Chapter 70 – Cleanup

Chapter 70 – Cleanup

Side: Alshtail・Ritea

「Are you okay with that? Have you acknowledged their enforcing?」

One of the traders that supports Rochelle asked me.

(Alshtail)「No, it’s fine. Indeed, Seraria has foreseen the amount of force the enemy would bring out this time. 」

「Then, why with such a minor fighting force… 」

(Alshtail)「It’s according to plan」


(Alshtail)「It will be recognized that my judgment is wrong if they fail to annihilate1)if the Dungeon side fails to annihilate their opponent their opponent. However, it is necessary for them to experience the fighting strength of the Dungeon. 」

I said the things just like Yuki-san had said to me.
They’d make sure that the opposite faction couldn’t retaliate, and that it would bring dissatisfaction towards me and they’d hence remove me from power.

「Wow~ That’s wonderful. If the opposition’s army truly fails as planned, then you can be in charge with anything. Indeed, Seraria-sama could have actually hidden some of her power?」

Since they had scouted the Dungeon, they know that the defensive force of Rochelle is less than 400.
Then, they brought out a force of about 5000 fighters.
That’s why I had purposely disclosed the information.
I think it was a natural course of action for them.

(Alshtail)「No, Seraria-sama only intends to fight the opposition’s army with her own force. 」

「What a joke. She can’t compete with that strength. 」

Yes, it won’t even be a match.
The opponents2)again, the opponents of the Dungeon would be easily annihilated.

「Oh, is that Kiyu-dono, will he attack from behind? In that case, the other partner will have no choice and they will fall in chaos. Don’t worry Kiyu-dono. Alshtail-sama will be protected by us firmly. The opponent will withdraw by her unwavering might!!」

As soon as he saw Kiyu-san, he made a conjecture.
Well, if Kiyu-san were to attack from behind, the rate of the extinction would rise even further.

(Kiyu)「No no, as she said. I will not participate in this fight. To the end, I’m protecting Alshtail-sama while she meets the emissary from Rochelle. 」

Kiyu-san denied him.
If you look at him, he didn’t look that strong, but since we came… No, when you listen to Seraria’s declaration, that’s unthinkable.

As we expected of the opponents, they wanted to kill the emissary and Kiyu-san, and they would drag me along in the process…
Kiyu-san had jumped towards the one who wanted to harm me, beat him up, and sent him to prison.
If Kiyu-san wasn’t there, I would be gone for already.
For now, the factions who believed my words in the upper echelon increased.
Of course, since fairies were also in the Dungeon, there was another layer of people who agreed.
Lulu-sama’s effect was wonderful.
However, there seemed to be members of the opposite faction everywhere.

「I won’t lower my head to Rochelle!! There is no evidence that we tried to assassinate Herge-sama!! This is clearly a threat!! In addition, some mystery that pushed the fairies into a dangerous place such as a Dungeon, I don’t believe it!! Let’s annihilate the Dungeon and rescue the fairies!! There’s no doubt that we have to capture the suspicious Seraria and ask Rochelle for compensation!!」

Oh, what the opponent said to rally people was rational.

Then, the refugees were the biggest problem.

「There is no need to send them to another country. And it’s even foolish to provide funds for it!! Alshtail-sama, please clearly state your intention. You’re obviously choosing the refugees yourself.  But we should save them ourselves, not others!! We already have proper rescuing measures, and emergency meals available!! Please don’t grow impudent to the nation!!」

Well, there was one way.
They weren’t asking for salvation here.
Many have become refugees because they were victims, and some because they couldn’t find a job
But that’s not all.
Then, Crack brought out the documents that described the flow of money.

(Crack)「The collected money that is mentioned here that you talked about… No, most of the collected money was used for private use, and can’t be used anymore. It certainly wouldn’t be enough to save all the refugees, but certainly more than half of them. Can you say really say that you are properly trying to rescue people after you look at this?」

「Well, that’s … 」

(Crack)「Of course, everyone involved in this matter deserves a punishment… Capital punishment3)Capital punishment comes up here and there from time to time, but for those that don’t know what it actually is, it means execution. So, if we temporarily support refugees, we are saying that we won’t do anything about that. I actually saw the city with my own eyes, and that’s enough to live. And if they die because of a plague, you won’t have to be troubled by it. 」

「Why people would die because of a plague?」

There were many people who tilted their heads on the side when the plague was brought out as it increased the benefits of sending refugees to the dungeon.
It was not until Yuki-san told it to me that I noticed, but now I consented.
If you eat rotten things, it’ll break your stomach. So, you get rid of the rotten.
That the same thing was true for the animals in the neighborhood.
Birds and rats that eat it would also cause a plague.

「Hmmm. It’s reasonable. Moreover, Alshtail-sama, if you send refugees to the Dungeon, you won’t have to worry about the plague and also the manpower Seraria-sama requires for her town can be secured. Should we accept Seraria-sama’s offer? That’s a threat, but should we accept? The trade is also much safer than to do so over long distances. Moreover, the fairies are there. 」

When one person said that, a lot of them nodded.
However, some people still didn’t.

「Eeeyy!! Don’t be deluded!! Maybe they are trying to kill us using the Dungeon!! Besides, what would the other countries think of us if they hear that we can’t even take care of our own people!! Lulu-sama hasn’t come back!! She is clearly a hostage!!」
「He’s right!!」

It’s not easy to accept as a country.
That’s why Seraria-sama left this plan.

(Alshtail)「I also understand the opinion of those who oppose it. But you are the minorities. The Congress wants to go in the direction of the trade. 」

When I said that, it seemed that everyone was convinced except for the opposite faction.


The oppositions had distorted faces from the humiliation.
As Yuki-san said, it’s not necessary to leave them inside, right?

(Alshtail)「However, we have received the proposal from Seraria-sama. If you neglect this only because you heard a small number of the opposite faction, that would leave unnecessary problems for later. Then, those who are dissatisfied should attack their Dungeon. 」


(Alshtail)「So if you can get rid of Seraria-sama, you can use the Dungeon however you like. I’m not going to join the quarrel, but if ever you can control the Dungeon, it will be a tremendous achievement. 」

「Why would you admit the attack Alshtail-sama?」

(Alshtail)「So that, if the dissatisfied disappear, I think Seraria-sama would truly want to trade. 」

By saying this, the opposite factions were boosted purposely, and we could then collect all the disturbing people and annihilate them.
This was the strategy Yuki-san and Seraria talked about.
To make it look possible for the opposite faction, Seraria-sama only led a small force to defend the Dungeon.
And now, in front of us, the battle for the Dungeon had started.

There were about 100 people from the opposite faction.
In order to see the results, most of the higher ups participated.
Some of them pushed the oppositions armies forward.

「Come, Alshtail-sama. Our army will catch Seraria-sama soon. At that time it shall be the proof of your incompetence. Because of that, you’ll lose the seat as the Holy Woman. A girl who can’t use even simple strategy is useless. Ahahaahahah!!」

One of the opponent’s representative denounced me with a loud voice.
But this kind of behavior was gone 2 hours later.
Because the army he was proud of was annihilated.

「Th-that’s a lie… 」

In such a strange way, he looked at the Dungeon’s defensive force led by Seraria who was advancing towards me.


Merely a hundred people had escaped in the two hours.
They were no longer in the state to talk but in a state of panic.
It was unavoidable.
Because there was too much difference in their abilities, they were now just like hunted beasts.
But, this was a necessary sacrifice for the peace of the world…

(Seraria)「Well, I wonder if you understood the extent of our capacities?」

Said Seraria-sama who had walked in front of us.
Most of them were dyed in blood.
Looking at the figure of those around, no one except me and Kiyu could keep our breath.

(Alshtail)「Yes, we will accept Seraria’s request, and about the trade…… 」

「Sh-shut up!! That was certainly a trap!! That’s right, it must be!! Otherwise, 5 000 people can’t lose against less than a hundred!!」

Obstructing my words was the representatives of the opposition.

「When you see it, they are full of little girls!! Such women and children can’t beat an army!! I will knock them in this place!!」

Within the confusion, Seraria-sama drew her sword.
It was too late to stop the trouble… right.

「Ah, gi?」

When that voice echoed from him, the armor was halved, and including with his sword, fell on the ground.
Her sword was a little strange? Seraria stood there, expressionless.

(Seraria)「Alshtail. I will handle the fight with the insiders. You, Are you from the opposite faction?」


(Seraria)「Then, quickly push forward the refugee policy. We will start in one week as promised. Don’t be late. 」

Having said that, Seraria returned the sword to its sheath and returned with her army.

(Seraria)「There is no one in opposition to the trade with the Dungeon of Rochelle this time, right?」

After a while, the higher up finally came back to his senses and reacted to my inquiry. He shook his head vertically.

And later, here are the results of the meeting.
As a mean of an apology to Seraria, it was decided that all the properties from the representatives of the opposite faction would be transferred.
They seemed to be very scared of Seraria-sama.
… It would be tough with a lot of procedures.

The cleanup increased unnecessarily… My stomach hurts.
Afterword of the author
Alshtail seems to have stomach aches because of her worries Ahah.


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References   [ + ]

1. if the Dungeon side fails to annihilate their opponent
2. again, the opponents of the Dungeon
3. Capital punishment comes up here and there from time to time, but for those that don’t know what it actually is, it means execution

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