Chapter 30 – The magic research institute under the Royal family . 『Kingdom magic institute』

(Book 2 Chapter 18)Chapter 30 – The magic research institute under the Royal family. 『Kingdom magic institute』
Foreword of the author
I also added some explanation.
(Tetsuya)「Yoshi, then I’ll kill you. Please answer my command,《Taiyou(Fallen Sun)》」

And after the incantation, the magic executed.

Tetsuya swallowed the darkness with his skill 《Taiyou(Fallen Sun)》

For now I will explain magics and their ranks.

A Magic is divided into two things. First is the class. Second is the rank. Also, some classes can not be used by themselves, and the ranks are divided into low, middle and high.
Let’s start from the bottom.

Class⇒⇒⇒An alias to estimate the power.

Lowest class⇒⇒Life magic
Lower class ⇒⇒⇒ Beginner
Intermediate class⇒⇒⇒Young adult
Advanced class⇒⇒⇒First grade
Highest class⇒⇒Elite, nonhuman life
King class⇒⇒⇒Strategic grade(Requires multiples people at the same time)
Imperial class⇒⇒⇒Beauty class magic(Almost unusable except by some)
Disaster class⇒⇒Magic used by some monsters
Legendary class⇒⇒Only exist in legend
Mythical class⇒⇒Only used by king beast(regardless of the tribe)
God class ⇒⇒⇒ Only used by God
Transcendental class⇒⇒Only used by Transcendental Deity.

Those are all the class of magic
Next are the magics
Honestly, magics don’t really have class. I’ve heard that some of the lowliest magics could compare to magics of the god class. Although there’s a ranking, a lot of magics aren’t part of the list. By the way, the names came from Yggdrasil sensei1)Sensei means Teacher in Japanese

And this time’s magic launched from the hands of Tetsuya can rival spells from the God class. Rather than being weak. It’s even worst.



「Uwwaaaa! ! ! 」
「Sh,shelter! Everyone go hide! 」
「The sun is falling down! 」

When they saw Tetsuya’s magic, the people who had tried to interrogate him closely were now trying to escape while screaming. However,

(Tetsuya)「No escape for you,《Kage Te(Shadow hand)》」

Tetsuya who didn’t want to accept their escape stopped the movement of the men using dark attribute magic. Incidentally, Iris was protecting Diethelm. 「Th-that’s impossible! It’s god! 2)ら、らめぇぇなのじゃ!」Who didn’t mind saying this.

「「「「Uwwaaaa! ! ! ! 」」」」
Choro Choro 3)SFX


(Tetsuya)「《Shoukyo《Delete》》。It’s dirty. Already an adult and he leaked. 」

A chivalrous man began thinking “Ah, die” as soon as the magic was erased.

And then after this, they all gathered (Got scolded by Iris) and Tetsuya finally entered the Royal capital.

The chivalrous man from earlier was working in a magic research institute directly under the Royal family of the Kingdom Adol. His popular nickname 『Kingdom magic institute』Thus, Tetsuya and Diethelm who knew of this matter became strict with him, naturally.


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References   [ + ]

1. Sensei means Teacher in Japanese
2. ら、らめぇぇなのじゃ!
3. SFX

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