Chapter 60 – The Holy Woman awakens

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Chapter 60 – The Holy Woman awakens.

side : Lulu

(Lulu)「Haa, Yuki-san. Somehow he is quite free.」

(Yuki)「……Suu1)Sleeping SFX


Especially right now, what could be the reason to lay down in sleep…

(Mauve)「Oh, ah. Yuki left me here alone, it seems that Seraria came yesterday to the Dungeon.」

(Lulu)「Hmm, is that so? Which reminds me, he did say that she would come after 15 days?」

(Mauve)「In addition, the fact that we’re protecting Lulu jou-chan shall remain silent. We cannot make contact carelessly hereafter. That’s why Yuki is probably thinking the same.」

(Lulu)「In that case, if he tells Seraria that he needs to help me, he can just let her in command of the Dungeon, she can bear the responsibilities…」

(Mauve)「About that. It’s because Yuki has to take care of Seraria, her guards, and the immigrants. It would be hard for him to watch over from here.」

Yuki-san who was lying beside me suddenly made a drowsy nod.
……. You’re very tired, right?


When I was looking at Yuki, the carriage shake and Yuki fell over, his head on my lap.

(Yuki)「Suu2)Sleeping SFX… Suu…」

(Lulu)「Why is his sleeping breathing so quietly? In various ways, I think that it suits him nicely.」

Yuki-san was 18 years old according to his confession.
I wanted to retort but failed.
I’m feeling like there’s something, so his 18 years old was probably a lie.
I’m certain that he was even younger than that.
Kiyu was really young, but Yuki was almost… like baby-faced.
Because right now, what I was seeing on my lap was a sleeping boy instead of a young man.
I stroked his head unconsciously.
I feel like I was stroking that black hair of Yuki in my sense though it was the head of Kiyu.

Yuki-san was full of wisdom. He was almost like a child but he nevertheless stretched out to save us?
You should have chosen to live quietly at the Dungeon. Yet, regardless of our mystery, you chose the thorny way. What made you do that?
That’s what I’m believing after all. Why? You could have used me to attend your lust, but you pushed me away?
If I was a hindrance, you could have hidden out of everyone’s eyes, so why?
From a political point of view, what you did was too sweet.
But in the end, you reached a point that would lead to profit and create a good condition for everyone.
Wasn’t the treat you sweetly administered wastefully wasted?
It was easy to say but very hard to do.

(Mauve)「But, when you’re watching his sleeping face, our leader seems to be a lie.」


(Mauve)「Jou-chan, are you leaving him like this?」

(Lulu)「Yes, it is okay」

Since more time was needed before he would wake up, I was thinking about how I could repay him later while stroking his head.



The carriage suddenly shook heavily and I raised my head.
Somehow, I seemed to have also fallen asleep.

(Yuki)「Suu4)Sleeping SFX… Suu…」


And somehow, I was hugging his head without knowing.
If you were to look from the side. Would we look like lovers?
Half of his head was hidden inside my large breasts, they were used as a pillow.

(Lulu)「Now, I am your older sister. So just for the time being, please stay as you are now」

For some reason, I tried to justify myself as I misunderstood him for my brother.
Now that I thought about it, when I was in the Dungeon, I couldn’t see his face because of Labiris and Lutz-san.
No, It was because I couldn’t afford to do that.
Because at that time, I was trying so hard to seduce him in order to survive.
Ah, I see. That’s because you can’t hold a woman just for the reason that she has a nice body.
At that time I had no worth.
I didn’t love Yuki-san. I didn’t want the dungeon to prosper. I didn’t want a child. The only reason I had done this was that I wanted to survive. Not for the country, not for my beliefs, but for myself.
Moreover, it was because of a condition.
I don’t think that I could have loved a child made because of this reason.
You can’t tell to a child that his birth had no meanings.
No, in this state, I might have suicided before I gave birth to a child.

When I was thinking about all that, Yuki-san, in the middle of my breasts, started to move.
To ascertain what was holding him, he rubbed and hit my chest with his hand.


A slightly embarrassed voice came out from me.

(Yuki)「Hmm. Ah, It’s Lulu’s boobs. Yes, rubbing them feels comfortable, they are stretching nicely. I like it ~.Anyway, thank you.I will return to sleep slowly.」

(Lulu)「…… Won’t you apologize after you rubbed a lady’s chest?」

(Yuki)「No, because Lulu’s holding me. In that case, you granted me the permission. And I praised them properly? I like them.」

(Lulu)「Well, it’s fine but, does “like” mean that you have interest in my body?」

(Yuki)「Well, you have a good body. Especially your chest. There should be only a few people who aren’t interested.」

(Lulu)「Then, can you be the one holding me next time?」

(Yuki)「Why are you asking that? Lulu is already a guardian of the Dungeon, so the story of what we just did is already gone. Lulu, because you are under the Guardian Appointment. You can’t leak a secret. Even if what we are going to do ends up in a failure, our secret is protected. And if it ends up in a success, then, Lulu will support the Dungeon. This isn’t a matter of borrowing and lending.」

Yes, it was true.

(Lulu)「What are you saying? I have already admitted publicly that I’m supporting Yuki-san’s Dungeon. That’s an unconditional matter that can’t be interfered with. At the very least, someone has to stay permanently in the Dungeon and watch over it.」

(Yuki)「Well, maybe so.」

(Lulu)「I think that I’m the only one suited for that. Am I not?」

(Yuli)「Well, I would be thankful if someone who knew of our internal matters could be stationed at home.」

As Yuki-san said, if a newcomer was sent to the Dungeon it would only bring troubles.
Even more, if he was a messenger of another country. When you find someone who could restrain from that, it’s really convenient.
In other words, I.
Along with my backers, I think that I had a nice leadership. I could completely monitor the Dungeon and help with its construction.
Because I could do it from a nice standpoint.

(Yuki)「But, what is your reason that you asked me to embrace you? I was not necessarily trying to entice you. But since Lulu has done it herself, it’s different.」

(Lulu)「What are you saying? I can more or less say that I was the one to assassinate Herge. No, but, I was at the top of the country which tried to assassinate Herge. That’s why, if I come to surveil your Dungeon, various frictions would be born. However, that wouldn’t happen if I married you, right? Even the position of the first concubine is fine for me. Besides, how do you think the neighborhood would see it?」

(Yuki)「…… It would be understood as an apology from the Holy Country Ritea. And, for the Dungeon… No, for the Rochelle, it would be equal as a holding an hostage. Because when it comes to the Dungeon, it would also count as confinement.」

(Lulu)「Yes, for the Holy Country Ritea, even if they are under the Holy Woman Alshtail-sama, since I was a former Holy Woman it would still bring various troubles..」

(Yuki)「Well, in the case that Lulu goes to the Dungeon, It would also be an apology for the assassination that only the elites of the upper level know. It would also halt any preparation Ritea could make to rise another political strife.」

(Lulu)「Yes. Furthermore, if Rochelle and Ritea try to stop my pregnancy, that would be yet another reason to turn my back against them.」

(Yuki)「….. It’s difficult to move in this continent. So if ever you become pregnant, it will be hard for you to move from your location for a time being. Of course, you won’t be able to take part in the politics of your country anymore. Even if you raise a child only for some time and return afterwards, they would say something like「Now what?」」

(Lulu)「Yes, so the noble who supports the country would raise the birthed child in the capital.」

(Yuki)「I understand the reasoning behind it, but as for the motive……」

(Lulu)「Yuki-san is the first to whom I showed such a figure.」

When I was prostrating myself on the ground before him, naked, and he took my breasts with both hands he… hentai desu5)You pervert


「Of course, it’s not just from a political point of view. I also want to eliminate the frustration from Millie-san and Kaya-san. And I would like to see with my own eyes the town that Yuki-san is raising. I also made a promise with Herge-sama. Or do you prefer it like this? Because of my ideal, I came to the country of Rochelle where I encountered an unfamiliar man who seduced and lured me into his Dungeon? Shaking his waist?」

(Lulu)「In general, you cannot choose who will be your partner for marriage. Especially for those who are at the top of a country, like me. But now, there is a man whom I want to choose. If I can have that person’s child, I’m sure that I will love him from the bottom of my heart. Now, can I hear your answer?」

(Yuki)「Huh … please do it. For now, as a premise, protect your abdomen tightly until we come back. Because with the current body I have at this side, I’m too young to have a child.」

(Lulu)「Yes, I have to survive without fail. Fufufu… My motivation grows. Will you help too, my husband?」

(Yuki)「Aren’t you too quick? What am I supposed to do……」

(Lulu)「Love is something unreasonable. But, if you make this kind of remark in front of Labiris and Lutz you’d be beaten you know?」


(Lulu)「You’re too thickheaded. No, are you doing it on purpose? 「What is good about Yuki-san?」Haven’t you already heard the answers from them?」

(Yuki)「What is it?」

(Lulu)「Everything about you is lovely. I won’t allow you, my dear, to deny that.」

Yuki-san was surprised at what I said and he tried to avoid my eyes.

(Yuki)「Eto, I don’t want to be called a womanizer……」

(Lulu)「What’s up now? I won’t allow that.」

(Yuki)「What are you saying?」

(Lulu)「Everything about you is lovely, I won’t forgive you if you deny that. The one who pushed my back when I was lost. You can’t be menial now, please, for me!!」

I fully stretched Yuki’s cheek with all my strength.
Oh, it was the body of Kiyu. I am sorry.
Afterword of the author
Lulu’s political opinion has overwhelmed Yuki for the first time.
Well, that’s a sweet proposal to Yuki that he should use her until the end.

However, if you look from the side of the other brides, angry waves will surge!!
Although each has their reason.

Both Lulu and Seraria are involved with a political pretext.
The reason Lulu had fallen in love isn’t too light, right?I think many people would believe it.
Because if you think about it. Yuki has helped her until now… So when you have to choose between the supportive Yuki and a complete stranger it’s normal to fall in love.
For Lulu, Yuki is good.
Love is like a pattern from the future. 6)??? what is author saying I don’t understand xD


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