Chapter 46 – The fairy tribe circumstances.

The fairy tribe circumstances.

Side: Mauve

How to say it… I was tired.
In a lot of ways.

We were now reaching the town border, Kilis was in front of our eyes.

(Yuki)「Now, time to put the tool in the item box…」

It was a rare and useful item, but why bother with our luggage? We each had to bring our own.
That, with the Marauder we wouldn’t need to bring any luggage to begin with.
2 hours passed since the earlier troll subjugation.
Because I opened a picture call to the Dungeon, I could see that It was not 9 am on the clock anymore.
Instead, it was 4 pm.1)Author used the 24 and not the 12 format, but I translated as 12Like, it took only 7 hours for us to reach the border town, that’s wicked.

(Yuki)「Don’t be stupid. To have an item box is rare don’t you think? If there is someone like this, he will attract the eyes. Also, what are you going to do if I disappear, all the items would be ruined, so it’s necessary to bring some personal belongings at least.」

Ouch, Yuki corrected me with a sound argument.
I don’t think any of Yuki’s opponent can win against him in a verbal joust.

(Yuki)「However, since we went for about 7 hours at 70 Km/h, the distance should be somewhat around 490 Km.」

How wise, I knew about the distance unit, but not how to calculate until here.
You, are you a scholar?

(????)「Hey, Heeeyy!! Where is the car? Why can’t we keep riding it!? Nana hasn’t fully recovered yet!!」

Since Yuki saved them from the trolls, the fairy kept flying around us.
When I asked them why they could fly even when they had no feathers, she told us of how she was 「Completely composed of magical power. Really different from the humans」. Her answer returned full of contempt.

Well then, why didn’t she fly away and escape?「To run away from your friend is bad don’t you agree!! This baka2)idiot ossan3)ossan means old man!! That’s why you’re so blunt!!」
Thereupon my quarrel with that stupid brat began.
I need to tighten things with young miss Aslin in order for her not to become like this.

(Yuki)「As I told you earlier. We can’t take the car as it would make a fuss. And now, Kovil4)New character! コヴィル
and Nana 5)New character! ナナ
are also from an unusual type of species. Nana, I shouldered her on my back until now, but you have recovered enough so you should be able to fly with her by now. We just wanted to save you. We didn’t have any ulterior motive. See you on the next occasion.」

(Kovil)「Mukiiーーーー!! Hey, we are from the fairies!! Let me stay like this just a little bit more. I won’t punish you! Do you want enchanted weapons!? Or Elixirs!?」

(Yuki)「I don’t know anything about the Elixir; but don’t you think that I already have a car which I can simply ride to kill a monster?」


Really, if they weren’t so noisy, I wouldn’t want to throw away any of the fairy tribe.
Snarling at Yuki, the fairy was a 60cm version of a 14-15 years old girl. She had a red chromed hair tied in a tail. Her figure gave me a though not quite sense of defeat.
But her foundations were differents, something which went beyond common sense.
But, I didn’t expect to meet someone from the fairy tribe here…

(Mauve)「Isn’t that a useless tribes part that isn’t able to meddle with other countries…」

Raija answered after he heard my mumbling.

(Raija)「Well, she is a young girl. All the members aren’t probably like that. Those girls are habiting in the forest where the magical power is dense and are living with their own cultures. Their fame comes from enchanted weapons and elixir. The rumor say that they are the best at it.」

(Curse)「Let’s see. In the past, several attempts to dominate or abduct the fairy tribe was instead crushed by them.So after they suffered heavy losses, the fairies stopped the export of enchanted weapons and Elixirs, staying in their own local region. What happened usually shouldn’t happen, a fairy doesn’t stretch her hand. With what she said earlier. They are also absolutely not slaves. So in a time like this is normal to seek and give benefit to the one who helped you out of kindness.」

Curse also joined the explanation
Was there such a story? I had no curiosity for those things.

(Yuki)「Speaking of which, is the Elixir something that can cure anything?」

(Kovil)「That’s right!! Considerably, If not instantly then it can at least heal perfectly with time!!」

(Yuki)「Just before, couldn’t you use an elixir?」

(Kovil)「Baka ne. If Elixirs could be mass-produced that easily, why did we need to flee to such a place and get our village crushed by monsters!!」

(Yuki)「So, Kovil listen. Wasn’t your fairy tribe skilled in magics? How did you get defeated?」

(Kovil)「I don’t really know the reason, but strange monsters came, and magic didn’t work on them. After I had tried shooting all the magics I had, I took Nana with me and ran away. What followed, you already know. In the middle of escape, I got stunned in a middle of the trolls, not knowing right from left anymore.」

Kovil explained to Yuki how things went for them to reach this place.
I see… Nevertheless, monsters against which the high leveled magic of the fairies didn’t work?

(Mauve)「… Did such monsters exists?」

(Yuki)「… No, it’s already hard to find any monster as high leveled yet again one against which high leveled magic doesn’t work on shouldn’t be there. They should have been made.」

(Curse)「The dungeon is something special of Yuki. Well, that’s not possible.In the first place, he didn’t even know about the fairy tribe. Otherwise, that would mean that Yuki’s joke brought unwanted troubles.」

(Mauve)「Something like that?」

(Curse)「To make over the previous riots, Yuki used the name of the Demon King to shoulder the culpability. But now after listening to this story, you should see that the monsters who hit the village did this intentionally under the demon king’s order.」

(Mauve)「Hahaa~.For the demon king, the fairies that won’t cooperate are a pain in the ass. But that makes sense now. However, can’t this be a coincidence by any chance?」

(Yuki)「Ehh, maybe. But not considering the worst case. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not.」

It might really be the case since the demon king was used as an excuse when he did nothing.

(Kovil)「Wha, what’s wrong!! Please save our village!! Just run over with that car!! It’s simple!!」
(Yuki)「You moron. Did you see the size of your forest? How can we go with the car inside.」


(Yuki)「And here we are also in a hurry. You received treatment Kovil and Nana. You also safely reached the town Kilis. If you’d like to have any help, you can reach to the adventurers guild. Rescue the Fairy tribe? Our tie of friendship doesn’t seem to be long enough to help you this much, right?」

(Kovil)「You don’t have to compel so strongly!! I know that already!! That car was unusual, you are humans, and yet your magical power is so unusual!! I feel that it is many more times than us!! Why are you in a hurry!? Tell me!!」

(Yuki)「We can’t say that」


(Yuki)「Do you want to eat a banana 6)That’s a pun because others name is Nana xD?」

(Kovil)「I’m not a monkey!!」

No, after giving it some thoughts, I was the monkey.
But to carry that banana… Wouldn’t that useless item box do the job?
Regardless, I couldn’t stand her high pitched scream.

(Yuki)「… What about you Lulu?」


Suddenly, Yuki asked Lulu who was diligently listening.
What about it?

(Yuki)「Eh? Well yes. The commander is Lulu nee-chan. Me, your younger brother7)I believe that I made a mistake in the previous chapter, Yuki is acting as Lulu’s sister is here to help. But the actual decision is for you to choose Lulu nee-chan.」


(Yuki)「Yes, since this trip is for your sake nee-chan.What do we do?」

(Kovil)「Eh, so that woman out there was the leader!? I thought Yuki was the leader. Huh, please!! Our village, save our village!!」

(Lulu)「… … To be honest.I am not able to afford to help your village. Moreover, the village was in an attacked and in a nearly destroyed state. This is not for a rescue, more likely it to confirm a devastation. Kovil-san, can you understand that magics don’t work and that we are pressed?」


(Lulu)「We are traveling in a hurry. There isn’t anything convincing enough for us to take action, Kovil-san. Please recruit adventurers from the town Kilis. As per Yuki-san said, a lot of people will gather. If we were to help you, in the end, we would only be able to help you. We must avoid any attention now, stay away from us.」

(Kovil)「…… You can’t tell me the reasons why?」

(Lulu)「Yes it is not something that can easily be spoken.」

(Kovil)「……Hiku, everyone, sorry, I’m so sorry.I can’t help you everyone…」

Lulu clearly stated her refusal. Kovil, now on the ground, was crying.

(Yuki)「Hmm, nee-chan. Can you listen to me for a little bit?」

(Lulu)「What is it?」

(Yuki)「If you can earn the cooperation of the fairy tribe, wouldn’t the purpose of the trip be achievable more easily? Against many countries, their meddling would be useless. But if you can get their backing, I think they can meddle and help you in various ways nee-chan. Including attack, defense, and politic. The journey until now is progressing faster than we expected. To a certain degree, we can afford a detour. Even in the worst case where the village is destroyed, you can still earn the support from at least Kovil, and there will certainly be some interesting items. Don’t you think that it is an interesting handle?」

(Lulu)「But, the sooner we get there, the better…!!」

(Yuki)「Yeah I think the sooner is the better as well. But after all, it’s not as if the opposition will start to act immediately. So I feel that both choices have their bad side. Ah but that’s just a proposition. In the end, it’s 「Lulu」 judgement」

(Lulu)「… Understood」

The young Lulu made a complex face.That said, I also wanted very badly to return to Ritea fastly.
But as Yuki said. If things goes well, it would be a good hand.

(Lulu)「Kovil-San, I will suggest something to you. Earlier as Yuki-san… Just as my younger brother had said. If we help you and if the village is destroyed, the items are ours. Then please Kovil-san, join us afterward and help us to achieve our objective. Oh and we will be the only one to help you, we don’t want to attract any attention. If you don’t like this Kovil-san, then please, go ahead and move to the town Kilis.」


(Lulu)「Crying is not an answer.That’s regrettable, but our time is sparse.」

The young miss gazed at Kovil, hurrying her to answer.

(Kovil)「I understand.I will go on a journey with you Lulu and everyone!! So please, save the village!!」

Kovil wiped her tears after what she stood and bowed to Lulu

(Yuki)「Then, the town Kilis will have to wait. Because we will use the Marauder, will the ride be enjoyable to some extent ?」

Yuki boarded the Marauder.
Hey wasn’t this a waste to walk for so long!?

But suddenly there was no problem?
I hope that you will fall over or something…
It was the circumstance of the fairies.
With this, the detour was confirmed. Well, they won a lot of time with this car though
As for Lulu, was there a reason she went Piki Piki8)Sfx for anger?

For the typos thank you.


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References   [ + ]

1. Author used the 24 and not the 12 format, but I translated as 12
2. idiot
3. ossan means old man
4. New character! コヴィル
5. New character! ナナ
6. That’s a pun because others name is Nana xD
7. I believe that I made a mistake in the previous chapter, Yuki is acting as Lulu’s sister
8. Sfx for anger

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