Chapter 67 – The wife tends to prefer battles

Chapter 67 – The wife tends to prefer battles

Side: Seraria

(Seraria)「Now, let’s show our strength to those fools!!」


A roar rose as I shouted.
Before our eyes was the opposition for trading from the Holy Country Ritea’s side.
I decided to catch all of them, those 5000 foolish people.

(Kur)「Tell them about Seraria’s unit. Show the pride of our force!! Here are 30 people and 150 demons. But this is the main unit!! Show them our strength, to those monks of Ritea!!」

Kur further encouraged the troops.

We’re the defense unit of this dungeon’s relay point of 4 square kilometers inside the Holy Country Ritea and we were now about to start the hostilities.
In this battlefield, there was no support from Yuki ‘s traps.

Because I judged that I would receive criticism if I didn’t crush them from the front.
As I said, we would fight fairly and win.
As I said, we would fight without the Dungeons help and win.
And so on. The idiots who tried to escape reality found stupid excuses. Such as……

(Ritea’s commander)「She is Seraria!! Arrest her!! After all, the strengths of this woman are just exaggerated rumors!!」

The barking idiot who led 500 people started his advance.
He had some nerves.

(Delille)「Well, Seraria. What shall I do? Shall I stay idle before that idiocy?」

(Seraria)「Delille, nothing will happen here. Aslin and Philia. You should go over there and help their team. Because it’s the end if someone without the Guardian Appointment is caught. 」

(Delille)「Aslin and Philia already have Yuki. Shall I look at the whereabout of Ellis’s group?」

Currently one of the highest strength in the Dungeon. Delille leisurely crossed in front of the enemies.
Mauve’s group had a status of adventurers, but in this battlefield, they acted as hired.
They also had lost their family because of those idiots.
They are under the Guardian Appointment so the three of them should probably be okay.

But, why was Delille crossing in front of the enemies?

(Ritea’s commander)「Capture that woman!! It’s an offer that everything might become free in the Dungeon!! I promise 3 white gold coins to anyone who can present that woman before me!!」

Oh, not good.
Therefore, after the words of the commander, the enemies swarmed toward Delille.

(Delille)「Haha low-life!! If you want to be of Mine company, I hope you can be a bit gentler!!」

Delille, with her washed pure white dress, clenched her fist.
She then jumped beautifully and neatly disappeared in the middle of the enemy line.

(Seraria)「We’re unlucky!? Follow Delille!! If we don’t hasten…… 」

Doing so, I rushed my troops…


From the spot where Delille landed, enemy soldiers flew in the air.
Mou, she’s simply a monster, to blow humans like that.

(Ritea’s commander)「Wha-what’s going on!?」

The foolish commander was surprised.
The led soldiers who didn’t understand what was going on stopped on the spot.

(Ritea’s commander)「Foolish people!! Don’t halt in the battlefield or I’ll take your neck!!」

I finally reached the enemies and began slashing the soldier’s necks as I ran through.

(Kur)「Follow Seraria!! As you can see, our enemies are mere soldiers!! Don’t forget the training you had everyday in the Dungeon!!」

Kur also led the troops as we annihilated the crowd.

(Seraria)「Hey hey!! Where’s your authority from a while ago!!」

I accelerated, dashing forwards with my sword.
Still, it was different than my former sword.
This sword was a supreme one. With all the knowledge Yuki brought regarding Japanese swords, and thanks to the fairies adding enchants to it, the sharpness and durability were to another level1)this is not a katana but a western sword with katanas forging techniques, something like a Damascus steel sword.

(Ritea’s captain)「Ku!? Put the shields in front!! Don’t play around!!」

A man who seemed to be a small captain ordered instructions to his subordinate and pushed his shield in front of me.

(Seraria)「That’s judgment… not bad!!」

I put my hand on the other sword that was hanging at my waist.
My beloved sword leaned on the ground as I unsheathed the Katana.
Yuki told me the fastest swordsmanship unique to Japanese swords.
And this katana was the best sword to match this swordsmanship.
Infusing magic in the sword, the enchant that was akin to lightning increased the sharpness of the sword. There was almost nothing that I couldn’t cut. !

(Ritea’s captain)「She’s striking!! Surround Seraria with your shield!! Skewer her with the spears… eh?」

I was returning the katana to its sheath and grabbed once again my beloved sword that was on the ground.

(Ritea’s commander)「You guys, how…… !!?」

Suddenly, a sound echoed.
Looking back, 5 to 6 shield and two dead bodies were lying on the ground.

(Seraria)「I feel bad but I don’t have the time to explain. I need to hurry or Delille will have the biggest part of the cake. 」

With a single slash, I cut down the opponent who had yet to grasp the current situation.
All the soldiers who saw the scene uniformly distanced themselves from me.

(Seraria)「That’s not like me to kill enemies who aren’t motivated. But you won’t live to see another day. 」

Thus, I thrusted into another enemy again.
I was merciless, even to those who ran away.

…… For all my people who grieved and felt sadness!!
Those foolish persons of Ritea who associated themselves with Loire and tried to instigate a war.
I had no reason to leave any of them alive!!

(Delille)「Geez, thou caught up Seraria. 」

(Seraria)「Seriously. I would have never thought that you could act this way. 」

(Delille)「What art thou talking about? Trying to help the others, I was intercepted. 」

As we went forward, we finally caught up with Delille.
There was no one standing around Delille.

(Ritea’s commander)「Yo- you bastard, who are you!? Seraria is enough, this is nonsense!!?」

The barking commander from earlier cursed here.
If you had that leisure, you’d better watch your surroundings and begin thinking of retreat.
From the 500 people of the enemy’s vanguard, only 50 remained.

(Delille)「Thou art irresponsible. Thou cannot seest. Because I am the Demon King. 」

(Ritea’s commander)「Idiot, don’t be ridiculous!! Why would the Demon King stand for Rochelle!! The only things aimed by the Demon King is destruction!!」

(Delille)「Cutest thee comedy, I do not have to answer thou request. 」

On Delille’s temple could be seen a blue vein.
I had already heard her circumstances, but she was no different than an ordinary girl.


At that moment, after she had announced her status, Delille used her skills to annihilate the rest of the soldiers altogether.
Leaving none behind except the commander.

(Delille)「Hey, thou opponent, princess Seraria hath arrived. I have cleansed the area. Even though thine neck art easy to take, The morals of I are still there. 」

She brought the beaten commander before me.

(Ritea’s commander)「Guh… 」

The disgraceful commander was clumsily rolled to my foot.

(Seraria)「Stand up. Or else I’ll kill you.」

(Ritea’s commander)「Don’t be haughty!! Even if that woman’s level is high, my level is high too!! My level 49 will bring me victory…… 」

The later words didn’t come out.
Because his neck was slashed.
I leisurely returned my sword to its scabbard.

(Seraria)「Oh right. My level is 122. 」

Whether my voice reached the slashed neck or not, his eyes opened with a look of surprise.
While you guys did nothing, we had leisurely leveled
Regardless of skills, you were already far behind.
And everything was thanks to Yuki.
Well, my ability had gone too high, it took me a while to adapt.

(Kur)「Seraria killed the enemy general!!」


A roar rose from my unit.

(Seraria)「What damage did our unit receive?」

(Kur)「Ah, three heavily and 5 lightly injured. 」

(Seraria)「The severely injured have to retreat from the battlefield. They have to receive treatment. The persons with lighter injury can recover with a potion. 」


The messenger disappeared backward.
Well, how should we move from now on?

(Delille)「Seraria? The enemy finally moved their main force. 」

(Seraria)「That’s right. They wouldn’t expect that their vanguard would be annihilated in such a short amount of time. 」

(Delille)「On the road to Ellis’s group I shall go. Mine utmost worry is about them. 」

(Seraria)「Oh, you aren’t worried about my husband?」

(Delille)「What is there to worry about? Since even I can’t be his opponent?」

When she said that, Delille flew towards Ellis’s group.

(Kur)「What should we do Seraria-sama? Should we await the next confrontation?」

Kur asked for future plans.

(Seraria)「Generally, a defense shouldn’t move to meet its opponent. But what do you think Kur? Looking at the result from the previous battle, and watching the 5000 veterans in front of us?」

(Kur)「Ha, I’m not afraid. They are our enemies. 」

(Seraria)「What is your reason?」

(Kur)「That’s thank to Seraria-sama, Delille, the left wings with Ellis’s group and Your husband Yuki on the right wing. How shall we worry about defeat?」

(Seraria)「Alright. The directives!! Well, how did you use that?」

I tried to remember how to use the radio I borrowed from Yuki.

(Seraria)「….. Let’s see, what if I press that…… 」

(Seraria)「… Etto, this way?」

(Seraria)「Yes, with that I can speak with him… 」

(Seraria)「The directives. The enemies began their march so we are advancing in their direction!! I’ll crush them head on!!」

When I spoke that as I pushed the radio’s button, and answer rapidly came.

(Ellis)『Here is Ellis from the left wing. Understood. We are ready to march any time. 』

(Lutz)『Seraria-sama, that’s fine. What about your damages? I have the feeling that you won…… 』

The question came from Lutz.
Oh, it’s bad, bad.
I had to report it properly and raise the morale.

(Seraria)「I forgot to mention. There is no damage to the main unit!! There are a few injured, but no deaths!! It’s our victory!!」


Roars echoed from the radio.
Yosh, it was fine now.

(Seraria)「Then, what about the right wing?」

(Yuki)『There is no problem. Seraria and Delille met the vanguard first. Are you alright?』

(Seraria)「Oh, are you worried about me?」

(Yuki)『It’s natural. There is nothing like absolute safety in this world. Don’t be overconfident. If you think it’s dangerous, back up quickly. ? Originally, I could finish things by myself…… 』

(Seraria)「About that, haven’t I explained everything properly?」

(Yuki)『Well, I know. That’s why I brought this fight. Just as you said Seraria, we are ready to move forward and crush the enemy troops. 』

(Philia)『Seraria Onee-chan!! It was amazing!! It was cool!!』

(Aslin)『Seraria ane-sama!! That was really cool!!』

『… Seraria’s amazing. 』

Following the voice of Yuki, I heard the voices of the cute Imouto2)Little sister.

(Seraria)「Thank you. Don’t overdo it you two, okay? Listen to Labiris and Yuki. 」


(Seraria)「Yuki be careful, do not let those two be injured. 」

(Labiris)『No needs to tell me. 』

(Yuki)『Leave it to me. 』

I turned the radio off.
After that, I just waited for the signal to advance.

(Kur)「Seraria-sama. Let’s announce the march. 」

Kur said to me and returned to the back.
Now, the real things would start.

(Seraria)「Tell the whole army!! March forward the enemies and begin the main battle!! After we start. 『Annihilate』at your own judgment!!」


Be prepared, fool.
I was ready to completely crush you!!
Afterword of the author
Seraria is rushing forward.
Delille’s dignity seems to be satisfied.
Yuki was satisfied with the current data.

Still, it was just the beginning of the battle.


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References   [ + ]

1. this is not a katana but a western sword with katanas forging techniques, something like a Damascus steel sword
2. Little sister

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  1. You’ve gotta feel sorry for the enemy on this one, I mean, the dungeon army is over leveled, has Radio and a demon king thrown in for kicks lol

    • Why feel sorry for greedy pricks?

      Personally, pitying idiots iz a waste of time.

      They should either retreat, or obediently die and become DP.
      Those are the ONLY 2 options they have.

        • Following orders is just what soldiers do. That doesn’t make them any less guilty as the people who ordered them. If they were really virtuous, then they’d either refuse, die for their principles, or surrender. That’s it.

          Feeling sorry for them, or thinking they aren’t any less greedy despite being complicit to invading the Dungeon, is frigging nonsense.

          At the very least, their commanders are greedy scum. The dialogue and attitudes pretty much made that clear.

          They still cbose to follow orders, still chose to desire the riches in the dungeon, and chose to try to grab women as trophies… Greedy pricks.
          They deserve their fate if they don’t surrender.

          • Most soldiers have families to provide for, so the situation is not as black and white for them, and the spoils are only for the top brass, the rank and file aren’t going to get a drop of it, and feeling pity for a group of people that are between a rock and a hard place, makes plenty of sense to me.

          • And all that crap doesn’t matter when you actively participate in military engagements.

            Sure, they have families… but so what?

            Soliers are professionals. Unless they literally were FORCED at sword’s point to fight and die, were slaves pressed into service, or some other unreasonable demand like that… pitying hired soldiers is nonsense.

            If you don’t surrender than, you die. That’s it. Reasons are things that DO NOT matter unless you care enough to ask.

            Yuki and Seraria wouldn’t have forced this scanrio if they actually cared about the soldiers reasons for fighting.

            That might be cruel and hearless, but that’s what pointing a sword at someone means… pitying someone trained, willing and actively trying to kill you is beyond ridiculous.

            In that case… unless the soldiers became saints mid battle… you deserve to die for feeling ANYTHING other than contempt that they didn’t surrender and escape with their lives.

            Pitying them just because “they have their reasons” should ONLY motivate you to get them to surrender, otherwise it’s a pointless waste of time.

            If youbwanna save live on a bttlefield, than screw pity and just do the damn job and make them never want to repeat this bloodbath again. Plus, the act of surrender instills fear and respect… and ensures long tertm results if you wannba avoid this kind of battle in the future.

            That’s why this battyle had to happen. I refuse to see value in pointlessly meaningless sentiment like people paid, trained, willing and actually trying to fight and harm me.

            Their reasons are as worthless to me as Yuki’s and the girls’ are to Ritea.

            Knowing them means nothing.

            Again, surrender or die. That’s the only choice Ritea has outside of winning.

        • I think it was still plainly announced

          Then, I should go ahead and prepare the traps.

          Oh, there was the Dungeon’s field too… Let’s pray that it wouldn’t get destroyed.
          Afterword of the author
          So, a battle will be performed at the Dungeon after a long time.
          Now, the beginning of the carnival!!

  2. A massacre with only 3 groups… And, i gotta wonder. Just how outnumbered are Yuki’s forces compared to Ritea’s 5000.

    Seraria had like, 30 Rochelle soldiers and 150 monsters, is Lvl 122(less than a month and married and already nearly DOUBLED her level crom her initial 63…Hell, yes!) and had Delille vs. 500 Ritean vanguard troops. Shit, Delille all but wiped them out by herself! Seraria took the enemy commander AND showed off a quickdraw skill too!

    And… only FIVE ppl got hurt on her end. Talk about one sided.

    But, that makes me curious at just how strong the other girls are… And how badly Ritea will be trashed by them. Yuki is already a walking cheat as is.

    I hope Labiris can show her stuff, Ellis, Tori, Riel, Kaya and Lutz too.

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