Chapter 32 – The new ability and the King

(Book 2 Chapter 20)Chapter 32 – The new ability and the King
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『The title and job【Zettaisha(The・absolute)】was acquired. The jobs 【Zettaisha(The・absolute)】 and 【Zettai kami1)Absolute god(The・absolute)】 merged together to form 【Chouetsujin2)Transcendental Deity{Almighty God×God of Magic×Absolute God}]】

The tribe had become [Absolute God]. The mighty being [Chouetsujin3)Transcendental Deity{Almighty God×God of Magic}]fused with 【Chouetsujin4)Transcendental Deity{Almighty God×God of Magic×Absolute God}]】

And became:

A fusion of all skills and all magics【Zettai Kami no Nouryoku5)Abilities of the absolute God《Absolute ability》】Thereupon, 『Tetsuya・Kanzaki』 had omnipotent magic and skill. He became impossible to defeat.

Moreover, his followers had evolved. 』

(Tetsuya’s inner thoughts)(What?This voice just now. In addition, had a cheat again…… )

When Tetsuya had confessed to Diethelm that he was one of the heroes, this voice had reverberated in his brain. In fact, this voice appeared every time Tetsuya had leveled up, but he always had unconsciously ignored it until this time. The only reason he heard it this time was because Tetsuya had wanted to know his ability, again unconsciously. It was because he had noticed that recently, a lot of skills had increased. and before he could react, he had already become a member of another race.

In the meantime, Tetsuya’s group had reached Diethelm’s private room. One of them, Tetsuya, was depressed. Originally, Tetsuya was already a cheat and he liked the thought of being the strongest in the world. But now that he was truly thinking about it, he became a little sad. 「It was a bit too much」He thought

「Then, Tetsuya. To conclude our matter, I need to give you the reward. 」

「My amount of money is insane, I don’t need more. I also have a house already. And I don’t want some kind of holy sword because I don’t want to fight against the Demon King. Also, I don’t need any title of nobility like a duke nor a certificate of land. In addition, there’s no need for anything like a skillful smith, or precious material since I can already have all of this by myself.
Let me go home. 」

「Yes, are you listening?I am really concerned with your reward and honor! 」

「I heard that already, and also I don’t care about honor! If you can only act selfishly like this, you should already pass your throne on Eldo. 」

「Yosh, I found how to reward you! 」

「Are you listening?」

Tetsuya and Diethelm were talking about the award. But the conversation was just like two parallel lines. And Diethelm finally made his resolve. And that is ———-

「『Click』『I will now announce an engagement between the second princess Elena and the hero Tetsuya Kanzaki here!!! 』『Cllick』」

『『『『『Wooooooooooooooooooooo6)Author made a lof of O, look : ウオオオオオオオオオオオオオオオ!!!! !! !! !! !! !! 』』』』』

———- Tetsuya’s engagement with Elena.

「Aaaahhhhh!!! ! ???」

Of course, Tetsuya wasn’t aware. But, he could already hear cheers from outside?
Let’s go back to where all was decided.

Tetsuya was guided into one of the room of the castle where he could now relax.

Diethelm, Elena, Eldo, The queen, and the prime minister were now having a discussion. Of course, Iris was there as well because the current talk was about her favorite nii-sama.

「——– and that’s how it is. 」

「Such a thing…… 」

「Fumu, perhaps you could take a breath Sogel?」

First, Diethelm talked about the raid. And in fact, the raid was under the expectation of the Prime minister and Eldo. However, the story advanced from a slightly dark one to a quick and bright one.

「Well, whatever happened. I won’t give Elena to him. 」

「But, Father. It’s almost impossible since Elena and Geil, the son of Sogel, are already close to each other… And Elena is already 15 years old, she will have to go to the school in 3 months. 」

「It’s true my dear. We have to take it slowly when it comes to finding Elena’s fiancée. 」

「Well, that’s right…… 」

「But, look at Elena, her face shows as if she’s now a maiden in love. 」

「Mother, it seems true. ——– But who do you think the person is?If he’s a blockhead, shall he be removed?」

「Well, immediate decapitation. Rather, could he even compare to Eldo?」

「Mother, it hasn’t been decided yet?I am really strong, I have really good results with my studies, and I think Elena’s face would balance really well with me! 7)Is Eldo saying that he wants incest? Well, he should be Eldo, there is only one mother in the room. Right?

「Yeah, it’s almost impossible. Eldo, you have already won 3 martial arts meetings, and you have 2 successive victories at the championships. What about that hero?」

「Then, if she becomes engaged to Tetsuya…… He is strong, his figure is well balanced, just like a painting. And regarding his status, I think it’s fine since he is a hero. How about it, Aldo8) It’s a name very close to Eldo, but he’s not the same? He should be the Prime Minister?」

「Let’s see your royal highness. I think that it’s possible. What about it Iris?」

「Nii-sama’s status is so high-ranked and so is his level. His look is also top-notch! 」

「Elena, what do you think?Is he better than the pig Geil—– eh?」

「Tech ya-san marriage……… marriage……… marriage // … Ufufufufu」

「Fa-father?What should we do?」

「It’s not good already?It’s decided! Elena will marry Tetsuya! Elena , you leave out with him! Because it’s impossible to tie him to this country! 」

「You say….. 」

「The strongest point of Elena is her recovery magic. She could be called a holy woman!What about this?」

「Father, have you told it to the hero?」

「Well, something like that. Let’s announce it to everyone with magic items! I wonder what will be the reaction of Tetsuya?Niark niark」

In that kind of a way, It was determined that Elena would be engaged to Tetsuya.

「Hmmm, shall I kill you in one blow?」

「Really, I’m begging for your pardon! 」

「Let’s hammer down this joke of a king. 《Buki shoukan(Summon・Weapon) Kiminari Tshuchi9)Lightnigh hammer(Mjolnir)》!!! 」


Dokan! 10)BoomBeki! 11)PowMeki! Bribri! 12)bzzzBeki! 13)PowBeki! 14)PowBakibaki!

「Strike! 」

「Ga, kwaa」

Diethelm had explained the circumstances to Tetsuya. And when he heard about it, he became extremely angry at Diethelm.

Oh, aside from that. Diethelm didn’t die. It was good.
Afterword of the author
It was hatched.
And Then, Tetsu yan! Congratulation for your engagement!
There was a reason as to why he admitted that he was a hero earlier.
Indeed. It was a good thing that Elena’s love became true.
And lastly.
It’s a good thing that the king didn’t die.


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