Chapter – 43 Busy and yet!?

Chapter – 43 Busy and yet!?

Side : Ellis
(Lutz)「DaaaaaAAAA!? There is too much work to do!! I can’t even calculate how many documents there is and it’s worsening ahhhhHHH!!」

Lutz suddenly shouted out as if she exploded.
She still had enough judgment nonetheless not to blow the mountain of documents.

(Ellis)「Hey Lutz, calm down. Here, have some tea. Let’s take a break for once」
(Millie)「That’s right. Even when I pour all my concentration, I still make mistakes. It’s not good, let’s take a break.」

When I proposed tea, Millie was also eager to my opinion.

But that’s not the real problem. We had too much work.
Now that we produced the resident district, it was time for the government building.
In the future, when the representatives of the migrants would be elected, they would work over there.
All of the migrants didn’t have to know about Yuki’s intentions, that’s why we were working as representatives.

We were also in charge to plan the construction and the supply of goods.
Everyone was divided into departments and had works to do.

(Lutz)「Uu uu… Please onii-san, someone has to call onii-san. I have to use the computer…」

(Millie)「Lutz. Yuki is now transporting the goods to the warehouse, right?…」

(Lutz)「It would seem, although the computer is handy it’s only for Yuki-san’s personal use.」

When Yuki-san was here, Lutz could ask him to use the computer helping her with calculations.
But the Dungeon Master was Yuki-san.
After he had given everyone various amount of authority, Yuki-san went to do the first delivery himself.
No, there was simply no one who could do such business work like that.
In each of our rooms, Yuki-san installed a computer. I got one as well…
But I wasn’t able to get used to it yet.
I had to say. It was already one week since we came here, and
here… I was still amazed at the useful things Yuki-san gave us.
Especially this computer. Even if Yuki-san didn’t have a complete mastery of the system, for us and after only three days, it was impossible.
Thanks to the electronic calculator, we were almost saved but we still had an insufficient workforce.

(Lutz)「Ugaa~。Why do we even have to do the accounting of the other departments, I don’t get that~」

(Millie)「It can’t be helped. Only three people are capable of arithmetic. They are Yuki-san, Labiris, and Tori. The rest of us will have to handle it.」

Millie again soothed Lutz.
Well, that was unavoidable.
In addition to the department, Lutz had to do the accounting for her stores.
Now, I was also entrusted with the accounting of the entertainment facilities.

Drinking my tea, I looked at the paper in front of me. It displayed the representative of every department.
Detail of this year personnel.

Dungeon’s decorative representative Seraria.
Dungeon’s vice president representative Labiris.

Resident district male representative Yuki
Woman representative Ellis.

Agricultural district representative Kaya.

Blacksmith Philia assisted by Yuki and Riel.

For many districts, representative of the adventurers, Millie.

Representative of the entertainment, Ellis

Leisure, Yuki .

The representative of Rochelle’s military; Seraria.
Dungeon representative Yuki.
The police chief, Tori.
Shop representative, Lutz.
Hospital president, Herge.
School representative Yuki.
General Office Building personnel.

General representative Labiris.
Vice President Aslin.

Family management, Ellis.
Accounting, Lutz.
Complaints, Millie.
Event manager, Riel.
Insurance management, Ellis.
Facilities management Millie

……. I had four positions.
Lutz had two. Aside from the military authorities, she held the accounting for the police and the blacksmith. She was also the representative of all the shops.
Millie had three, and the management of the adventurer will be pretty busy when everything starts moving.
The lack of people looks the same in the other departments.

Furthermore, we had a training personnel plan for the migrants who came for the first time.
Collective training personnel.

President Yuki
Vice President Labiris

Management lecturer, Yuki, Ellis, and Millie, about the meaning of this Dungeon’s management and how to manage it. With the purpose behind it.

Arithmetic lecturer, Labiris, Lutz, and Tori to increase the number of people able to do some calculations.

Common sense lecturer, Ellis Kaya, and Riel. Usage, description of the facilities in this Dungeon and goods.

Work lecturer, Philia Lutz, and Kaya. About the main work in this Dungeon and the different wages.

Election lecturer, Yuki Lutz, and Ellis to explain how to decide of a new representative.The method.
It was so long that my head ached.
I would like the migrants to go over the other departments as soon as possible.
If they don’t do that, we will die from overwork.
… Being an administrator was hard.

(Lutz)「…I wish to do it like this, but without any luxury, I can’t.」

Lutz began to munch potato crisps.
We had a talk telling us to not go for extra luxuries and remain with the luxury goods of this world, but since they were already here, we decided to let them where they were.
On the contrary, we took them out later. They were hidden until now, and we could say that what happened out of frustration was a bad judgment.

(Lutz)「Oh, potatoes are so delicious. Especially that dried seaweed flavor.」

(Millie)「What was the word?Consommé1)The author wrote コンソメ which is the French word for consume?」

(Lutz and Millie)「「Ah!?」」

Right after, Lutz and Millie glared each other.

(Ellis)「Calm down. Before you glare at each other like this, you should clean up all the paper on your desk, otherwise won’t Yuki be disappointed in you?」

The interlocution could be interpreted as a mere play but our time was too short.

「Afterward Lutz, we have to put the price of the goods with Millie, Yuki-san and me. We can’t do this unless you put together the documents? The rate you had to set Millie, for the Adventurer District, the tavern and the amusement district, can you please submit a summary for me? As for me, I have to put together the data for the Hotel and the Casino.」

(Lutz)「Wow~, Stop it, please!? Help me onii-san… My head is about to burst!?」

(Millie)「…… I want to drink alcohol」

Haa, for a starter, I had to wake the two who left reality and put them to work.

Before I knew it, Yuki sneaked2)Author used the verb “Come” but I prefer to use “sneaked” tehehehe to our office.

(Yuki)「Oーuu, how terrible.」

(Ellis)「Ah, Yuki-san. Did you finish the transportation?」

(Yuki)「Yes. In the meantime, we placed all the essential supplies in every section. We also confirmed their numbers. Regarding the food, we divided and stored it in four warehouses, properly secured.」

(Ellis)「Then, now…」

「When we’re done choosing the price of the goods and the contents of the training institute, it’s a break.Hence, is the draft done?」

Averting his eyes from me, Yuki turned toward the mountain of paperwork in front of Millie and Lutz.

(Lutz)「…… If you embrace me tightly onii-san, I will submit the documents to you…」

(Millie)「…… Liquor ……. Delicious liquor…」

「Yes yes, I understand. After we end the discussion and setting the price is over. Do your best.」

(Lutz)「It’s a promise!! Please embrace me in the bath!!」

(Millie)「I want a full shot of drink afterward!3) If someone can guess the name of the alcohol, gl モエシャ○って飲んでみたかったんです!! Hey, Please !!」

With a sudden regain of life, the two gathered all the documents summarized so far and proceeded to the conference room.

(Yuki)「… Quite the paperwork you have there. Don’t you have any Ellis?」

(Ellis)「No, not particularly…」

(Yuki)「Hmm.I’m sure you have something prepared. You can’t just say that you have nothing Ellis.」

Talk done, Yuki began to walk inside the meeting room.
From the rear, I followed. His back was in my sight.
Even though he looked very young, he displayed a very domineering aura.
He was an intellectual who didn’t pale in comparison to us, the elves.
Because I was freed from slavery, I was very thankful, but I still had caution and fears hidden somewhere in my heart.
Thinking about that, I suddenly remember something once taught by the elders long ago.
That’s how they talked.
「Can you see, Ellis? To fear isn’t about fearing the fear itself. It’s about fearing the source of the fear. That’s right. A strong monster is something to be afraid of. It’s scary. Do you know why? Because you can’t win. Because if you fight, it’s death. That’s why you fear. You also fear to be scolded by your parents. Afraid of them being angry. So when you’re scared about something, you need to think first about what caused this fear. That’s probably going to show a path. Because I don’t overlook something I want to protect, I’m not afraid of the thing. Fear is an unnecessary action when it’s done excessively. Even if you do something with good intentions in mind, if you’re scared, sweats will drop from your hand. Ellis, you are smart. That’s why you may happen under extraordinary fear. Hence, you have to remember well.」

Still looking at his back, I thought about what I was frightened.
I wonder… It seemed as if my answer was there.
Was I afraid of his power? No. In the first place, this was not something to be afraid of. If he really was like that, he could easily break us apart.
Was I afraid of his intelligence? His knowledge? No, that’s also different. He used his knowledge towards our well being.


The truth, I knew it.
It was the fear of Yuki-san. I didn’t know what he was thinking, and that’s what I feared.
His identity was unknown. We heard his purpose. However, My thoughts told me that it wasn’t the truth.

(Yuki)「What’s wrong, Ellis?」

He asked after noticing my halt.

(Ellis)「….. It’s a bit rude, is it okay?」

(Yuki)「I don’t mind particularly.」

(Ellis)「I am afraid of you, Yuki-san…. I’ am scared. You, what was your real purpose behind all this?」

(Yuki)「Oh? You noticed?」


He raised one hand, my body stiffened.
This wasn’t a necessary fear.
Oh no!… My emotions were in discord. I had to quell my fears before I could calm down.
What mattered now was what he tried to do.
But until now he cherished us, and I paid kindness with ingratitude.

Pompom, my head was suddenly stroked.

(Yuki)「If I explain about the real purpose now, you’d likely not believe me, and I’ll be seen as a fool. If things become more stable, I’ll tell everyone. So can you cooperate until then? Well, it’s not like I can’t compromise, I won’t force you so when the migrants come, if you want, you can become one of them, and you may forget about it.」

Yuki-san had a very apologetic expression. It was as if he looked sad.
Or that might be how I understood it.
From the beginning, he didn’t force anything upon us.
I lowered my head to display my sincerity. In spite of his trust, I threw awful words at him.

「… I am sorry….Huh, what… I did terrible things…」

Before I noticed, tears fell, and I apologized to Yuki.
Although I wanted to cry. I had not the qualifications…

(Yuki)「He, hey!? Oh, what did I do!? E,Ellis-san4)He usually calls his slaves without honorifics but this once he used san are you all right!?」

In front of me was the panicked Yuki-san.

(Lutz)「Onii-san. Ellis, you are stupid… Hey!?」

(Millie)「Ellis!? What in the world did Yuki-san do!?」

Lutz and Millie intervened in a manner you would never be able to see.
For Millie, it was a bit different, however. Here was not Yuki-san’s fault at all.

(Yuki)「… I think, maybe I’m to blame. I’m sorry, but please appease yourself, Ellis. Today’s meeting, let’s do it tomorrow…. Forgive me, Ellis.」

He said so and left his spot in order to escape.

(Lutz)「…… I don’t think onii-san would do such a thing… Ellis, can you accompany me to my room? I want to hear the story from you.」

(Ellis)「… Gusu5)」
While returning from the room, accompanied by Millie and Lutz, we spoke of the circumstance of what happened earlier.

(Lutz)「….. Did onii-san do anything bad?」

(Millie)「……Alas, Yuki-san showed that sort of attitude.What to do…」

Lutz and Millie were hanging their heads.

(Ellis)「… I am sorry. It was my fault.」

(Lutz)「Ellis’ feelings, I can also understand them but…」

(Millie)「… What matter isn’t really what he did…But why he went away? Not arguing as if claiming it was his own bad?」

(Lutz)「…… Onii-san didn’t want to involve us primarily. He himself didn’t want to become the Dungeon Master. That’s why he adopted this method and earnestly asked us. Well, it was also for the sake of the village, but when you disagree he will do nothing to stop it. Whatever the reason you have to leave, he will not be angry nor will he detain you.」

She remained silent for a while.

(Lutz)「For now Ellis, I want you to apologize to onii-san. Only that.」


(Lutz)「Yet, if you give your excuses to onii-san, he will only accept them and nothing would happen.」


(Lutz)「Therefore, I’ll beat you hard. Please be prepared. Being top-heavy,6)Ahah Lutz you’re jealous you deserve punishment for making onii-san bear such a look on his face!!」

That evening’s dinner, I went to Yuki-san and apologized.
As Lutz said, Yuki-san simply looked worried and said: Alright, do your best from now on.
Near me, Labiris gave me a dreadful glare. On the opposite side, Lutz stroke my cheek. Everyone was scared.
I decided.
I was going to follow Yuki-san until the end.
I would thus know his real shape and watch my fears with my own eyes.
When he’d talk about his primary purpose, I would try to think something to help him.

Well, tomorrow will be hard too. And today we were a little late.
This was Ellis this time.
Because she’s smarter, she has fears.
But an actual answer can fall from anywhere.
Everyone has to choose his own.

As usual, thank you for reporting the errors.


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References   [ + ]

1. The author wrote コンソメ which is the French word for consume
2. Author used the verb “Come” but I prefer to use “sneaked” tehehehe
3. If someone can guess the name of the alcohol, gl モエシャ○って飲んでみたかったんです!
4. He usually calls his slaves without honorifics but this once he used san
6. Ahah Lutz you’re jealous

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  1. It feels like the author is trying to hard and is straying away from the story here, sure some people like all these administrating details and all but for me it feels like everything is getting destroyed. Most times the story either ignores modern knowledge, technology, democracu etc OR they combine them. Yuki here is creating everything with modern stuff all over the place in order to create a personal haven. Im not sure how that kind of cultural shock (with a few 100s of years in-between) is gonna affect the world they live in.
    I personally think this is a bad move fr both the MC and the author, the outdoor bath i could accept as something adoptable in that fantasy world but showers? Computers? GOBLINS WITH GUNS? Seriously there should be a limit to things or it will all go haywire. Especially when the bad habit of Japanese authors strikes, they have a bad habit of either take everything away or destroy it in order o create drama and let the MC recover the situation in order to show his/hers resolve.
    I wouldnt be surprised if someone attacked and killed them all after theyve opened the town for buissness. :/
    I hope the situation wont escalate any further, much of this information in this chapter is usually skipped by saying “When Yuki came back to see how the work went he saw the 3 girls barely alive on their desks with a part of their souls leaving them..” Or something like that, this chapter was overkill to me and i hope it recovers soon. 😛
    Thanks for the chapter!

    • Meh, I like the juxtaposition.
      It works precisely because the setting is a dungeon….in reality, Yuki is more than aware of how much of a controlled experiment this whole thing is…but that’s why he can only say so much and let the girls deal with it at their own pace.

      The risk of some rebellion to take over the dungeon is pretty frigging low…Yuki’s an overpowered Dungeon Master who’s cautious as hell. Guardian Appointment and the rings he gave out also make it hard to kill him or his girls, plus being backed up by the Kingdom of Rochelle (the TL Roshuru sounds and looks too off imo, but whatever) along with Seraria being all tsundere towards Yuki and Herge being sheltered make outside interference kinda…suicidal. He d8d kill 400 soldiers with traps alone after all and it’s not like this is the first WN to go overb9ard with modern tech in a fantasy world…Gunota and Modern Weapons Cheat especially abuse the hell outta our tech more than this has.

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