Chapter 5 – Tetsuya and the hobby of this world’s God of Creation




Tetsuya was muttering to himself while falling. His voice was calm and did not sound the least bit impatient. As for his back, there was a cut wound dealt by Sato’s magic..


(Tetsuya)「Consciousness… starting to fade.」


How much time had passed? Maybe a few seconds. Maybe a few minutes. Though he was still conscious, Tetsuya’s awareness was slowly slipping away.


He saw light. A lake entered his view below. Looks like he was heading straight for it. And Tetsuya’s crash into the lake……….. didn’t happen.

But just before Tetsuya fell into the lake, his descent slowed significantly.


(Tetsuya)「Why… am I still alive…」


It was his last thought when he crawled out of the lake before he lost consciousness.


〓God Realm, Asura〓


「Tetsuya is going to diiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!!」


The screams of the Gods reverberated within their realm in 《Asura》 the moment Tetsuya had been hit by Hoshina and Satou’s magic.


(Ares)「Old man!! Put Tetsuya under Floating Magic!! Recovery Magic as well! If you don’t do IT, I will smash this old man’s treasured AV《Animal Video》!!!」

(Otherworld God)「I-I understand!! So Yusuke (Dog), help me!!!!」

(Ares)「Make it fast! Tetsuya will probably become dust if he hits the lake!!!!」

(Otherworld God)「I know!!《Floating》… then it’s 《Recovery 《Heal》》. Will this do?」

(Ares)「It worked!!」


Thus, Tetsuya was saved, thanks to the gods’ meddling.

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  1. Yuki? Oi~ Translator~ Where the hell did Yuki come from? Did he suddenly possess the girl that it’d be her name there instead of his? Get a hold of yourself. Two chapters shouldn’t mean a meltdown. And if it does: Don’t do it next time without checking… Makes your ‘cred’ lower

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