Chapter 58 – Level recognition

Chapter 58 – Level recognition

Side: Seraria

(Seraria)「Hua. . Hua. . 」

My breathing was ragged at that moment.
My existence was something unusual among my peers with my current level, 63.
Moreover, I was a woman with one of the highest fighting job. A Valkyrie.
But before her, I could do nothing nevertheless.

(Delille)「Good, that’s good. The sword technique of Seraria is better than Mine. 」

She was a young woman. She stood before me with her low height. She was wearing a beautiful white dress. Someone called Delille.
We both used the same training sword, and I was using my strongest swordsmanship.
My skills with the sword had to be better than hers.
But all my slashes were returned to me.
Beautiful blue eyes. Creamy-colored hair that wouldn’t stick to her face with the sweat just like mine.
Completely different abilities.

(Delille)「I don’t understand what’s going on with thine face. This swordsmanship of Mine is inferior to thou. It’s only because Mine status art superior. 」

(Seraria)「A Demon King… Is no joke, right?」

(Delille)「Of course, there is no need to hide it」

It was only after I joined the Dungeon that I first met Delille.
Surprisingly Yuki caught someone that tried to invade the Dungeon, just after the immigration of the fairies and…
For some reason, I disliked her sleeping inside his futon. So I dragged her, a Demon King, and we played a match.

(Seraria)「Can I hear your level? I am a level 63 Valkyrie. 」

(Delille)「Very well. Even though this status hadn’t been seen for a very long time, Mine became aware again thanks to Mine defeat against Yuki. Level is 412. 」

(Seraria)「That’s. . . Totally unthinkable. 」

It didn’t look like Delille was telling a lie. She could also avoid all of my attacks with a wide margin.
350 levels… It was more than a simple difference in status.

(Seraria)「Well, my husband has won . . . 」

While I said that, my eyes met my husband who was watching the match.

(Delile)「Give up on this, hast thou talked of this between Seraria and Yuki in the past?」


(Delille)「Your nature is different. For better or worse, thou was only keenest on continuing thine fight against me. Yuki breaketh his enemies foundation. He is a strategist. Since thou art the husband of Yuki. Thou shalt hast understood ?」

(Seraria)「I know that. But can you tell me how he has dealt with you?」

(Delille)「Actually, I can. It was that slimes doing. 」


Delille turned her gaze to Aslin. The strange slime-shaped form could be seen in her hands.


(Aslin)「It’s soft ~」

(Philia)「Aslin, I want to hug it too!!」

Yes, my two angels.

(Seraria)「… Phew. Delille, one last blow?」

(Delille)「Very well, Let’s become thine opponent with all Mine strength」

I stepped in with full strength. slashing with the training sword.
Delille caught the sword with her bare hand.Her fist stopped right in front of my face.

(Seraria)「…… Complete defeat」

(Delille)「Thou attacks art strong」

(Seraria)「Is your main way of fighting with your fist?」

(Delile)「It is. Mine fist is the number one power. 」

Spoken like that, we lowered our arms.

(Aslin)「Seraria onee-chan. Delille onee-chan. Amazing, yo!!」

(Philia)「’s amazing!!」

(Seraria)「Thank you. Aslin」

(Aslin)「W, well」

Lifting Aslin, I stroked her.
Oh, I’m healed.
Delille was also stroking Philia’s head.
Yes, even a Demon King can be a nice person.
Because there’s no bad person who can love these angels!!
Ah, the low-life who harbors lustful feelings to this little child, I’ll kill him.1)Is that a death flag?

(Seriaria)「Aslin, is there something you want?」

(Aslin)「Oh, I already have everything I want. But there is something I want to be. 」

(Seriaria)「What do you want to be?」

(Aslin)「Together with Seraria onee-chan!! We will be onii-chan’s bride!! And give birth to his baby!!」

(Seriaria)「Araara. That’s a very good thing!」


(Seriaria)「What are you saying? This lovely Aslin. I’m doubtful whether she knows what she’s talking about. Well, it’s fine. If Aslins says it that way I’m already beaten. 」

(Yuki)「That’s impossible. 」

(Seriaria)「Err, but Aslin said that she wants to be your wife my dear. It’s a wonderful answer. Aslin and I will be together forever!!」

(Philia)「I will marry nii-sama too!!」

(Seriaria)「Well, Philia too!! This is wonderful. Everyone is together!!」

Holding the two, I was rubbing them against my cheeks.
Indeed, I was so happy.

(Yuki)「Hey, I have something to ask, but it’s a bit bad. I wonder if I could ask it?」

(Seraria)「What is it?」


(Yuki)「When the level is high, will you become stronger accordingly?」

(Seraria)「Yes, I have never heard of a difference to the point where someone is weak. 」

(Delille)「Seraria and I are the same too. 」

(Yuki)「But you know, Seraria. Kiyu is one thing but the skin of Delille is really soft to touch. When I was hugged in the futon, it was really soft and tight. 」

(Delille)「What? Do thou desirest I? Right now dost thou wantest the bed?」

(Yuki)「Next time2)He said next time, didn’t he? ehh ~. What I want to hear now is about how in your practice, Seraria’s full blow, was stopped with bare hands?」

(Delille)「Is that so?」

(Yuki)「Why did the soft skin when stopping the blow received no damage?」

(Delille)「Because it has defensive power, no?」

(Yuki)「N~? Shouldn’t the impact at least tighten the soft skin? No, if something was to come in contact with something solid, the physical strength should be stronger. But her with a lesser physical strength, is the damage reduced as a whole?」

(Delille)「No, it does not decrease?」


My husband and Delille tilted their head to the side.

(Seraria)「I understand, you want to touch upon the realm of God?」

(Yuki)「Realm of God?」

(Seraria)「Yes, the only thing that represents the amount of strength of a person is its numerical value. But even if the defensive power of the person rises, the softness of the skin doesn’t change. Long ago, a doubtful scholar had the same look as you. But he never understood anything after all. There is no person who can understand the impact of the realm of God. 」


(Seraria)「Even though I can’t understand the meaning I can sometimes understand the process. 」

(Yuki)「Tell me more?」

(Seraria)「Something tremendously different. In other words, looking at my numerical value and Delille’s one, there is absolutely no way for me to hurt her. This is why heroes in the legends of the past could win undamaged against a large number of opponents. In my country, the captain of the imperial guard is over level 100. When… you attack him with the attack power of a level 20, you can basically deal no damage to him. 」

(Yuki)「Should we call 20 a number of convenience?」

(Seraria)「That’s right. The average soldier of Rochelle is slightly above level 20, so they can deal a little amount of damage. Still not enough to stop a rampage. However, it’s not anymore solely a fight for defense. 」

(Yuki)「I understand. Thinking about it, it’s yet another reason to become stronger」

My husband nodded as he thought.
Fufu, this kind of face was good.
As for my unreasonable Father, I had totally ignored his opinion with my matter. A deeper meaning behind me becoming Yuki’s wife?

The interest of the country?

Don’t make a fool of me. I had only brought this situation because I wanted to become Yuki’s wife.

Afterword of the author3)Translator was too lazy to translate. Author was just like translator. Author said he’s sorry for the delay.


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References   [ + ]

1. Is that a death flag?
2. He said next time, didn’t he? ehh ~
3. Translator was too lazy to translate. Author was just like translator. Author said he’s sorry for the delay.

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