Chapter 10 – It’s a famous line in certain games

Chapter 10 – It’s a famous line in certain games

That reminds me, I just looks like a thief who takes advantage of the crisis.
It is doubtful how much I can store inside the item box.

Suitable furniture and food are thrown inside my Item box but it’s working fine.
They also appear neatly inside the list of stored items.

In other words, is this something that can store the belongings from other people?
Or can I store it because『They are recognized as my own kind of thing』?
Or, that usual announcement ―――Temporarily called Heavenly voice, is judging whether they are mine or not?

I think it’s either my perception or the Heavenly voice doing.
Maybe the latter.
My own perception is quite iffy.

For example, I can store the water in a plastic bottle.
I could store the plastic bottle with the water, but I couldn’t take out『Only』the water from there.
This is probably because I『Recognize』that the plastic bottle and the water are one.

How far on earth does my『Recognition』and the Heavenly voice are communicating?
Well, I have no choice but to try this a little.

「Oops….. …」

While I was thinking I reached the bottom of the stairs.
Normally I would suffer quite a bit when walking the stairs, for at least 1 minute.
All the rooms on the first floor are completely ruined.
Maybe those Goblins did it.
But even though the rooms were destroyed, there is no evidence of conflict or bloodstains.
The residents might have been evacuated after all.  Leaving me at the place.
Well, I’m not lonely. I was just sleeping!

「Oh, right. My car. 」

Is it safe for me?
I head to the parking lot.

It is a tragic appearance.
You monster, I still have a loan…… !

It’s impossible to ride this.
But it’s a waste to throw it away.
Could it get into my Item box?The level went up.

Give it a try.
The car is gone.
Oh, it went in.
Even something this huge could fit in.
Really, what an Item box.
Seriously, cheat.

Kukukuku, If I see a monster.
I’ll crush it with the tattered car until I flatten it.

After checking the list, it was added to the bottom as 『Scrapped car x1 unit』.
Scrapped…… Sniff.

「….. Hm?」

When I was yielding such a feeling, I felt something from behind with Awareness.
But 『Hostility perception』nor『Crisis perception』showed any reaction.
This, it’s not a monster?
Is it a person?

I’m slowly looking at the back.
It was a dog there.

「You….. Maybe, you’re Momo?」


The dog called Momo responds cheerfully.

「Wow, Momo! You were safe!」


I ran up quickly and caught up with Momo.
Momo licks my cheeks.

Momo is a stray dog who is always in this neighborhood.
It is a female Shiba Inu and when the neighborhood discovered it, they often fed it.
I knew that you shouldn’t feed a stray dogs irresponsibly, but in these apartments it is forbidden to have a pet.
It was not possible to bring it and it was difficult to find even at a pet center that someone else owned it.

Momo was the one healing me, aside from web novels, who was exhausted from the daily life of the company.
It is not an exaggeration to say that both web novels and Momo are the support to my spirit.
Thanks to my tremendous case, Momo who completely stayed in the field always remembered.

「I’m so glad~, you’re alive Momo ~」


Sorry, Momo.
To be honest, I was obsessed with monsters and skills, so I had completely forgotten about you.
I think that I’m a scum.
I mean, the world became like this and I thought that it would absolutely die so I tried not to remember as much as possible.
I’m really sorry, Momo. Forgive me.


Momo licks my cheeks with the feeling that it doesn’t care.
So lovely, I’m healed.

「Oh, right. Momo, you’re hungry, have a meal. 」

Take out the dog food and a plate from my Item box and give them to Momo.
Momo started to eat greedily whether it was hungry.
While watching that figure, I’m healed.

Oh, don’t neglect your vigilance of the surroundings okay?
For the moment, there was no sign of a monster from Awareness.

After a while, Momo’s meal was finished.
It licks its mouth with satisfaction.


Momo is starting at me.
What? You didn’t have enough with that?
You want to eat a little more?
Before I tried to take out the dog food again from the Item box.

≪Momo looks at you in hope to become your nakama. Do you want to become nakamas?≫

「Ha…… ?」

Didn’t I just hear a strange announcement flow right now?
Specifically, I feel that it was a famous line in a certain game…..

≪Momo looks at you in hope to become your nakama. Do you want to become nakamas?≫


I’m not mistaken!

Momo is staring at me with sparkly eyes.

Eh, is there such a system in this world!?


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  1. Thanks kindly for all the chapters!

    Instead of the untranslated nakama, would ‘companion’ make more sense?

  2. Thanks for the chapter Antheor! Wonder what happens when Momo levels up. Also, wouldn’t having a pet mess up his stealth build? God knows how many times NPC teammates get people killed in stealth games.

  3. “It is not an exaggeration to say that both web novels and Momo are the support to my spirit.”
    If i change “Momo” for the name of my two dog… No no, dont think about it. If you think about it, you lose!

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