Chapter 44 – Doppelganger

Chapter 44 – Doppelganger.

Side: Aslin

Today again, I worked hard with onii-chan.
For my reward, onii-chan gave me my favorite strawberry flavored ice cream for dinner.

(Aslin)「It’s good huh~.Don’t you say, Labiris-chan.」


(Philia)「It’s delicious.Nii-sama!!」

I was surprised yesterday when Labiris-chan slapped Ellis onee-chan’s cheek. But I was sure. She had her reason.
Because the Labiris-chan who was eating strawberry ice cream now looked really gentle.
Ellis onee-chan didn’t understand either, but she apologized to us.
I thought that nothing bad happened, however.

But wasn’t it good now since everyone became good friends?
I was delighted to eat dinner.

Yup, the dinner I worked hard to make!!
For the last few days, onii-chan brought me to the kitchen? And then, he taught me how to use the different tools and how to cook delicious food!!
But after this was something called arithmetic? Even though I persevered, it was hard, but I will try my hardest.
Onii-chan and everyone were pleased, right?
That’s what Labiris-chan said!「A good woman can do a broad range of things.」So I was going to try my best and become a lovely lady.
Becoming a real woman, I would receive onii-chan 「Pi」 and then 「Zugyun」 and 「Bakyun」 and I would bear his kid.
Since my body hadn’t matured, for the time being, Yuki-san’s sexual desire had yet to fawn over me. I was not worried because I would soon go Boin Boin1) For those interested in Japanese slang for breasts, here like Labiris-chan!!

While I was thinking, Lulu talked in a loud voice that everyone could hear.

(lulu)「Everyone, will you hear me?」

Everyone’s eyes gathered around Lulu, around her voice.

(Lulu)「I’d like… To return to my country, the Holy Ritea. I think that it’s really rude coming from me toward everyone since I asked for your protection. But I realized something. I am still a citizen of Ritea. And I am a Holy Woman. Even if in the end, it means my death, I need to return to the Holy Country Ritea and correct my mistakes. Please, allow me to go out from here.」

I didn’t understand difficult things, but if Lulu wanted to go back to Ritea? Then I think she should return.
Because she was not like us, she had a place to go back, and that’s probably for the better.

But everyone was silent.
Millie had a very scary face. I wondered why?

(Aslin)「Hey, onii-chan. Is there a place where Lulu can return? If she can go home, isn’t it better to go? Everyone is indeed worried.」

I asked onii-chan while pulling his sleeves.

(Yuki)「That’s right. It’s as you said, Aslin. How about it everyone?」

Onii-chan patted my head and asked to all of them.

(Aslin)「No~, if the person herself wants to go, I don’t see any reason to stop her.」
(Labiris)「Yes, I’ll agree if she answer why she wants to go.」
(Millie)「…… At most, it will use some luggage.」
(Ellis)「Lulu-sama’s face is showing so much resolve. I don’t feel like stopping her.」
(Lutz)「I won’t stop you. What I need to know is your intention.」
(Kaya)「… Nothing particular」

Everyone2)I’m not 100% sure about who talked here was favorable toward Lulu’s return.
However, her good friend, Herge onee-chan seemed a bit lonely.

(Herge)「Lulu-sama.But, then…」

(Oriel)「Herge-sama, it’s useless. Lulu-sama is going to live for her beliefs.」

(Lulu)「Herge-sama. The probability that I will die is high. Nonetheless, I have to do it. It’s something not anyone can be entrusted with. Holy woman, I think that I received this power purposely for this. It’s all right. I won’t die without fighting.」

(Aslin)「Eh!? Lulu-sama can’t die!? It’s not good!! Even though we could get along well!! Onii-chan, do help!?」

Hearing the word 「Die」 twice from Lulu, my eyes became filled with tears.

(Yuki)「That’s right. I can go to great lengths but, I would be bothered if you died. Can you picture this? But if you accept my proposal, I don’t mind helping?」

(Aslin)「Onii-chan!! Don’t mess with Lulu!!」

He should have given help normally, instead he acted maliciously.

(Labiris)「Aslin, it’s ok. Yuki is talking to Lulu so that he can protect her.」

(Aslin)「Is that so?」

Replying to Labiris-chan, I examined onii-chan’s face.

(Yuki)「…… Waah, Aslin’s distress is an unusual sight. Lulu, If you succeed in restoring your position, you’ll have to stop the invasion toward the Dungeon. And you will have to help with foreign diplomacy at the same time. More precisely, I want you to follow my plan, and I need you to remain safe, I will provide with an escort and a trump card.」

In the end, onii-chan craved in to help Lulu.

(Lulu)「… Yes, that’s obvious. But that’s if I’m rehabilitated. But who’s going to escort me? And this situation, what will you do, will you be able to overturn it quickly?」

Full of disbeliefs, Lulu-sama watched onii-chan with round eyes.

(Yuki)「Well, that’s surprising. My purpose isn’t to only guard Lulu. There’s various things along.」

Onii-chan made that face he sometimes did when he was about to play a prank.
I liked this face a lot.
When onii-chan made a prank, everyone was able to smile.
This face was like the one he did when he gave us ice cream for the first time.

(Yuki)「First of all, the escort then I want to gather pieces of information. For that job I selected Mauve, Raija and Curse.」

(Mauve)「Oh, leave it to me.」

(Raija)「Is it a long journey?」


So onii-chan called out; and Mauve, Curse, and Raija answered.
Those men were really strong. Lulu now everything was all right!!

(Yuki)「And now, about our trump card. Rather, I will introduce a fellow3)He used the word which can also mean a thing or a servant. So I’m not too keen of the meaning here. Maybe someone has a better understanding. who has many interesting cards up his sleeve to play.」


Lulu-sama made a face.
Accompanying her, I didn’t know. Because what we had here were only human shaped beings.

Then, was it the strong and kind Goblins? Or the bouncing slimes?
Well no, for certain!! It was the brave, the strong, the friendly cow, the blood minotaurs!!

(???)「Hello, pleased to meet you.」

The door of the room opened, and one man came in.
At first look, he seemed rather younger than onii-chan. After all, his stature was smaller.
His hair was blond. But somehow, he had something similar to onii-chan.

…… What?

「Onii-chan…is it? That man」

Everyone displayed surprise all over their face but mine came through words instead.
Because, of course, that’s my onii-chan. His moves and atmosphere are exactly like onii-chan!

(Yuki)「Whoa, hey Labiris. Has Aslin found out?」

In front of me, the second and new onii-chan patted my head while he asked.
This way of stroking was definitely the one from onii-chan.!

(Lulu)「… What do you mean?」

It was Lulu-sama. She gave a glance to the older onii-chan.
But the genuine older brother didn’t move. Instead, his eyes were shut.

(Herge)「Ah, perhaps it is a doppelganger!?」

The voice of Herge onee-chan increased as she remembered something.


Onii-chan clapped his hands as if to praise.
I did the same as him, I clapped.

(Aslin)「Herge onee-chan, fantastic!!」

(Herge)「Yes.Yes! Your onee-chan is amazing!!」

Herge onee-chan embraced me, spinning me around.
Recently, Herge onee-chan, onii-chan and me often slept together.

(Yuki)「Now, can you explain? First, what is a doppelganger? Mauve and friends, you guys are the most versed regarding the monsters. Can you share your knowledge?」

(Mauve)「Oh, ah. It really is you Yuki. I understand. The Doppelganger are monsters that live in some particular Dungeon or special area with a high degree of difficulty. Generally, those monsters impersonate your friends after they fall for a trap. Then they come to attack you by surprise. However, a doppelganger can mimic only the shape but not the memory. Usually, if you are a diver 4)as someone who dives into a Dungeon, you notice soon that something is wrong with your friend. What makes it possible? It seems that the abilities and the ways of moving are slightly on par with the original, but that’s it. The rank of a doppelganger according to our guild was… around 4?」

(Curse)「Yeah, there is no doubts.I fought with a doppelganger too. It’s not a mighty monster.」

Uh, doppelgangers were demons good at imitating others.
Huh? But onii-chan’s doppelganger wasn’t like that at all?

「Fumufumu5)murmur indicating approval, that’s a good explanation you had there. Then, let us talk about the characteristics of this doppelganger I experimented. And my conclusion. When the level reaches high enough heights, it’s possible for a perfect imitation and transformation. In other words, the memory can be replicated perfectly. However, I didn’t dare to do it. Because when you replicate all the memory of an individual, most of the time, you end up betrayed. More precisely, he will forget that he was himself a demon, to begin with. That’s why I was sure not to replicate my memories. Let’s consider, what would happen if a false, higher leveled than Mauve appeared?」

(Mauve)「No, isn’t it convenient?」

Mauve oji-san6)Oji means uncle said it was convenient.
I also thought so. Because with someone stronger than me, wouldn’t it be easier and fun?

(Yuki)「Mauve, what would happen if your level was so low that you weren’t of any use to the fake?」

(Mauve)「Well, you’d get in the way… Getting rid of a hindrance, something like that.」

(Yuki)「Yes, with his will becoming genuine, the counterfeit will try to get rid of you. Well, even if you call him a fake, he’s still the real deal who will outperform you. Even if you don’t have a reason to part with each other, you definitely wouldn’t have a reason to stay together. Have you ever heard of a story where someone lives in harmony with a doppelganger?」

(Mauve)「No, definitely not.」

(Yuki)「I suppose. In the case where you had an imitation. And in the case you’re the real thing, Curse and Raija will have to choose between you. Even if you talk about an imitation, it’s still a perfect one. And if you don’t have enough willpower, you can’t endure this for a long time. In the case you are his friends, it’s hard to swallow that he might be merely an imitation.」


(Yuki)「This is the reason why they aren’t perfect copies. The memories are purposely not copied, and it’s convenient to give a single order. Like Mauve said, to impersonate and eliminate the invaders. Or something on the line. With an order, I would be able to put one under my command even when the memories are perfectly imitated. However, he will become unstable and unreliable since he would have my memories.」

I don’t quite understand. If I had an imitation, even if stronger, she would not be more suitable for onii-chan than me!! Would she try to push me aside?
Uh~, it wouldn’t bother me to become her friend~.

(Yuki)「And another feature of the doppelganger is that he isn’t aware of his dependency toward his consciousness. Bluntly speaking, a direct control is possible. However, I can’t move while I operate him. Herge’s counterfeit was performed this way too.」

(Mauve)「Oh, I see. However, what about this one appearance? It’s widely different from Yuki-san?」

(Yuki)「If you think simply, a doppelganger can mimic anything.v Basically, you can transform the parts as you like. Well, the exact same body could move without any discomfort. However, since my body is small I had a hard time raising my level.」

So when onii-chan’d moved this body, he couldn’t move!!
Huh? But even when you come down to it, another onii-chan came…

(Lulu)「Well, perhaps.Is that Yuki-san’s trump card?」

Lulu-sama was surprised, her eyes round.

(Yuki)「No no, this body is one of my hand. And the back of this hand is the trump card. Because its effect will depend on your performance. If this body was to die, no problem would arise. They won’t be able to tell that the Dungeon was involved. Mauve’s party will only be tasked to collect basics information. When Lulu moves toward Ritea, I will be the escort.」
(Lulu)「Hey!? But, a demon in a holy place, you can compromise my position!!」

(Yuki)「Well, I’ve already understood this problem, I’m the one behind that fellow. We can do a little test, do you not have a technique to uncover a demon with holy magic?」

(Lulu)「I have one…」

(Yuki)「Try at once, if you discover anything I will protect you from the shadows. Otherwise, I will openly become your escort.」

(Lulu)「Can you enlight me? Sacred light which can reveal the devil’s figure!! Light shower!!」

When Lulu advocated the magic, beautiful lights overflowed the room.

(Yuki)「Humm, there is no problem at all.」


(Yuki)「Well, there are various reasons, but the main thing should be the level difference?」

(Lulu)「Level, how high on earth is yours!? I am a level 44 Arc bishop!? I’m still the third in power from Ritea!?」

(Yuki)「Uhー,… Yeah.I’m sorry, I’m seemingly ahead.」

My brother answered, and brought down the doppelganger’s status.

Name: Yuki
Tribe: Doppelganger
Status: Possessed Demon.
Sex: Male 7)no joke
Occupations: The ones which satisfy interest.
Age: O years

Agi(Quickness): 3032

Well, an adequate amount.

(Aslin)「Oh, oh, onii-chan, you are unbelievable!! You look like a hero from the legends!!」

(Labiris)「Ohー, don’t be surprised. Indeed, he’s a Dungeon Master. Well, the people from earlier, there’s no way they can win against Yuki the Dungeon Master.」

(Lulu)「Ahh, ahhh, by what means… such legendary level…」

(Yuki)「No, because I had some free time before joining with everyone, I’ve sent my doppelganger to try and capture the Dungeon. Of course, without including any of the traps. Also, without including the members I raised. I wanted to see how I could increase the levels and thus I did normal battles with goblins and lesser dragons with a high-powered weapon. The levels rose more smoothly than I thought. It felt as if I absorbed something from the defeated monsters. Therefore, if Labiris and the others were to experience this, their levels should rise rapidly?」

Eh, then me too, I could immediately raise my level to 100, wasn’t that strong?

(Lulu)「…… What the hell do you think my life was…」

Somehow, Lulu-sama looked depressed. I was wondering why?
Hello, this time it was Aslin’s perspective.
And finally, Lulu made up her mind!!
And he will eventually be unleashed outside. The Dungeon Master!!

For the typo thank you8)damn the author becomes more and more lazy with his last sentence xD


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References   [ + ]

1. For those interested in Japanese slang for breasts, here
2. I’m not 100% sure about who talked here
3. He used the word which can also mean a thing or a servant. So I’m not too keen of the meaning here. Maybe someone has a better understanding.
4. as someone who dives into a Dungeon
5. murmur indicating approval
6. Oji means uncle
7. no joke
8. damn the author becomes more and more lazy with his last sentence xD

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        It’s sounding like a form of power leveling…there was a similar case in Log Horizon, but using phantoms.

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