Chapter 14 – Watching the battle

Chapter 14 – Watching the battle

After all, I and Momo decided to head for the shopping mall.

It should be around fifteen minutes from here.
But considering the time I took going from the convenience store from my apartment, it’ll probably take twice that amount.

It’s quiet on the way.
There was less encounters with monsters than when heading for the convenience store.

We met only one zombie and one goblin.
When I knocked the Goblin with the washing machine, I leveled.
Quickly, I hide behind an alley and immediately allocate points.

Adjusting to the remaining amount, I now have 14 JP.
Of course『Spy』got raised to level 9.
And then『Stealthy steps』,『Observation』,『Improved hearing』and『Covert action』all increased once.
With that, I can confirm that every time a job goes up 3 times, the level of the skill goes up once.

After another level, 『Spy』will finally reach LV10.
If you reach LV 10, maybe something will happen. Don’t be too thrilled.

Then, the SP.
Combined with the points last time, I got 23 points.
Body strengthening and Item box are now LV7.
Concealment is LV2 and Swordsmanship LV3.
The remaining 2 points are spare.

Kudou Kazuto
Level 5.
HP : 22/22 → 27/27
MP: 4/4 → 5/5
Strength : 38 → 46
Endurance! 36 → 43
Agility : 59 → 68
Dexterity : 58 → 67
Magic : 0
Magic resistance : 0
SP : 23 → 2
JP : 14 → 5

Spy LV9.

Unique skill :

Stealthy steps LV4, Observation LV4, Improved hearing LV4, Covert action LV6.
Body strengthening LV7, Swordsmanship LV3, Stress tolerance LV2, Fear resistance LV2, Hostility perception LV3, Crisis perception LV4, Concealment LV2, Item box LV7.

After checking my status, I start moving again.
By the way, I found a good weapon when moving.
This is a weapon I wanted to try for a long time since I saw a certain young adult fiction.
It entered my Item box without problem.
And after about 20 minutes, Momo and I reached close to the mall.

「…… I can hear the sound of battle. 」

「Wan….. 」

I could hear it in the middle of the maneuver but now I can hear it even clearer.

Screamings and shooting sounds.
And the scream of monsters.

—- Someone is fighting a monster.

「Over there….. 」

We reached the shopping mall a few meters away.
I and Momo hide in the bushes using the 『Concealment』skill.
After various verifications I understood the use of the 『Concealment』and a nice bonus came with it.
If I hide when I hold Momo, the effect would be applied to it as well.
This is convenient, a splendid skill.
What is even more splendid, I can use the skill as an excuse to hold Momo.
Mofumofu, so warm. It feels good.
Moreover, if you scrub around the stomach’s belly, it will leave a pleasant 「Wafuuu….. 」What a godly BGM.
It’s a wonderful skill.

「Now, what is the situation….. 」

Do I need binoculars at this distance?
Near the entrance of the shopping mall, there was a fierce battle between people and monsters.

In front of the entrance, cars, trucks, chairs and tables that would have been used for the barricade ar left battered.
About ten men are fighting to protect the entrance where the barricade was broken.
One is fighting with an iron pipe, one with a sasumata1)I let you google this, it’s a sort of stick used to catch criminals by police and another a hatchet.
About two people policemen are mixed with the people.
They’re fighting with batons. You don’t use guns?……. No, they’re already out of ammunitions.

The opponent they were fighting was an Orc.
I was planning to reach the SOS flag I’ve seen, but I wasn’t ready to find a group of monsters forcing their way through a barricade.

「Looking at it again, it’s huge, that Orc….. 」

It’s a huge body that cannot be compared to Goblins.
When you compare it to the men fighting, it’s no more than two meters beyond.
In its hand was a huge butcher knife.
They are five in total.

Even though the difference is about twice, they are fighting on even ground.
They’re strong…..
It’s definitely much stronger than a Goblin.

Because of the thickness of that subcutaneous fat, blunt weapons such as batons and iron pipes aren’t getting through.
However, the length of the survival knife and the hatchet are far different compared to the Orc’s butcher knife.
Above all, the Orcs are obviously more accustomed to combat.
The two people who looks like policemen are doing a good job?
Did they level up?

「No matter how you look at it, the side of the humans is at a disadvantage. 」

What is the most worrisome is the Orc at the back of the Orc’s union.
That guy has a larger build than the other Orcs.
In addition, while the skin of the other Orcs is yellow, this one has brown skill.
Obviously, it’s different from the other Ocs.

「An higher species of Orc?」

High Orc.
Such a word comes to my mind.
『Crisis perception』is beeping a warning.

「What do we do now….. 」

Should I help?

「Yes…… But hey….. 」

I’m thinking about it for a moment.
Let’s suppose that I broke through and help the people from this place.
If I make a surprise attack with a Momo combo using my car and home appliance, I maybe be able to maneuver and reach that place.
But, in the end it’s a 『Maybe』.
I’m not sure. No, the possibility of dying is much higher.
Regardless of the Goblins and Zombies that I have fought so far, the strength of the Orcs is unknown.
Besides, they are a lot. And the Orcs seem to be used to fight together.

In this situation, is there any advantage of doing that?

Experience will be available. Maybe my level will go up too.
These people would be grateful for my help.
We may be able to obtain various valuable information from them.

Then —– after that?

I’m certain they’d rely on me.
As a 『war potential』 to secure their own safety.

And my strategy with the Item box.
I’m certain there’ll be a lot of question about the Item box.
There’s characters like that.
If there’s a man good at questioning and speaking, I have no confidence to hide it.

I’m sure they’ll make a request.
They’d said that I should also share food.
『This is the situation』,『Let’s help each others in trouble?』Such convenient lines could be arranged.

However, 『Because I save you, now you have to follow what I say』 is something absolutely impossible for my character.

After this, they might bounce on me to be a baggage holder.
It’s based on a former corporate slave. I’m sure it will flow like this.
It would continue until I escape somewhere to a safe place.
For strangers I don’t even know.

…… Honestly, it’s troublesome.


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1. I let you google this, it’s a sort of stick used to catch criminals by police

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    • Policemen having handguns isn’t really odd.

      Policemen with anyone heavier or bigger than handguns means they’ve already visited a police station to switch out gear, and anyone else having guns would be rare unless they’re criminals (still somewhat rare, as gun crimes are supposedly heavily punished, so organized gangs more likely to have) or maybe hobbyists

  1. Orc has brown skin. Not brown skills.
    Dog was referred to as female, now an it. So call it a bitch and be done with it.

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