Chapter 82 – God’s messenger.

Chapter 82 – God’s messenger.

Side : Shera・Kuo・The seventh princess of Galtz.

(Kirue)「Princess, are you sure? No matter how you look at this, you being handed over as a hostage is just the same as you being treated as a plaything. 」

This is my maid Kirue, she was asking out of consideration for me.

(Shera)「It’s neither good nor it is bad. Our country can’t keep face unless it returns the gift accordingly. 」

Yes, this is something necessary to keep the country’s prestige.
Basically, even though some demon originally took advantage of things inside of Rochelle1)Roshuru changed to Rochelle for TL accuracy, they still lowered their heads first and apologized. With a large sum.
If we were to refuse it, we would be seen as incompetent by the foreign countries. And also not returning the gift would attach an image of being weak and ungrateful for our opponents.
A major country without power or initiative.
However, since the compensation they paid was monetary, we can’t simply give them the same money back, that would be like refusing it in the first place.
Therefore, we needed to prepare something which corresponds to their money, as a return gift for Rochelle.

The gift couldn’t be armor or weaponry either, since we are in a time of the Demon King being very active.
So, we had to send someone or something and at the same time we can’t afford to lose any of our talented people.

So in the end, we need to send someone useless and yet acceptable as an apology.
That is me, the seventh princess, someone useless and yet of royalty. I’m sent just as a decoration.
I don’t mind being sent away, because that is who I am. I acknowledged it as the best solution to the dilemma.
As a side-bonus, nii-sama2)As a reminder, nii-sama means older brother asked me to find from where they got such a sum for our reparation this time.
And if by any chance I happened to die, they would use this reason as a pretext to investigate.
The second Princess, onee-sama 3)You got it, right? Onee-sama means older sister opposed sending me and offered to marry herself off, but she was rejected. It had already been decided that I would be the one going to Rochelle.
The second Princess, onee-sama, is also what you could call the mascot of the army.
The military may be managed by the third Prince, nii-sama, but onee-sama holds a strong sense of honor and bravery and is respected as such by the troops. Her defenses are so high she could withstand a blow from a Tempest Ogre .
She is also able to wear the symbol of Galtz, our national treasure, shield of tradition4)Or legend but I like tradition more in this case.
For those reasons alone, she is a talent we cannot possibly hand over to Rochelle.

(Kirue)「Nevertheless… !! 」

(Shera)「It’s all right. Because onee-sama is working hard and since she cannot be replaced, It’s fine to view me as disposable. 」

(Kirue)「…… Do you like Lowell that much?」

(Shera)「Yes, she is able to wield our country’s ancestor’s shield so can you imagine how much of a blow it would deal to Galtz if they lost her this time?」

(Kirue)「Then.. It cannot be said of the fourth Prince that he’s indispensable to the country. 」

(Shera)「I must admit, he isn’t the best administrator ever, however our military staff feels like it will never be overcrowded. 」

The fourth prince, onii-sama, is quite strong and tends to go in for close combat. He is very good at using his head, provided it’s about combat, so I think he would have been a great combat officer. I think he made a mistake when choosing his path as an administrator.

(Shera)「Kirue, I understand your worries. But everyone5)referring to the royal family onii-sama, onee-sama and all the others are working hard for the sake of the country. Since there has never been an attempt of assassination, in other words did you know that within the family, there’s no in fighting?」

(Kirue)「Yes, I’m aware of that. That’s the very reason why it ended up with moving this princess to Rochelle, but… !! 」

(Shera)「This is also for the country. Did anyone unreasonably say that I should be unhappy? It’s fine already, if i had to objectively choose a member of the royal family, then i would have chosen myself and in fact if someone other than royalty goes, it’s not impossible for it to trigger another war. 」

After I said so, Kirue dropped her shoulders.

(Kirue)「……. I understand. However, princess… Shera-sama is very wise6)Chill: can a teenie be wise?? ok…. That…… 」

(Shera)「It can’t be helped. Even if I look like this and have a nice title, in the end I’m just a pampered child. Onii-sama and onee-sama, they too are probably aware about who should be sent. Even though I got chosen, no one raised much of a voice against it after I accepted the duty and departed. 」

As we are speaking, I’m looking into the mirror in my given room.
Inside the mirror stands a little girl with silver hair and rabbit ears.7)Usagimimi
Barely reaching 140cm tall, no, I suppose for this age it could be considered quite tall.
My breasts are big enough to grasp, my waist is also slender, sufficient to make men get lustful over me.
But in the end reflected is a young girl with a heavy responsibility for such an age. To reach such a situation things must be considerably bad huh… my thoughts seem to be wandering.

Shera(Left) Kirue(Right) Steve(background left, playing game) Yuki (Background right, playing game)

(Kirue)「But, why has the King of Rochelle still not introduced the Princess? Even with things as they are, considering he’s dealing with a princess … maybe they are making light of us?」

Kirue seems to be dissatisfied with the situation as we are currently being left alone, somewhere inside the Royal Capital of Rochelle, also there isn’t enough freedom to do anything about onii-sama’s side mission.

(Shera)「Try to keep your calm. Rochelle must be troubled about how to treat us, it’s a fact that we came to Rochelle on relatively short notice. 」

(Kirue)「Why would they be troubled? Are they dissatisfied with having Princess Shera remain in Galtz or something?」

(Shera)「It’s not that. Earlier I told you that onii-sama asked me to act as an intermediary to seek for information from the inside right?」

(Kirue)「Oh, so the other party is also aware of that. 」

(Shera)「Well i wouldn’t go as far as saying they know that I’ve been told to do so, but they have certainly strongly considered the possibility. Furthermore, besides the King, the royal family of Rochelle only has females for now. There are many dukes in families, but in short finding appropriate partner candidates must be hard for them. 」

(Kirue)「Wouldn’t that make your investigation of their internal circumstances much harder?」

(Shera)「Yes, most likely they are searching for someone that won’t hurt me, is high enough in social status to be fitting for a foreign princess, is willing to marry me, isn’t too ambitious and can manage to keep information hidden even when investigated by their own wife. 」

For me, I can easily accept it even if it’s someone of lower standards, but even so it seemed to be hard for the other party.

Thus a few peaceful days passed until we were moved out of the palace. We were told that the King would personally introduce us to my partner.
The King of Rochelle is moving personally for myself?
No, maybe this is acting to convince me to accept it short-term, before abandoning us?
But, why are we travelling out of the capital? And it seemed they had considerable provisions…..

(Kirue)「At this point we’ve traveled for 10 days. What are you thinking? Since we are that far away we should have reached the countryside, what a nice place to stay……. Wait! No way, are we going to be imprisoned! ?」

(Shera)「That won’t happen. In the end, I am a royalty and remain a return gift, not a hostage, even if that is a core component in my value. Confinement won’t happen, because if I was, I would be unable to answer any letters from Galtz and that would be unbeneficial for the alliance, in short: war. 」

(Kirue)「Still, this is a very far away place….. 」

(Shera)「Who knows, I don’t understand either. But, if there is a problem I shall refuse it. Let’s just wait and see. 」

Well, if they try to do something like making me marry a local lord, then that would be a nuisance, it would be very unskillful of them and I would just have to raise my voice, scenario over.
Are you denouncing me as a kid? To think the King would go that far…..

(Rochelle noble)「Then Shera-sama, I have kept you waiting. I am also sorry for bothering your retainers. 」

While I was thinking such a thing, someone who was doing the correspondence from the Royal Capital appeared.

(Kirue)「What is this!! That is a mere village!! What are you thinking??」

Kirue as a result yelled, outraged.
But no matter how you look at it, it truly is just a village.
No matter how you look at it, this does look like a brand new one, but a village nonetheless… WAIT, what’s with that setting…..

SFX: Dogoooon!!

A little farther, the sound of some dull crashing echoed.
Kirue almost instantly moved in front of me in order to protect me.

(Kirue)「No way, are they trying to kill us here?! 」

I drew my dagger out of my waist and prepared myself.
I can’t fight at all, but Kirue is amazing.
Her level is 45. This is something you could normally only reach if you are in active service in the army for a long time, or a crazy adventurer.
If they wanted to kill us, it should be impossible for someone in our immediate surroundings.

(Rochelle noble)「Wa-wait a moment, please, calm down. It is completely different from whatever you’re imagining. That is simple playing between the King and his daughter. 」

(Kirue & Shera)「「Ah?」」

We were surprised when the King of Rochelle brought a beautiful lady.
Wait, when did another princess join the carriages?

(King)「Oh, oh, it seems that you have raised the strength of your arms yet again. However, about this much. Wait, you came outside to pick us up? Isn’t this village the Dungeon’s city?」

(Seraria)「… Huh, well, please come along. This place is inappropriate for a proper talk. You happened to come at the time when my husband will shortly be at the meeting room, so let’s go there after a quick tour of the Dungeon.」

After she said that, she walked to the place where we could see the entrance of the Dungeon, she then talked to the guard at the entrance.

(Shera)「You said his daughter? If she is not Aria-sama, then that lady is….. 」

(Rochelle noble)「Yes, our goddess of war. She is Seraria-sama. 」

(Shera)「…… Is that the Dungeon Herge-sama managed before she died?」

(Rochelle noble)「Yes, Shera-sama. It is exactly as you said. I don’t exactly know the details, but Seraria seems to have been engaged with someone who was active during this conflict. 」

(Shera)「…… I understand, now that you mention it he might be my future partner huh?」

After that, we separated from the King, his daughter and the small number of ministers. We then toured the Dungeon.
…… How, how I want to ask.
Everything is far too different.
So different that I have no words for any of it.
It shall be reported that this Dungeon may be involved in the origin for our reparations.

(Shera)「…… I must give my thanks to the King of Rochelle for this. 」

(Kirue)「…… Yes. 」

It seems that Kirue is still in a daze and has not regained her composure yet.
For now we’ve been allocated a room so I can settle for now, but even in this room the fundamental technology is different.
I didn’t know if it is magic or something else, but it is easy to make water appear. You can even make hot water on demand and you’re free to take a bath whenever.
Even though it’s already night, there’s a light source? Seriously? Just by pushing a button, a magic trick makes light appear.
If you were to manage to bring this technology back to Galtz, you could earn tremendous profits and the lives of the people would improve tremendously.
However, why would the King of Rochelle bring us to such a treasure trove?
If memory serves, Seraria-sama abandoned her succession rights with her rash engagement.
It means that she followed her husband into this Dungeon.
But, the profits from this Dungeon would eventually flow over to Rochelle.
Why would you put me as a mistress to such a person and what would your interests be?
For the country Rochelle it should be a terrible loss.

(Shera)「…… Right now, no matter how I think about any of it, I can’t find any answer. Tomorrow I will meet someone who will be my husband. Let’s listen to a lot of explanations at that time. 」

(Kirue)「… sama… Shera-sama!! 」

(Shera)「Oh, Kirue. You returned to normal. What’s wrong?」

(Kirue)「A-a-are8)T-t-t-that (or over there) !! 」

Kirue pointed out to someone from before……

(Lilith)「Are you the seventh Princess who came to marry Yuki-san?」

Together with a faint light, a very beautiful woman floated over.

(Shera)「Yes. I am the seventh Princess, Shera. And who might you be…… 」

The woman in front of me didn’t feel much nobler than me for some reasons.

(Lilith)「Are, I apologize. I am called Lilith. 」

(Shera & Kirue)「「Huh!?」」

We’re both gobsmacked before the haughty woman who called herself using the name of a God.
Somehow, I understood that what this girl said was a fact.

(Shera)「Th-then, why is Lilith-sama before me?」

(Lilith)「Eh just for a bit I was thinking of helping Yuki-san. 」

(Shera)「Yuki ? Just as you said earlier, he is…… 」

(Lilith)「Yes, he is the one who will be your husband. 」

(Shera)「Then, Lilith-sama wants to help Yuki-san? How would you meeting me be of any help to Yuki-san?」

(Lilith)「It will don’t worry. I have no doubts that that person will save this continent. However, by himself it will prove to be very difficult9)Chill: in other words it would be possible o.0 Face: Remember he defeated an elite army with a baby Dungeon, right?. Therefore, I will grant you my blessing. You will be the support to saving the continent. 」

(Shera)「The support to saving the continent?」

(Lilith)「…… It will depend on you. 」

The moment she said that, her figure disappeared and a pale light wrapped around us.
When the light disappeared, our status opened arbitrarily…… newly added was Lilith’s protection.

(Kirue)「…… That was… The real thing?」

(Shera)「… Looks like. As for this, I wonder why my marriage would bring forth a messenger of god10)Chill: but the messenger is far more godly than god T.T. 」

(Kirue)「Messenger of God… !?」

This was an unexpected event.
The man, whom God believes would save the continent, and because of him Lilith-sama appeared, giving her protection to Kirue and myself so that we could support him.
Just like the Holy Woman of Ritea, a divine protection.
A protection that carries the name of Lilith-sama .

Tomorrow was going to be fun.
God recognized him, my husband.
Are, but something’s strange.
I would like to send extensive support to Galtz, but I would have to ask for my husband’s policies first and what if they conflict…..

side : Lulu

(Lilith)「I’m back. 」

Lilith-sama has come back.
Now we are in a hurry.
I was glad that Lilith-sama gave help to Yuki-san, to ensure we could have a baby, as for doing it that is a big problem for me!!

I understood that danna-sama, Seraria-sama, Lutz-san and the other girls were all at their wits end.

(Luna)「Yosh, Lilith have you given your blessing to the seventh Princess?」

Here is Luna’s picture, it is from the scene in the previous chapter.

Said Luna… sama.

(Lilith)「It is perfect. With my divine protection she can easily give birth to children, there’s automatic recovery, no risk of breech birth, a general increase in status, the difficulty of casting recovery magic drops and she doesn’t need to chant an aria anymore which can come in handy~」

Lilith-sama didn’t only give her protection to us, but also to the seventh Princess of Galtz under the instruction of the Goddess above her.

(Yuki)「「Yosh」that’s not it!! Previously this sort of thing gave rise to a conflict based around the Holy Woman Herge!! Don’t make another Ritea-like case, giving Lilith’s protection to someone from a foreign country, that is not 「Yosh」!! 」

That’s true.
With this there is no way Ritea can keep face anymore.
Still, if everyone gathers under Yuki and hides their abilities, there shouldn’t be a problem… No, there’s one.
The problem lies in appraisal skills, like Labiris’s, that type could discover something and make a lot of noise.

(Luna)「Eh, look, isn’t Lulu here? Isn’t she the retired Holy Woman of Ritea? Isn’t it the same thing? Where’s the problem?」

(Yuki)「Why do you think she’s here?! If you keep doing things like this, it’ll become ever easier for wars to break out you know!?」

(Luna)「That sort of thing is your problem right? If that’s so, deal with it on your own. 」

(Yuki)「Then as troubleshooter, I ask you to have some judgement!! 」

(Luna)「Is this not a good idea? Then would you be able to birth children safely? Nee, Aslin, Philia?」

Yes, Luna-sama cunningly asked Aslin and the girls who were inside the bath11)Chill: so how useless was she again?.
The two of them are, of course, very fond of my husband……

(Philia)「I’ll give birth to onii-chan’s children!! I will immediately do it!! 」

(Aslin)「Nii-sama!! You won’t need to worry about anything thanks to this!! I can give birth safely thanks to God’s protection!! 」

These two are too excited.
Though there are other kinds of worries, it’s hard to deny…
He really dislikes God, my husband. 12)I don’t get it : 本当に旦那様が嫌がるわけです。
She’s too messy in her methods though, it’s true. 13)I think Lulu is talking about Luna but there’s no way to be sure

(Yuki)「Can’t you do something about your odd luminescence?! 」

(Luna)「That’s because, even though this place is my home, when I say 「I am a Goddess」 no one believes me without it?」

(Yuki)「Oh yeah I suppose that’s true. So when you were trying to prove your divinity you just forgot about it?! 」

(Lilith)「Maa maa, Yuki-san. I will also help you in the future. There’s no problem with this arrangement. 」

(Luna)「Look, Lilith is helping. She’s a Goddess, aren’t you glad14)Chill: Go subordinate! clean up after master!!?」

(Yuki)「Th-this useless Goddesssss!! 」

Danna-sama’s shouting next to me, but I’m not really paying attention.

(Lulu)「A-hahah…… Lilith came to help us… How on earth should I explain this to Alshtail-sama in the future…… 」

(Lutz)「… Lulu-sama please calm down. Look, even if she gave her protection to the seventh Princess, in the end she will be in the same camp as us, being one of onii-san’s wives, so it’s actually all still in the same faction. 」

Incidentally, when I wrote to give this report a day later to Alshtail-sama, she seemed to have made a mess over at her office.
…… Of course she would.
Afterword of the author
That useless Goddess.
She’s useless no matter how you look at her lol.


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References   [ + ]

1. Roshuru changed to Rochelle for TL accuracy
2. As a reminder, nii-sama means older brother
3. You got it, right? Onee-sama means older sister
4. Or legend but I like tradition more in this case
5. referring to the royal family
6. Chill: can a teenie be wise?? ok…
7. Usagimimi
8. T-t-t-that (or over there)
9. Chill: in other words it would be possible o.0 Face: Remember he defeated an elite army with a baby Dungeon, right?
10. Chill: but the messenger is far more godly than god T.T
11. Chill: so how useless was she again?
12. I don’t get it : 本当に旦那様が嫌がるわけです。
13. I think Lulu is talking about Luna but there’s no way to be sure
14. Chill: Go subordinate! clean up after master!!

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