Chapter 4 – The Late Hero


Tetsuya fell. The four people who witnessed it froze, but began to make their move right away.


(Yuzuha)「『Three blades of wind, maim my enemies!《Triple Wind Sword》』!!!!!」

(Yuki)「『Prance of the ice pillars!《Icicle Dance》』!!!!!!」

(Mana)「『Sakazaki Sword Style《Wind God Thrust》』!!!!!!!!」

(Knight Leader)「『Shidorudo Sword Style《Raging Fire》』!!!」


Yuzuha launched her version of the intermediate wind elemental magic 《Wind Sword》 at the same time as Yukihime’s intermediate ice elemental magic, Mana’s wind attribute version of her family’s sword style, and the Knight Leader’s sword technique from the Kingdom’s most prominent swordsmanship school. All of which, directly impacted Sato and Hoshina. The two spells were a bit weak however, the sword techniques managed to penetrate their defenses. But amongst the heroes, Hoshina was wearing considerably high quality gear. Therefore, the damages were bearable. Hoshina started to complain while grinning.


(Hoshina)「That hurts Mana. Same with Yuki and Yuzuha. What did I do? Why did you do that? I was just getting rid of the incompetent trash that was being annoying.」


The rest of the heroes started to gather when they heard the uproar. They were at a loss when they learned about what had occurred.


(Yuki -> Knight Leader) 「What the he…「Stop fooling around!!」


Yuki was suddenly interrupted by the Knight Leader just as she was about to lash out.


(Mana)「Temee1)a derogatory version of saying “You”, do you know what you’ve done!?」

(Hoshina)「Taking out the garbage?」

(Yuzuha)「There must be something wrong with your head!! You just murdered your comrade!!!!! And incompetent? Stop getting cocky!!! Tetsuya was only sealed! Annoying trash? It’s you who’s intolerable!!!」


(Hero #1)「Leader, what’s going on?」

(Hero #2)「Yeah! Why did you attack Hoshina and Sato?」

(Hero #3)「More importantly, what’s this about killing a comrade?」


Questions emerged from the heroes. Even if the Heroes saw or heard of what happened, they couldn’t believe the situation.


(Hoshina)「Everyone, the incompetent was annoying Yuki-

(Knight Leader)「Silence!! Garbage Hero!! I will be explaining!!」


The hero Hoshina tried to explain himself, but the Knight Leader stopped him. After that, the leader began his explanations.


「―――――and that’s how it went. 」


The heroes who heard the story wore indescribable expressions. However, there were some who displayed delight. The leader was disgusted and felt that it was time to leave the Dungeon.


The Knight Leader reported what occurred inside the dungeon to the imperial court the same day. The King who received the report, decided to imprison Hoshina and Sato. And believing in Tetsuya’s survival, he organized a search and rescue operation.

All the nobles that were acquainted with Tetsuya volunteered. Since they had the chance to have conversations with him before, they knew Tetsuya’s personality and about his sealed state. And similarly, they understood about the abnormalities of Hoshina and Sato as well.


Thus, the expedition organized to search for Tetsuya began.


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1. a derogatory version of saying “You”

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  1. “However, despite that situations, there was one person displaying a smile of joy.”

    Why the smile of joy?.

      • no, sorry.
        First. English is not my native language
        Second. i mean why the knight leader is smiling?

        Sorry i can read english, but writing.. 😛

          • One of the students.

            Basically, what Hoshina told the rest of the students at the end of this chapter was about the seal and with indescribable faces, one of ‘them’ showed a smile of joy meaning that a student was happy about the mc being sealed..

            Satisfied? lol

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