Chapter 62 – The one who can’t read the air

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Chapter 62 – The one who can’t read the air

Side: Mauve

There are lots of unreasonable things in the world.
Amongst them were these guys in front of me.

(Yuki)「Oh, yes yes. I guess he’s right?」

Right now, Alshtail… The current Holy Woman was raiding the hardliners alongside Yuki.

At this point, the hardliners were almost all destroyed.

By the way, a soldier from Ritea had been caught by Yuki when they were in the process of investigating Lulu’s assassination. He then confessed (No harm was done to the soldier in the process) about whom investigated the assassination. They were someone Alshtail had already looked over.
And, the shreds of evidence were found easily and Lulu was still alive. She stated that she had survived the assassination.

The one who had the biggest achievement in that wasn’t Lulu. It was Kovil who made a promise of friendship.
They had to acknowledge that, if Lulu received any harm, the relationship with the fairies would worsen
Even the nobles who wanted to silence Lulu couldn’t stay still before the profit.

So, the hardliners tried to break the two Holy Women in their last hope for survival.
And one of them told that everything hadn’t happened without reason.

「You cannot save the citizens of the Holy Country with the current policies!! Rather, did you know!? Many children don’t have any food today!! If there is no money, you can only watch your family dying!! Now if faith cannot save something important, then I don’t need it!! This is the largest city on this continent!! More than 10 000 people are starving, and the only thing faith brought to them is to plunder their money!! They don’t even know for what, but they donate!? Their donations shouldn’t turn into your luxurious meals!! It is not made for extravagance!!」

A young man in front of us said that.
Well, I guess he was right…
That didn’t change the fact that we got involved.

(Hardliner 1)「…… I understand where you’re coming from. However, in an attempt to defend your cause, you assassinated Herge and almost killed Lulu. The countries of Rochelle and Galtz almost broke up into war. What would happen in that case? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions of deaths?」

(Hardliner 2)「…… I understand. But, it’s better than having this policy here all the time. If we could use the war’s distraction, we would have saved all the rest of the world. 」

(Yuki)「In other words, when you don’t have a method you start a fight and take lives?」

(Hardliner 1)「That’s right!! As we are right now… A lot of children, in the land near the castle, are starving. Have you heard? There’s almost no food distributed there? Somewhere an idiot is stockpiling in his pocket. In that case, why can’t we purify the top of our country ourselves?」

Oh, this guy…

(Hardliner 1)「What do you know? In desperation to get by tomorrow, my sister opened her hips to an unknown man to the point of becoming pregnant. Yet she raised her child carefully. But since her donation was small, and her body was weak, they both died!! My sister was crying!! I couldn’t help the child!! I ran around desperately, but being a child too, no one gave me any work. !」

… They’re everywhere. But this one was his story.
So he was working hard, desperately trying.
The two Holy Women, bewildered by the story, closed their eyes.
Well, that’s because they had grown up sheltered.

(Hardliner 1)「I was crying. I was holding my elder sister and her child’s remain. Some nice guy came over and helped me bury them. Oh, you’d say that it was not some proper funeral. But for me, it was a respectable funeral. And even so, there are less and less friendly guys like this one. Do you know why? There’s NO FOOD!」

「…… 」

(Hardliner 1)「Shut up!! What were you doing at that time!! Don’t tell me that you were training, studying your talent as a maiden!! That you didn’t even have any food to divide with us!! Are you a fool?!! Now I don’t need an apology, it won’t change anything!! I will cut your neck and drop it within everyone’s grave! And I will make a country where we can all live!! Otherwise, what’s the meaning? My sister died. Everyone died… Why I survived?」

Mou, stop it already.
I moved forward one step.

(Mauve)「I sympathize with your circumstances. But because of you, I have lost my family. The jou-chans in the back don’t know, but isn’t that a reason good enough to kill you?」

(Hardliner 1)「… Well. But I can’t afford to die here. There is something I have to do. There will be plenty of them. I will build your graves properly unlike others. 」

We both pulled our swords and got into position.
Oh, I understood, he was amazing.
He was actually stronger than me.
I wonder if he maddened because he was at the doorstep of his death.
But there was no reason why I couldn’t beat him.

Looking at him, I saw an opening and…

(Yuki)「Oh, yes yes. I guess he’s right?」

I slipped.
Th-that bastard.
Why couldn’t he take this seriously!?

(Yuki)「In other words, If all the refugees in Ritea can be saved, you’ll stop the fight here?」

No, that was impossible, something like this……

(Hardliner 1)「Such a thing is impossible. Even if the Holy woman calls for it, they can at best survive for 2 or 3 months. There’s almost nothing in the treasury except for that. Us… No we want a happy country that protects us from starving. I know it is an ideal. But it will do better than the current situation. 」

Oh, he responded seriously
Stop it, you can’t argue with Yuki, he’s unreasonable.
Alshtail probably didn’t understand what he means, but Lulu was on the verge of fainting.
Curse and Raija, trying to escape the reality, were looking at the window.
Wow, the hands holding the sword, were they shaking?

(Yuki)「Your name?」

(Crack)「That’s not a way to call out. Well, whatever. I am Crack. And he’s Dest. 」

The man who was previously trying to attack bowed slightly.

(Yuki)「Ok. You come under me, now. I’ll resolve your problem but it’s time-consuming. Quickly. Rather than whiny lose with the Holy Women. 」

Wow, I had a bad hunch.

(Crack)「What do you mean? Like I said, it’s impossible. 」

(Yuki)「No, please hear me out onii-san. Recently my economy is booming. And I’m kinda short of hands there. Don’t worry onii-san. No matter how many people you say, it’s fine. Yes, but I just need 1 or 2 months to prepare. So can you cooperate with the Holy Women?」

Thus, Yuki looked at Alshtail and Lulu jou-chan.

(Alshtail)「Yu-Yuki, what stupid things are you saying. Of course, we heard the stories earlier… But they’re not a reason to help them out. Well, let’s say we help them. But, Yuki. What you are saying is a delusion. First, even if such a place exists, the time of the travel will cost huge expenses. And, from the story we just heard, it doesn’t look like they have any energy to spare. 」

Alshtail naturally disagreed.
Yes, that was that. Everyone would think the same when they don’t know Yuki.

(Yuki)「Do you think the same Lulu?」

Wow, how can you ask such a disgusting question to a miserable face.

(Lulu)「…… Y-you, how far can you be soft hearted?」

Oh, was she saying that he was soft hearted?
Hey, who was she talking about?
That choice was a bit stupid. Nevertheless, wasn’t it a spectacular move?
Now that the immigrants from Rochelle had come, the Dungeon was earning a lot of DP.
Next, he needed more manpower to extend the city.
But since this place was so far away, it couldn’t be carried off.
Oh, was I right?
There was something I understood but also something I didn’t.

(Yuki)「Is it no good? Lulu?」

(Lulu)「…… Absolutely, let’s have a talk afterward. 」

(Yuki)「Yes yes」

Just like that, a conversation was established between the two persons. Lulu took a breath and said.

(Lulu)「Yuki’s proposal, this Lulu here is warrant. If you cooperate, the people you want to save the most will be rescued. Seems like you want it? For your friends desperately living at the land near the castle. 」

(Crack)「Yes, but I can’t believe it. although it doesn’t look like this guy is lying… 」

At that moment, when he was worried whether lowering his sword or not, his sword suddenly broke.

(Yuki)「Well, it is already troublesome, so either you believe me or you’ll end like that sword. You have 10 seconds. 」

(Crack )「What!?」

Crack was surprised, but he couldn’t move his sword.
Ah, but his sword was broken. Yuki broke it, of course.
But that method, truly one sided.
Mou, all members were speechless.

(Yuki)「8… 7…… 」

The countdown started nonetheless.
Too ruthless.
Kovil was shaking, she embraced Lulu.

(Yuki)「5… 4…… 」

From the time 5 was reached, the building 1)yes, they were in a building and not ambushed on the road started shaking. Cracks could be seen on Crack’s armor.

「Oi Crack. Quickly agree!! After the countdown, you’ll become dust!!」

Mou, Crack was no longer an enemy. He became a victim that needed to be rescued.

(Crack)「O-okay!! I believe, I believe in what you said!!」

Mou, neither the Holy Woman nor Crack held the initiative.
The one whom held it…..

(Yuki)「Then, since we need a gate, let’s make a Dungeon here. 」

…Was the tyrannical and capricious Dungeon Master.
Not good, my stomach was hurting.
When we return, I’d have to drink Cabagin 2)Medecine for stomach pain

Afterword of the author
Yes, he did not read the air.
Because he can move freely, Yuki simply breathed in and out.


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1. yes, they were in a building and not ambushed on the road
2. Medecine for stomach pain

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