Chapter 23 – If you don’t have horses, take a tactical grade flying battleship 2

(Book 2 Chapter 11) Chapter 23 – If you don’t have horses, take a tactical grade flying battleship 2

Yes, I did whatever I wanted. 1)はい、ハッチャケました。


(Tetsuya)「Teach2)Teach is the name of a new character ティーチ!Begin the preparation to board 『Thanatos』!」

Tetsuya called out to the guys which remained in the other room and told them to come to the hangar 『Thanatos』.

(Teach)「Huh! Begin the preparations immediately!『Everyone, gather in front of『Thanatos』And prepare for its first voyage!(It might be outside)』Well then, excuse me!」

(King Diethelm)「Oh. Are the ammunitions, offensive magic, and magic power for the fuel enough?」

(Tetsuya)「It’s enough. We have enough ammo……… Currently, we have 9999 billion3)9999 000 000 000 000 000 000projectiles for the Magic Railguns, each made out of Dream Ores. 10 million4)10 000 000 000 for the Magic Cannons, whereas the ship has 100 billion5)100 000 000 000 000 000 000 for large scale bombs. Each magic gun has cartridges with 30 million6)30 000 000 000 ammos,1 million7) 10 000 000 ammos each for the others. 8)A bit hard, 弾薬は現在………各通常固形魔導弾が9999京発ずつ、大砲用の各通常固形魔導弾が100億発、夢幻鉱石製の通常レールガン用の消滅弾丸が同じく9999京発、大規模用が100京発、各通常魔法弾の各カートリッジが300億ずつ、その他の各固形禁魔導弾、魔法弾、カートリッジは100万ずつあります! As for the magic used for attacks, it amounts to 9999 fukashigi 9)10^64, too many 0. It’s the same for the fuel quantity!」

(King Diethelm)「What is the conversion rate?」

(Tetsuya)「The rate is SS. The ratio is 100 000 000 000 for a demon core used as fuel.」

(King Diethelm)「I see. Then it’ll be better to use my magical power for it.」

(Tetsuya)「Is that okay?」

(King Diethelm)「It’s fine, even though it seems like there are no problems. I leave the rest to you.」


After Tetsuya was asked about 『Thanatos』’s functions, they went toward it.

I’ll try to explain 『Thanatos』’s equipment here.
As the main weapons, 『Thanatos』 had small magical guns that used hardened magic bullets and larger magical canons. Inscriptions were used on the cartridges of the magical guns and the magical cannons. Railguns would fire bullets that disappeared with time, an electromagnetic launcher. Then, there were the beam cannons with charged particles. In addition, there was an electric shocker that was able to stop torpedos similar to the above equipment and small battleships that could go underwater to combat any enemies. To be able to fight in the sky, 『Thanatos』also had small drones.

Each of the small battleships and drones had a variety of guns. Pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, miniguns, and cannons.

Next, I’ll describe each type of ammunition.
First, the hardened bullets. They were hardened using magic and shaped in the form of a bullet. Unleashed with magic, they are used to strike the body of other objects.

Following is a description of the cartridges.
The cartridges are different depending of the cylinders of the various guns. They made use of magics and have semi-transparent columns of 6 * 3 cm or higher size. Letters and numbers were carved onto them instead of symbols like a normal magic formation. It’s a magic only Tetsuya was able to pull off and nobody could reproduce it. Each could be used 1000 times.
The small guns are cylindrical and use magazines like a normal gun.
But it can’t be used for the assault rifle, sniper rifle, machine gun or cannon.

Then, the dream bullets are made of dream ores and disappear after a certain period of time. There were a lot of different sizes.

Lastly, the description of the crew.
The sailors were all produced by Tetsuya. Fighting powers for any of them was XXX. The captain himself had an immeasurable strength.
As for their equipment, they had Magic Guns as their main weapon and Railguns or Lightsabers as their second weapon. Whenever one of the users died, Tetsuya would automatically collect his equipment without him doing anything.

That’s all for the rough explanation above.

Three hours later.

Together with Diethelm, Tetsuya boarded 『Thanatos』.

(Tetsuya)「Teach, we’re leaving!」

(Teach)「Huh!『All members sail!』」

(Tetsuya)「Well, I guess that would work.《Kaihou》」

Thus, came the departure of the battleship『Thanatos』.
Its destination was the king’s royal capital 『Lichtenstadt』.
The journey of Tetsuya has just begun!

Tetsuya and the others boarded the tactical grade flying battleship 『Thanatos』towards the Royal Capital. While they were leisurely enjoying the travel inside 『Thanatos』, Tetsuya and the others had been hindered by the enemy’s attack
At that time, Tetsuya took action.

Next time 『Since the enemy has come to the hornet’s nest, then let them be!』

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References   [ + ]

1. はい、ハッチャケました。
2. Teach is the name of a new character ティーチ
3. 9999 000 000 000 000 000 000
4. 10 000 000 000
5. 100 000 000 000 000 000 000
6. 30 000 000 000
7. 10 000 000
8. A bit hard, 弾薬は現在………各通常固形魔導弾が9999京発ずつ、大砲用の各通常固形魔導弾が100億発、夢幻鉱石製の通常レールガン用の消滅弾丸が同じく9999京発、大規模用が100京発、各通常魔法弾の各カートリッジが300億ずつ、その他の各固形禁魔導弾、魔法弾、カートリッジは100万ずつあります!
9. 10^64, too many 0

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