Chapter 57 – The princess is a bride

Chapter 57 – The princess is a bride

Side: Yuki

Today was the day of Seraria’s arrival.
We got a message yesterday late in the night. It seems that it was planned for about 10 o’clock today.
Seraria was really a prestigious member of the military. It’s natural to be late a day or two for this kind of expedition. However, she managed to bring all the immigrants in 15 days, as scheduled.

Oh, and since Lulu and Alshtail had now joined, the car was not used since then.
The Holy Country Ritea on the thirteenth day. It was the final ride inside the horse-drawn carriage.
My vacation was over in one day.
Well, I could still push it on Delille and sneak off.

(Delille)「Mou, no more ~ I will get out of the futon!! Such a treatment shall be observed. Strike!! Oh, Aslin. Will thou leave out the vanilla ice cream? Thank you. 」

Because it was in such a small notice, it couldn’t be helped.

(Delille)「Umu umu. It feels good to have Yuki. I wonder if it’s because we are both in our youth?」

I wasn’t able to help you answer such a thing. It was better to ignore this matter.
Well, although Delille and me were now in the midst of our youth, we still had a lot of things to think about.
That’s why, I can’t get attached to my young companions, for now, I can’t start to love them. . .
However, Delille was coming to my room to sleep every day.
And before I knew it, she had already slipped inside my futon this morning. Unlike the bodies of Aslin and the others, she has the figure of a young woman that is really desirable.
My spirit couldn’t hold. And if I ever started putting my hands on Delille, I would have to put my hands on Labiris and Lutz as well.
Can you understand my feelings?
However, it was impossible to make them pregnant in the current situation.
If representatives of the city happened to become pregnant in the current time, the rebound that would rise from it could make unreasonable instability.

As such, I decided to become a sage for their sake.
Recently, as if to gift my determination, my morning partner became obedient.
. . . I was hoping that I could still function as a man?

(Delille)「What’s the matter? Are thou feeling unwell?」

Delille tilted her head to the side when she spotted my weird behavior.

(Yuki)「. . . . . No, I have endured it well. I’m embarrassed to tell you that Delille, but a healthy man should have an unwavering spirit visiting him every morning, but it’s been quiet lately. 」

(Delille)「Huh? What are thou speaking about Yuki? Yuki, every day I am also serious. . . . . Gafu1)sfx! ?」

Later, when we talked about the course of action we would undergo tomorrow, I heard a strange voice coming from Delille.
I looked in the direction of Delille, but I couldn’t find the reason.

(Yuki)「Are you okay? Do you have pain in your stomach?」

(Labiris)「. . . No need to worry Yuki. I sort of accidentally bumped my sword into her. I’m sorry, Delille」

Labiris said as she was now helping Delille.

(Labiris)「……shut up please. ……say……Humph」Labiris put on an air.

(Delile)「…. . . . . . Then!? ……Abso……ot!! 」

(Labiris)「If. . . . . That case. . . . . I will」

I couldn’t hear the conversation but I guess it was about the pride of the Demon King?
Even though she hurted a sensible part of the body, Labiris looked upright.

(Ellis)「Yuki-san, we should be going soon」

When the matter happened, Ellis called out to me.

(Yuki)「Now, everyone will be busy. 」

Before our eyes, Seraria was leading the troops directly.
Behind them were the immigrants.

I haven’t told them of how the Dungeon looked beforehand.
After purchasing the right of the land, it would be possible to control outside as well.
However, the four directions next to our Dungeon weren’t in direct control. They would bring a reduced income of DP.
Also because of the difficulty of the defense, I avoided making a town there.
Now, should we talk about Seraria’s performance?

(Labiris)「Welcome Seraria-sama. We are delighted of your arrival. 」

Labiris became known as the public representative. How? She had pronounced the speech and bowed to everyone.
Oh, by the way, since we were outside, all of them were 「Fake」
I had to take safety measures so I did it with a doppelganger for each representative.

(Seraria)「Labiris, I thank you for keeping the intention of Herge for this Dungeon. And now, Yuki. For your achievements when you stopped the rebellion of Loire. You became a noble. 」

(Labiris)「Those words are wasted on me. 」

(Yuki)「Ha ha, I’m really grateful. I will do my best from this day onward. 」

Well, I thought you’d do it.
It is very troubling for me to be anonymous. If Rochelle wanted to put a collar because they’d be wary of me. Huh, Yuki? who is he? If I wanted to remain hidden and anonymous I had to take a lot of precautions.
Moreover, if they wanted to turn the table later, thanks to my vigilance, it would merely become an overreaction of the king.
That’s why they wanted to give me a title of nobility, to control me.
However, that’s impossible.
Since I had never done anything. No, I had done something. But that was only something known by the leader of Rochelle.
That’s why I thought it wasn’t possible for me to be so suddenly ennobled. So where did that come from?

(Seraria)「Yuki’s new title is marquis. And by the present, your marriage with the princess has been acknowledged, I am now formally your wife. How nice is that?」

Well it was picture from the call, but I think it fits here better.

(Yuki)「Pfft! ?」

I-it was the most troublesome thing for me!
I was appropriately set up as a noble. And if a normal wife were to be pressed on me, I could easily step back. But it’s another story for Seraria.
Wait, before that, Labiris and the others went angry!?
I perceived it even from behind them.

(Soldier)「Seraria-sama, congratulation on your marriage. 」

Everyone was for some reason smiling happily. . . . Why?
Strangely, the various soldiers under Seraria were celebrating in a strange way with their hands.
C’mon, it’s appropriate but when could I disagree?
I couldn’t convey my refusal!?

(Seraria)「Yes, thank you everyone. Now you can all get along with him. However, we have a problem. I don’t feel like I will die soon, but I’ll have to conceive his children. 「I’m uneasy by myself. 」I can’t afford with the management of the Dungeon to raise the children myself. Therefore, Yuki, I’ll trouble you in the future to have a lot of concubines. 」

Or so Seraria said with a smile.
. . . . . . . No way.

(Seraria)「I have autonomy in this place. In order to fulfill my husband’s ideals, to raise someone for the next generation is absolutely necessary. And I will support all of my husband’s friends. No, I would like to support someone prepared to love him and conceive his children immediately. Labiris, any idea?」

(Labiris)「Yes, I think almost all of the persons next to me, including myself, can bear his child. Will you mind something like that?」

(Seraria)「No, I won’t. I have already heard about what you all have done here. It’s rather fortunate. Let us support husband2)She didn’t specify whose husband together. 」

(Labiris)「Very well, Seraria-sama. 」

. . . . . . Did I get encircled!?
Those guys!?
To watch this made them laugh!!

(Yuki)「. . . . Seraria-sama, I’m sorry but there are many immigrants. It’s about time. . . 」

(Seraria)「Oh, dear. Are you fine with this Seraria? Well, it’s good. Dear, we can’t annoy the people as you said. 」

And after Seraria’s acting had ended, we were now meeting as scheduled.

(Labiris)「Everybody present, let’s prove now that Seraria can keep the Dungeon under control just like Herge wanted!! 」

Saying so, we quickly placed houses outside the Dungeon.
Well, it’s not that good outside.
Outside is merely a decoration, that’s why we placed about 30 wooden houses and a lord-sized house for Seraria so that she could work when outside. ?

(Everyone)「「「Oohh!! 」」」

Now, we proved that Seraria could control the Dungeon.

(Seraria)「Half of the troops will remain here in defense. Kur, we will leave now. 」

(Kur)「Ha!! But where are we going? It doesn’t look like there is another place to sleep out there?」

(Seraria)「What are you saying Kur? Are you doubting that I control the Dungeon? In other words, the safest place is inside the Dungeon. The inside of the Dungeon is already undergoing its development. But not on the outside, that’s why, shall we go? For now, I only made that much outside. Since no one would believe that a town was inside the Dungeon, I’ve put a figure here to give explanations. 」

(Kur)「Ha!! 」

Somehow convinced after the explanations of Seraria, Kur instructed his subordinates.

(Seraria))「Very well, I’ll ask you to show the way, Labiris. 」

(Labiris)「Yes, please head this way. 」

That said, we brought all the immigrants inside the Dungeon.
In addition, the defense of the first and second floors could be skipped by using a transition trap.
But it could only be used by the representatives.

Beyond what, all the people who came here for the first time, including Seraria, displayed their surprises.

(Seraria)「This is. . . more than I expected. 」

Spoke Seraria.
Well, the constructions were mainly made of wood.
They wouldn’t understand concrete.

(Naruja)「I’m glad for your visit. Are you perhaps Seraria-sama? My name is Naruja, I am the representative of the fairies. Labiris-sama and the others kindly accepted me. 」

Now came the indigenous people of the fairy tribe.

(Seraria)「We have already met on the call screen, but I will greet you once again. I am Seraria, the princess of Rochelle. I would like to express my sincere condolences for this time of disaster. And I warmly welcome all the immigrants in this Dungeon 」

(Naruja)「Yes, please take care of me now. 」

(Seraria)「My unit, the immigrants; we will all live with the fairies from now on. However, there is no need to ask more than necessary. Because we live here together. 」

(Naruja)「Yes, thank you for your continued support」

After that, having finished meeting with all the fairies, we moved to the training school.

(Millie)「Okay, everyone. This way! ! There are plenty of seats. Please sit down as you like. From now on, there will be an explanation of this Dungeon and a greeting of the representative ! 」

Millie raised her voice. She was leading the migrants.

(???)「Millie? Is that you Millie?」

Meanwhile, there was a person who called out to Millie.

(Millie)「Eh, oh, Father3)Otou-san? Mother4)Okaa-san? Sherry too?」

Millie was dumb-struck. Her eyes became really round.

(Ellis)「Here, go ahead. Everyone else is fine here. 」

(Millie)「Ah, but. 」

Millie staggered while looking around . . .

(Lutz)「Come on Millie, leave it to us. 」

(Ellis)「Please, go ahead. Don’t worry, hasten. 」

In her neighborhood, Ellis and Lutz urged her to move quickly.
Furthermore, everyone else turned to Millie and nodded.


Millie finally stepped forward, unconsciously.
A push in her back intended to support her.

(Millie)「O-Onee-chan 5)Elder sister. Onee-chan! 」
(Millie’s Father)「Millie, thank god. We were only separated. 」

(Millie’s Mother)「I’m glad. So glad. Dabrick, finally! 」

No one wanted to pour water on Millie to wake her up.
Quietly, we were watching from the side.

(Millie’s Father) 「I am sorry. We already received your information from the subordinates of Seraria-sama, Millie. But I didn’t want to interfere with your work, I’m sorry. 」

(Sherry)「Millie, It’s nice to see you safe. Millie, we wanted to relieve you but we respected your work. 」

(Millie)「Onee-chan, will I see you again?」

(Sherry)「Yeah, you will. Otou-san and Okaa-san too. Sherry is fine, you will have plenty of time to meet her. 」

Millie’s father who suddenly noticed the state of the vicinity urged her to return.
The explanation had to be brought quickly so that everyone could relax.

(Delille)「The sense behind the scene we just got to watch is really meaningful. 」

Delille was glaring somehow absentmindedly in front of her.
Because everything was empty for her, they’d never return. . .

(Seraria)「Well, dear. Should we go now?」

(Yuki)「. . . That’s right Seraria, how long will you stick to calling me like that?」

(Seraria)「Do you prefer that I call you Yuki? I wonder. 」

(Yuki)「Ah, do whatever you want. 」

(Seraria)「Well, I will. D・E・A・R6)A・NA・TA

Then, they heard a speech with about the same amount of explanations as those received by the fairies.
Because of the number of people, we had to divide them directly at the school to accommodate their place of living.
The issuing of the identification card was also postponed to from today to tomorrow.
Now, it was important to have a break as soon as possible.

After that, the speech, the explanations, and the greeting of each representative ended as planned.
After they were guided to their room, we had a small welcoming party held in the dining room.
Notwithstanding, the immigrants were shedding tears of gladness.

(Seraria)「Well, now the immigrants have secured a basic roof and they also have food to eat in their hands. Even for me who have heard it from the mouth of Yuki, it’s still hard to believe even after seeing. I was told that we would be self-sufficient after my arrival. However, this dish isn’t anything close to normal. It’s even better than the ones inside the castle. Oh, by the way, is it fine to go for Kur and the others outside now?」

(Yuki)「Good naturally. Would you like me to accompany you?」

(Seraria)「Eh, of course. Because it’s my unit. But, dear. Don’t you have to learn the name of your subordinates properly? Since you are my husband, you are naturally the second in command. 」

Afterward, we went outside to deliver rice to Seraria’s unit. And now I was finally free for today’s well-earned rest.
For the time being, you can ask the fairies if you have any question, they’re all wishful to help.
Meanwhile, we went back to the Inn, in the meeting room.
The escort of Seraria, Kur, wanted to follow us. But Seraria convinced him otherwise.
You might say that he was expelled.

(Seraria)「Do not be a hindrance to my honey. I’m not joking Kur, LEAVE. 」

(Kur)「Of course! ! 」

With a single sentence and a powerful glare, she forced him out.
Sweats poured out of Kur’s forehead as he saluted.

(Seraria)「. . . . . . So this time around 30 children has joined us. That’s a total of 355 people. But that’s without taking account of our unit. 」

Seraria was already used to a Japanese-styled room, so she had adapted to the current environment very well.
When we were talking about the outdoor bath, I explained to her how it was more luxurious than the indoor ones.

(Lutz)「Fumu fumu, we have received you Seraria-sama. Thank you very much. 」

(Seraria)「It’s fine. By the way Lutz. I don’t need you to be that close to me. 」

(Lutz)「Oh, I’m sorry. I was really nervous as I actually meet you face to face for the first time. My best regards, Seraria. 」
(Seraria)「Yes, my best regards. Everyone don’t be so stiff, inside this Japanese-style inn 7)I didn’t really know if I should write off the Inn like this before, but they sometimes used the word “Ryokan” which basically means Japanese-style inn, so I will still use the word Inn unless a specificity need me to write about it, like here everyone needs to sit under the table. Well, concerning the matter of my husband. Please say something while you still can. Otherwise, I’ll monopolize him every day. 」

(Lutz)「Ha ha ha. What I joke, I’ll shake my hips every day. 」

Alas, when the girls were talking to each other, it was quite hard to meddle in.

(Aslin)「Hey, onii-chan. Where is Millie onee-chan?」

Aslin asked me. She sat on the lap of Seraria.
Incidentally, Philia was sitting on Herge’s. Aslin was sitting on Seraria’s. And Labiris was sitting on mine.
Seraria had without a doubt fallen in love with Aslin and Philia.

(Yuki)「Millie is meeting her family. They only had a little time today at the school. 」

(Aslin)「Okay. Millie onee-chan has met her family. I’m glad. 」

(Seraria)「Yes, it’s good. 」

Said Seraria seriously after she patted Aslin’s head.

(Seraria)「Hey, Aslin. Are you missing your family?」

(Aslin)「I don’t remember my family. 」

(Seraria)「. . . I see, I’m sorry. 」

(Aslin)「But I am not lonely. 」


(Aslin)「There’s onii-chan and Herge onee-chan. Also everyone ! And Seraria onee-chan too! Everyone is my familly! Is it not good?」

Aslin was looking at Seraria.

(Seraria)「No, there’s no way it’s not good! ! Even without tie of blood, we are family! That’s right, if someone bullies Aslin, I’ll kill him!! Kawaii8)KawaiI is a Japanese word for cute, too kawaii! ! It’s widely different from the call screen! 」


Seraria hugged Aslin. They rolled over the tatami.

Thus, the busy day ended.

(Kur)「Ano, Seraria-sama. Won’t you introduce me?」

Asked Kur, right before bedtime.
Afterword of the author
Finally, Seraria joined the group.
15 days has passed.

Seraria has politically put a collar around Yuki by becoming his wife! !
Well, there are many other reason behind.

Also, Millie is now reunited with her family.
And Aslin was once again cherished by declaring everyone as her family again.


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1. sfx
2. She didn’t specify whose husband
3. Otou-san
4. Okaa-san
5. Elder sister
6. A・NA・TA
7. I didn’t really know if I should write off the Inn like this before, but they sometimes used the word “Ryokan” which basically means Japanese-style inn, so I will still use the word Inn unless a specificity need me to write about it, like here
8. KawaiI is a Japanese word for cute

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