Chapter 29 – Captivity? Are you silly?

(Book 2 Chapter 17)Chapter 29 – Captivity? Are you silly?
Abruptly caught, he will become crazy
Finally here! The Royal capital!
I got the feeling that Tetsuya was arrested!

Back to a few minutes ago.
Tetsuya, riding his high-performance vehicles, arrived at the Royal capital. Then, the King (Ahah) exited the car. Normally they should be arresting Tetsuya. But that was not the case! The aristocratic knight who kept the gate advanced to Diethelm while smiling.

(Knight)「Ah, Your Majesty! Why did you ride an unknown vehicle? Oh but what your majesty does is always weird! Today as well! 」

That’s what he said. Did you understand? The Knight wanted to poison the king! However, Tetsuya thoughts already expanded further. Diethelm had a little talk with the knight then he called out to Tetsuya.「Oh, that guy. What’s his problem?」
Then, Tetsuya who saw the Knight made a small mutter. 「Ah, you’ll fall in love with his majesty」He’ll have to thank Tetsuya later.

(Knight)「Nice to meet you Tetsuya-dono. I am sorry this time for your trouble Majesty. As always your majesty, the first prince, the Queen, the Prime Minister, the leader of the knights, the representative of the imperial guard, and the grand wizard of the country all wanted to stop you. But thanks to Tetsuya. . . You’re truly the King of our country! Let me embrace you, Hilbert, King of Ingrassia. 」

(Diethelm)「W, wow. By the way, did you just speak of a crime of Lese majeste?」

(Knight)「Yes, I did. What should we do! ?」

(Tetsuya)「Oi Your Majesty, then go and ask about it. About the Lese Majesty for example! Otherwise, I’ll make you drink some Tori sauce! 」

(Diethelm)「I understand already! Stop already! 」

Tetsuya asked this question because he was worried for the endeavor of the Knight. Then a little time passed.

Just after which the issue arrived.

(Knight)「Everyone!Capture that boy! 」

(Tetsuya)「Eh, what! ?You can’t kill me! ?」

(Diethelm)「St- stop! 」

The people who didn’t know why they should catch Tetsuya started to charge toward him when they heard the knight. Tetsuya shouted to answer and Diethelm involuntarily cried. And after an old man caught Tetsuya, the old man who saw a bracelet on his wrist he couldn’t understand began to ask.

(Old man)「Then, boy! What’s with this magical fixture?」

(Someone)「Chief! This artifact looks similar to Spatial magic! 」

(Old man)「What! Boy, I need an answer! What is that thing?」

Tetsuya who heard the old man’s question answered by another question. Tetsuya provoked it because he was irritated from the current situation. Well, it happened like that.

(Tetsuya)「What? Why do I have to teach you? Are you someone important? You thought that I would answer you just like that? You’re stupid. Low brained too. My child is more courteous than you. Besides, I am irritated now, don’t you think? Since you did something silly. Should I kill you?

As for Diethelm, smelling the danger, he sneaked away. One of the investigating knights followed Diethelm. He was now hearing about the fight Tetsuya once had with his maid and about her last moment. The knights of the gate retreated as well. They all had the same reaction after they found out about the maid’s death. 「Ah, she paid for her mistakes. 」「Oh, so she disappeared? This bitch had no sense of aristocracy 」「This self-proclaimed girl of『Noble-blood』vanished」「How can this girl who didn’t return a favor be called a noble?」「No, that girl was a scum」「How could she be a noble if she’s not even human? Was she stupid?」and so on.

Aside from that.
The old man who received the provocation of Tetsuya roared in anger.

(Old man)「Gahaha! Yare yare, try if you can! Boy! Don’t even think it’s possible! Because with this thing I can suppress your magic power! 」

(Tetsuya)「Ok, I understand well.」

Tetsuya began to use magic in order to crush the old man’s confidence.

(Tetsuya)「. . . . . . . . . ?I can use it normally. 」

(Old man)「What?」

(Tetsuya)「Yoshi, then I’ll kill you. Please answer my command,《Taiyou(Fallen Sun)》」

Thus after the incantation, the magic initiated.


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  1. Even though I think the main character of this story is irredeemably stupid, I thank you for translating this. He’s strong enough to ignore petty threats but still takes them seriously.

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