Chapter 25 – Black magic

(Book 2 Chapter 13) Chapter 25 – Black magic

(Diethelm)「Hey hey hey!Tetsuya, what was that!」

That was what Diethelm shouted after watching the end Storm Dragon through the monitor.Even someone with the knowledge from earth might still ask questions about the beam cannon. However, for someone from another world, it was simply unbelievable.
Since it was a magic formula ( . . .) it was technically different from a canon charged with particle.

Those things, I will try to explain them.
It was already explained earlier, but in Asura, there was nothing like witchcraft nor something like wizardry. Instead, only magic existed, and its usages needed a magician.
Despite that, the words “Magic Formula” were often attached to Tetsuya’s magic items. Those words can exist only because Tetsuya wants it. The main reason was that Tetsuya stupidly thought it’s『Cool』.However, it’s still good. But there is another reason for its existence. You will understand when you take a look at his status.

Tetsuya . Kanzaki Age 16
Sex M
Tribal God Lv. ???[#Emperor God #Transcendental Deity {Almighty God / God of Magic}] Jobs : Emperor God, Transcendental Deity {Almighty God / God of Magic}, Hero
Status healthy
Lv ???
HP error/error
MP ∞ (Infinite)
STR error
AGI error
VIT error
INT error

[Ultra magic precision Lv. EX][Ultra domination aura Lv. EX][Ultra hiding ability Lv. EX][Body strengthening Lv.EX][Magical body strengthening Lv. EX][Demonic armor Lv. EX][Monster Tamer Lv.EX][Chantless Aria][All attributes resistance Lv.EX][All abnormal states resistance Lv.EX][Reduce the feeling of pain Lv.EX][Parallel thinking Lv.EX]etc.
Unique Skill
[Limit Break] [Kanzaki slaughter style]etc.

[Higher Military Strategist God’s art Lv. EX]Higher Military Strategist God’s art Lv. AEX][Ultra thought acceleration Lv.EX][All thing creation][Time halt][Every skill acquisition][Every magic acquisition][Perfect learning][Divine vison][Magic consumption 1/500][500 fold magic offensive ability][Level-up required value 1/500][Exp x 500][Status manipulation][Life manipulation][Heaven and earth manipulation][Transformation][Almighty brain][Overpowering God][Maximize skill level][Ultra skill creation][Magicraft(New)][Magic creation(New)][Endless Magicraft(New)][Magicraft God(New)]etc.

[Skill creation][Magic creation]Magic creation][Creation][Yggdrasil library Lv. EX][Follower attribution]etc.
[Apex of all attributes(fire, wind, water, soil, ice, lightning, light, and darkness)] [Holiness attribute] [Darkness attribute] [Soul attribute][Grant magic] [Restoration magic] [Barrier] [Attributeless (ancient, summons)] [Sublimation all attributes (fire, storm, ice, rock, thunder)] [Dragon] [God] [Dismantling] [Nothingness] [Spacetime {time x space}] [Dimension] [Gravity] [Transition] [Meddling fate] [Reincarnation] etc.
Emperor God, Transcendental Deity(Almighty God x God of Magic), Emperor God Hero, Strongest Hero, Creator of magic.

Did you understand? First, his level was like one amongst the gods family, but that was not something to mind. The magic skills had changed, except that’s something for a later explanation. The most noteworthy thing was his tribe.『Transcendental Deity(Almighty God x God of Magic)』.Before this, Tetsuya became a god and a deity, but now he was an almighty god.

And being a deity of something meant that he had the power to control the power that represented a god.For example, the previous Emperor God was the God of skills. Being the god of skill meant that he was overseeing and administrating the power of technology.
Almighty God, this very existence had the power to control all abilities and all skills.
Also, Tetsuya was now a new Deity, the God of Magic. The God of Magic controlled all magics and all things related to magic.
The finality was that Tetsuya had 2 Deity in one body.
For example.
God “A” was deity “a” but God B was deity “b” and “c”, two deity at the same time.

This was not normal. Though new deities changed or could be granted, there was no way of acquiring a new one.
When someone was a deity, he could grant his deity once. For example, Artemis was the Hunting and Chastity god, but he was also the Moon god. In this case, Artemis could grant the Hunting and Chastity god as well as the Moon.
And the notation of the status would be.

◇In case of the grant□◇□◇□◇□◇□◇□◇□
Artemis Age : Do you really ask for a woman’s age?
Sex : Kawai Goddess-sama ☆(Author ─Wow1)The author wrote that xD……)
Tribal God Lv. 9[Hunting{+Chastity+Moon}God]

Hereinafter abbreviated.

Everlasting secret g… whatever, there’s none.
◇In case of a Deity change.□◇□◇□◇□◇□◇□
Hephaestus Age : Ahahah
Sex M
Tribal God Lv. 9[Thunder{+Volcano}⇒Blacksmith{+Flame}God] Hereinafter abbreviated.

In the case of owning the ability, it’s displayed as [Main deity{+ grantable deity}] And in the case of a change in ability [Former ability⇒Newer ability]

Did you understand?It was usually like this but not for Tetsuya. His were displayed as [Almighty God x God of Magic]Also, because he had the title Transcendental Deity it was not included in his state of Deity.
In other words, the god 『Kanzaki Tetsuya』 was composed of two powers and existence, almighty and magic.

And that’s why his magic skills2)Mahou had evolved into black magic skills3)Madou4)Remember that no dark magic existed in this world, only straightforward and plain magic. It was a side effect from his Deity. Tetsuya after becoming the God of Magic evolved the magic into black magic. Also, Black Magic was ranked higher than magic. You can imagine an influence beyond magic.
To begin with, this world’s magic used Maryoku5)Similar to Mana to interfere with the world and create things. (To start a fire from nothing). To change and move substances(Transform soil into mud and vice versa). It didn’t require much knowledge. The incantation and a rough image of what you wanted were enough. However, this system had limitations.
Black magic was using Maryoku as done by Magic to alter the world. But it was a lot more influential.
For example, with 10 unit of maryoku you could fill a tub of water. However, only 1 unit was needed for black magic. It was a difference between influence. There were many other differences, but that’s good for now. Still, the Black Magic could only be used by Tetsuya for some reasons.

Well, the above was the reason why Tetsuya often had black magic inside his possessions.

Back to the topic.

(Diethelm)「What is a magically charged particle cannon?」
6)A missing sentence, I’m not able to translate properly:「かでんりゅーしほー?」
(Tetsuya)「I will not explain because it’s troublesome, but it has high power? That was less than 10% of its full power just now.」
(Diethelm)「I don’t understand, but it’s amazing.」
(Tetsuya)「Ah, we have no more enemies so let’s go for lunch soon.」

After Tetsuya had answered Diethelm, the last one whispered『God of death with an iron earth』and left.

Deity and black magic are complete fantasy from the author.
If anything, please tell me gently.


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1. The author wrote that xD
2. Mahou
3. Madou
4. Remember that no dark magic existed in this world, only straightforward and plain magic
5. Similar to Mana
6. A missing sentence, I’m not able to translate properly:「かでんりゅーしほー?」

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  1. Wow, it is been a long time. I thought this WN was abandoned since it was like 5 months from the previous chapter. Thanks.

  2. finally caught up.

    Well, I don’t really have much to say except, it got really ridiculous. I mean REALLY. The world system is messed up. A beginner dungeon that has 1000 floors. With a Uber God as it’s final Boss.A Norse myth wolf that lays an egg. A horse egg. And a Dragon God just outside the vicinity of the dungeon. What’s more, it was a forest dungeon with hundreds of floors. I can’t even beging to imagine what it must have looked like. The beginner dungeon went literally straight to hell with absurdly many floors. How are they even suppose to clear it, ever?

    It’s like the Author just wrote what he thought was awesome and added it on top of each other. Not to mention the economy is as messed up as the system. What 100 trillion Zr. I don’t even know what Zr means.

    They aren’t joking when they said it’s horribly written by an 8yr old.

    Well anyway, will I read it again? Yeah. Definitely. Like I said, i have no expectations. And i also had more fun than expected retorting to the story’s inconcistencies.

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        Anyway, it’s really poorly written no argument there. But there are worse. Some have decent writings but is still shit. Which actually make this beginner/amateur work a more preferrable read than those, imho. And this honestly gave me laughs until my sides hurt. I was at work when I started. The stares hurt… had to postpone till I got home.

        I hope you continue this though. I went back to read the comments here(didn’t read it before to avoid spoiling the fun) and some are just brutal. The Author did say it was poorly written at first, so dunno why they take it too seriously. Just read it for the lulz. I personally enjoyed it myself.

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