Chapter 2 – Sealed

Chapter 2 – Sealed



I’m sorry for the delay. I was out earlier and wasn’t able to finish in time.

It was rewritten on 11/14



(King)「Cerise! Did the summon end?


While the students from Class 1-A were still stumbling about Cerise’s talk, the door behind Cerise opened and a person that looks like a noble or a King, entered.


(Cerise)Yes, father. I was explaining everything to the heroes right now.

(King)I see. I shall now go and greet the heroes.


The man called father by Cerise faced toward the students.

(Hilbert)It is an honor to meet you heroes. I am the King of Ingrassia, Hilbert El Lord Ingrassia. I’ll say it once more, but we are sorry that we had to summon you. We implore you to save the world with your power. I entrust this wish to you.


The king bowed toward the students. His face showed a drained expression. And together with him, all the knights, nobles, and the Princess bowed to the new heroes. And there was one person who got excited by watching them.

(Hoshina)Naturally! We, heroes, will definitely save the world! Leave it to us!

That one was Hoshina. After a short while, he called out to the students.

(Hoshina)Well everyone! Because we are all heroes, let’s save the world together! We have power! And with this power, let’s show them justice!

(Girl #1)Yes! Like Hoshina said, I will do it!

(Girl #3)Me too!

(Girl #2)M-Me as well!」」

(Boy #1)Because we have cheats!

(Boy #2)That’s right! Because we are special!


Then, what would follow after this could only be one thing, war. However, everyone had an excited look on their faces. Knowing that fights would be coming, Tetsuya became worried. As well as three other people who were thinking of the exact same thing.


(Mana)Tetsuya, what do you think?

The head of the public moral, Mana, asked Tetsuya about his opinion with a little voice. They were next to Yuki and Yuzuha. Tetsuya also answered with a small voice. It was the start of these four’s meeting.

(Tetsuya)I don’t know, but what everyone said looked like a farce.


(Tetsuya)Well. What I mean is, they don’t know at all what it means to go into a real battle. I think that everybody here regards this world only as a game

(Yuzuha)To say that this is war… Indeed, coming from the successor of the Kanzaki’s style.

(Tetsuya)That is irrelevant to the current matter. But they have no idea. Sure, I keep that fighting is equal to killing before but there is a big difference between a scuffle and war. Regardless if they go with their cheat or not, it’s all over if they end up dying. It’s more likely to happen when they meet an unexpected situation. I’m worried that they wouldn’t be able to understand and even more concerned when unforeseen circumstances had spread in the world. And there’s one more thing…

(Mana)What’s wrong?

(Tetsuya)I can’t move my body well since I came here. I feel like something is wrapped around my body, like chains.

(Yuki)On the contrary, my body feels lights.

(Tetsuya)It was something like that after all… ….

(Hilbert)Now, please sayStatus Openand see for yourself how strong you are. Come now and let us confirm everyone’s status

(Tetsuya)Everything will be over soon..

(Yuzuha)Maybe. But do you want us to bring you there, Tetsuya?

(Tetsuya)Before that, let’s checkStatus Open』」


Tetsuya Kanzaki Age: 16
Gender: Male Level: 1
Race: Human? Job: Hero (Sealed)
??? (Sealed)
Status: Sealed
– Status reduced to 1/500
– Can’t increase the Levels
– Can’t use any skills
– No magic available (Does not include the skills granted by summoning magic)
– No rise of status from the job
– No rise of status from divine protection
HP: 2500 / 2500(Sealed)
MP: 450 / 450(Sealed)
STR: 100 (Sealed) AGI: 80 (Sealed)
VIT: 50 (Sealed) INT: 400 (Sealed)
Skills: ???(Sealed)
Unique Skills: ???(Sealed)
Original Skills: ???(Sealed)
Special Skills: Appraisal Lv. A
Language Mastery of all human beings
Magic: ???(Sealed)
Unique Magic: ???(Sealed)
Divine Protection: Blessing of the Fighting God
Blessing of the Military Strategist God
Blessing of the Gods from the other World
Title: The strongest Hero who became sealed after the summon


Yuzuha Sasaki Age: 16
Gender: Female Level: 1
Race: Human Job: Hero
Status: Healthy
HP: 20000 / 20000
MP: 50000 / 50000
STR: 110 AGI: 130
VIT: 100 INT: 800
Skills: Wand Technique Lv. D
Body Technique Lv. E
Magic Manipulation Lv. B
Unique Skills: Magic Power Up Lv. F
Special Skills: Appraisal Lv. A
Language Mastery of all human beings
– Increase the status of the loved person in the vicinity by 1.5 times
Magic: Fire Elemental Magic
Wind Elemental Magic
Lightning Elemental Magic
Earth Elemental Magic
Light Elemental Magic
Recovery Magic
Barrier Magic
Holy Magic
Unique Magic: ???
Divine Protection: Blessing of the God of Magic
Title: Hero

Mana Sakazaki Age: 17
Gender: Female Level: 1
Race: Human Job: Hero
Status: Healthy
HP: 25000 / 25000
MP: 17500 / 17500
STR: 200 AGI: 200
VIT: 90 INT: 500
Skills: Swordplay Lv. A
Body Technique Lv. D
Body Strengthening Lv. D
Unique Skills: Sakazaki Sword Arts
Special Skills: Appraisal Lv. A
Language mastery of all human beings
Magic: Wind Elemental Magic
Light Elemental Magic
Divine Protection: Blessing of the Sword God
Title Hero
Master of the Sword

Yuki Hoshino Age: 18
Gender: Female Level: 1
Race: Human Job: Hero
Status: Healthy
HP: 20000 / 20000
MP: 120000 / 120000
STR: 180 AGI: 120
VIT: 80 INT: 1200
Skills: Magic Manipulation Lv. A
Aria Shortening
Unique Skills: Tripled Magic Offensive Ability
Original Skills: Magic Power Consumption Halved
Special Skills: Appraisal Lv. A
Language Mastery of all human beings
– Increase the status of the loved person in the vicinity by 1.5 times
Magic: Water Elemental Magic
Ice Elemental Magic
Wind Elemental Magic
Lightning Elemental Magic
Earth Elemental Magic
Light Elemental Magic
Holy Magic
Grant Magic
Unique Magic: Gravity Magic
Divine Protection: Excessive Blessing of the God of Magic
Title: Hero



(Yuzuha)This is ………

Tetsuya and the others displayed their statuses. After noticing the abnormal status of Tetsuya, they tried to cheer him up while trying to find a solution.


(Girl #1)Unbelievable! As expected of Hoshina!

(Girl #2)Awesome! Hoshina!

(Girl #3)Indeed, it’s crazy


Kouki Hoshina Age: 16
Gender: Male Level: 1
Race: Human Job: Hero
Status: Healthy
HP: 30000 / 30000
MP: 50000 / 50000
STR: 300 AGI: 200
VIT: 180 INT: 300
Skills: Swordplay Lv. C
Body Strengthening Lv. D
Unique Skills: Limit Rise
Original Skills: Armor of Light
Magic: Light Elemental Magic
Holy Magic
Title: Hero


People were impressed by the strength displayed by Hoshina’s status. Tetsuya and his friends were still trying to find a solution when they heard the loud noises of the cheers.

(Yuzuha)Tetsuya, do you have any idea?

(Tetsuya)I have some clue……When I was summoned, I heard the voice of a Guardian, and he said something like Seal

(Mana)Huh? Can’t you remember anything else?


(Cerise)Ano… Could you show us your status?

Struggling to find a solution, Tetsuya and the three girls decided to stop their meeting when they heard Cerise and displayed their status to her as well as the King.


(Cerise)You guys are wonderful! By the way… You are not showing me Tetsuya’s status…

(Tetsuya)Mine doesn’t have anything worth showing…

(Hilbert)Tetsuya, would you oblige us?

(Tetsuya)Your highness… I understand. But on that note, I would like to ask for your cooperation.

(Hilbert)If it’s something we can do, I will lend you my aid.

(Tetsuya)Then please, look at this

After Tetsuya showed his status to Cerise and the King, the reaction of the two was…


(Hilbert)That’s impressive. Your status became the same as a commoner. I got the feeling that it should be called a curse rather than a seal… However, according to the title, you are the strongest? And the thing you want our help with…

(Tetsuya)That’s just it. I need you to help me remove the seal.


The two were puzzled to know about the state of the strongest hero, and about the seal. They had thought of the same thing. Was removing the seal possible?

(King)Tetsuya, do you remember anything else when you got sealed?

(Tetsuya)Oh, I do. If I am not mistaken, it was something like Magic Guard Invocation. Deleting Target’s ability and appearance when awakening status. An error occurred. Switching with the seal… was what I heard.

(Cerise)Guard magic……


And while Cerise was listening to Tetsuya…

(Sato)Wow! Kanzaki’s status is so lame! Such a small fry! The same level as a commoner

Sato had seen Tetsuya’s status

(Mana)Because it’s sealed, it is natural.

(Yuzuha)That’s right. I’m surprised that even with just 1/500th of your status, you’re still at the same level as a commoner. I don’t think you have to mind it, Tetsuya.

(Yuki)I will find the solution and remove the thing sealing Kanzaki


Mana, Yuzuha, and Yuki defended Tetsuya. And one by one, jealous and murderous eyes glowed at him.

The three goddesses were unaware as to what was occurring with those people.



God World, Asura


(Otherworld God’s children)Grandfather!!」

(Otherworld God)What, you’re noisyThe Fighting God, the Military Strategist God, and all the gods from Earth came here!


(Ares)I am so ashamed of what you did!

(Otherworld God)Calm down Ares. I, the God of this world can say without vanity that I am always calm.

(Ares)Oh? That may be so but in this case, I will not let this pass! One grasping our powers had been summoned here!

(Otherworld God)Oh, did you mean that child?

The God of the World pointed his finger to the ground. When Ares and the others saw him, they cried!


Tension grew after they saw Tetsuya.


(Ares)Hey, did you seal him?

(Otherworld God)Yes

(Otherworld God’s children)Grandfather!!Please, undo that!

(Otherworld God)It’s impossibleEven someone who transcends God will not be able to do it. We did this because it was too early for him. He wasn’t strong enough yet. It was the instruction from our old master to help him. The Emperor God was killed because he had the same circumstance as him

(Ares)This means…

(Otherworld God)Tetsuya will have no choice but to undo it alone. Or … …


(Otherworld God)The Emperor God’s Emperor GodSuper special ! may manage to help him.

(Ares)Where is it? I’ll fetch it!

(Otherworld God)It’s impossibleWe don’t know where it is. It was the Emperor God’s last will. “I have hidden my strongest equipment. You need to find the location and the way to enter. Everything inside the chamber can be carried away by whomever is able to go inside. I will not be angry about anything so you don’t need to worry. You can find my God Emperor’s Soul and my God Emperor’s vessel with God Growth level there. Only someone with virtues will be able to, not only enter, but also exploit it! When that happens, I will be able to leave this world without worry.” was what he said.


(Otherworld God)It was like that, and it was said that the God Emperor was Japanese


Aries and the others had been discouraged. They could only wait for Tetsuya to remove the seal on his own now. But they didn’t know when or how it might happen.




This is the level of Skill

EX : Transcend God Level

SSS : Supreme God

SSS : Higher God

SS : Middle God

S : Lower God

A : Inhuman

B : Super High

C : Top

D : Expert

E : Intermediate

F : Junior

G : Beginner

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