Chapter 55 – Briefing of the current condition

Chapter 55 – Briefing of the current condition


Side : Herge

We were done with today’s work.
Yesterday Delille attacked us. But today she was way too kind.
Yuki-san seemed relaxed now. Even though Lulu-sama’s place had shown no progress yet.

I was enjoying a break just after my dinner.
The schedule in the Dungeon went slightly delayed yesterday but since Delille had come today everything went back on track.
Since me and Oriel had to come out in public, we were really thankful of Delille’s participation.

(Yuki)「Hello, I’m sorry to all the fairies but today you’ll have to split up so that we can explain all the different facilities. Elder, how is it for your side?」

(Naruja)「That’s all right. It’s more popular than I thought. We usually enjoy making things a lot, and since it looks fun, everyone is eager for the experience. 」

(Yuki)「Then, now I’ll ask you to be prepared for receiving 300 people from Rochelle with our current staff. 」

(Naruja)「Yes, I think that we’re fine. Unless something extraordinary happens we can make the arrangements. Since three hundred persons are coming in the near future, should we begin to think about moving the facilities first?」

(Yuki)「You’re saving me some trouble with that. How is it on everyone else side? What we’re doing is tiring, so don’t forget to relax and have a cup of tea」

Yuki looked at Ellis, she nodded, and opened her mouth.

(Ellis)「Since the training school is ready and all the individualized place of work made, It’s most likely that there won’t be any trouble. Also, we already finished the registration of the 57 fairies. The only problem was that they could decide their birthday as they like. Because it seems that they had no sense of the date in this side area. Naruja-san took charge of the bathing section, so almost nothing is left unattended within the entertainment facilities. Well, it hasn’t been long since Naruja-san joined us so what she does is already a big help. We don’t have enough manpower for now to run the other entertainment facilities. 」

(Lutz)「Yes. The entertainment facilities and the bath are in charge by Naruja-san. It’s 5 copper for one use, and seven people can be there at the same time. Regarding attracting the customer, and the maintenance, there is currently no problem. The only thing is regarding the men toilets, speaking of which I’d like a man from the incoming three hundred person to take the charge. 」

Hmmm, the bath really was a luxury. But thanks to our disguise we can go there easily. That said, let’s head there tomorrow.

(Lutz)「Then, I’ll continue. Because the training place was already brought up by Ellis, I will skip it. I’ll only talk about the accounting and how it went with the shops for the past 2 days. Our income for was 12235 Fold. 12 white gold. 2 Gold. 3 Silver and 5 copper. The income can be divided with store 70%; schooling furniture 10% and bath 20%. At this rate, all the fairies property will be gone. Well, luckily all the stores are state-owned, so we can use the funds as we like. Honestly, if we don’t return the money to the fairies in the form of a salary, they’ll dry out. 」

(Naruja)「. . . . . . I’m ashamed. Although I am paying attention, the idiot who only lived in the back of the forest only have a slight sense for money. 」

(Lutz)「Well, those at the school won’t be bothered by food and there’s still plenty of groceries for the other, so we’re good. However, it will be interesting to see how they disciplined in these 2 days. Normally, for luxurious items, you can’t buy too many of them. It’s because they’re rarer, they should also be bought by the adults. As for the information regarding the store, we found 10 persons to work with us starting the next day, so it will be easier. The cashiers’s jobs will be easier than the last couple days. We chose the ones able to do arithmetics, so there’s no problem so far. For the others, they can move the products with magic. So they are currently faster than what we could do. In a sense, they’re suitable people for the job. 」

Haa ~, The fairy people in the store seemed to demonstrate their abilities.
Giving a variety of jobs was a thing that showed various possibilities.

(Yuki)「U~n. Let’s review their spending as Lutz suggested. It’s been only 2 days since we opened the shops. So I suggest we should await the seventh days. It would be exactly 1 week, what do you think Elder?」

(Naruja)「Yes, we can leave it like this for now. In the meantime, we’ll keep the monthly salary policy. . . 」

(Lutz)「Well, the fairies haven’t dried out so hang on for now. Since the calculations of the salary is really hard, can I afford to have a little more room?」

(Labiris)「. . . . . . You have to make it without fail. 」

Ah, the place of the head was hard.
You have to hold against the shame of others. . . . . .

(Millie)「Then, I’ll continue. Even though the construction of the Adventurer District isn’t over and the production of the smaller Dungeon as well. There are already stores, taverns, and bars, but the development of the supplies is not finished. For the time being, there is no need for staff. As for the complaints registered at the information desk, they are mostly about the purchase of the luxury good in the Super Lutz store. Even though the store should be small for this kind of product, they still manage to squeeze them out. What should I do?」

(Ellis)「Well, just like the complaints at the reception desk, the answers on the surveys has put the store at the top of the ranking, isn’t that right? About that place, they nominated it instead of nominating the goods they need daily.」

(Yuki)「Indeed, in that case, you can assure the stocks. Lutz, can you also prepare a survey-box?」

(Lutz)「I don’t mind. As for Riel, she ran to deal with Super Lutz’s matter, I’m sorry for her. 」

(Riel)「Wow, please go to Super Lutz, I did my best. 」

(Lutz)「Well, Milly has experience as a guild employee, I have experience as a merchant. Riel is an adventurer, so she’s not good at that job. 」

(Riel)「If that’s the case, you could have told me earlier!! How many times have I ran back and forth today. . . . . . 」

Poor Riel.
Although she is serious and likable, her efforts bore no fruit.

(Tori)「Then, I’m next. For security related matter, we have 5 people and we’re doing fine to guard each location. In case of a problem, the transceiver you gave us is convenient. Even if I said nothing happened, in their free time, there is still some fairies who get lost. Since the main person of the training school is Riel, she’s guarding that place. 」

(Riel)「Yees, as for me at the training institute, there’s nothing particular to report. Ah, but thanks to the electricity there are many children staying late at night so they’re sleepy in the morning. Also, there were 3 children I met in my first shift and it’s likely to be hard. 」

(Yuki)「While doing security work, for various unreasonable matters you can use your strength to make it stop. We still have to discuss about the salaries and the schedule but don’t overdo it. If your physical condition is bad, do not push yourself. 」


After that, we heard the very serious report of the soldier-san that had undergone night duty. . . . . .

(Soldier-san)「. . . My turn eh. I was a member of the guard to begin with, but I’m now a part of the agricultural land working force. I’m sorry both of you. Currently, we have around 10 people, along with the goblins and the revised pill bug to attend the crops. We are further expanding our fields. It became very easy, especially thanks to the revised pill bug. Since the goblins were working on the field since the beginning, the place is very safe. Aside from the fact that the fairies tried to pick and eat directly from the field at first, after working together for some time it’s now very fun. 」

(Yuki)「That’s right. The fairies basically don’t need to eat or drink. But if they do so they will use magic power. And it’ll consume more and more. So as to recover, they’ll need the food and drink. Since they came here, it’s fun for them to touch something else than water. If they invite other children, will the farm expand further?」

(Soldier-san)「For that area, there’s no need to push more, we have merely started. 」

Well, the pill bug demon were also useful. . . . . . .

(Philia)「Oh I-I-it’s my tur-turn. . . 」

Oh, that’s the cute Philia.
I wanted to take a lot of picture with her cute face and decorate my room.

(Yuki)「Philia, stay calm. No one will get angry at you. It’s all right. Take a deep breath here. 」

(Philia)「Ha, yes. Nii-sama. Wow, humm. Sure, humm. . . . . . 」

An angel.
You can say whatever you want, but my little sister Aslin and Philia are angels! !

(Philia)「. . . Here’s my report. Presently we have 18 people in the forge and have made 35 swords today. And here is the prototype that was made by the fairies. . . If you need more information you can ask Naruja-san. 」

(Naruja)「Yes, to continue on the report. The present situation of the forge is very good. I’m still not used to some parts, but the furnitures are very good and very easy to use. After we heard from Yuki-san about the Katana, we tried to make one. If you don’t mind Yuki-san, please take it as an offering. 」

Naruja-san extended her hands to give the Katana along with its beautiful sheath to Yuki-san.
The smithing ability of the fairies is outrageous. To make in one day something that would normally take a month to make is awesome.

When Yuki-san took the sword out of its sheath, a beautiful green sword appeared. . .
Eh, green?

(Naruja)「As you can see, the blade of the sword was made with a rather special color, green. For Yuki-san, after we heard the theory behind the alloy, we worked the Mithril diligently. We infused the blade with magic. And as we had put enchantment over the blade, it became dyed in green. The main enchants are wind and plant. 」

(Yuki)「. . . . . . I am sorry. I received your feeling but I can’t receive it as the Dungeon Master. After all, I’m only one of the representative. I will try to hand this to the head of the representative, Labiris. Is it okay with you Elder?」

The eyes of Naruja-san widened before she accepted and nodded.

(Naruja)「I was rude. Indeed, the chief here is Labiris-sama. Then I would like you to use this Labiris. 」

Naruja-san said that after what she lowered her head to Yuki-san and Labiris-chan and presented the sword.

(Labiris)「. . . It’s very light. Can I swing it?」

(Naruja)「Yes, the Katana, according to the capacity of the owner, will change its weight. Since the sharpness of this Katana is good and combined with enchantment, it’s better to swing the sword while it’s sheathed until you practiced enough. 」

(Yuki)「It’s big for Labiris. you have to practice diligently. 」


Labiris-chan seemed happy with her new sword. She went on top of Yuki-san lap after a few swings.
The blade of the sword was 70 cm. With the handle it reached 1m. So for the small Labiris it height reached around her neck.
I wondered, could she really use it?

(Yuki)「There seem to be no problem with the forge. Well then, Labris, Aslin, it’s your turn. 」
(Aslin)「Yes, I’m doing the cooking at the school, and since I have help when I clean everything is okay! ! 」

(Labiris)「. . . In my place, the government office, i have received the rest of the people as officials. But it’s a bit hard for them to learn because there’s a lot of things to remember. Still, since they are helping the nine of us, I think we’re all saved?」

Labiris-chan said that and everyone nodded.

(Yuki)「Oh, I forgot. What about you, Herge?」

(Herge)「Fue! ?」

Now that you mentioned it, I also had something to report.
Recently, I couldn’t move publicly so I forgot.

(Herge)「Ahem, since my hospital is ready I can make a diagnostic or a treatment anytime. But since I don’t have any personnel yet, I’m the only one who can do it. In addition, since I am working as a teacher in the school, I have yet to make a treatment at the clinic. 」

(Yuki)「Well, that’s right. So were there some injured in the past few days?」

(Herge)「There were. However, it was only some scratch or minor injuries. The worst injury was someone injuring his little finger while cooking. 」

(Yuki)「That’s a good thing. But later, some more serious injuries might need treatment. Can you not advert your eyes then?」

(Herge)「Yes, I am prepared. 」

This was the end of my report.
The last. . .

(Yuki)「Okay, now is my report as the real Dungeon Master. Since the invasion of Delille yesterday we received no further intrusion. And since the fairies are here for 5 days, that’s about 80 000 DP. From now on the DP that can be used by the fairy tribe each day is 500. That’s 79500 DP remaining after the deduction. 」

(Lutz)「Yet again, that’s an amazing number. That’s certainly 1000MP per person so 10 DP An hour. In that case it’s 560 DP for 56 People altogether. In the end, it’s 13440 DP in 24 hours. Or at least. This will make my dream come true in the future~」

(Yuki)「I think we will take the direction if saving from now on. It’s a bit bothersome for the nine to do the calculation. To the person that came in yesterday, here is the exact calculation and the knowledge we gathered. I think I’ll leave this to you. 」

Next, everyone’s line of sight gathered upon Delille-san.

(Delille)「Hey wait a moment! ! Today I had to work with strange clothes as a storekeeper and then I had to clean all the bathroom with a Dreck brush!? If thou overuse I anymore, I will doubt that thou are human! ?」

(Yuki)「No, you will be entrusted as my student to calculate the DP. From now on you won’t have any other strange jobs Delille-san. We would be in trouble if you get the numbers wrong. 」

(Delille)「O, Oh! ? I will work exclusively on that job! ?」

(Yuki)「Yes, however, you can’t be wrong. If you can’t do it properly, you’ll be sent to another department. 」

(Delille)「T-thou can leave this to I! ! Mine arithmetic skills are top-notch, thou won’t have to worry! ! It is said that I am the best candidate! ! 」

I wondered why? What would make Delille-san so desperate that she would behave so aggressively?

Then everyone finished their reports and we were now drinking tea.

(Delille)「But what? This girl is the Holy Woman Herge. And it seems that thou all talked about the Holy Woman of Ritea. And I am the Demon King. I guess only this Dungeon Master can take care of disasters of that degree. Well, it’s funny that a lot of strange people are gathering in the same place. 」

Delille-san muttered while drinking her tea.

(Lutz)「Well~. It’s more amusing than a story from one of the picture books. I will never get bored with onii-san. I never knew that I could get along with a Demon King. 」

(Delille)「And I never knew that he could talk with I so casually even after he learned of Mine identity. 」

(Herge)「This is a fateful destiny. 」

As I muttered everyone became quiet and drank from their cup of tea.

(Yuki)「No, It’s not a fateful destiny at all. This situation is only natural. 」

Suddenly, Yuki-san ruined everything.

(Delille)「What are thou saying Yuki? Doesn’t all of this look like a fateful destiny?」

(Lutz)「Haa~, Delille. Impossible, did my preaching bring you on the right path?」

(Delille)「Umu, the talk with Yuki wasn’t the key. It was the children Aslin and Philia. They made I think of various things. This is destiny. 」

(Yuki)「Therefore, it’s truly a misunderstanding of Delille. 」

(Delille)「By what means?」

(Yuki)「In the first place, what is your warranty that you are now in the right place?」

(Delille)「Then Yuki. Can thou explain?」

(Yuki)「Oh, I just did. No one said I was right, you said that you were wrong. Is that word enough?」

(Delille)「Sure, Yuki. I am not denying it. Didn’t you order I「You have to correct yourself」
arrogantly? But did thou not feel that thou preached I grandly after that?」

(Yuki)「If you think that this was a preaching then you’re wrong. Since the beginning I only told you my thought over the matter Delille. 」

It was certainly the same for me. At that time, Yuki-san didn’t try to force his opinion upon me.

(Yuki)「From the beginning I said「You made a mistake. It is okay if you follow me. 」It was as simple as that. Delille. Herge, Lulu, and everyone in this room is the same. In that case, it’s not coercion. It’s persuasion. 」

Yuki-san said so as he looked at our faces.

(Yuki)「I can’t remember preaching anyone. For me, I desperately dropped my head down, and told you to be a friend. If you think that you’ve failed trying to do the right thing, or you think that you are wrong, then your field of view would be very narrow. I ignore the possibility that I will fail from now. I’m trying hard to avoid that in any case. 」

(Delille)「What? What I have done so far wasn’t a mistake?」

Delille stared at Yuki-san, showing her surprise.
I was feeling the same. Because I think that I will live my life to compensate for what I did in the future.
In what way, us trying to atone for our sins was wrong?

(Yuki)「That’s definitely a mistake. Here’s your answer Delille. Innocent people may certainly have died from your fists, but thanks to that others were saved. I mean, we can not say such is a success or failure. Historians will do it later without our permission anyway. What matters is that you can have confidence in your answers until the end. So in that regard to what happened here. I will tell you that you are wrong. 」

After he said that, Yuki-san glared at Delille-san and me.

(Yuki)「Well, my words are my opinions. At least, I’m sincere with my answers. If you apologize then do it. Don’t do it half-heartedly. It’s troublesome if you just choose to hang your head down and live because your ability isn’t shown. Unless you do that, Herge, Delille, you can never find your own answer about the people you killed. Herge, it’s particularly true for you, since in your case you weren’t the only one involved. 」


(Yuki)「First of all Seraria. That fellow isn’t stupid. Still, in battle, she will never create a path for herself with destruction. Well, that’s why she fights her foes, one by one. For her own belief, she had slaughtered any on her path. She, for her goals, will never stop until she reaches the end. It’s clumsy of me but I have decided to not meddle with her. 」

(Herge)「Chii, ane-sama1)Elder Sister. . . . . . 」

(Yuki)「Next is Aria. She’s already prepared to be the next queen. It’s not something you can change since you were publicly acknowledged as dead. And lastly, your father. He prefered his nation over you. After what she said you tried your hand with me and the evil Lulu. Believing that it will surely save many people. All beliefs of your family, Herge, are both pure and cloudy. And I admit that I’m using that to my advantage. 」

Now I knew, my little sister, my sister and my father just forced a smile when they said that I did something.
If they hadn’t made their move, we would have ended with empty stomachs.
So that means, for every person I saved there was a person I didn’t save.
I preferred to save a place with a lot of damage at the price of less damaged place.
The only difference is whether it’s big or not. Yet, I only turned attention to my own answer.
As for me, I wanted to save people. But just as Yuki-san said. . . I had no confidence to do so.
When you do something in a round-about way, your actions overtake your own beliefs.
How dishonest, how selfish.
That when I did a mistake I just lowered my head.
I was just saying heartlessly「Your death was a mistake」to the deceased.
In this way, I was just blaspheming against the dead lives, thinking I did wrong.

(Yuki)「Well, if Herge and Delille can find their answer here, what I have done would be meaningful. I mean, I do not expect that anything will change. 」

(Herge)「. . . Yes, after all, I haven’t stopped my healing. Is this my answer?」

(Yuki)「I don’t know. Because only Herge can have the confidence for that. 」

My smile to Yuki-san was forced.
Ah, I was still acting like a spoiled child.
However, I couldn’t mention it.

(Herge)「I’m taking an oath that until the end of my life, I’ll work for the sake of all the people! ! 」

(Yuki)「So you will work as a doctor, is this what you mean? Well, for the time being, your results are only minimal. 」

(Herge)「. . . It’s cruel」

Still, I could laugh now, unlike in the past.
This is probably something my sisters had to go through too.

(Delille)「Fumu, I understand. Then I do not believe that Mine fists were wrong. And our encounter as opponents too. 」

(Yuki)「It seems that Delille could find her own answer?」

Yuki-san and Delille-san laughed, looking at each other’s face.

(Yuki)「Now that you both found your answers, and the lecture is over, should we get down to the real business?」


(Yuki)「There’s no point if I don’t explain. Well, I guessed it. The meaning behind your answer, your answer, your preparation for the future, the troubles that’ll come after, did you ready yourself against those hardships?」

(Herge)「What do you mean?」

(Yuki)「This time’s conflict. It started because Herge became a Holy Woman. But the problem lies in why such a thing happened. 」

(Herge)「That’s because the Holy Country Ritea wanted to take advantage of the situation?」

(Yuki)「Ah ahahah, thanks for the cute reply. Wouldn’t targeting the princesses of an allied country and take over that country in one move be something spectacular? It could have ended in war. But in that case, only by inviting Herge to the Holy Country Ritea, and with the proper preparation, they could stop it. 」

(Herge)「Please wait a minute! ? That manner of speech as if. . . . . . 」

(Yuki)「Isn’t that right? This conflict was used as an advantage by the Holy Country Ritea. It’s easy to understand, you can make the power that doesn’t want to obey you crawl. By creating hostility against Herge. Then they only had to send some information to the friendly Lulu that was on good relation with Rochelle, and make Lulu die deliberately at the right place. All the opposing factions would stay silent. Well, isn’t that an easy-to-understand takeover?」

(Herge?)「Fo-for what sake! ? For someone like Loire! ?」

(Yuki)「No, not at all. You don’t get enough of a payback for this kind of labor. If you’re smart, then you use your own power to make your own money. Because Loire had the support of the Holy Country Ritea, he could finally start thinking about overtaking Rochelle. Without any assistance, the success rate would have been too low. 」

(Herge)「Why then! ! . . . . . . Possibly was that the answer you talked about awhile ago?」

After I heard what Yuki-san said, I asked him in return with a distorted mouth.

(Yuki)「Ah, it was. I can understand easily the profit and loss of the people. In this case, by acknowledging the people who died in the conflict that occurred, and those who will die in the things that are likely to come, and about all the others, they all have their own answer. And they’re ready to go all the way. Those who believed that their answer is correct in the end, will lead to the future. 」

The more Yuki-san said, the more I became bright red.
Well, such an answer was crazy.

(Yuki)「Whichever, whether it is the same broken one as me or just a fanatic, he raised this much trouble, and we’re only halfway in the game, he’s not a guy with an easy-to-understand interest」

Yuki-san stopped talking, and the whole area ended quiet.

(Yuki)「That’s why, Ellis. 」

(Ellis)「Yes!? What is it! ?」

(Yuki)「From tomorrow onward, I will be going wild with Lulu in the other side, so I’ll leave my part of the work to you and Delille. 」

The air hardened.
Oh, he was that kind of person.

(Delille)「Ha! ? Hey, hey, wait a moment! ? Just a moment ago, didn’t you say that I only had one work to do! ! ?」

Please keep up the good work tomorrow.
Afterword of the author
Yes, until now, Yuki has not preached anything, Didn’t he just try to persuade and strengthen his army?
The end result is often that he earns new companions.
Then, there should be someone ridiculous inside the rank of the hardliners?
Will he be a real opponent to Yuki ?!

Well, that said, the management hasn’t decreased.



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1. Elder Sister

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