Trap 9 – First part : Everyday, the promise.

Trap 9 – First part : Everyday, the promise.
Preface of the Author
For the first time I divided it in the first part and second part.
I’m sorry update were unstable recently.
First part of the promise.

Side: Yuki

These days I have various difficulties.
No, it’s like that. It’s an event that doesn’t need carving into history, whether it is just daily life, or a promise……
Because I was trying to organize my thoughts and understand what was happening I started a diary.
Later, I want people to judge it. Maybe it will be seen as a comedy, a tragedy, or maybe just a collection of pages with no value.

As for me, I think that this specific record has no value.

Then why am I adding it anyways?

If you only leave interesting things, then you’ll have to make even more entertaining things in the future, or else it isn’t interesting to keep reading.
This short tale goes as follows.
Oh wait, it’s not as insignificant as a story called「Steamed buns are scary」.
Anyways, please read.

◇Year○Month△Day Saturday, inside the Dungeon: fine weather.

My consciousness slowly returned.
I noticed that I was still half-asleep, so I slowly awoke.
Even if I became accustomed to the Dungeon and the life here, I sometimes feel that this whole ordeal isn’t going to work out.
I wonder if it’s a characteristic of Japanese people?

(Seraria)「Nh, nn?」

I heard a cute voice from right beside me.
Ah, today was the day I slept together with Seraria, huh?
Luna declared that she would prevent any problems that could possibly happen during pregnancy for the mother or the child. She promised to cure them using her Goddess’s authority.
1)It seems she wasn’t satisfied with Dungeon Master, so she decided to change my race to Milking Cow. (Chill: i just arbitrarily added this :3)
This was my third time with Seraria.

The first night I went to Seraria as promised.
I was worried that she would overdo things and that there would be a problem, but in the end we remained connected until morning.
I was getting depleted, but Seraria was positively shining.
I wonder why, we both did plenty of things, but the only one who ended up becoming weary in the end was me?

While I was thinking about such things, Seraria woke up.
Had I moved too much?

(Seraria)「……. Good morning, Dear. 」

(Yuki)「Good morning, did I wake you?」

(Seraria)「No, I just woke naturally. 」

While she said so, she moved to cover me with the futon and herself.

(Yuki)「…… Eto, today too?」

(Seraria)「Of course, I have to diligently handle the morning. 」

Seraria seems to like doing it, and the fact that I have to take a shot every morning after I wake up became the norm.
I think that I did pretty well yesterday though.

(Seraria)「…. This way when it ends up this big in the morning, you don’t have to endure it. 」

(Yuki)「You seem to be rather hasty with getting children. 」

(Seraria)「I can’t help it. I’m so happy about it. Would you like to increase the number of times in the morning?」

Talking about that, I eventually got out after a couple of occurrences.
Oh, after all I got exploited.

(Yuki)「Good morning. 」

After that, I went with Aslin and the young girls to make breakfast in the banquet hall.

(Lutz)「Good morning. Sorry onii-san, we ask you for breakfast every morning~」

(Yuki)「Well, I don’t mind making meals for everyone. It is rewarding to make it delicious. 」

(Aslin)「Me too, I’m happy because I can cook with onii-chan!! 」

(Philia)「Today nii-sama is making his miso soup and rolled eggs. 」

(Labiris)「… The others made fish inside ceramic. Did you use salmon by the way? These were made by Aslin and Philia. 」

(Riel)「Un, Labiris what did you make?」

When Riel asked Labiris, Aslin and Philia pointed to the rice cooker.

(Aslin)「Labiris-chan cooked the rice」

(Philia)「There’s enough for everyone. 」

(Riel)「Ohh, that’s great. Thanks Labiris. 」

(Labiris)「Thank you, but I can’t let Yuki cook rice forever. Someday I will reach the same flavor. 」

Iyaa, is any difference in taste even possible when cooking rice using a rice cooker?
Well, she was motivated so there was no need to be tactless.

While breakfast was being prepared like this, Lulu arrived.

(Lulu)「Da-danna-sama!! Is it true that Seraria did it many times this morning??」

…… Eto, Everyone here, including the little girls, are my brides, but still to talk about such a thing in the morning with so many people is a bit……

(Lulu(you sure it’s Lulu here? no)「Hou, Seraria took a bath this morning. And she was shining a lot more than usual. So, how many times did you do it this morning?」

(Yuki)「Eh,2)Chill: Computing acceptable answer………….Does not Compute!!! reboot imminent, entering denial mode I didn’t do it in the morning!! 」

(Labiris)「… lewd. 」

(Riel)「Ah alright then, the hard way it is. Is there a particular reason for Seraria’s fragrance to smell so strongly from Yuki-san today?」

(Ellis)「… Riel, you’re sniffing?」

(Riel)「Th-that’s not it Ellis!? Because I am from the wolf tribe, I am just sensitive to smell…… 」

(Tori)「You know, when I do the laundry. Yuki-san’s bedding… 」

(Yuki)「Ahh!! Ahh!! 」

For some reason, my breathing became rough…..

(Aslin)「How many times did you do it with Seraria onii-chan?」

(Philia)「Nii-sama!! If you had told me I would have helped!! 」

(Labiris)「…… here, it is energetic the morning. 」

(Yuki)「Labiris don’t touch. 」

The thing is, since Labiris is from the succubus tribe and has wonderful skills, she makes it become strong just by touching, so she can’t right now.
By the way, the 3 girls are always doing it together, I’m speaking of Labiris, Aslin and Philia.
Labiris keeps going until she’s tired and goes to sleep, Aslin and Philia then take over and play with me until morning.
Uwah, let me sleep too~

(Lulu)「Answer please!! There’s a possibility that today’s amount would be smaller!! 」

「「「!! ?」」」

When Lulu said that, everyone’s look suddenly stiffened.

(Aslin)「….. Wait, it feels frustrating if there isn’t a lot. 」

(Philia)「I would like to have a lot inside…… 」

(Labiris)「… Big problem.」

Eto, it didn’t mean that it’d be bad, but I got stared at for some reason…..

(Yuki)「Th-that’s okay. I will do my best with Lulu and everyone. 」

(Lulu)「You’re telling the truth!? Today’s night is mine. I want to properly do many, many things.3)Face: She sounds super kinky….I like it

… Lulu-sama seemed to be very energetic despite being unreasonable at the same time.
But, could you please understand that I have an upper limit?

Incidentally, Lulu seems to like servicing using her breasts, she always tries various things with her breasts.
That’s an agreeable feeling, but she seemed to be dissatisfied whenever the load decreased.

(Seraria)「Ara? Everyone got rice, so I wonder what you were talking about to stop you from eating?」

Seraria who wanted her meal after the bath, took her seat with a glossy face.
At once I told her about the talk, about the fact that I was going to work hard for everyone, the debate was then settled and we all began to eat rice.

(Seraria)「Nee, dear what happened to you? You look a little tired?」

(Yuki)「… That’s because I had to keep up with Seraria until morning.」

(Seraria)「Ara, but you can sleep as much as you want. I’ll take good care of you. Including below. 」

This wife wasn’t even trying to put up a front, huh.
She is a good wife.

(Yuki)「Well, do your best today, okay?」


That said, everyone left the inn and scattered towards their respective workplaces.

(Yuki)「Then, to the school. 」

(Aslin & Philia)「「Yess」」

(Labiris)「… I wonder if you’ll carry me?」

As usual, I lifted the 3 and started walking.

(Yuki)「….. Is everyone growing? I feel like you’re heavier」


(Philia)「Nii-sama, I’m no-not fat!?」

(Labiris)「… pay attention to your choice of words a little. It’s different for me compared to the two girls. My breasts became larger.」

No, the growth of Labiris’s breasts was because I was helping…
However, even though her melons had grown even further, nothing happened in regards to her height though.

(Yuki)「Itee」4)Aie! / It hurts

(Labiris)「Ara, there’s things that I can enjoy because I’m small. 」

Labiris said that and then tightly hugged my head.

(Aslin)「Ah, sly. 」

(Philia)「Me too!! 」

The other two girls also tightly embraced me.

(Yuki)「Yosh, just hold on. Ready…」

(Aslin)「Fast, fast!!」

(Philia)「As expected of nii-sama!! 」

(Labiris)「… Fufufu. 」

That’s how I hurried to the school.
I wasn’t escaping their plots.

In the far off future, this story will have two prevailing opinions.

I’m envious, explode!!
That man is doing well. He is the very definition of a man.

Well, Yuki was the one talking about the story, so why would he write that?

Continuation in part 2.
Afterword of the author
How was it?
Incidentally, I don’t go in detail about the act Lol.
Because I’m a child. Can’t you believe in my sincerity? Lol. 5)Face: I’m SLIGHTLY saddened he didn’t go into details about the act though


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References   [ + ]

1. It seems she wasn’t satisfied with Dungeon Master, so she decided to change my race to Milking Cow. (Chill: i just arbitrarily added this :3)
2. Chill: Computing acceptable answer………….Does not Compute!!! reboot imminent, entering denial mode
3. Face: She sounds super kinky….I like it
4. Aie! / It hurts
5. Face: I’m SLIGHTLY saddened he didn’t go into details about the act though

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  1. Yuki…You lucky bastard!

    But, I’m glad. You are truly loved, huh? And that pic of Seraria’s afterglow was amazing!

    Ah, but for a Holy Maiden like Lulu to be so lewd… I couldn’t help but chuckle!
    I’m glad the wives rotate, As superhuman as he is… One guy is just one guy after all.

    Glad this is a Trap though.

    But, um… I wonder how Herge will fit into this in the future…

    I mean, she was the first person he met and Yuki had quite a lot to do with her fate.
    But oh well, I’m not in any rush…

    Hopefully we’ll get a main Ch soon!

  2. wait……. did he…. really had done the deed with the chibi trio ? or it only felatio ???
    well…. in hentai usually the maiden nun is the most pervert…. i guess all of lulu desire breaking out in that moment, huh ?

    • He did the deed with ALL of his wives.

      Sorry, but the wording leaves ZERO room for doubt, especially with Seraria and the loli trio.

      Aslinn, Philia and Labiris tackle him together, leaves nothing to the imagination and Labiris herself is a Sucubus born and bred for sex.

      You’d have to be all kinds of special to think it’d end with just felatio after reading this.
      Reverse rape is an INCREDIBLY REAL possibility with those three if he hadn’t.

      No virgin wives in this story, and no loli untouched! Err… except Vilia, I guess. To be clear…Yuki’s a faithful husband. Plus, cheating would be the same as death with them.

  3. ——
    By the way, the 3 girls are always doing it together, I’m speaking of Labiris, Aslin and Philia.
    Labiris keeps going until she’s tired and goes to sleep, Aslin and Philia then take over and play with me until morning.
    OH NOO!! Aslin & Philia TOO!!
    Damn Yuki!!

  4. ……ah, don’t worry. I’m not crying blood, these are just tears. Normal tears. It’s a bit red because, uuh, mixed with a little bit of resentment and jealousy?

    • That’s the same as crying blood.

      And look, EVERY isekai Harerm MC is “you”. You are Yuki, and Yuki is you.

      Therefore… “you” banged ALL of those ladies, lolis et al.

      Simple, it’s kinda the point with stories and RPGs.

  5. I kinda sympathized with Yuki, y’know…
    perpetual youth didn’t mean he has unlimited stamina, indestructible body, and status ailments immunity. -even he got a serious hangover without being drunk-
    From the start of the story, he has been warned about his ‘blessing’ from Luna, remember?
    IF you talked about a body with unlimited stamina, and status ailments immunity then it must be someone like Hiraku Mochiogi (Isekai Nonbiri Nouka)… but, even he couldn’t endure the reverse rape done by his harem. -Even if your body is (pretty) durable, it doesn’t mean that your mental and spirit could keep up with your ‘activity’-

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