KYNE – Chapter 11

Translator: Antheor
Editor: Antheor

Here is the eleventh chapter of Heroic tale of the Emperor God Hero’s《Ryokou Tan》!

Long introduction, but please read till the end!


First, I want to apologize because I made a mistake in the last chapter.

I said that the Wolf drank his blood for 16 days because I thought that “Izayoi” (夜) was the name of the ceremony. And it means something like “Sixteen night of the moon”. Because he said that after the ceremony had ended, it was now Friday, I deduced that it lasted for sixteen days. But I was wrong. Izayoi was the name gifted to him by Tetsuya.

Second, We’re nearing the end of the first book. From my understanding, The real story will only begin from the next book onward. That’s because <<Ryokou Tan>> in the title means something close to <<Travel>>. And what the author used to end the chapter was a few words including <<Travel>>.

Third, I introduce to you two new type of links to support me. Choose the one(s) you like the best, or you can still access the chapter by the direct link if you don’t want to. Please tell me if they are up to your liking. Personally, I think that should be the less annoying one. But I only gave it a few tries.

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Chapter 11 – Materials and Amazing Horse……


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