Chapter 59 – Starting the adventurer district

Chapter 59 – Starting the adventurer district

side: Millie

Yesterday I had stayed with my family.
This wasn’t a miracle. It only happened thanks to Yuki. He had opened the doors of this Dungeon to the people.
Without him, me and my family would have lived our whole life as slaves. Without him, me and my family would have never met each other again ever.
It’s him. he is the one who had saved me and my family.
But, he is so kind. He didn’t seek anything in return.
No, according to him, he had said that we are giving more than enough in return. But from my point of view, I was still not enough.
You are sharing warmth with everyone. That is the reason why you needed to be happy.
Since I had noticed that he was often looking lonely.
I was never able to understand until I had met my family yesterday.
Yuki-san, somewhere in his heart, was looking for the soothing of a family.
As I began to understand his situation, I knew that we were substitutes for it. That we had to shatter the shackles of his heart.

(Yuki)「Good day, Millie. How do you do? It’s fine if you remain with your family for some more, okay?」

Asked Yuki, who met me this morning at the training school.
Just as yesterday when you pushed my back and when you said that it was more important than work. You were very kind.
Then again, you’re conveying your warmth and worry to me.

So I decided.
Instead of being a substitute, I’d become Yuki’s real family.
Dungeon master, Eternal youth, all of this whatsoever is irrelevant.
When you are around, you make everyone happy.
And that much is enough.
From now on, I won’t let you feel lonely anymore.
Yuki-san, just as you offered all this to me, I will, in turn, love you with all my strength.
I’d love to bear your child.

(Yuki)「Is that so, take care. Millie」


Ah…. Herge-sama, Lulu-sama, I still had a grudge against you.
However, I would have never met him if not for you.
I was sorry for my younger Otouto1)弟 Younger Brother who passed away. But I don’t want to leave Yuki-san.
Because when I see the person that I have chosen, it makes me happy.
Dabrick was laughing, he was showing to all of us the beauty of life.

(Yuki)「Yosh, Millie is also joining us today. I will speak about today’s schedule. We will begin the training of the 300 new migrants. Most of the fairies already went to their respective workplace, so there’s no problem about that. If anything happens with the fairies, the Elder Naruja will gather them and contact us immediately. 」

(Naruja)「Yes, you can leave it to me. 」

Nodded Naruja-san.

(Yuki)「We have to give a lecture to the 300 people just like we have done with the fairies. The important matter is the number of people. There are many cases that won’t work well and I don’t want that to happen. But, I’m not impatient. Let’s do that carefully. Today we will issue the identification card. So if anyone mistakenly misses the issue, that person will be in trouble. I am more concerned about reliability than speed. 」

Everyone nodded.
Most of the facilities couldn’t be used without the identification card.
On the contrary, there was a possibility that you would be disposed of as an intruder.

(Yuki)「Then Millie, you have to do something different today. 」


(Yuki)「Millie, did you meet the members of the Adventurer Guild yesterday?」

(Millie)「Yes, my former colleagues. Weren’t they part of the immigrants?」

(Yuki)「No, they are definitely part of them. But their work is already decided. Well, if they don’t agree, I don’t mind them taking a different job. But they all followed me and said that they wanted to be part of the guild staff. Since they have already received their identification card, I want Millie, as their representative, to lead them to the adventurer district and establish the site. Every person has his strong point, you’d do much better than we would. Well, I want you to make official documents with reporting. 」

(Millie)「… Yes」

Chi, I couldn’t stay by Yuki’s side…
Now, I was going for my former job.

I was going to the adventurer district with my former colleagues.

(Kina)「Iyaa, Millie is safe!」

(Millie)「That’s right. Kina is alright too」

(Kina)「But this feeling is weird. Now Millie’s our boss. 」

(Guild Master)「Oioi, let me tell you, Millie. You’re having my former position. So you better listen properly. 」

(Kina)「Hue!? Seriously!?」

(Millie)「Yes, it’s true. But have you heard of the works in the management? From now on, I’ll be borrowing all of your help. And we will take all the important decision together. I’m not particularly putting on airs. I’m also not trying to deny anyone. I am also glad that the Guild Master wants to help. 」

(Guild Master)「But, I heard roughly that the purpose of this district has been entrusted to us. Can we really do such a thing?」

Asked the anxious Guild Master.

(Millie)「Master, are you dissatisfied with something? Even at that place, Master. You complained about our manners. And each time we had an interview with a Lord, you disagreed. 」

(Guild Master)「That was only an accident, however. It’s only when there was a mutual insistence that I was troubled. But to leave the management of the district to strangers like us. Ordinarily, you had to pay the land fee for the guild, there are also operating costs, otherwise, there’s no right to settle in a town.  But this town is unusual. Kina, did you know? This town has bath and luxury goods. If a person sees… No, any normal person would understand that this is a treasure trove. 」

(Millie)「Yes, but what’s wrong? Isn’t it just convenient and wonderful?」

(Guild Master)「That’s not it. If the division is entrusted to the wrong person. He can just kill Millie and the other representatives, take hostages and earn a fortune freely. 」

(Kina)「That… 」

Guild master brought up a problem that Yuki had already explained.
It was already fully proofed, though.

(Millie「Guild Master. About that, we already have a plan for the building we will use for the Adventurer Guild. I’m already undergoing training at the Training Field so please join me. I think you will understand. 」

(Guild Master)「Waa!? N-nonsense… The guardian appointment? Although I made these attacks with my everything, nothing is reaching. 」

(Millie)「Well, I still have my original level. So if Guild Master wanted to escape, I can’t beat you. 」

Then, I explained the Guardian Appointment, the Dungeon’s specificities, the weapon’s limitation, and different usages limitations. After that, we went to inspect various places.

(Guild Master)「Indeed, really. It’s impossible for me to do something to a representative directly. 」

However, Yuki-san has already thought of a way to escape when kidnapped2)She is talking about the ring he gave to each of the girls so that they can teleport away if they get caught.

(Millie)「Now everyone, please take a sit. I will now describe the Adventurer District. As I said, this is a town that is made together with everyone. I would like to listen to everyone’s opinion, I would like to do my best with everyone. So don’t hesitate to tell me. 」

I handed a copied map of the Adventurer District to everyone and explained
how were the facilities divided and about the other Districts. Such as the purpose of the Inn, the shops, the management, and the hospital.

(Guild Master)「I understand. When I saw the buildings, I wondered why they were so far away. But it’s for the future development, and to simplify the maintenance and the security. 」

(Millie)「Yes, as members of the Guild, we gather in the 「Management District」for lunch. Whereas we have some supplies including food, weapons, armors, and items for daily necessities in the「Shopping district」for adventurers. In the evening, people gather in the tavern either in the 「Inn District」or the「Shopping District」」

(Kina)「And it’s wonderful that the security is managed by monsters. It’s better because they don’t require any expenses for their labor. 」

(Guild Master)「Hey hey, won’t they turn against us? Demons were originally this Dungeon’s line of defense, they were from their own military circle. 」

(Kina)「That’s very unlikely. You can even hire those close to this area or use them for labor. 」

(Millie)「Yes. And after people gather in this place, the management will not work for itself anymore. We will lend out land to merchants so that they can open shops and inns. I think we will mainly manage the Adventurers Guild. Right. The Adventurers Guild. Something like a headquarter for adventurers. I will have you submit a tight report in this regard. 」

(Kina)「Ueh, something like that. It’s a lot. Millie’s amazing Ne~」

Kina was looking at the ceiling. She was somehow telling about her tiredness.
If I hadn’t studied with Yuki-san, Ellis and the others, I would probably be tired just like her.

(Guild Master)「Why Millie became a representative, I understand now. You seem to have studied quite a lot. I’m thanking Seraria for that. 」

(Millie)「Well, I’d like to move on to the next explanation, but before that, Yuki taught this knowledge, I thought I had to tell you so there is no mistake there」

(Guild Master)「Eh, is he a representative? Did Seraria-sama help the prince3)Ouji-sama?」

(Kina)「The prince4)Ouji-sama?」

That’s not true!! He stopped that scheme and rescued a princess from the castle!! So, what is your relationship with Yuki-san?」

(Millie)「I am Yuki-san’s concubine. 」

(Kina)「Uwa, is it not marrying for money of power!! I’m jealous!!」

(Millie)「 I’ll still retain any ill words I have toward you because you looked innocent. But the next time you’re hinting that I was seduced by his money and power, I will blow you up.」

(Kina)「Kidding, kidding. But then, should I have a go?」

(Millie)「That’s not really something to say. Well, I don’t intend to stop you Kina if you want to go. But if you’re after his money and power, Seraria-sama and his concubines, including me, will prevent you by all means. I guess Kina has already heard about the nine representatives and our goals. We can’t try to acquire power for our private interest. Everything has to be useful for the town. 」

(Kina)「Humm, I don’t really get what you’re saying. Yuki-san doesn’t look like he is a bad person. But Millie, you don’t look like you’re dedicating your everything. 」

(Millie)「That’s something you can’t say after we just met. When you don’t even know how hard is it to work for this place?」

(Kina)「I see. Can you cooperate if I seriously say I want to love Yuki?」

(Millie)「I do not know until that time comes. 」

(Kina)「Buu, but I also want a share of happiness!!」

As we discussed about Yuki, lunch time came close. So we decided with everyone to go to Super Lutz and buy bentos.
Ah, the distance between each floor was incredibly far away. But don’t worry. By using Transfert trap we could move around easily. Each block of each District was connected to others.
Unless you fail the inspection, time or distance wasn’t a problem.

(Guild MAster)「He-here, it’s unbelievable. 」

(Kina)「W-wow, what’s this? And what’s this?!?」

Everyone I had brought along was surprised as it was their first time seeing the big store.
No, they might have already seen something of this size. But never something like the inside.
They were even afraid of the automatic door.
I laughed involuntarily.
Yuki-san had often endured, didn’t he?
After all, Yuki-san is amazing. He is very gentle.
He doesn’t laugh at your ignorance. Instead, he teaches you.
And the most important. He isn’t lamenting but he moves forward.

Today, the 300 migrants were still eating inside the training school. They had yet to be used to this place since it was only their second day.
Now they were joined with the fairies. They were already in the midst of their meal.

(Fairy)「Welcome ~」

(Nana)「Ah, I’m one of the migrants who came yesterday. I’m called Nana. I look forward to working with you. 」

(Rock5)ロック could be translated as Rock or Lock. Since he’s a boy, he will be called Rock.)「Ah, you’re polite. I am serving as a Guild Master for the Adventurer Guild. I am Rock」

We were greeting with everyone. First was Nana and second the Guild Master.

(Fairy)「Ah, I understand. You are the people from the Adventurer Guild that Lutz-san told us about. So that means, have you heard about the shops from Millie-san?」

(Nana)「No, we still haven’t. If you don’t mind, could you explain?」

(Fairy)「Yes, please leave it to me!! Then, I will introduce you to Super Lutz」

Like that, Nana heard about Super Lutz… No about all of the shops.
Since you are paralyzed if you don’t go first at the cash register, there is no possibility of thievery. You have to put everything in your basket.

(Kina)「Hey Hey!! Millie, what’s this!? It’s cold!? I’m freezing!? How should I eat this!?」

(Millie)「Calm down Kina. This is frozen food. You can’t eat frozen food directly. You have to warm it in a microwave. you can do that at the Guild or in your house. 」

(Kina)「Eee!! Well, so what about this, and …… 」

(Millie)「Hey, Kina!! We have to work now, so leave that for a later meal. !」

We had that kind of exchange…

(Guild Master)「…… sorry」

The Guild Master Rock-san and the other representatives, with the exception of Kina, all lowered their heads to me.
They had shopping bags in both their hands.

(Millie)「Wa… Anyway, since there are frozen foods that you should be preserved in a refrigerated storage, we will return to the Guild with haste. We have a large refrigerator over there. 」

In a hurry, we returned to the guild, and we brought what we bought in the freezer and refrigerator.

(Kina)「Wow, this is delicious!!」

(Rock)「This whiskey is wonderful, it’s intense, but I like that!! What about you Millie, do you want some whiskey?」

(Millie)「Oh no!! Please don’t drink alcohol!! We’re at work. At work!!」

Oh, I wondered if I had to show them to their room in the residential area early today.
Already too late, they’d have to sleep within the Guild.
There’s no other choice but to use one of the rooms… How should I explain this to Yuki-san…….

I’m afraid it would be impossible for me to drink!!
Afterword of the author
From the viewpoint of Millie, the Adventurer District. was settled in motion.
The production of the Dungeon also starts.

What, don’t tell that to Millie, you say?

Oh, it’s a tragedy but that story has disappeared.
I wrote about 4000 characters and it’s all gone.
Now I’m trying to restore it with some changes.
I had lost my motivation but I managed to do it somehow.


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References   [ + ]

1. 弟 Younger Brother
2. She is talking about the ring he gave to each of the girls so that they can teleport away if they get caught
3, 4. Ouji-sama
5. ロック could be translated as Rock or Lock. Since he’s a boy, he will be called Rock.

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