Chapter 11- Moe beasts and moe dogs are totally different things, but a great old man once said

Chapter 11- Moe beasts and moe dogs are totally different things, but a great old man once said

Etto, what I’m supposed to do?
For now, let’s just pray with my heart, I say yes within my head.

≪Application has been accepted. Momo joined your party≫

Apparently, it seems that Momo became my nakama.
Yes. Somewhat, there are too many questions remaining but the general idea is settled.

When looking at the status screen, the number of items increased at the bottom.
Named『Party Member』.
The name of Momo was written there.

Shiba Inu LV2

It seems that the name and the level will be displayed when you build a party.
Shiba Inu heh…..
No, maybe it’s the 『Species』?
There’s various possibilities of dog breeds, but in a game-like setting, 『Species』 might be better.

If they were humans, what would be displayed?
The jobs?Well, I don’t understand that for now since I have yet to meet other people.

I mean, wait a moment please.
LV2…… is it?

「…… Say, Momo. Did you possibly defeat one of the monsters?」


Momo answers cheerfully.
Do you mean yes?
Eh, uso 1)Uso means lie, seriously?

Momo is swinging its tail, what happened? It’s tilting the head.
How cute.
Such a kawaii dog-chan, there is no way for it to beat a monster right?

Yeah, I’m sure it’s a mistake.
Ah, that’s right. Is there a method to check it.

「Hey, Momo. Have you seen this kind of stone?」

Then I take out the blue pebble from my Item box.
It’s a drop item which is evidence that one has defeated a Goblin.

Or rather, what do you use it for?

By the way, when I put this in my storage, the name turned out clearly.
In the list of from the Item box 「Goblin’s Magic Stone(Minimal)」
Magic stone…. It’s a staple from another world.
It’s usually possible to take it at the Adventurer Guild where you can convert it for materials to make a stronger weapon. But in reality, there is no Guild. There is only black companies that ignore the standards Laws for work.

The moment when I take the Goblin’s magic stone(Minimal), Momo shakes its tail.


Give me! Give it to me! That’s what it seemed to say.
What? You want it?


It seems to desire it.
I mean, do you understand what I’m saying?

When I move my hand holding the magic stone to the right, Momo’s gaze follows to the right.
When moving to the left, Momo’s gaze to the left.
Turning around, Momo’s face also turns around.

「Wafun….. 」

Oh, she’s getting dizzy……. Kawaii.
Sorry sorry.

For now, I put the magic stone in front of Momo’s eyes.
Soon after Momo sniffed the smells, she look at me and the pebble alternately.
I nodded.

But what about this?
At that moment, Momo ate the pebble in her mouth with a crunch.
What, did you eat it!?

「Wait, Momo! You shouldn’t it that, it’s no food! Put it down. Hey. 」

But it was too late.
SFX: Gorigori, Gokkun.
Momo satisfied are the magic stone.


Momo stares at me with sparkling eyes.
Is there no more?I want to eat more.
It seems to say that.

「…… Wafun?」

What to do? I can’t do that?

Ugu….. Guoooo.
Stop it, stop gazing at me like this.
Reminds me of a certain CM’s Chihuahua.  What are you doing, me?
After all, I lost to the look of Item box and took out another Goblin’s magic stone from the Item box.
Momo was very happy to eat it.

「Seriously….. Is this something you can eat?」

I try it in my mouth.
Hard. It’s just a stone. Bitter at that. Disgusting.
Simply, I just can’t it eat.
Why is it edible for Momo?

Well, it’s fine. It’s pleased.
Eventually, I gave all the pebbles from the Goblins to Momo.

「Ah, that reminds me. 」

I look at the list of items inside the Item box.
Because I stored a considerable amount, I struggled for a moment just to look for it.

「There….. 」

The first big dog that I killed.
The purple pebble dropped by the dog.
The name was neatly described.

『Shadow wolf’s magic stone (Small) x1 Unit. 』

Apparently, that big dog seemed to be called a Shadow Wolf.
Literally translates to a Kage Ookami. What a cool name, damn it.

Anyway, this storage list is convenient.
The name of the things in the 『Storage』are accurately described.
This may prove a variety of applications.

Take out the Shadow Wolf’s magic stone in front of Momo.
Then, Momo waved its tail in a way it never did and made a dazzled expression.
It looks very happy.
Can I? Can I eat this? And her gaze comes to my appeal. Kawaii.
When I told it yes, the pebble is vigorously eating.

Even so, why does my chest tighten up like this when the dog waits before the food?It goes Kyun Kyun.
Just me?No, if you like dogs you will understand.
I’m looking at Momo who is leisurely eating.


After Momo ate the Shadow Wolf’s magic stone, its body went Pikun.
Then, as if to confirm something, she’s whirling around it body.

「What’s wrong, Momo?」

Perhaps it was something you shouldn’t have eaten after all?
When I looked anxiously at Momo, she pops in my shadow and rubs against my body.


It’s right, you don’t have to worry, thank you. Is what it seemed to say.
Somehow, the voice attached from before seemed to have a certain hunch to it.
Kawaii. I’m going Mofumofu2)Fluffy for a while. The troubles in my heart are healed.

「Now, Momo. I’m going to the convenience store in my neighborhood. Will you come with me?」


Momo responded vigorously.
Well, really. Considering my skills, job and the dangers of the monsters, it would be better for me to act alone by myself….. Thinking about Momo’s safety.
But…… Somehow I felt it is better to take Momo with me.
Someone said that human beings are moved for a thought, feeling or a reason.
At such a time, it is better to follow your intuition.

And after a couple of minutes —– I’m convinced that this intuition was the correct one.

Momo is far more awesome than I expected.


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References   [ + ]

1. Uso means lie
2. Fluffy

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