Chapter 13 – One was soaring trough the sky over the horse, But……

(Book 2 Chapter 1) Chapter 13 – One was soaring trough the sky over a horse, But……

(Roar of Kagura)
「Wan!」(Fluffy healing)


Tetsuya, riding Kagura, was heading toward a town. However, ahead of where Tetsuya transferred to escape the Abyss’s Fool………………………………………

Crimson Dragon Lv. 56353
rate: unmeasurable(Usually :SS)
Kinniku ushi《Muscular cow》 Lv. 41349
rate: unmeasurable(Usually :S)
Sun〇Sky (Vegetable)(Monkey) Lv. 89653
rate: unmeasurable(Usually :SSS)
Purest sand Lv. 78635
rate: unmeasurable(Usually :SSS-)
Wild boar commander (Orc) Lv. 78253
rate: unmeasurable(Usually :SSS-)

(TL : Author naming sense is so weird, look this monkey name xD)

It was the lair of monsters. It was a forest and『Tenjiku(Heaven)』was the official name. Tetsuya had entered there. He tried to go through but ended up being attacked by monsters. So, back to the beginning. Tetsuya was chopping the Crimson Dragon. Besides, Tetsuya was dual wielding with one sword in each hand. To the right was the 『Godly Katana of Heaven and Dream』, on the left was a black katana created by Tetsuya. 『Demonic Katana Hades』.『Hades』 was a short Katana with about 1/3 of its blade being double-edged. It was small like the one used in Wushan.


Furthermore, The function『Emperor Wisdom』was added to『Hades』by Tetsuya. As a result, whenever the sword ends up killing, its sharpness would increase. For Tetsuya, it was perfect.

Let’s return to the main subject.

Tetsuya had pointed out the Crimson Dragon and all the monsters which came out to hindrance them. Kagura massacred everything. He didn’t leave any of them alive. And……

(???)「What. happened… Did a master did this?」

At the corner of that forest, I met with a dragon. His scales were harboring rainbow colors.


(Dragon)「I can’t believe it, a simple man did this…」

(Tetsuya)「Oiーーー?State your buisnessーーー?」
(TL : “ー” means that he insist on what he is saying, think of something like “OOOOIIIIIIIIIII”)

(Dragon)「However, I feel the power God……」

(Tetsuya)「You ーーー, What are you mumbling alone?」

(Dragon)「No, a God shouldn’t interfere in the lower world. With the exception of the Demon King……」

(Tetsuya)「Yosh, I’m Kagura yo..I hope that this dangerous dragon won’t mind it if I keep going to the town」

(Dragon)「All right……I would like to know. Hey you, wait a minute!」

(Tetsuya)「What do you want? You awfully ignored me.」

(Dragon)「That oh well… I think it was bad of me… and, who are you?」

(Tetsuya)「Tetsuya Kanzaki. Tetsuya is the name and Kanzaki the surname」

(Dragon)「Tetsuya…… That’s not true!It’s a race name!」

(Tetsuya)「Originaly a human, I’m now a living God.」

(Dragon)「Why is there a God in such a place…」

(Tetsuya)「How, is that a problem?」

(Dragon)「Of course it is」

(Tetsuya)「I don’t care. I’ll teach you. To simplify『I was summoned from another world. Was sealed. Fell into a Dungeon, was nearly killed and managed to remove the seal and then after that I awoke as the Emperor God. So after conquering the Dungeon, I flew until here.』」

(Dragon)「Did you say Emperor God Sama? That’s… I’m sorry. Please, you forgive me」

(Tetsuya)「Yeah, well whatever. By the way, who are you?」

(Dragon)「I’m sorry. Thee… I am the Dragon God Kyokkou『Blood』.」

(Tetsuya)「Ah, I see」

(Dragon)「Therefore… This one is very sorry, but it is tough to ask …」

(Tetsuya)「The way you’re talking is disgusting.」

(Dragon)「So, sorry」

(Tetsuya)「Do not be so formal when you talk」


(Tetsuya)「What is it?」

(Dragon)「My wish is to be under you Emperor God Sama」

(Tetsuya)「Yoi ok」

(Dragon)「And I want to receive a new name」

(Tetsuya)「I Understand. Then 『Yamato』 you will become mine.『Follower attribution』」
(Yamato)「I’m so grateful! And so happy!」

(Tetsuya)「Izayoi, Kagura and Yamato when we reach town I’ll have you officially register as my follower」

This way, Tetsuya added a Dragon as his travel companion. However, they didn’t know yet that an uproar happened when they approached the town.

(Tetsuya)「Beside, was that place a Dungeon?」
(Tetsuya)「So, was you the boss?」
(Yamato)「This nasty insect had been since about 1000 years ago 」

Dragon God Kyokkou 『Yamatao』 Lv. 99999999999999999
rate: Impossible to measure

The appearance of this fellow was planned later……

After that, Tetsuya was supposed to use dual wielding often, but because he is almost 『Immortal』, he didn’t find the need to use it so often.

Tetsuya「Dual wielding is cool!I studied it through school and with my parents! But to use a single blade is easier. Only when I’m in trouble, will I use dual wielding」

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  1. もはやい!!
    (Too fast!!)

    I wish author could tone it down because he got a dragon way to quick… though it’s too late for that lol

  2. もはやい!!
    (Too fast!!)

    I wish author could tone it down because he got a dragon way to quick… though it’s too late for that lol

    Also, please fix your ads, it’s slowing down my laptop lol.

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  3. Wow the story is going into trash to shit lol his attitude changed to far from what I expected ahaha… Was the story written by an 8 year old holy shit but who am I to talk ill just keep on reading Maybe it will change im the future

  4. what a sudden change of attitude without any base of reason
    from low profile type to become a kind of “haughty”

    become OP without any solid reason . . .
    (hey your status now is in sealed form, drink this super potion to become OP)
    what’s the point of summoning a lot of people if we allready know he is OP as fak
    and lvl. . . . .
    seriously 999999999999999?
    well. . . .(i’m not fully read this novel [skipped a lot point] . so i’m not really aware of “average” lvl that meintioned in this LN). . . . .

  5. Sun〇Sky (Vegetable)(Monkey) Lv. 89653
    rate: unmeasurable(Usually :SSS)
    Lol immediately thought vegeta

  6. □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□
    Dragon God Kyokkou 『Yamatao』 Lv. 99999999999999999
    rate: Impossible to measure

    There’s an A in the Dragon’s name.

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