Chapter 34 – Don’t worry headmaster!

(Book 2 Chapter 22) Chapter 34 – Don’t worry headmaster!

(Tetsuya)「Prepare for the consequences, poopish King《Joui Kaifuku《Exe Heal》》」

Tetsuya sent recovery magic to the annoying Diethelm. Actually, in order to recover him, Tetsuya didn’t have to use Exe Heal. With his current power, Tetsuya simply had to use a normal heal to cure all of Diethelm’s injuries.

(Diethelm)「Oh, I have recovered!!」



Diethelm who shouted after his recovery was immediately silenced by Tetsuya with a Baseball ball he took out of nowhere. A sound like bones were breaking was heard, but he didn’t mind it.

(Knight of the white wolves)「Hmm? That one is…… You are Kanzaki?」

(Tetsuya)「Humph, nicely understood. Well, I have received the teachings of a certain tree. – – – – – I wonder if the authorities know of your true name and appearance? Even so, its ability cannot involve something that does not exist in this world………. No, it’s a bit different, a bio with information regarding races and persons of the past also exist.
Well, it’s too bad. My fellow, you don’t have enough authority?
Vice head of the Knights of the white wolves 『Magic saint』Heath・Von・Lampard-dono?
Well, at any rate, your details required too much authority. Oh, maybe you’re not aware of what I mean? Then I will tell you.
『Heath・Von・Lampard, 29 years old, married. Rank is honorary count. Have a wife and two daughters. Received the osmanthus fragrant medal. 2) It’s a species of plant. https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Osmanthus_fragrans it can also be a reference to Tokyo Ghoul http://tokyoghoul. wikia. com/wiki/Osmanthus_Medal
Born in 3471 of the saint calendar under Baroness Mackenzie in the Kingdom of Adol.
Year 3486 of the saint calendar, you attended the warrior school with a scholarship and became a student. Soon became the top in the campus battle of the same year and remained unbeatable.
Year 3489 of the saint calendar, you graduated and enrolled within the Knights.
Year 3492 of the saint calendar, you joined the Knights of the white wolves and got married.
Year 3495 of the saint calendar, you got a cursed rapier called 『Greed』and the birth of your first child.
Year 3496 of the saint calendar, you distinguished yourself against a big invasion of monster, then received your osmanthus medal and became an honorary Viscount.
Year 3497 of the saint calendar, you made achievements against a major invasion and became an honorary count. At the same time, you became the vice head of the Knights of the white wolves.
Year 3498 of the saint calendar, you had the birth of your second child. 』
This is pretty good. 」

The vice head, Heath, wanted to speak but halted himself. Just as Heath tried to penetrate Tetsuya, he was instead penetrated. Then, the vice head said:

(Heath)「Why, so far……… 」

He was surprised. Even felt amazed. It was impossible to know that deep. That was common sense. Especially about the magic sword 3)Rapier was used previously, but now magic sword was used 『Greed』, since he had hidden its name very well. But Tetsuya knows. His surprise was staggering. Heath used 《Yggdrasil library》. He has it in his brain, but he had been seen through. He wanted to cry that it was impossible. Indeed, normally nothing should be able to prevail a brain that had evolved with the power of 《Yggdrasil library》. Tetsuya was an existence that couldn’t be represented by standard words. The failure of Heath this time was that he had tried to investigate about Tetsuya. That would be the only one.

(Tetsya)「What, you can’t speak?」

Tetsuya questioned Heath who had an unconvinced look on his face.


It was at that time.
The bell rang as if to notify that something went wrong.

Afterword of the author.
Tetsuya’s equipment corner!
Yes, I will only introduce the names!
Weapons weren’t released yet. I was keeping their names from you! Therefore, although there are many different things, thank you in advance!! Somebody, please give me a naming sense!

Katana 《Heavenly Dream Katana・Emperor flower》
Katana 《Demonic Sword・Hades》
Kodachi 《Godly Sword・Golden Crow》
Kodachi 《Godly Sword・Jade Rabbit》
Odachi《Demonic Sword・Shura》
One-handed half sword《Holy Sword・Shinpan(Judgment)》
One-handed half sword《Godly cursed sword・Konton sousei(Chaos Genesis)》
Two-handed sword 《Divine sword・Arcana》
Spear《Godly Spear・Gekkou Shi Kizu(Lunar break)》
Spear《Demonic Spear・Saiyaku Mikado Shi Yari4)Deadly evil Imperial Spear《Kaiser・Disaster》》
Bow 《Luna・Starlight Bow(Luminous)》
Axe 《Godly Axe・Shin Metsu》
Rod 《Yggdrasil Rod》
Handgun 《Godly Gun・Hoshikuzu(Stardust)》
Rifle 《Godly Gun・Ryuusei(Meteora)》
Sniper《Godly Gun・Shoku(Eclipse)》

《Mantle of the Absolute God(Absolute Coat)》
《Hakama 5)Traditional pants in Japan for men, see : here of the absolute God (Absolute pants)》


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2. It’s a species of plant. https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Osmanthus_fragrans it can also be a reference to Tokyo Ghoul http://tokyoghoul. wikia. com/wiki/Osmanthus_Medal
3. Rapier was used previously, but now magic sword was used
4. Deadly evil Imperial Spear
5. Traditional pants in Japan for men, see : here

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