Trap 5 – Weakness

Trap 5 – Weakness

side : Lutz

(Yuki)「No, I can’t drink too much of alcohol…. No, that’s different, I can drink but I don’t want to. 」

I latched onto those words.
If onii-san was to drink alcohol, he won’t remember and his unconscious desires would be revealed!!
After all, he had said. I can’t drink alcohol but that doesn’t mean I’m not appealed by it!!
However, even if he was to drink alcohol now, preparations weren’t enough.
So, this time……

(Lutz)「Is that so? That’s too bad. But if we have the chance to, let’s drink together. It doesn’t mean that you can’t drink, right?」

(Yuki)「Oh, well. That’s right, I’m not a drinker, but if the opportunity arises, let’s have a drink together. 」

Onii-san promised to me!!
He won’t be able to refuse now that he had said it.

And then, after the late night PeroPero1)SFX:Licking to onii-san’s lower part, we gathered in the banquet hall.

(Delille)「What, Lutz? This one wanted to participate at holding it in the mouth… 」

(Lutz)「Delille. That’s not allowed. What? That’s because even if you are a lady, you have yet to be accepted by the legal wife. 」

(Delille)「Oh! But Princess, in the thoughts of Mine, thou dislikest that kind of thing. 」

(Seraria)「Ara, if my husband is happy, then it’s nothing too bitter. Besides, I like PeroPero. Yes, and in fact Delille, you too were once a part of Royalty. 」

(Delille)「Oh, I remember that. 」

(Lutz)「Yes, yes, today’s report is good. To be honest, I too, want you to retire from onii-san’s PeroPero in the future. 」

(Seraria)「As Lutz said. Please stop it. 」

(Riel)「That’s right. I can’t stand it?」

Currently, the PeroPero Alliance for onii-san was composed of Seraria-sama, Delille-san, spy Lutz, Millie, and Riel.
Oh, Labiris, Aslin, and Philia weren’t part of the group because they were younger.
They couldn’t participate in the late at night meeting. I mean, it was their sleeping time.
Ellis and Tori had known of this already, but they say that they wouldn’t stop such a thing.
It seemed that the two wanted to confess at a later time to onii-san and that it was necessary to build a sparkly relationship.
I forgot to mention, but the PeroPero was Seraria’s proposal.
Everything had begun with a Call where we mentioned the topic about how to quell onii-san’s frustration.
Seraria-sama is, to be frank, a good person who is easy to see through.
She didn’t speak to us like we were concubines.
That didn’t matter.

(Lutz)「The talk went the wrong way. The reason why I gathered all of you today is because I would like to make onii-san drink alcohol. 」

Everyone’s neck tilted when they heard me.
Well, was that too sudden?
Since it couldn’t be helped, I was ready to tell everyone the events of today.

(Seraria)「… I understand. He should be weak against liquor as Lutz said. 」

(Delille)「Well, then. No matter how you see it, that speech is wrong2)as in Yuki trying to cover up his weakness to alcohol. 」

(Millie)「Eh, Yuki-san has a kawaii3)Kawaii: JP word for cute side. 」

(Riel)「I think so too!! When I was an adventurer, only the persons who talked big about enduring alcohol were weak to it. 」

It was unanimous

(Lutz)「So, I fixed a date with onii-san, and we promised to drink alcohol together. 」


They were all surprised hearing my words, I made a wide grin.

(Lutz)「That’s right. If onii-san drinks until he loses his awareness, he won’t be aware of our attention. No, since he is fond of us, there is a chance that he would bring us himself to his bed. 」


(Lutz)「Nevertheless, I don’t want this event to be an affair so I wanted to consult with everyone if I’m allowed to do this. As so I’m here to discuss it with you. 」

That way, I looked around at everyone’s face.

(Delille)「There is no problem!! This endurance of Mine is at its limit. !!」

(Millie)「That’s good for me too!! Let’s do it, hurray!!」

(Riel)「Me too… Hmm, can I still guard if I get pregnant? But, I want to do it~」

(Seraria)「What are you saying Riel!! Yuki won’t bear such cold-heartedness, rather, he will be pleased!!」

(Millie)「That’s right!! The more people, the better!! Right. Small. Medium. Large. He has all the choices. Such a medley of breasts!! Yuki-san’s reason will blow!!」

(Riel)「Isn’t it?!! I also agree with you!!」

Three people are OK with this.

(Lutz)「Well, the problem is Seraria-sama. How is it, since we may have him first?」


Three people just remembered that Seraria-sama was the legal wife.

(Seraria)「I don’t really see a problem. Well, I’ll join the banquet. So I’m sure to be the first Yuki would press down. 」


This was a little frustrating.

(Lutz)「Shall I receive that as a challenge?」

(Seraria)「Yes, this is a competition. 」

「「「Fufufufufufu…… 」」」

At this moment, all members were seen as an enemy.
Well, I would cooperate until the banquet.

This and that happened and now was the day of the feast.
Ellis and Tori were not participating.
As expected of maidens.

Well「「Uraya5)Expression of surprise……N- there’s no need」」the usual thing.

Rather, our problem was that if we did it today, we wouldn’t be able to walk properly tomorrow.
When I gathered such medicines, I also gathered something so that onii-san can deal with all of us properly.
No, Seraria-sama happened to have it. 6)TLN: Dang Seraria
Oh, and it seemed that Labiris would participate, but that Aslin and Philia would stay together out of it.
And somehow, Naruja-san was also here. We hadn’t told her about it, but perhaps someone had slipped up.
Perhaps Millie could have done it? Because they both often drank liquor in the bath.

(Yuki)「Yosh, today’s participants have all gathered. Ellis and the others will make up for it another day. 」

(Lutz)「Yes, then let’s drink today. 」

(Yuki)「That’s right. Then, I made various things using DP. 」

A variety of alcoholic beverages were lined up on top of the long desk in front of onii-san.
In the back was a mountain of ice and water that would blend pretty well with
The appetizers were chosen unanimously, they were sets of Yakitori.

(Yuki)「At banquets there is a rule that everyone has to start their first glass with the same drink. Are you okay with this rule?」

(Lutz)「It is also true for our continent. 」

(Yuki)「In that case, how about starting with Yebisu beer?」

(Millie)「Iyahhoo!! Yebisu!! Yebisu!!」

(Naruja)「Gya I’m glad. I love Yebisu. 」

Naruja-san and Millie-san were originally part of the beer faction huh?
However, the tension rose too much.
Beer mugs were passed among everyone.

(Seraria)「Now, my dear Yuki. You make a speech. 」
(Yuki)「Should I? Hmm, that’s right. To everyone who came here, thank you. And good luck for the future!! I hope flourishing prosperity for us in the future….. 」


That way, everyone drank their first mug.
Kukuku, how long would you endure onii-san?

(Millie)「Kuaaa!! Delicious!!」

(Naruja)「The cups are piling up!!」

Shut up, drunkards.

(Seraria)「Ara, what’s wrong Delille?」

(Delille)「…… No, I am just glad to drink with everyone. 」

(Seraria)「It’s fine!! We will always be together!!」

(Delille)「…… Thank you. 」

Delille-san’s journey was hard huh?


Before I knew it, onii-san emptied his mug.
Oya, that’s unexpected.
I’d never thought he could drink it all at once.
Well, let’s just pour him another.

(Lutz)「Onii-san, onii-san. Here, another serving!!」
(Yuki)「… Well. Thank you. 」

Fufufufufufu, We’re reaching the critical moment little by little.
That’s not good. If you reacted so easily, I would push you down.
That’s regrettable, but we have to wait that you drink until you lost your reason.

… What was wrong here?


(Naruja)「I give up!! Suu7)SFX:Sleeping

Two drunk people were already sleeping.
Because all they drank was sake.

(Delille)「I can still continue!!」

(Seraria)「Ara, Delille-san, do you see three people?」

(Riel)「I ~ might have small breasts, but I am a woman!!」

Delille-san, Seraria-sama and Riel were no longer normal.

(Lutz)「Uppu….. 」

I held my mouth and struggled against my nausea.
I drank too much…

And our target, onii-san he……

(Yuki)「Let’s call it a night. Seems like everyone enjoyed it. 」

Why are you acting as if nothing happened!?
Since you had competed with Millie and Naruja-san, it shouldn’t have been a small amount!?
And yet, he cleaned slowly and carried everyone back to their rooms.
Since I wasn’t able to walk by myself too… He mercifully took me to the toilet in my room.

Even if I was about to regurgitate on the spot, I refused his assistance.
Even if I was a woman, I had a strong will!!
Well, I made friend with the toilet until the day was over.

(Lutz)「… Oh, it’s gone today. 」

I was glad that my nausea didn’t last till today
Although today was a day off, it would be a pity to spend it in the toilet.
The morning sun had yet to completely rise.
As I was taking a bath, and tried to erase the fragrance of the vomit. I heard Aslin and Philia rushing while they uttered loud cry one after another.

(Aslin)「Onii-chan is dying!!! Uwaaaaaaan!!!」

(Philia)「Nii-sama!! Nii-sama!!」

Wait a minute!? Did something horrible happen?
He’s dying? Onii-san!?

(Lutz)「Please calm down you two!? What happened!?」

I held the two crying girls as I ran to onii-san’s room and listened to the circumstances.

(Aslin)「O-onii-chan… he vomited a lot!! It looked painful!! He’s dying!!」

(Philia)「That’s the first time I have seen nii-sama suffer so much!! Call Herge ane-sama!!」

(Lutz)「…… No, that’s not it…… 」

When I entered onii-san’s room. Labiris was anxiously sitting in front of the door of the toilet.
And from inside the toilet……

(Yuki)「…… After all, that’s what happens when one drink more than prescribed… Upp…… 」

Such voice and vomiting sounds echoed from the room.

(Labiris)「Hey, Lutz. Is that because of alcohol? For some reasons, Yuki jumped out of the bed earlier and rushed into the toilet. 」

(Lutz)「… That’s maybe because of alcohol. Onii-san, can you hear me? Just a moment ago, Aslin and the others were really worried about you. Can you reply if possible?」

When I said that to the toilet, a reply was returned after a little while.

(Yuki)「…… Ah, you’re right. I probably have a hangover? I drank sake, but I seem to be drunk, My thinking is not really steady. I’m slightly bad with the effect from drinking. That’s why, I don’t really know the limit of drinking too much… Uppu…」

So again, his answer was interrupted for a while.

(Yuki)「…… I get a remarkable sickness with hangovers. That’s why I didn’t want to drink alcohol. Even though I’m hardly getting drunk, the suffering firmly strikes later. I don’t mind a drink before sleeping… Well, I’m keeping statistics… I want to know the line that makes me feel sick… 」

That was the reason why you couldn’t drink alcohol!!!
I fell on my knees, crestfallen.

(Labiris)「… Lutz, don’t mind it. 」

Labiris, I didn’t need your comfort.

Eventually, onii-san came back at 2pm that day.
Until then, we had to explain to Aslin and the others that onii-san had drank too much.
Afterword of the author
Yes, I am sorry.
But I made him the same as me.
Since I don’t feel drunk, I don’t enjoy the benefits of alcohol.
But to be honest, my hangover are terrible.
That’s why I only do a drink before sleeping.
My hobby include single malt and bourbon whiskey.
I’m not good with Beer.

Drink what fits you.


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