Chapter 22 – If you don’t have horses, take a tactical grade flying battleship

(Book 2 Chapter 10) Chapter 22  – If you don’t have horses, take a tactical grade flying battleship

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The next morning.

(Tetsuya)「Hey, when will you guys get back to home?」

(King Diethelm)「Eh?………Oh」

This very morning, Tetsuya was eating breakfast with Diethelm and his people. At that occasion, Tetsuya asked them. However, Diethelm seemed to have completely forgotten.

(Tetsuya)「You had totally forgotten.」

(Knight)「Kisama, you’re rude!」

(Tetsuya)「Eh? What with you suddenly. You accepted my protection and despite that you said something like that?」

The Knight who heard Tetsuya point out the wrongness yelled to him. Whereas Tetsuya countered him immediately.


(Tetsuya)「In the end, how will you go?」

(King Diethelm)「Huh, I don’t know? Tetsuya, how will you go?」

(Tetsuya)「Me? I had the intentions to ride Kagura. Oh by the way, he is not a simple horse」

When Tetsuya asked that, Diethelm asked him in reverse. Then, Tetsuya answered that he would ride Kagura. At that moment Tetsuya thought of something else. That he may be able to use that.

(Tetsuya)「Hey, I got is a really fast guy, which can give a ride to all of you in one go.Are you interested?」

(King Diethelm)「Of course I am!」

(Tetsuya)「W, wow」1)TL : Tetsuya probably thought : You’re not afraid AHAHAHAH

(King Diethelm)「But I wonder what kind of fellow will I met!」

(Tetsuya)「You can’t complain later! Let’s see. It can fly in the air and cross the ocean. It’s a battleship which could probably destroy the world in about half a minute.」

(King Diethelm)「Wait!?」

(Tetsuya)「Then we will depart in three hours.」

Thereafter Tetsuya ended the talk ate breakfast and left. he was now in front of The hangar which contained the tactical grade flying battleship 『Thanatos』.

As for Diethelm.

(King Diethelm)「Eh, seriously」

He muttered silently.

Although the tactical grade flying battleship 『Thanatos』 was named like this, the god Thanatos-san will likely appear.

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1. TL : Tetsuya probably thought : You’re not afraid AHAHAHAH

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  1. Half a minute? The demon king is supposed to be on par with this guy, right? Yet, he hasn’t succeeded? Seriously?
    PS: You realize that you don’t have to explain their conversations to us, right? We already understand it from what they’re saying…

  2. Thank you very much for that great chapter as always.

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