Chapter 11 – Materials and Amazing Horse……

Chapter 11 – Materials and Amazing Horse……
I revised the chapter 7
Mofumofu (Tl : Mean Fluffy and was said three times)


The 1000th floor was not the boss room anymore. Instead, it became Tetsuya’s house. Here, Tetsuya watched the fluffy Izayoi up to the point where he received damage from its cuteness. His earth cried 「Too cute!!」. Two days had passed since Tetsuya killed the 『Betrayed Seraph《Touere cherry Seraph》』. In the meantime, Tetsuya admired Izayoi and for no particular reason, made a cloak.

On the next day.

Finally, Tetsuya Left. Izayoi, thanks to a skill, shrank and entered into Tetsuya’s head. It was pretty.

After that, Tetsuya was trying to escape the Dungeon. However, he noticed something of extreme importance.

(Tetsuya)「I forgot the loot!!!」

He didn’t find anything yet although the monsters were insanely high leveled. He kept looking for something for a long while but couldn’t find anything. He didn’t give up because a Dungeon = Treasures + drops.

Tetsuya was frustrated and went trough the door at the back of the room. What he found there after entering were a big treasure chest and a magical stone. It was the Dungeon core a size around 80 cm in diameter. 『Lost Magic Core』. Tetsuya after closing the distance opened the chest without hesitation. The things contained inside were: 10 tons of Mithril, Adamantium, Orichalcum, Iron. And also…

(TL : I’m not sure if he meant Iron as money or as the metal: ヒヒイロカネ)

Egg『Saiyakuba《Disaster horse》』
Impossible to measure the rank.

Will be born earlier if magic is inserted. The Saiyakuba《Disaster horse》 will generally grow attached to the first person encountered after birth.

It was the egg of a horse.

(Tetsuya)「What, how can a Horse be born from an egg!?」

Tetsuya exclaimed. Well, Tetsuya had Yggdrasil sensei to explain about the Saiyakuba《Disaster horse》.

Saiyakuba《Disaster horse》

A horse with a black and beautiful body. Fairly large build and Really nice to ride. Regardless of his indifference for various things, he will never betray the one he decided to follow. The Horse is an omnivore. Contrary to its name Disaster, the horse would not bring calamity. But it would mercilessly kill any human or monster that wanted to harm him. Called the guardian horse from a part of mankind, he was even revered in some areas. The rank needed to subjugate it is impossible to measure. It could use Magic. Amongst all the worlds, only one of the kind was identified. And it had yet to be inside Asura.

(Tetsuya)「Seriously. Oh God, what is that? Wait, I’m also a God! It needs magic and divine power……

As he did for Izayoi, Tetsuya started pouring his power inside the Saiyakuba《Disaster horse》’s egg.

After 30 minutes, a black horse came out harboring a golden mane and a golden tail. A few seconds after birth, he was already the size of an adult.

(Tetsuya)「Please, help me Yggdrasil sensei! 」

Transcendental horse God, the mount Saiyakuba.《Disaster horse》

A new species. Grew up absorbing the magical power of the Transcendental Deity Tetsuya. It loved Tetsuya and was the possessor of the special skill [In opposite to the world collapse《Impact disappear》] ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※

(Tetsuya)「So. Do you want to become my follower?」
Koku koku

Tetsuya had once against used the skill Follower attribution. The name of the Horse was now 『Kagura』. Using 『Dream Crystal』 and other materials, Tetsuya created a saddle, a bridle, and a stirrup. He equipped Kagura with them. After that, he took with him the『Lost Magic Core』. In Asura, even if the Dungeon core is taken, the Dungeon would not disappear.

On the next day.

Tetsuya was in the room where he found the Lost Magic Core. A magic square was appearing……

(Tetsuya)「Now, let’s the adventure begin! I will not forgive anyone who disturbs me. I will live freely and do whatever I like」

Thus, Tetsuya disappeared from the Abyss’s Fool.

Tetsuya Kanzaki, rank impossible to measure. Dungeon『Abyss’s Fool.』cleared。

Tetsuya Kanzaki level 999999999999999999. It’s one level away to indication impossibility.

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  1. As always thanks for your great work and efforts, even tought “WE” leechers have no right to criticize your work AND kindness for posting the translation FOR WE LEECHERS to read, just don’t mind it and know that are people who a gracefull for wath you’re doing and keep up the good work

  2. So, now MC is a God, who has a pet Wolf God, who can shrink to the size of a hat, a God of all mounts, who can run faster than light and three girls, who have a crush on him, who he already forgot about apparently… He is two levels below Furio, but he’s in a different world, so it doesn’t matter… What concerns me is: “What about the people looking for him?” and “What about the promise he gave the princess that he’ll help them?”, aside from that, it’s an interesting start of the story.

  3. 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 lvl

  4. Anyone wanna bet that after volume 1 (warm up), mc will still have his old personality from chapters 1-6 when he meets his companions and bullies? Lol, I can’t tell if the author wanted his character to go from calm and perseverance to happy-go-lucky and childish like character in this chapter onwards.. Just me though lol… Maybe a bit of satou godness like character in it as well…? Meh.

    But nevertheless, I won’t judge 😉
    Hopefully, volume 2 onwards would be just as good.

    And we all know that Hajime Nagumo doesn’t show his lvls anymore as it’s all “?????” ya know, so clench those virtual butt-cheeks and expect for that kind of outcome 😉

    C’mon volume 2, where’s my neko loli and dragon loli (hope for those expectations mang!).

    Also, read chapter 10’s comment of mine~

  5. Dude how can a Wolf be born from an egg? Please be more surprised about that first before the horse. You got your priorities(common sense) wrong

    And [ヒヒイロカネ], iirc, is God Metal. It was sth mentioned in Slime Tensei, Rimuru. I can’t be sure though.

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