learned why my village got attacked, the cause.
Herge-sama was played by Loire with the help of the Holy country Ritea, creating actions that brought warfare.
No, Loire burned down the towns and villages where Herge-sama went and brought a state of war against the Gai country.

From that one day. Whenever Herge-sama appeared before me, I couldn’t stand my hateful feelings.
At that time, Loire had already been disposed of.
The only one I could still call my enemy was Herge-sama when she was in front of me.
Millie threw a teacup and shouted which attracted the gaze of everyone.
I was also held down by Tori and Riel.

But Herge-sama as if asking a favor from Millie lowered her head and apologized.
Even so, this story was unforgivable.
I was surprised. I thought she was the same as Loire.
Then, Herge-sama tried to find how she could atone and asked a favor of us. She told us that she was a guardian herself.

(Kaya)「… The condition is somewhat wrong」

Yes, Herge-sama was a strange person.
She was desperately trying to ask for forgiveness, I thought that I could refuse, but I was wrong.
Somehow, I thought what she was doing was correct.
I also heard of what relationship she had with Mauve-san’s party.
They became slaves by themselves and apologized to the one they beat down and used as a plaything.
… Outrageous, flower garden.

(Kaya)「… I am sweating. A bath」

Drinking water, I noticed that my body was soaked in sweat.
Because I can’t sleep like this, and to change my feeling, I went toward the bath.
I had a beautiful Yukata, and I quietly left the room.

(Kaya)「… Oh」

Into the dressing room, someone else was undressing.
Who do you think this was…

(Lulu)「Kaya…san is it?」

Lulu who was another of my enemy was there.
She called out to me to see how my mood was.


(Lulu)「…… I’m sorry. You seem to be bothered.I will go out…」

(Kaya)「… I don’t mind.」

After I had said only that, I took off my Yukata by her side and went straight to the bathhouse.

(Kaya)「… Will you not enter」
(Lulu)「No, I will bother you.」
(Kaya)「… You don’t particularly need my permission.」

Both with an awkward atmosphere floating around us, but since I didn’t say that I hate it, the distance wasn’t so far. We had washed our body before we went to the bathtub together.
In the sky… A fake but beautiful night was spreading.

Followed by silence.

(Kaya)「… Why do you go in the bath at such time?」

Somehow, I tried to question Lulu.

(Lulu)「Hey, did you think a bit?… About what we can do from now?

Oh, I remember now.
Me and her are part of the same cup in this Dungeon. I remembered the incident on the seventh day.
Unlike Herge-sama, she was not protected after the request of the country Rochelle.
Because she was an obstacle, she closely avoided assassination, and she ended up her

To an extent. It was the same as me. I lost everything, and I was now here.

When I thought about that, I fell silent. Lulu-sama was certainly feeling awkward…

(Lulu)「… Do you hate me?」

(Kaya)「Yes, to the extent that I want to kill you right now.」

I answered her question firmly.
This feeling wasn’t false.

(Kaya)「… But some day Lulu-sama. I think that the time when I can forgive Herge-sama may appear」
(Lulu)「What do you mean?」
(Kaya)「… My most important person will probably not smile if I kill you.」

After I said that, I noticed.
How he would be if he was still here.

(Kaya)「… My… Most important person, he would want me to live a life where I can laugh…. Still, if he was there. I thought that I had lost… everything.」

My eyes were spilling tears.

(Lulu)「…..Are you ok?」

Lulu-sama called out to me as I cried.
Well, she didn’t do anything bad herself.
I think it was probably the nations’ top who did something.

(Kaya)「… No problem. Lulu-sama, thank you. Thanks to you I was able to remember him…. I thought that I lost everything, the village, and all the important people but it’s different.」

After I said this, I closed my eyes.
I could remember now, the smiles of all the villagers in my memory.

(Kaya)「… I lost something, there is no mistake. But I still have the memories of everyone in here. If I was to take revenge, everyone in the village would have a subtle face.」

Yes even if I dyed my hands in blood for revenge, everyone in the village will not deny it, but they would still have a subtle face.
I mean, because they were kind.
Then I will live in a way they can laugh at. Because they certainly expect me to become happy.
Maybe I would keep dreaming of the burned village and have more nightmares.
But it would not be enough for me to dye myself in vengeance.
I wondered what Mauve-san and his friends were thinking?
No, there was no way Mauve-san and his buddies would go on a rampage, it felt too awkward.

(Kaya)「… I will go out ahead.」

(Lulu)「Oh, okay」

After I had talked to Lulu-sama I rose from the bathtub.
I felt as if I could sleep well today.

(Kaya)「… Lulu-sama. I who had lost everything still have things left.」


(Kaya)「So, there should be some for Lulu-sama too. I think that you can solve your problems if you find them.」

Her worries, I couldn’t understand them.
However, she should have something left.
Anything she can understand from the bottom of her heart, something only her can decide.
(Lulu)「… My, remaining, things…」

Well, it will take 2.3 hours to squeeze out the story.
Including the writing.But well, it’s a prerequisite.

This was Kaya’s perspective.She did not go overboard as much as Millie…

Alright, keep up with the typos.


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1. Japanese people measure the size of a room by the number of tatamis you can fit inside, a tatami is a sort of bed.

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