Chapter 10 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool 3: Floor 195 onwards

Chapter 10 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool 3: Floor 195 onwards.

Tetsuya had stopped his Intimidation skill and was expelling monsters lightly.

Now, the level Tetsuya reached was 5389.

Tetsuya walked through the 350th floor, going even faster than before. Around here, the average level of monsters was 3800. However, they were still merely recognized as small fry by Tetsuya.
And he thought.

(Tetsuya)「Hue? Even though I’m moving faster than light, why is that I’m not doing any damage?」

.Tetsuya just didn’t do anything in particular.

What he didn’t know was that to a God, or someone close to God, they couldn’t do much damage to the world. It was because of the protection of the Celestial Dragon God whose specific skills [In opposite to the wold collapse《Impact disappear》] By the way, Satan also possessed this ability.

Now at the 1000th floor. Tetsuya reached the floor where level averaged 10000. And he was now level 23681. But hopefully, the monsters from the Dungeon couldn’t go outside.

Tetsuya was reaching the 1000th-floor boss. After opening the door, He met with………The white wolf which helped him that day. It was covered in blood and collapsed right before his eyes.

The name of the boss was 『Betrayed Seraph《Touere cherry Seraph》』。The level was ……99999999999999999. A real monster. Tetsuya threw at the 『Seraph』a warming-up strikes (with 1/200000000000 of his full powers)


But for the first time, the Seraph was intact and had prevented the attack with the sword in his left hand and counterattacked Tetsuya.
Anyone would die here, or probably give up. However, Tetsuya was different.

(Tetsuya)「Ahahaah! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good tut! good yo good. good good I’m good!! For the first time, I received a counterattack! If it’s a fight, it’s better if it’s until death!」

He laughed.He received a counterattack for his instant death skill, of course, he would laugh. It was because he met the best fighting partenaire. After that, Tetsuya muttered.

(Tetsuya)「Will you be able to play with my power a little……」

Tetsuya used his skills.【Body strengthening】【Magical body strengthening】【Demon armor Art】【Demont Art】. And reduced a certain magic.【Gravity Magic】From 50000 times the earth’s gravity to 48000 times the earth’s gravity. Tetsuya then rapidly faced the Seraph.



Sparks flew when metal hit metal in the middle of the room. The sound of something getting torn apart echoed.

Tetsuya hit with a stab! The Seraph avoided it and slashed with the sword held in his right hand. Tetsuya shifted it using his swords but received a blow from the sword held in the Seraph’s left hand. Wearing his demon armor, Tetsuya caught the attack with a kick from his left leg.


Seraph vanished in the air, blown away, and stopped only when meeting with the wall. And when Tetsuya had gone to check.

(Tetsuya)「Trying to use magic…」

Was murmured. As if to answer a command, the Black Seraph stood up, and a black sun appeared. As soon as Tetsuya saw the magic, he shot one. Seraph had shot his magic as well.

(Tetsuya)「《Solar godly spear《Buryunaku・Zwei》Ⅱ》」

The black sun and the lightning bolt struck together in the middle of Tetsuya and Seraph. At that moment, the room was surrounded by light.

And although the spear, ignited by lightning, had struck Seraph. Tetsuya was still intact.


It was the sound of Tetsuya cracking his fingers. Following it, the spear exploded and Seraph was now gone.

Promptly after, Tetsuya headed toward the White Wolf.

(Tetsuya)「I will heal you」
Furu furu

He was trying to revive him, but the White Wolf did not allow it. Tetsuya once again tried, but the White Wolf once again refused. The White Wolf closed his eyes and nothing worked. But while Tetsuya sought to find a solution, Lights was emitted from the White Wolf. And after a short while, he disappeared. An egg had fallen at the White Wolf’s place.

(Tetsuya)「What? What is this egg!? I don’t know how I can use it!?」

After Tetsuya had decided to study the cool thing that just appeared. He began chanting to use one of his skills.

(Tetsuya)「『The origin of all wisdom. 【World tree《Yggdrasil library》】』」

After Tetsuya had chanted the incantation, a black leathered book with golden ornament appeared. It was 【World tree《Yggdrasil library》】Each person had his particular design. And depending on the permission level, a wide variety of information could be accessed. Tetsuya was level EX. He had no limit. He could use it anytime and anywhere without condition. He could even bring a copy.

By the way, another hero had the 【World tree《Yggdrasil library》】skill. But the highest level humanity could use was only F.

And to immediately find what he wanted to, Tetsuya opened the book.
(Tetsuya)「What are these wolves?」
And the page opened…

Ancient Fenrir

Only one of this kind inhabited the world. It was an old beast with strength stronger than God. A wolf with a beautiful Silver-White fur. It was not because the Ancient Fenrir wore the name 《Ancient》that it had a long life but because when he dies, he becomes wrapped in light and an egg appears somewhere in the world. To the one who he wants to follow, or to the one he likes, he appears before him. His strength depends on the quality of the magical power received when he is born anew. But he is nearly always something close to the existence of God. Also, at his weakest, he was already like a middle divine beast.
You should put magical power immediately inside the egg if you meet the Ancient Fenrir!


Was written in the book. Thus, Tetsuya began pouring magical power into the egg.

「What will happen if Godly magical power is inserted?」

It was a silly idea.

After 30 minutes, the egg hatched. It was a wolf with a beautiful silver-white fur. Not only was his hair silver and white, but his pupils were also displaying golden rays. Tetsuya appraised the Wolf, and discovered the race of the wolf.


Transcendental Wolf God of the Wolves.《Transcendental Fenrir》


Fenrir became like this. But because Tetsuya didn’t understand the meaning, he asked Yggdrasil sensei. And as a result,

Transcendental Wolf God of the Wolves.《Transcendental Fenrir》

A new species. Unreasonably strong. Grew up absorbing the magical power of the Transcendental Deity Tetsuya. It loved Tetsuya.

It was a new species. Well, it didn’t matter for Tetsuya. Then, after he remembered some of his skill thanks to consulting Yggdrasil,

(Tetsuya)「Do you want to become my follower?」

Special skills【Follower attribution】. Tetsuya tried to give his blood. A strong bond would be created between them, and he could summon from anywhere. It was a mix between Monster Tamer and Summoning. Only Tetsuya had both of those skills.

Apart from that,

Because the wolf wanted to become Tetsuya follower, and because Tetsuya had blood dripping from his fingertips, 【Follower attribution】 started.

(Tetsuya)「『Thou, became my kin, became a follower in the name of thee《Izayoi》』」

Wolf-Chan Izayoi drank his blood. After the ceremony ended, it was Friday night. Thus, Tetsuya obtained a Follower and could begin his Travel.

I feel like it was slightly forced.
When all my data disappeared while I was writing, I almost cried.

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  1. They are desecrating the name of Izayoi(mondaiji-tachi), they should be punished!!!! Lol, but yeah this series can’t even be compared to Mondaiji-tachi at all.

  2. Does this get any better? There’s probs waaay better stuff than this.
    Thanks for the translations tho.

  3. C’mon people, if you guys continue to give negative thoughts to the author’s work like that then new authors who strive to make such stories like these would end up quitting/giving up because of peoples’ super harsh criticism (not really ‘super’ though). This Author is doing his best to write his story you know.

    We all know that the author who wrote this WN is inexperienced but it’s to be expected right? No author can do better in their work and they know that and that is why they seek advice and help from others to polish.

    It irritates me to see others comment on another persons’ work like it is crap at the beginning. Wait for a while because from what I saw in NU, it already has 124 chapters (I think..) and it’s too late to say negative things to it now.

    If you wish to help the author, go type Japanese to him and help him out lol. Otherwise, go rage and say your negative thoughts into your notepad about the novel you’re reading now lol.

    Personally for me, I don’t mind this kind of WN as it’s for when I’m bored that I read this. Similar to Arifuerta but this mc gets op first then his journey second rather than weak to strong first, journey second in this case with Hajime Nagumo. Although it is true that the plot for this story is weird but I don’t find it much of a problem or a bother.

    So, dear translator, keep going!

    idk if Tetsuya’s appearance has been described already as well as the 3 goddess but It hasn’t been mentioned I think…? Although I did see it in the prologue but it’s vague I think? lol

    • I wasn’t bashing it, I was making a joke? Admittedly my sense of humor sucks and I can’t tell a joke to save my own life though.

  4. MC’s been bleeding for 16 days straight? Plus is it so important that Fenrir is a wolf, that you have to say is twice? And then, there’s the levels, WTF, aren’t you pushing it a little bit?! If a dungeon like that existed in the human territory, I don’t think there’d be anyone insane enough to try conquering it… But, aside from all that, I can say it’s still better than Cheat Tensei, keep it up…

  5. Well personally,mr.plot is rushed, too many blank space so reader will say *what the hell was going on ?* (or maybe just me ?), and too many Time Jump on early chapter for this WN
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    Is Author wanna make short WN ?

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    Oh. My. Gosh.

    this MC. All the impossible shit he acquired and the shit he’s seen through since day one, and he gets honestly surprised by an egg? first time he showed a human reaction since being transported there.

    (Punk… you just don’t stop do you? )


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