Chapter 69 – Stepping on a landmine

Chapter 69 – Stepping on a landmine
Preface of the Author
Many thanks for your comment on Trap 4.

Side: Yuki

Honestly, I made it in time.
What, you say?

There was a terrible sight in front of me.

Yes, in front of my eyes was a pile of corpses.
Most of the corpses were messed up, with heads missing.
And the worst thing was that the remains of the corpses would….

(Mauve)「Hey, Yuki. 」

(Yuki)「This was a safe hit. 」

(Mauve)「Stop it. 」

(Yuki)「Do you want to die as well?」

(Mauve)「No, they’re all corpse so no one except but you would bother about their remains. Besides, it can be said you even caused everything!!」

(Yuki)「No no, the enemies are the ones who caused it?」

When I discussed with Mauve in such a manner……



Under the cry of Aslin, the recently powered up monsters devoured the corpses until only dust remained.
They were like fierce tigers.1)もうこえーっす Not 100% sure

(Philia)「Do not make a fool of nii-sama!!!」


Philia entrusted herself to anger, and with her hammer, she crushed her enemy’s head when she hit the helmet.

(Labiris)「…… Don’t think you can die easily. 」

Hyun hyun!3)SFX : Slashes!

Labiris perfectly handled the Katana she had received, she purposely dismembered the enemies so as to not let them die instantly.
Mou, were you a demon4)Oni?

(Yuki)「Please I’m asking you, stop. 」

(Labiris)「… Yeah yeah. 」

Well, if we’re not careful how we’d approach the center of the enemy forces.
Good grief, the first encounter was a blunder.
Thinking that reminded me of the beginning of the battle.

(Yuki)「The enemy’s left wing is approaching. Our center and left wings had already crashed with the front. Seriously. Against this number of people it should be a defensive battle not a head-on confrontation. Good grief Seraria. 」

I was helpless at Seraria’s communication.
Even if your strength overwhelmed them, should you really be taking risks and challenge from the front?
No, I understood that you couldn’t let the other side stand around.
But this action would absolutely increase the damage on our side.

Seraria’s unit was still good.
As a military unit, they wouldn’t forget to cooperate. So she wouldn’t stick out alone.
My problem was more with Ellis, there’s a chance that she would be surrounded after they crash onto the enemies.
… I think everything is about experience, but should I have made Ellis and the others gain a little more commander experience or… ?

「What do we do? Do we crash as the center and left wing did? I don’t care either way. 」

(Yuki)「No, for now I’ll ask them to surrender. 」

「…… Do you want to tease your opponents? Normally, they should think that it’s normal for them do defeat us, don’t you know?」

(Yuki)「Well, given a little time, when they see their center and left wing getting crush. Won’t they know about our abilities? There is no need to kill the whole army. And also because Aslin and Philia are here. 」

「I understand. That you don’t solely want to make fun of our enemies. 」

(Yuki)「That’s right. So Mauve, Raija and I will go recommend surrendering to our enemies. Sorry Labiris and Curse, but I would like you to take care of Aslin and Philia. 」

(Labiris)「Got it. 」

(Curse)「Understood. 」

Only the three of us were now on our way to approach the enemy’s left wing.

(Yuki)「I want to talk with your commander!!」

I raised my voice.

(Ritea’s commander)「What is it? I will accept if you surrender? Other than that, don’t talk to me. 」

From among the enemy’s formation, a man with a pointlessly extravagant armor appeared.
He didn’t need that decoration.

(Yuki)「It’s about surrendering. As we are here, we can’t afford to surrender. Sorry, but only if the center and left wing of our army are destroyed would we then think about it. Until then, can we just keep from fighting?」

(Ritea’s commander)「Is it because we will simply crush you, bastards?」

(Yuki)「It cannot be helped if that is your choice. We will fight back too. As you can see, we have goblins, slimes, and even one is a blood minotaur. Please be prepared to bear some damages. 」

(Ritea’s commander)「…… I see. If we wait, we won’t have to fight against the blood minotaur. 」

Well, that meaning worked too.
Mino-chan should be around half-way amid our war potential?
Because Aslin’s escort was Surakichi-san.
The escort for Philia was the goblin Steve.
Both of them now were level 105 since they trained.
And since everyone had the same over-protective opinion for Aslin and Philia, their levels were raised over 150.
Ellis and the others averaged level 110. My group of monsters averaged level 80. The volunteers were the lowest at around level 40.
That changed from the enemy side, their soldiers averaged level 25. The highest was 50.
Armed like soldiers, we looked just like them.
These equipment were all enchanted equipment supplied by the fairies.
Naruja-san said「They are good, so please check their performance. 」. I was pleased that I could test the armor made of alloy.
Well, it was made from the same ability that created Labiris’s powerful Katana in just one day. When I ordered for 120 people, they easily managed to arrange them in two weeks.

With that setup, the idea that we wouldn’t receive a loss wasn’t a mistake.
The whole assessment of our strength was wrong though.
Yes, since I didn’t want the items to be linked to the fairies, they were made in a shabby manner.
All in all, there was no reason for us to declare that our equipment were custom-made intentionally.
Naruja-san seemed a bit dissatisfied with my opinion since she had said. 「When I hear your reason I can be convinced but… For ceremonies and the like, isn’t one firmly decorated better?」she wanted to make fine armor.
Had it something to do with the craftsman’s pride I guess?

At that time, our opponents were still thinking.
Should I give them a push?

(Yuki)「I want to hear your reply!! Do you want to fight or continue glaring at each other this way!!」

(Ritea’s commander)「…… Very well. Let’s accept your proposal. However, it’s not fun if we don’t do anything. So let make it a verbal war instead. 」

(Yuki)「We have to persuade you?」

(Ritea’s commander)「Exactly. In that case, our merits will be recognized. It is better to persuade than just getting stuck here and choose an ordinary ending where we just glare at each other. 」

Well, that might be the case.
You probably didn’t think that you’d lose here.
It is a match with a thousand against a hundred anyway.
The total amount of their troop was about 5000.
Here, we were about 350.
Normally it wouldn’t even be a match. Normally that is.

(Ritea’s commander)「But that’s surprising. Are you Yuki?」

(Yuki)「That would be me? What about it?」

(Ritea’s commander)「No, even though your younger brother is a fierce fighter, you are just a heartless older brother who can only wait until the end of the match so that you can surrender miserably. No, in a way I have to thank you for your younger brother. Because if someone of his level was in the battlefield, that wouldn’t even be a fight. Fortunately, you purposely send him to guard Alshtail. 」

My opponent laughed, having said something stupid.

(Ritea’s commander)「Don’t you think that the Alshtail’s negotiations would have gone smoother without protection? That’s your bad luck. But I will capture this Dungeon as soon as I take you down. Indeed, I won’t give in to the threat of Seraria. How suitable it was to lay the blame on the Demon King. You were foolish. To think that you connected your Dungeon to our cathedral… 」

(Yuki)「What do you mean?」

(Ritea’s commander)「Don’t you understand? Your younger brother is awesome after all. But you are stupid!! That’s easy, if we take over the Dungeon, the news won’t leak anywhere!! Normally, we’d have to go on an expedition, but you relieved us by making this unexpected connection!!」

(Yuki)「Don’t you think that we have already contacted Rochelle?」

(Ritea’s commander)「How charming!! If you had properly communicated, Seraria would have already appeared here!! It would be normal to dispatch a messenger in this regard. Besides, to battle against us with these small number of people. Perhaps was it your judgment? Well, if it was this idiot Princess, she would have been blinded with honor. 」

Wow, it’s incredible. What he said made a lot of senses.
Indeed, that’s the reason why our opponent had marched against us.
Well, he didn’t ask for the treatment of Lulu.
And this small number of people… It’s because I had judged it enough.
No, I could do a lot more, right
Recently, since the number of residents had increased, so was the amount of DP.
Honestly, I could call out a thousand blood minotaurs.
If you drop it to the rank of goblin or slime, I could probably afford 10 000 units.
Well, because it was useless I certainly wouldn’t do that.
If I called them out, I’d have to find a place for the survivors to reside in, and also to divide them between work or the small Dungeon.

(Ritea’s commander)「But you aren’t just an idiot, you’re foolish. You just went around hiring a couple of adventurers. And what else, some slimes, goblins, and a slightly strong blood minotaur? What was on your mind when you decided to face use with such fighting power. 」

My opponent laughed as he checked our fighting power.
Then, his eyes caught on something.

(Ritea’s commander)「Besides, you even brought infants to the battlefield. Well, they look delicious. They are good prospect that’d surely taste well in the future. 」

…… Ugh, what a lolicon.
Suddenly, I sensed something from my back, turning, a strange sight entered my eyes….
The monsters had a red aura? They were fully covered of it.

(Aslin)「… hey. 」

(Philia)「… You. 」

Hum, did Aslin and Philia want to say something?

(Aslin)「Of my Onii-chan… !」

(Philia)「To my nii-sama… !!」

Me? What of me?

「「Do not make fuunnnnn!!」」

The two girls raised a shout, similar to a crying voice and the monsters hailed in concert with a war cry.


(Ritea’s commander)「Ha!! Likewise, I have the urges to carelessly strike!! However, it’s too bad!! Look at those prospects!! Bow squad, prepare!! The enemies have only some scarce shields, they can’t stop you!!」


The enemy commander quickly answered.
However, the reality wasn’t that light.
Their first shield corps was blown off at once.

「「「Pikuーーーー!!(Do not make Aslin and Philia cry!!」」」

Simultaneously, a shotgun-like tackle was done by the slime squad.
It’s a dreadful blow that used the attack power together with the quickness from their status.
Since I taught various skills to Surakichi-san, he had taught them to the others.

(Ritea’s commander)「What!? Foolish!! Bow corpse, release!!」

I think he was a great commander, it’s wonderful to still be able to instruct command in that mysterious state.
And as he instructed, the bowmen shot and a rain of arrow poured on our heads…

(Ritea’s commander)「How is this possible.」

The rain of arrow fell out flat on the ground after they hit something in the air.

「「「Pikuーーーー!!(Are you rotten, you just shot arrows to little girls!!)」」」

Yes, they were the slimes who expanded their bodies in the air as a countermeasure to the arrows.
This unit was evenly distributed among all our troops, so even if it becomes a battle with bows and arrows, the damage can be almost nullified
Oh, the slime body could apparently increase or decrease according to magical power.
Surakichi liked his body, so he remained the same size. But from his amount of magical power, it’s confirmed that he could probably attain the size of the main training building.
So the slimes could defend even if they weren’t that many.
Of course, it was difficult to break those slime’s defense. Not in the least with an arrow.



「Huh? Aagiyaaaaa!!」

One of the enemies was blown off his horse.
Before I noticed, Philia was already swinging her super-weight hammer in battle in front of me.
Then, she rushed into the enemies.

(Yuki)「He, hey!! Philia!!」

(Steve)「Gobu!! (Don’t worry, leave it to me!!)」

(Yuki)「No, don’t!!」

(Steve)「Gofuu. (Oh, that’s impossible. I can’t win against a crying child. )」

That way, the goblin corps led by Steve crushed the enemies, defending Philia.
Many of the enemies also lost their heads from a swing of Philia’s hammer.
The enemies were almost unable to respond, the slime unit that seemed to be rampaging.

(Ritea’s commander)「Ah, my feet!! My feet gaaaaaaa!!」

Ah, he was alive?
That was even better for me.

(Labiris)「…… Ara? Were your feet not enough?」


When the two arms of the commander fell from his elbows, the commander’s cry echoed.

「KiiiyaaAAaaaAAA!! My arms!?」

(Labiris)「… Are you dissatisfied with only one part of your arms? I can arrange that, let’s cut the whole thing. 」

Then, his arm was completely cut off from his shoulder.

(Labiris)「…… You’ll keep suffering until you die. 」

Labiris, with her katana, advanced towards her opponent and slashed at his leg.
The limbs of the enemy were blown away one after another.

(Labiris)「… Suffer!! Because you insulted our important one!!」

An unusual big voice came out from Labiris.

This was the beginning of this hell.
Current status report, enemy’s left wing, literally annihilated. No survivors.
I mean, I wanted to quickly say this.

(Yuki)「Aslin, it’s okay!! I don’t mind even if they said such a thing!!」

(Aslin)「That’s no good!! People who mock onii-chan are bad people!! Uwaaaa!!」

The first thing I had to do was to stop Aslin who abnormally raised the fighting spirit of the monsters.

(Yuki)「No, here. I was also made a fool by everyone in school? They were just some funny people?」

(Aslin)「That’s different!! Everyone wasn’t serious about it!! But those people are seriously making fun of onii-chan. ! I won’t let it pass!! Hikku, eguu!!」


Every time Aslin cry, a roar from the monster arose.

(Lutz)『Hey onii-san!? What is going on!? The monsters won’t listen to what I say!!』

The voice of the panicked Lutz reached out to me.

(Seraria)『From the center Yuki, the monsters are trampling down on the enemies and are running in the direction of Philia and Labiris. What happened!? No way, Aslin!!』

(Lutz)『Hey!! Onii-san, are you and Aslin safe!?』

(Yuki)「Calm down, Aslin here is safe and has no injury in the slightest. But I was a little astonished when she cried. That’s why the feelings of the monsters are rising. Keep the opponents who surrendered away from the battlefield as much as possible!! Their safety isn’t absolute until I appease Aslin!!」

(Seraria)『…… I understand. Are Labiris and Philia also enraged that Yuki has been made a fool?』

(Aslin)「Seraria onee-jyan7)Since she is crying, Aslin can’t pronounce words correctly. They mayde fun of onii-chan!! Unforgivable!! I can’t think about anything!! Don’t let them go!! Onii-chan isn’t an idiot, please help me correct them!! Don’t be gentle!! He is trying to make everyone smile, onii-chan isn’t an idiot! He isn’t a fool!!」

When she heard the voices coming from the radio, Aslin answered Seraria.
Mou, her gloomy face was covered in tears.
What should I do to calm her…

(Seraria)『….. Yuki, you firmly appease Aslin. We will also annihilate our enemies!! No more surrendering!! The other party was a fool to laugh at you!! No need for mercy anymore!! …. It’s not good to mock a person’s husband!!』

(Ellis)『Ellis here, I understand. After this, I will annihilate the enemies without admitting their surrender!!』

(Seraria)『You are surprisingly calm after hearing Aslin cry so much…. Oh, just by imagining it, I get mad…. I won’t be going easy. 』

(Riel)『Don’t make Aslin cry!! I won’t forgive you!!』

(Millie)『Oh, wait!! She went all-in just like she did before!! But this time she has no monsters with her!! I will chase Riel!!』

(Kaya)『… Millie I’m coming too. 』

(Tori)『Me too!!』

Oh, everyone turned the extermination engine on.

In the end, Aslin settled when the enemy center fell.
Arf, battles like this were the most dangerous for Aslin.
The monsters had also stopped listening to me.
Well, it seems that they wouldn’t attack their allies, so it might be useful when used well.
But, everybody would oppose to make Aslin cry…….
Afterword of the author
Don’t make Aslin cry.
That should be understood now.


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1. もうこえーっす Not 100% sure
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