Chapter 21 – Tetsuya lost his temper ※ Tetsuya did something heartless

(Book 2 Chapter 9) Chapter 21 – Tetsuya lost his temper ※ Tetsuya did something heartless

Edited by Shizu

/!\ This chapter is NSFW and contain a brutal scene, consider going further at your own convenience, you were warned /!\

I think that this chapter will make some of you feel uncomfortable.


(Tetsuya)「Welcome to my house」

(Princess Elena)「W, wow」

(King Diethelm)「It’s amazing」

(Sasha)「Be respectful!」

(Tetsuya)「Stop being noisy or else I’ll kick you out! Or maybe you want to sleep in the orc’s den? Hey? Did you just make a noise?」

(Sasha)「Go die!」

(Tetsuya)「I don’t like you. Whatever, I wonder where I will have you sleep? Should it be over there?《Teleport》」

(King Diethelm)「Wait!?」

(Tetsuya)「Evil has been eliminated. By the way, King? Did you forget about what happened just a while ago? Can you understand how irritated I am? Though I saved you, she suddenly attacked and spat harsh words towards me. Now is the time to change her character. I had originally hesitated to use murder or torture unless it was necessary. However, I thought that throwing her inside the orc’s nest where the Orc Emperor lives is what she deserves, don’t you agree? Isn’t it considered quite good for how much she irritates me? Oh, do you remember the promise from a little while ago as well?」

(King Diethelm)「Of course. I will say nothing about that fellow. Well, what could I say? Still, I want to say something!」

(Tetsuya)「What is it?」

(King Diethelm)「Where is the Orc Emperor?! Because it is quite strong, I will have to send the army and hire many adventurers! And I need to do it fast!」

(Tetsuya)「Calm down. The Orc Emperor is on the 596th floor of the Dungeon. It’s okay.」

(King Diethelm)「W, wow. I see. The 596th floor, then, what kind of Dungeon is it? 」

Tetsuya came accompanied by the King and the others inside his house in the other space. However, the maid who attacked Tetsuya was teleported directly to the 596th floor of the Abyss’s fool’s Hogerry (named by Tetsuya a little while ago) to have a change of character. The orcs were probably already raping her.

Though you may think that it’s overkill as others may probably do.

The one he saved kept irritating him. Even after giving her forgiveness, when she came into his house, she was still acting dangerously. She did nothing but slashing. Which human wouldn’t end up irritated by that? Tetsuya was the same. At first, he was already someone merciless, but when irritated, he did even more unforgiving things. That much was natural.


Abyss’s Fool 596th floor.

(Orc)「Buhibuhi」1)Think of this sound as OinkOink

(Sasha)「Eh? Kyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! 」


The Orcs chased the maid Sasha teleported by Tetsuya. And inevitably, Sasha thought while running.

(Why do I have to experience this!? I should be doing my duty as the maid of the King and his highness’s daughter. Yet, why!? Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why!!!!!!!!!!????
That’s why! Because of that man! Because he came into the carriage!)

Doshin!2)Sound of falling

As Sasha was falling, she bumped into something. She was knocked onto the ground, she could see the orc, more than 4 meters in height and his inflated crotch.
As the orc was examining Sasha, he removed his dirty waistcloth from his waist. She wasn’t able to budge an ounce because she was terrified. The maid couldn’t move and the orc tore her clothes open with brute force.

(Sasha)「No, nooo!」


At that moment, the orc bent hard over Sasha………………
After a mere ten of minutes, Sasha’s life was already gone. And after the orcs made sure that she was dead, munched on her.

The Knights benefited from all kind of treatment. Cooked food, a bath, ice cream and more, everything made by Tetsuya.

After that, Tetsuya asked the King what he was doing outside with so few members.

(Tetsuya)「Where were you going while you were being accompanied by this small amount of people?」

(King Diethelm)「I was on the way back to home after an inspection. Such a small number of individuals won’t surprise the inspected, right? Therefore, that’s why.」

(Tetsuya)「Well thought out~」

After that, Tetsuya and the King talked about various things before they returned to their respective rooms and slept.

Why not?
After all, many people thought of this novel as offensive.
But I thought, how someone who repaid kindness with hatred should be compensated. Therefore, I wrote that.
Do you think that it’s overboard for a reward? Although many may think like this, Tetsuya did something after he experienced something close to robbery.

It looks like an excuse, but I wrote the story as mentioned above.
If you’re feeling uncomfortable because of this chapter, I’m sorry about that. And because of that, everyone who keep supporting the Emperor God Hero, thank you.

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1. Think of this sound as OinkOink
2. Sound of falling

13 Replies to “Chapter 21 – Tetsuya lost his temper ※ Tetsuya did something heartless”

  1. Wow, even losing his temper, sending a girl to get raped and killed is a little overboard for her just randomly attacking him specially when he can’t be hurt by her.

    Should of just put her in a cage then sent her to the orcs, scare her out of her mind keeping the orcs just out of reach, thus assaulting her mental health for a night. Still hardcore but less F’d in the head type of action compared to the rape and death.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Sasha truly pushed Tetsuya over the limits of his kindness, she actually deserved it. I find it a bit excessive but still, she really deserved it, like hard.. lol.

    Before you bash the mc, I want you to think it over if you were in his place since its a “fictional” novel:
    If any of you were the one who saved the king but get the maid to repeatedly say the word ‘respect’ and asking you to ‘go die’ (which would seriously want to make you flip a table and want to kill her so bad), then you would do the same but with different methods. Remember, the human heart is hard to understand. You can’t tell what a person ‘truly’ wants. Whether they are being honest, kind, loyal, or caring. Humans will always have something to hide under the guise of positive feelings. (I ain’t a psychiatrist or w/e that is, okay? lol)

    I’m saying that she wanted him dead even though the king asked Tetsuya to let her off. And it’s obvious that most maids don’t attack their benefactors once they meet in other LNs right???

    Don’t judge me, I’m just thinking of what the situation would be if I still choose to let her off even though she would slash at me like a murderer (even if its a joke or not)..

    And of course, Yandere is dangerous~

  3. I don’t think it’s wrong that he killed her. She deserved it with the rabid dog like attacks. It just seemed really random with the 0 to kill action/mentality.
    Thanks for the new chapter!

  4. I don’t think the killing and munching part was necessary, dude. The whole rape part is one thing, having her broken, then reeducated would’ve been far better than killing her and Tetsuya even told the king to fix his maid, but then he immediately sends her to her death, dafuq man!

  5. Aaw… poor little author got offended by all the readers calling his little story crap (which it was), so he decided to vent by having a character raped. What kind of 19yr old Otaku-NEET wank fantasy is this?!

  6. Ha ha maid got what she deserved. Well if she reincarnate she my learn about manners in someone else’s house. To disrespect a female or male who saves you in there own house is just disrespectful. All think of the setting of the story kind Renaissance era I will not use modern logic when I read just adjust to the mentality of the era.

  7. poor girl
    make her see what could happen, ore do what you did and revive here with here memories, ore just kill her
    but no you have to send her to orcs to be raped and while being raped killed and then being eaten
    you are some sick f*ck i hoop you lose all your powers and die being raped
    and for every one who said “maid got what she deserved” go and be raped buy a fucking horse and die
    and author you really are a fucking suck f*ck

  8. No wonder this novel received low star reviews.You cant justify wrong doings by also doing the same.That maid attack is not even harmless someone to his level.Poor personality of the MC is trash and also the MC is super arrogant(garbage).To those who said the maid deserved to be raped and killed by monster theres something wrong with your brain.

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