Chapter 13 – Convenience store thieves

Chapter 13 – Convenience store thieves

「Yosh, let’s enter….. 」

「Wan. 」

After I make sure that there are no monsters in the surroundings, I and Momo enter the convenience store.
The electricity in the store was gone.
Broken windows and goods were scattered on the floor. Rather than being the act of monsters, I think it’s the act of thieves taking advantage from the situation.

「There are things left unexpectedly….. 」

There is a lot of foods and drinks left in the store, maybe they couldn’t take all of them.
One after another, I use the Storage of my Item box to take items.

But the amount is huge.
It might take a long time to store all of this.
I’m walking around the store while storing the goods.
Then, I found something to worry about.

「….. Hm?」

Reaching the 『something』casually lying on the floor.
It’s a blue pebble.

「Is this…… don’t tell me, a magic stone?」

Looking at it again, it’s certainly the same shape and color of the magic stones I got after I defeated the Goblins before.
When I threw it in my storage『Goblin’s magic stone (minimal) x1 unit』appeared.

「Was there a battle in this place….. ?」

But if so, why is a magic stone down here?

「……. Because they hurried and escaped?」

For example, if you accidentally encountered Goblins while you are thieving this place, taking advantage of the situation, if you manage to defeat one and escape in a hurry, you have no time to confirm such a thing. If you include the announcement that you hear after that, you wouldn’t think something was left at the post.

「Well, I will receive this thank you. 」

I give it to Momo.
Momo ate the magic stone happily.
There was only one magic stone around.

I turn to the back of the convenience store next.

「Eeh, The back side of a convenience store is like this . 」

Going inside the staff’s doorway from inside the shop, I take a look inside.
This is the first time I’m looking at the back of a convenience store like this. Here’s what it looks like.
You can see the inside of the store from the gap between pet bottles.
Something like this feels fresh. I’m a little excited.

Fortunately, this place wasn’t devastated.
Most of the things were left untouched.
It’s a good story for me.

「There are a lot of boxes. 」

Coffee, tea , liquor and so on were inside cardboards. Food and especially bentos as well.
Well, it’s a convenience store, so since they don’t have too much inventory, they stored food with severe expiration date?
Ah, there is also magazines that aren’t released yet.
Let me thank you.

「Momo, are you waiting….. Are?」

There is no answer from Momo.
When I tried to think about what happened, I look over at the inside of the store. Momo caught something in its mouth and headed over my place.
In the mouth was a small bag of dog food grabbed securely.

「…… Do you want it?」

「Wan. 」

It seems to desire it.
But the moment I replied, the dog food fell to the floor.
Momo holds it in its mouth again.

「…… Momo, do you want it?」

「Wan. 」

SFX: Potoh.
Dropped again.
Momo takes it again in a hurry.

I feel sorry for Momo but I’m too nasty, I let it pick again. I want to watch another time.
I’m receiving the pouch of dog food from Momo and throw it inside the Storage of the Item box.


Eh, how did it disappear? You won’t let me eat? Momo’s gaze comes to my appeal.

「It’s not good. You already ate dog food a little while ago. I’ll give you a proper meal later, so be patient. 」

「…… Wafun. 」

It was an answer without confidence.
…… No? I won’t give up?
When you have such glittering eyes!
With my mind becoming a demon, I endured the eyes of Momo.
Momo finally gave up.
Fuh, yare yare. It was a tough battle…..

Then, a few minutes later.

「Fuuuu… This is about everything….. 」

Finally I finished the storage operation.
Everything from the shop fitted inside my Item box eventually.
This list becomes tremendously huge.
With this alone I guess we can eat for at least half a year.
It’s by the premise of me staying alone.

Now, what do we do?
Looking at the watch, the time was already around three o’clock in the afternoon.
It’s time for a snack. No, no.

I want to secure a safe place by sunset.
If there are nocturnal monsters it will be troublesome.
Should I give up the search for today and return to my apartment?
At the worst, if I take turns with Momo, I will be able to rest a little.


This is how I thought at the time something strange appeared in the distant direction.
In a distant building. White cloth was fluttering from the roof there.

「What is this?」

There is indeed a super large shopping mall here.
I used to go there all the time on holiday.

From the Storage list, I take out 『Binoculars』.
Using them, I magnify the white cloth and watch it.
Although it was a bit hoarse, there’s a SOS written there.

「Are you a survivor?」

What to do? Should I go?
But, I have some disgusting feelings from this…..


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  1. He’s just experiencing a somewhat disgusting & possibly illegal desire to keep Momo’s moeness to himself.
    Thanks for the chapter

  2. STOP WRITING because you destroy completely the idea of what is an apocalypse because all i read until now is some dumbass who doesn’t understand in what situation he is with a mind of a four years child repeating all the time kawaii ,cute . wtf is it reallu stop writting if it’s for write this kind of trash with no personality

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