Chapter 66 – Give us money?

Chapter 66 – Give us money?

side: Yuki, real name: Kazuya Torino

(Seraria)「Then, maybe we can accept around 400 to 500 people a week?」

(Lutz)「Yes, thank you for that. The way of screening will be the same as before….. 」

(Crack)「Yes, let me and Dest be the intermediary. 」

Well, after the lunch break I was studying the future schedule.
Oh, do you think Ritea would come to attack?
Fufufu, those worries are unnecessary.
Now Ritea was directly connected to the Dungeon.
While I was moving by carriage toward Ritea, I watched for the chance to make a relay point for the Dungeon.
This Dungeon was a way to join that place.
Through the gate, I connected the Dungeon to the Cathedral’s Dungeon.
Furthermore, The gate in the Ritea’s Dungeon had strict requirement, you couldn’t pass unless you were a representative and you had a specific item.
So, even if Ritea attacks, they can only say goodbye at the Dungeon’s relay point.
However, because of the Dungeon’s field effect, magic power and skills couldn’t be released, so the possibility of a problems arising is almost none.
The ones guarding the relay point at the new Dungeon were the Blood Minotaur from the former one and Orcs..
Well, as they were free, they were usually only doing field labor.
No, they liked tomatoes so they had begun to raise them with pleasure.
The Orcs seemed to be pleased since the place looked like their homeland.

The Dungeon was around 4 square kilometers, with a farm and the gate.
Someday, the Dungeon will be filled with good vegetables!! My followers were especially motivated.
What a wonderful farming soul, but weren’t you basicaly carnivorous? Being able to eat vegetables, you were omnivorous!!
Oh, I also had the revised pill bug plow the field. The revised pill bug had a big success here!!
By the way, the blood minotaur was 「Mino-chan」, and the leader of the orcs was 「John」.
The one who named the monsters was Aslin.
It’s not that they would become stronger with a name. But Aslin would be sad. So I left her with the naming.
By the way, all the new monsters now had received a name from Aslin.
I can’t remember all of them, because they are more than 1000 of them. But she could remember all of them. Does she have talents as a monster tamer or something?

I couldn’t remember the names, but according to Mauve, the 「Named monsters」 were stronger than normal ones. But looking at Aslin, it was unlikely.
In other words 「It didn’t become strong because it has a name」but「It was strong so it was named」.
Because, the Blood minotaur was already level 96 when he had received a name so he already had ridiculous strength.
And the moment Aslin had said 「Mino-chan」it had appeared into its status so I think the monster himself accepted the name.

…… However, I had no spare time.

(Lutz)「….. Then, let’s talk about the aid funds for this time, we will receive no less than 10 000 people. I’m sorry in advance for the huge amount I’ll be asking. When Seraria-sama came to our place, she brought 400 white gold coin for management’s operation. There are 355 people. Moreover, with this amount, it’s impossible to arrange a residence for all of them. That’s why, I would like to have no less than 20 000 white gold coins. 」

(Alshtail)「Please wait a minute!? That amount is not possible!! That is one tenth of the annual national budget. Such an amount….. 」

(Seraria)「Ara, Alshtail. You’re ignoring your opponents. I wonder if you want Galtz and Rochelle at the same time?」

(Alshtail)「Seraria-sama… I insist for that amount, but war, that’s something that must not happen, definitely. Was it not something Seraria-sama wanted?」

(Seraria)「Ah, whatever. You don’t care. Here I am trying to find the best plan to save your people from starvation, but here it’s just impossible. What to say? I can go to the other Dungeon and crush Ritea in one go? It seems that it’s just under the cathedral. Shall I take control at once? Alshtail, I think you are misunderstanding something. The only thing you have to think about is how you are going to convince Ritea. 」

(Alshtail)「Ug….. 」

(Seraria)「If you can persuade Ritea, you can live your future without problem. If they don’t accept, your status in Ritea is already insignificant. 」

I was dozing off as the conspicuous representative Seraria was doing the negotiations. But don’t go on a rampage Seraria.
Alshtail was desperately resisting, but she wasn’t in the position right now.
With the matter of Herge as a shield, all the foreign countries would become their enemies at once.
And as Seraria said, the Dungeon could easily become a problem for them.
Well, our actual request was a bit unreasonable.
Because they’d be relieved that the refugees who left from other countries would be transported here.
But then, moving 20 000 white gold as a mean of aid and support.
Alshtail had no choice but to nod before the dual meaning of Herge and the Dungeon. But the upper echelon of Ritea wouldn’t be convinced that easily without seeing the actual place.
Then, do we reach for the compromising point?

(Yuki)「… Fumufumu, Seraria. The upper echelon of Ritea won’t be convinced so easily. So why don’t we let them have the time to look over the request?」

(Alshtail)「What, you called Seraria-sama without honorifics!? You rude person!!」

(Seraria)「The rude person is you Alshtail. What’s wrong with a husband dropping honorifics when addressing his wife?」

(Alshtail)「Hu- husband!?」

Oh, right, she only saw Kiyu out there, so Alshtail didn’t know that I was the genuine one.
I had totally forgotten.

(Yuki)「That was rude of me. I am Seraria’s… Fiancé… 」


(Yuki)「… I meant husband. I am Yuki. 」

(Alshtail)「Eh, you have the same name as Yuki-san?」

(Yuki)「No, his real name his Kiyu, he is my otouto1)Younger brother born from another mother. Since this time was special, I had the best fighting power go out. Regarding the name, it’s for safety. 」

Well, how could my lie come out so readily?
Kiyu’s status were high, in this Dungeon, he was one of the 10 strongest.
It was because I could only reveal my hands bit by bit.

(Yuki)「With this my explanations aren’t over. This time, let’s talk about how you will convince the highest level of Ritea. 」

(Alshtail)「…… What do you mean?」

(Yuki)「Here is what I meant. The upper echelon will not be convinced that you are going to spend a lot of money to save the children, so they won’t consent. And to convince them, we will use the testimony of Seraria and Alshtail-sama. 」

(Alshtail)「That’s right. 」

(Yuki)「So, how about you say that to the opponent who cannot be convinced? 「I decided to negotiate with Seraria. A party of the opposition should be ready to capture the Dungeon at a fixed date. 」」

(Seraria)「Well, that’s a good idea. With that we would incidentally take care of the garbages from Ritea, right?」

(Alshtail)「Well, that’s … 」

(Yuki)「In this way, the opponents who can’t be convinced would notice their recklessness and will prioritize their survival. With this, the aid will be decided, and the costs in military expenses can be cut down, don’t you think it’s wonderful?」

(Alshtail)「I, I’m afraid that if I step out of my place in Ritea, I would get caught… 」

(Yuki)「That’s why, if I put Kiyu as your escort, I don’t think it will be a problem. How is Kiyu compared to the talents of Ritea?」

(Kiyu)「Umm, I felt like I didn’t see anyone that could compare to me. That being the case, someone up to Delille-san is even out of question. Of course Nii-san as well. 」

(Alshtail)「Wait!? Kiyu-san isn’t the strongest!?」

(Yuki)「No, he has the greatest war potential? But I haven’t told you that someone had the highest class here?」

(Seraria)「Fufufu…. Alshtail. Stop haggling about my husband’s partner. And also, there is not only a disadvantage in stepping back, but don’t you think that there is a lot of advantages too?」

(Yuki)「Ara, did it come to light?」

(Alshtail)「What do you mean?」

(Yuki)「The one together with Lulu, Kovil. 」

(Kovil)「Fue, me?」

(Yuki)「No, we’re not just talking about Kovil who is drinking cola and eating cookies, but the whole tribe. 」

(Alshtail)「The fairies!?」

Alshtail noticed what I wanted to say.

(Yuki)「That’s what it is, exchanges with the fairies through Lulu. In other words, if you have this gate, you can easily obtain items from the Fairies. Of course, you can also export items you see in the Dungeon. 」

(Alshtail)「I understand, people are bad. What I wanted to mention first…… 」

(Yuki)「It’ll be a problem if you get confused. I’d like to show you that we stand at the top, and we can easily crush your fighting power. 」

(Alshtail)「…… Why?」

(Yuki)「Seraria said it, but in this place where the residents live for other residents. A silly person with strange thoughts isn’t welcome here. If the negotiations are bloodless, then the probability that the silly person who doesn’t know of our force comes here is very high. 」

(Alshtail)「… Do you want to shed blood?」

(Yuki)「It would be certainly more reliable than going bloodless. This is only a suggestion of what would happen if the law isn’t followed. Well, think of it as an upfront investment. There’s a high possibility that going bloodless would bring yet another political strife and dissatisfaction. That’s why, it’s a necessity to show Alshtail our strangeness so that we can prevent blood from flowing. 」

(Alshtail)「So in the end, soldiers will die. 」

(Yuki)「It’s my job to reduce that as much as possible. It’s to persuade the silly persons that challenging me is stupid. 」

(Alshtail)「…… Understood」

Alshtail muttered with disappointment.
There are a lot of things that she doesn’t know, and yet she tries to worry about the world?

After this it was discussed how Alshtail will talk with the upper echelon in the same way.
Well, I hope the sacrifices would decrease.
But if they decreased too much, I guess I would somehow end up dissatisfied
Then, I should go ahead and prepare the traps.

Oh, there was the Dungeon’s field too… Let’s pray that it wouldn’t get destroyed.
Afterword of the author
So, a battle will be performed at the Dungeon after a long time.
Now, the beginning of the carnival!!


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1. Younger brother

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  1. Yuki and Seraria and quite brutal indeed.

    Basically, in 9rder to secure the funds needed for the incremental immigration by Ritea, quell any idiots from screwing with the Dungeon, and show all that off in one go… they proposed a bait n switch whose goal is like teaching kids fire is hot by holding their finger to a lit candle.

    Harsh, but you’ll get the point.

    Ideally, words would be nice, but not realistic.
    Rochelle learned that the hard way when they lost 1/4 of their 2000 troops… while Seraria watched. And all with pitfalls.

    This time…
    – His town is up and running with DP flowing.
    – Yuki’s got uber loyal wives and partners
    – His m9nsters are smart AND strong…. well versed in military styled suppressions.
    – He has Kiyu and Delille… Just having a Lvl. 400+ Demon King hottie is unfair enough.

    Yeah, Ritea should sh7t up and give Yuki the money… but, that’s why this has to be done.
    Ah, and having Lulu’s aid by wsy of the Fairy Tribe is just too much of a hook to refuse.

    All the Holy Maiden Alshtail can do is agree… I almost feel bad for her this Ch… almost.

    • Herge Lulu and then Alshtail were all used by Yuki one way or another.

      I feel bad for them, why didn’t they leave already?
      Especially Herge, I don’t like here one bit x)

      • Well, Yuki is a kind person at heart… so he won’t abandon someone in need easily, especially right in front of him.

        Also, the relationships between them, intention aside, are roited in Give and Take.

        This is because national politics are involved.

        In the case of Rochelle, Herge serves as a legitimate means to not mess with Yuki and his Dungeon while Seraria is, at least on paper, is driving the Dungeon’s affairs in a direction that benefits Rochelle… which won’t happen.
        There’s also the isssue of using her Death and martyrdom as a Holy Maiden to prevent a 3 way war because of Ritea’s internal bullshit. There’s also the fact that he’s married to Seraria and promised Rochelle’s King to look after her in exchange for writing her off for the country. It’d be too cruel to abandon her imo.

        As for Lulu, all that can be traced, again, to Ritea’s internal strife. This was made worse because of Herge’s attempted, and presumed successful, assassination. Their “success”, along with Lulu being more or less retired, emboldened the opposition, who supported Ashtail, to move to get rid of her too. Now, his actions later were to both shock and wake up Herge and Lulu as to how best to clean up their own mess.

        Along the way, he earned the Fairy tribe’s loyalty by both saving them and sheltering them… but tied that debt to Lulu in the form of a pact. Giving her a real powerful card to play to stabilize Ritea.

        Ashtail, was just easy to manipulate because she’s young and sheltered. Plus Ritea is really at fault for ALL of this. He needs to make an example to permantly shut them up.

        Now, if you’re familiar with Machiavelli, then this looks like a good case of purging political opponents and the effective use of fear and cruelty.

        This is a medieval era world, so this method is the surest method to deal with the root of the problem while ensuring the most long term loss of life in the future. Plus, Seraria has a grudge against Ritea for using Herge to instigate war and then assassinate her…. Somebody has to pay for that.

        But ultimately, Yuki is just too nice… nice enough that he’ll easily become a monster in the eyes of his eneemies.

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