Chapter 15 – Adventurer registration 1

(Book 2 Chapter 3) Chapter 15 – Adventurer registration 1
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〓Adventurers guild branch Berganstadt 〓

(???)「Branch chief! What happened to the Dragon!?」
(Branch Chief)「Oh, the dragon!?」

The question flew when Tetsuya entered the adventurer guild along with the Branch Chief. The Branch Chief answered with a small voice, and all the members of the adventurers guild had a forced smile.

(Branch Chief)「No problem. Dragon’s matter was solved! But we were about to have casualties because the Knights ignored my advice and did unnecessary things.」

And the man of the guild who heard this said…

(???)「Again the Knights?」

(???)「Altought they are a bit usable. They are doing much more disturbance.」

(???)「All the Knights, are they all groups of idiots?」

(???)「No, it’s only here. The ones of the merchant town and others cities are respectable」

They started complaining about the Knights.When the Branch Chief saw it, he once again displayed a wry smile and called out to Tetsuya.

(Branch Chief)「Please come」

Soon, Tetsuya was guided by the Branch Chief. They reached a room which harbored a sofa, a table, and mage’s equipment. After Tetsuya had sat on the couch, the Branch Chief began talking to him.

(Branch Chief)「I’m sorry for what happened a little while ago」

(Tetsuya)「Well everything is fine, like this, I could register myself earlier.」

(Branch Chief)「I’ll do it. Then please, fill the paper I gave you with the necessary information.

(Tetsuya)「I’ll do it. Should I absolutely fill everything?」

(Branch Chief)「You only need to fill where the ※ mark is displayed」

(Tetsuya)「Can I use a false name?」

(Branch Chief)「You can, but it’s better that you don’t」

※【Name】 Tetsuya Kanzaki
※【Age】 16
※【Gender】 Male
※【Special skill】 Magic, Swordplay.
※【Battle ability】 Sword, Magic
※【Magic】 All of the attributes

(Tetsuya)「Is it good like this?」

(Branch Chief)「All attributes?Don’t lie.Well, I’ll confirm whether it’s true now」


(Branch Chief)「Touch this magic crystal, and let a drop of your blood into it or infuse it with magic.」

Tetsuya dropped is blood as demanded.(The reason why Tetsuya didn’t infuse the magic crystal with magic, was because he was afraid of breaking it)Then, the crystal shined with rainbow colors.

(Branch Chief)「It’s really all attributes……….But it’s impossible!」

(Tetsuya)「What do you mean?」

(Branch Chief)「Never once someone had all the attributes!Next please touch this other crystal」

One again, Tetsuya did as demanded and touched the crystal.

(Branch Chief)「No criminal record?」

(Tetsuya)「Yeah, are you surprised?」

(Branch Chief)「Oh well, anyway, I will make the guild card」

(Tetsuya)「Make it quick」
The Branch Chief took the Paper and together with a metal plate, disposed them inside a magical tool in a corner of the room. The two materials started to fuse together.After 10 seconds, “Ching”, the sound of an ejection was heard.

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  1. Well he seems to be doing well off for now, wonder who will be his first human like companion to join him on his journey, excluding his pets and 3 (to-be) wives. Thanks for the chapter, I understand that the OP-ness for the MC is a bit of a turn off for others bit it’s pretty nice imo since the chapter are short bits and kinda like snack breaks between larger chapters of other stories. Kind of a needed breather when you get through some heavier chapters you know?

    • Its not the OPness that turns me off. Its the complete characterization change. MC started off as a riajuu that could have, IRL, killed off all of those bullies if he actually fought back and used too much power by mistake. Now, he comes to this world and gets power, and all of a sudden his personality changes SOOO drastically into arrogance. Sure, his strength allows him to behave however he pleases, but its still an enormous change. Moreover, the situation is a near copy-paste of Hajime’s and yet, its far more childish. The story telling, progression and all in this series are just really childish and simplistic. Still reading and HOPING for some improvement, but doesnt seem likely.

      • Hoping for improvement here also, but we’ll just have to wait and see, at the very least he hasn’t gone off to taking over the world yet though that’s quite possible given his power and status.

      • Just you wait. There’s a ton of other copy-pasta elements. I really felt as if whoever wrote this is a middle school kid who read popular light novels and decided to combine it all into one.

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