Trap 10 Second part : Everyday, the promise.

Trap 10 Second part : Everyday, the promise.
Preface of the Author
I had the intention of this becoming the second part and it became in fact the middle part.
Second part : Everyday, the promise.

Side: Yuki

(Yuki)「Okay, so this calculation…… 」

I am giving class as usual.
My daily life is carefree.
No, If I think about it now, It would be arrogant to say I’m instructing everyone around me, no I am merely acting as a teacher.
While thinking about that and doing the day’s worth of teaching, like I usually do every day, the children were also obediently listening and learning as usual when suddenly…..

(Staff member)「Sensei!!  Yuki-sensei, it’s serious!! 」

She comes from the background as Crack, he recommended her as a female teacher… All who thought this phrase was ero, you’re out.
She’s an ordinary staff member.

(Yuki)「Did something happen?」

It’s rare to be called upon during class.
It’s still morning and meetings are in the afternoon.

(Staff member)「About that, a strange man appeared at Shera-sama’s place…… 」

(Yuki)「A strange man?」

(Staff member)「Well, he said that he is a heavyweight from Rochelle and that he works together with the general government building…… 」

(Yuki)「… Heavyweight huh. Okay, I’m heading there right away. Could you take care of the things here?」

(Staff member)「Yes. Looking forward to being of help. 」

Just as I was leaving the classroom……

(Student)「Senseeei are you going to help your woman?」

I heard a voice.
Well, Shera is a Princess and could be considered to have come straight out of a picture book.

(Yuki)「Ou, I need to protect my brides at the very least. Everyone I leave the rest in your hands, study well. 」

「「「Yees!! 」」」

「Sensei is going to jump!! 」

(Yuki)「Well, It’s fastest? I’ll tell you all the story tomorrow, see you. 」

Right after that declaration, I jump out of the classroom while hearing the cheers of the excited children.

「Shera-sama is a Princess isn’t she?」

「Un, she is a Princess from Galtz. 」

「Even so, sensei is a hero. He will definitely save her!! 」

「You think that Seraria-sensei was helped too?」

(Philia)「Yes Desu!! Nii-sama is amazing!! 」

(Aslin)「Onii-chan is just like a Prince. ! 」

(Yuki)「… Arara, their images of me have become somewhat extravagant. 」

Well, it’s not like I intend to go crazy, but who knows.
This kinda sounds like a conspiracy.

By the way, Shera doesn’t go to school, she usually helps with the accounting at the Government Building.
Although she came to school for awhile, she said that she wants to be useful so she works.

Kirue said 「Originally I wanted to be helpful to the world like that, but in Galtz i had to follow the princes and princesses, I had no choice but to remain quiet. If it’s okay please go along with the Princess’s wishes. 」Even when Shera was told that she didn’t have to push herself to do anything too fast, she still wanted to do her best to support me as my wife.

(Yuki)「…… Un, what’s this about a heavyweight from Rochelle?」

Rather, didn’t Rochelle dump the Princess on us?
While thinking that, I quickly move to office by making use of the return ring.
Why did I jump out of the classroom?
Somehow, it was supposed to be providing an idol.
I’m trying to answer to the children’s dreams.
There’s no other mascots among the people. I don’t want to shrink their dreams, by holing them up in the Dungeon.

(Lutz)「Ah, onii-san. You came huh. 」

(Yuki)「You were called too Lutz?」

(Lutz)「Yes, Shera-sama called me to help with the accounting… 」

Oh, Lutz is managing the accounting.
Shera-sama is, in effect, her assistant.

(Yuki)「So, what happened?」

(Lutz)「No, that’s ambiguous. People came the day before yesterday for observation. After they met with Shera today….. 」

Flashback : Lutz

(Lutz)「Yes, let’s work hard today. Then, let’s start the meeting. 」

I say that and gather the managers of each shop.
Of course we’re talking about Super Lutz.
Outdoor baths, arena and entertainments facilities.
With the recent launch of the Adventurer District we’ve even established a store for weapons and armor, it has become impossible to manage all of them by myself.
I elected shop managers and a commercial office was built.
Technically it is state-owned, so could we could say that they are public employees working directly under onii-san?

「「「Good morning.  Welcome.  Please wait a moment.  Sorry to keep you waiting.  It’s inexcusable.  Thank you for your patronage. Please come again. 」」」

That’s the voice coming from each store managers.
We gather every day in the morning for a meeting and I firmly check for any problems.
Furthermore, the shop managers here are seniors from among the 300 people of Rochelle.
When I see their growth and that they are working properly, I am surprised that I’m managing to keep it all together.
I become emotional when I see how important the stores are for peddlers and adventurers.

「Then, as usual, yesterday’s sales…… 」

Like that I listen to the reports.

『Bi, bi』

When I suddenly received a call.
What’s up this early in the morning?

(Lutz)「Excuse me. Please carry on without me, i need a moment. 」


I exit the meeting room and answer the call.

(Shera)『I’m so-sorry. Lutz-san pl-please help!?』

(Lutz)「Ah, is it Shera? What happened?」

(Shera)『So-something, a strange man….. 』

(???)『Beautiful!!  Please become my wife by all means!! 』

…… Ah?
How strange. Shera-sama is supposed to be entrusted with the accounting inside the government building.
In other words, someone suspicious actually made it inside…

(Lutz)「Very well. I’m heading over. 」

Saying that, I gave a word to the manager who was leading the meeting in my stead…..

(?)「Oh, people from the rabbit tribe are so beautiful!!  During my observation session I received a message from God telling me to find my wife!! 」

My head hurts.
Eto, Kirue-san is shielding Shera-sama.
She must have a considerable level of ability then.
I couldn’t move this strange man even though I leveled quite high inside the Dungeon.
Does that mean this person has reasonable stats?

(Lutz)「Eto, I am sorry, but who are you?」

(Jama)「Oh, do apologize. I hail from Rochelle. I govern the lands of Labrousse, I’m the eldest son of the duke of Labrousse, Jama Labrousse. This time I came to inspect this Dungeon, by the direct order of the King. 」

(Lutz)「Ha, thank you for being polite….. Then, why the heck would you propose to Shera? Shera-sama already has Yuki-sa… When she is already the wife of marquis Yuki?」

He is strangely polite, there’s no feeling of him being rough or domineering, so it’s difficult to remove him by force…..
But, the duke?
The son of a man above onii-san’s social standing is troublesome.

(Jama)「I already heard that. However Shera-sama has obviously been gotten rid of!!  No, this Dungeon isn’t bad. Rather, it’s nice!!  Regardless, the reason why she was brought here is obviously because she would’ve been a hindrance. When I heard about such treatment, I wanted to take a closer look at her situation, but how pretty and beautiful she is!!  This is destiny!!  Saving the Princess and making her happy is a revelation from God!!  Become my wife by all means and let’s spend some quality time in our territory.  Labrousse is also very close to the Royal Capital so it won’t be an inconvenience. 」

All those words come from him in one go.
What a strange, no a very strange man.

(Jama)「And you rabbit girl!!  May I ask of your name?」

(Lutz)「Yes yes. My name is Lutz. 」

(Jama)「Ah, Lutz. You too should be my wife!!  It won’t ever be inconvenient. I think there is no difference between people. The nobles stand to protect the citizens. But he1)the noble is also just a person. So even if you’re someone ordinary, I won’t discriminate!!  How about it?」

(Lutz)「Ah, Ahh… Ah, no. I have my duties here… and besides I’m already getting married… 」

What if … I hadn’t met Yuki-san before? Maybe I wouldn’t have turned him down and become his wife……
Uwaa, I’m not into that.
No, he doesn’t seem like a bad person… But he’s giving me chills…..

(Jama)「What kind of terrible husbands would make Lutz and Shera-sama work?!  You already have an important job of birthing and raising children, yet still more? such hard labor…… !! 」

No, we have the same husband so there was no need to attach the 「Tachi」2)A way of turning things into plural. Author always use tachi, (he says Aslin-tachi, Mauve-tachi, other side-tachi, girl-tachi, and I have to guess every time who is included….. ) take this own advice into your work……
Point deducted.
Because we want and expect to work.

(Ellis)「Hey, Lutz. Just for a bit, here is the last accounting….. 」

(Jama)「Oh, how beautiful the elves are!! 」


That strange man proposed to Ellis as well. 3)Chill: That was a proposal?! No wonder the men in Japan are so scared …
But, how sincere is he being if he isn’t taking the other side into consideration…..

(Ellis)「Wa-wait Lutz!? Who is this guy!?」

(Lutz)「Sorry Ellis. Please keep him company for a bit4)Chill: Tactical retreat!!. 」

After asking her that, I abandoned Ellis to meet with Shera-sama.

(Lutz)「What should I do? I think that Seraria would be the most effective…… 」

(Shera)「No, that won’t do. Seraria would probably try to remove this guy physically. 」

(Lutz)「Ahh….. 」

(Shera)「Even if it is clearly against my will… It is a downright proposal. Let’s decline properly and make him give up. If that’s not possible, then let’s ask Yuki-sama to come and persuade him. 」

(Lutz)「…… To the very last moment, Seraria is the last resort then, right?」

(Shera)「Yes, the neck of this man can’t be cut. 」

While turning around, I see him kissing the back of Ellis’s hand…….

(Jama)「Please become my wife, won’t you?」

(Ellis)「Huh? I refuse. I am already married. 」

Ellis says back to him.
Ah, Elven people seem to be quick to hate. 5)Note sure : ああ、エルフ族は結構潔癖性のきらいがありましたね。
Because she is completely resolute about onii-san….. 6)Not sure : お兄さん一筋なんですから……。

(Jama)「How!? You too!? What’s with this workplace, making wives work full-time jobs?!  These husbands are unworthy. If it was me you wouldn’t have any inconveniences!! 」


Everyone becomes irritated when they hear him directly denouncing onii-san.
Well, if he talks about onii-san’s abilities like this, he will end up injured at best, when trying to sermon us.

(Kirue)「Excuse me. Shera-sama, Lutz-sama, Ellis-sama, should I take care of this man?」

Kirue who’s watching is getting ready.

(Shera)「Wa-wait calm down. It will inconvenience Yuki-sama if you do that!! 」

(Kirue)「… Nonetheless. 」

(Ellis)「Th-that’s right. Because we are enduring, Kirue needs to calm down too. 」

(Lutz)「Yes yes, onii-san says that he likes the laughing Kirue, so calm down. 」

(Kirue)「Oh Is that so. Yuki-sama he….. 」

Well it’s looking bad.
We have to do something about this man, or we will end up making a mess, maybe even literally.

(Jama)「Okay, please call your husbands!!  Let me explain properly and convince you!!  Then please, be my wives to your hearts content!! 」

Side: Yuki

Eh, what?
From nowhere, an obotchan 7)Obotchan means young master from a noble family event?
But he likes the color of their hair I guess?
So awkward…..

(Lutz)「Then, that heavyweight from Rochelle is waiting in the guest room. 」

(Yuki)「…… Do you want me to do something?」

(Lutz)「Yes, if you can’t, then we can always just kill him. 」

… Love is sensible.

Afterword of the author
Well, a promise is a promise.
However, it’s a dependable obotchan.
Next one should be the final.


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References   [ + ]

1. the noble
2. A way of turning things into plural. Author always use tachi, (he says Aslin-tachi, Mauve-tachi, other side-tachi, girl-tachi, and I have to guess every time who is included….. ) take this own advice into your work……
3. Chill: That was a proposal?! No wonder the men in Japan are so scared …
4. Chill: Tactical retreat!!
5. Note sure : ああ、エルフ族は結構潔癖性のきらいがありましたね。
6. Not sure : お兄さん一筋なんですから……。
7. Obotchan means young master from a noble family

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