Chapter 50 – For the sake of a better life

Chapter 50 – For the sake of a better life

Side : Naruja

「…… And so, this Dungeon is now possible to be operated by human hands. This is thanks to a miraculous happening of the deceased Herge-sama. Now, aside from Herge-sama, the highest level of authorities is Seraria-sama which is her big sister. And while she is away, Labiris is the one with the most power.」

「… About how it will work for the new immigrants. I called out to this Dungeon’s chief executive, Labiris. Why is it that, despite being seemingly so young, this woman working? I know some of you are wondering. This Dungeon is now restarting presently after the deceased Herges wishes. This town where you’re living now, is different from any other one. I might be the person in charge, but I’m not a ruler. Here in this town, you will be informed by the directions we want to take and you can participate as well. In other words……」

Before my eyes Ellis who was already talking yesterday and Labiris were explaining this Dungeon’s purposes and its management to the new immigrants.
In other words, we were about to explain to the fairies.
However, how to describe the content of the speech. Well, you could say that it was well thought.

The meeting of yesterday was about our policies but it’s quite hard to explain why they are this way…
That’s why it was safe to use Herge-sama as a shield when it came to the people in this city.
Indeed, here we didn’t have an opposition.
If we had an opposition, they had to prove that the dying wish of Herge-sama was false. Added to that, they could use the fact that Labiris was too young. But, that would show how they weren’t seeing everyone as equal.
In other words, having this really young girl as the representative was a way to wedge any will of opposition.
And then, those who held any dissatisfaction had no choice but to make a comment here in this area. Which was a very disadvantageous situation for them.
In a sense, they were taking advantage of this place to live. And there was the screening.

Aside from the representative, there was the genuine Dungeon Master who was … Waiting leisurely(Sleepy).
… Well, this couldn’t be helped?
After all, the clock went far beyond what we expected yesterday.
What surprised me was that the women which were now standing as representative where former slaves who never worked at this function.
To sum it up, Yuki-san trained them until they were able to handle it.
If it was me, I couldn’t say whether I would be able to do it.
Even though the elections for an elder wasn’t done yet, to raise 10 newly persons as representatives is quite impossible.
While he seemed to be always skipping things, I wonder if Yuki-san wasn’t the busiest of all.
Lost in my thoughts, a clamor suddenly happened.

「…… This is the skill of a Dungeon Master. Everyone, when you live in this Dungeon you produce a very little amount of DP. About 1 DP per 10 hours. With those DP you can produce a sword but that’s not all of what you can do. You can discuss about various things useful for life and we will then take them out. Furthermore, the authority to use the DP has been already passed to one representative of your tribe. Elder Naruja-san, can I inquire you about earlier?」

According to the previous meeting of the day before, I had to make a demonstration for the people in the village.

「Everyone, as told earlier, I had received from Master1)ED note, I felt a great desire to make it Mistress XD Labiris-san’s jurisdiction the authorisation to use DP. However, and as you know, this is not something I will use with greed. Rather, it’s a thing that I will use to improve the life of everyone here. Presently, I received 1000 DP. This is what we received to use for the next 10 days. First and to testify that I have 1000 DP, I will use DP to serve as a proof. Using it, I will produce something for 285 DP which can only be produced inside this Dungeon.」

That way, I opened the screen and processed as planned.
That was ice creams. One piece with a spoon was 5DP.
Immediately, all the members received theirs.

「As I remember… This thing is called ice cream. It’s a type of candy2)Author used Okashi which I believe means Sweet/ Candy, Editor also agrees it to same meaning . After discussing yesterday with everyone, I decided to go with something everyone would enjoy. The way you should eat an ice cream is…」

In front of everyone, I opened the lid. And scooping with a wooden spoon, I started to eat.
…… Mmh, tasty!
It was the second time and yet it was hard to endure. To think that such a candy existed…
This one tasted vanilla, but there was 12 others flavors that I was interested in…。
To be honest. I wanted to just kickback and eat all of them with DP.

Huh, which reminded me… How did they calculate that 10 Hours gave 1 DP for a fairy?
Well, because they said that they had to add it to others and average it.
For the humans, a stay of 10 hours averaged 1 DP. So they said that as planned. But as the MP of the fairies were higher the output was increased. It depended on the tribe.
In other words, Superiority or inferiority would be attached.
So from the side, it would look as if the fairies endured an injustice.
That would result in a crack between the many tribes and the immigrants would stop to come.
For safety purpose, it was decided to freeze the amount of DP for everyone as 1 DP = 10 hours.

「Huh? If it’s 1 DP for 10 hours for each living things, if we summon Monsters3)Mamono as living stock4)Lol don’t you understand that you’re the living stock already!, can’t we increase the amount by much more? Then we would have an unlimited amount of ice cream Elder!!」

Someone who just ate his ice cream came over with a really good idea.

「Oh! I forgot to explain.The revised pill bug who came yesterday will be placed under the Dungeon Master. However, DP can’t be absorbed from them.They are now guarding the facilities and the Dungeon. The summoned ones are the same.」
「Eeh, why is that?」
「The demons as you know are placed under the control of the Dungeon Master. It means that they have to comply with his instructions. Can you understand why?」
「… Wonder why?」
「That’s because when placed under the patronage of the Dungeon Master, they don’t have to eat anymore. Demons are usually born because of magic. They are a predator mostly interested in it. In order for them to remain at their maximum efficiency, the Dungeon master uses his own MP to substitutes for DP. Stronger monsters also require a bigger amount of MP. So at time it will reach the maximum in his efficiency conversion. For a monster to not die under starvation, DP can also be transformed into 」
「Chee-, everything isn’t so bright.」 5)I guess it’s a figure of speech, not 100% sure 「ちぇー、やっぱり上手くいかないか」

I was already thinking about it「Demon domestication project!!」It was simply rejected.
It made sense. If such a way existed, it should be already practiced.
It’s a world where cheating wasn’t allowed.

There was a way to use the Dungeon Master’s MP but here we were talking about the safety of Yuki-san. And this couldn’t be done for the safety of the core.
We thought that it wouldn’t be the case for us at first, but we, under the guardian appointment, couldn’t be used as a mean to absorb DP anymore.
In other words, it wasn’t possible for DP to convert into MP directly.
Assuming that the MP of the people under guardian appointment could be converted as DP, it would result in huge temptations to kickback and make unreasonable DP requests.
Especially for the members of the fairy tribe, if they were to be set free to use it.
No, a world of things would become a crack between the many tribes.
It truly was an environment where you couldn’t cheat. No, assuming the life will stay as good as it was now, it would end in too much ambition.

Ah, now my mind was drifting towards living in this Dungeon permanently.
To be honest, unless Yuki-san went mad, this Dungeon was probably the safest place on the continent.
In the unlikely event that the countries co-operating with the Dungeon moved away, and with many countries attacking it, nothing could really break its defenses.
* First, it’s impossible for a big army to enter.
* Next it’s possible to disable the hostile force with traps.
・The establishment of a field that sealed Skills/Magics.
・Another one where you could bring weapons only in a sheath. Unless they were under an exception, they had to go under the rules of a designated area.
Well, there was also Yuki-san’s special item. Paralyzing the moment it was retrieved? It seemed to tie up.
・The ones appointed as guardians by Yuki-san wouldn’t receive a scratch while in the Dungeon.

The only concerns were civil wars. In the future, aside from the immigrants, we will be accepting travelers, merchants, and adventurers.
However, guardians6)I will sometimes shorten appointed guardians as just guardians when I’m lazy possess a transferring which could be used immediately to escape.
By the mean of Call, it also had the fastest mean of communication.
The repression by deploying the demons was also possible.
And then, the guardians could control a doppelganger from the shadow. 7)Not sure if they talk about the appointed guardian Kiyu, of if each Guardian have their own doppelganger. I guess we’ll figure that out later. If anyone is willing to help thought: そして、今後指定保護者はドッペルゲンガーを影武者に立てる事。
The more you thoughts about those foundations, and the more you found out that there was not really a reason to leave.
Nature and weather that I couldn’t imagine were inside this Dungeon.
Here was a maybe. But all the people should approximately think the same thing. That it was the best place.

Now, with the long thought over.

「Well well, if you want to have ice cream, we will handle them in the shops at the training center and the city mall. Is that alright?」
「Eh!? Is it true!!」
「Yes. I shall now proceed to the explanations of the goods, the jobs, and how you can earn money to buy them.」
「Yosshaー!! Something motivating came out!!」

My thought already went over the fact of giving all of them a sample of this luxury goods, but it seemed to be motivating for everyone.
Some people would be lazing in this environment but this is a matter at the scale of each person.

「Please, everyone who is done eating his ice cream, put the remains in this thrash can. In the city as well, those are installed in various places in order to keep the city neat and tidy. We’d appreciate if you don’t throw them somewhere else. This is important for the hygiene and to prevent any strange disease. Nobody wants to eat something rotten right? Properly disposing of the trashes also prevent for the mice and the like to breed.」

Ellis was explaining how to collect the trashes.

「Huh? I know rotten things are bad. But why would doing this prevent the rats from breedings?」

Oh, someone asked the same question as I did. If you thought over it thoroughly you would understand, but it couldn’t be helped anyhow.
I was usually not thinking until that point.

「That’s a good question. Why do you think that for a rat, it’s okay to eat rotten things?」
「That’s because a rat wouldn’t get sick from it?」
「Yes, exactly. However, we can’t go by the saying that a rat can’t get sick.」
「Oh, I see. It’s okay for a rat but we can’t imitate them. So when a rat eating rotten things will breed, it will cause the spread of diseases. Ellis-san is amazing!!」

As the child who asked the question got his answer, all the other nodded.

「No, this is something I got taught. This is the same for toilets. By steadily managing feces and processing them…」
「Oh, that will reduce diseases too!! Wow, toilets are amazing!!」
「Thank you for your understanding. So, if you see rats it’s better to clean them as much as possible. You should never eat their meat, instead think of incinerating them. Since you can find restrooms everywhere I think it’s best if you keep them clean after using them. That’s all, thank you for your co-operation.」

After collecting the garbage, we left and moved for a while to the description of the training facility.

「This is the place near the gate from where you came by yesterday. Basically, it is a lounge room where you can have a chat or relax. The drinks here are free, so don’t hesitate please. But the amount we decided to replenish is limited, so from now on, everyone will discuss about how much should we increase it. The meal will also be made by everyone. Since this place is a training center, please make yourself familiar with it so that you can proceed on living on your own.」
「Huh? In the end, we will have to leave this place?」
「Yes, after you secure your job and save enough, you will be able to buy individual houses. There are some in the residential area, but first you’d have to start working and save enough money. We will show you the things beside the training facilities tomorrow, so please look forward to it.」
「I’m looking forward to it! My own home!! Sounds great!!」

For us from the fairy tribe, it was normal to live with a group of 3 to 4 people.
Only those who had a special role such as me or those with a hobby owned their own house.
That was for safety’s sake. No matter how good we were, our fairies lived deep inside the forest. We barely had any exchange with the other tribes.
There were various dangers associated with it.
Such was the case, but not here.
Before, they were forced to live together. But now, their dreams would spread.

After all that, we went over many places. Such as the place for study inside the training room, the food storage, the cleaning facilities and so on.

Next Lutz came. She was holding a weird tool.

「Ellis, how about it? If you don’t mind, can I take pictures?」
「Yeah, it’s fine Lutz. Everyone now, please come inside the training room A to take a picture. We will need them to complete your identification.」

So, one by one, the weird tool made a strange light.
What is this photo? Wasn’t it nothing but a problem?
As a matter of fact, I was also concerned about this identification. I didn’t know what shape it would take.

(Lutz)「Ellis, the shooting is over. After this, it’s printing, cutting, pasting, and adding a seal. And the date of issue… so much to be done!!」
(Ellis)「Yuki-san, Labiris can you come over and help?」
(Lutz)「Yes, that’s the only way out of it…」
(Ellis)「I will now proceed to the bath according to schedule. Can you manage it in the meantime?」
(Lutz)「Huh~.May I return to the inn?」
(Ellis)「You can’t! Otherwise, I’ll tell Yuki!」
(Lutz)「I was just joking. That’s impossible because I don’t want onii-san to hate me!!」

The ID proof seemed to be hard to make.

「Then let’s do a good sweat before we purchase this. In a sense, it’s this Dungeon’s specialty.」

Ellis-san took the lead, grinning with a pleasant smile.
She was definitely talking about the bath.
We’re also used to take a bath. Troubles such as adjusting to the perfect temperature for people was a luxury.
Why did such a thing exist…
While I thought so, I went to the bath.

「Alright, everyone. As you have plenty to learn from here, I had Tori and the others help me. First of all please take off your clothes in the dressing room.」

When Ellis said that, Tori, Kaya, and Riel took off their clothes on the spot. They put them in a basket and retrieved something else out of it.
What was inside? They retrieved a big towel and a hand towel.

「As they did, retrieve both the big and the hand towel from the basket. Put your clothes in. And put the big towel back inside. Then please enter this way with your hand towel. Tori and Riel will now take the lead. As for Kaya, she will guide you with me.」
(Riel)「Leave it to me!!」

Then, in the bath, this never ever seen Eden was spreading. 8) Double sense here is real
The exhilarating feelings given by the shampoo, the rinse, and the soap.
A variety of different pleasurable sensations piled inside me while I was soaking in the hot water.
It seemed that staying too long inside the hot water wasn’t good.
Was the hot water causing dizziness?

「Okay, when you get out, wipe yourself firmly with the big towel. Everyone will have to wash their own clothes and towels. I will guide you to the location for the laundry.」

That would be another story, but because I was daydreaming and skipped the explanations for the laundry, it would become a problem later.

「Elder-sama, how was the bath?」

Currently, after a delicious dinner, I was now chatting with Ellis and suddenly got asked about the bath.

「It’s very good, don’t you think? I have to tell to the children appointed to clean the bath to do it properly tomorrow.」

That was obvious, if those children get the bath dirty or muddy, I’d punish them.

「That’s good.You may have noticed it, but the entertainment facilities also have baths. There are various kind of open-air bath, where you could see the scenery, only-foot bath, waterfall bath and various others…」
「What, and this bath is already very elaborate?! Yet you’re telling me that there are even more elaborate baths!!」

Mou, I was amazed once again. As those words hit me, they felt like lightning!! I would have never expected it!!
This was precisely an extravagant luxury!!

「Yes yes. To tell you the truth, I also have to manage that…」
「Please guide me!! According to the schedule, we will tour the entertainment facilities tomorrow. So before the end of the day, as the representative, I have to prepare!!」

Like that, a hand is stretched from my back and placed on my shoulder.

「As expected of Elder-sama.To notice the splendor of baths… This Millie9)the Japanese can refer to themselves by saying their own name will escort you. In addition, let’s enjoy the supreme pleasure of drinking liquor inside the hot spring!!」
「No, no, noooo!? The luxurious bath that even exceeds luxury! And you’d add a drink to it!? Is such a thing even allowed!?」
「What are you saying. We are the ones managing it. In other words, such rules are things we decide. Whether it’s good or not, you should try it for yourself. Is it wrong?」
「No!! I agree with you, Millie-san!! When I am not able to find a solution, the only remaining possibility is to try!!」
「Well, here we go!!」

My hand connected with Millie’s, I ran to the facility.

「Eh, what~ Am I dreaming?」

side : Lutz

「Ku~, dinner hours are already over. Do we still have the time to go to that place?」
「That’s right. However, the identifications certificates are quite tedious to make. I’m also thinking about borrowing a hand from the fairies in the future. Next, we will have 300 people.」
「I don’t want to think about it. Let’s lower our heads and find the staff for it.」

While I talked about this, I handed a certificate to onii-san.
And the last one was in my hand.

「Huh, isn’t that the elder, Naruja-san? Does she need the restroom?」
「In such a place?」

As I reciprocally tilted my head to the side, Ellis came over…

「Heeh~.It seems that the Elder alongside Millie went for the hot springs facilities. About 30 minutes ago I talked to the elder about it and she became excited……」

I want to praise myself just for not crushing the ID card of Naruja-san in my hand.

「Hey. this. is. not . fun!!」

Anyway, let’s hope that Millie’s usual bad drinking habit didn’t spread to the Elder.
Afterword of the author
Today is a holiday, so I wrote quite a lot!!
What, the weekend also count as holidays?
There is something called motivation in this world…

Oh, this time it was the training facilities from the elder’s perspective.
The pov should be different than the one of someone from the management team.
Unlike the other fairies, she understands some circumstances but it’s not perfect.
With her story,
Lutz had a considerable hard time.
Oh, but Millie made the dinner, so isn’t she working diligently?

After giving a light supplement with DP.
Why, is it important?
It’s trivial to me!!


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References   [ + ]

1. ED note, I felt a great desire to make it Mistress XD
2. Author used Okashi which I believe means Sweet/ Candy, Editor also agrees it to same meaning
3. Mamono
4. Lol don’t you understand that you’re the living stock already!
5. I guess it’s a figure of speech, not 100% sure 「ちぇー、やっぱり上手くいかないか」
6. I will sometimes shorten appointed guardians as just guardians when I’m lazy
7. Not sure if they talk about the appointed guardian Kiyu, of if each Guardian have their own doppelganger. I guess we’ll figure that out later. If anyone is willing to help thought: そして、今後指定保護者はドッペルゲンガーを影武者に立てる事。
8. Double sense here is real
9. the Japanese can refer to themselves by saying their own name

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