Chapter 15 – Monsters and escape

Chapter 15 – Monsters and escape

——- Honestly, it’s troublesome.

When I thought so, I realized surprisingly that I’m a good-for-nothing.
But, why is it strangely good?
Isn’t everyone’s own life the best?
This is such a world.
Make yourself a priority over others.
I think this is the fittest way of survival.

Is it a wrong thing?

No it’s not.
This can’t be wrong.

That’s why we can’t understand what people are thinking.
Their barricade is broken and they fight desperately.
Why do they keep fighting so desperately without running away?

It’s easy.
They are probably earning time.
Other people —– perhaps are using this time to escape from the rear door.

「Please don’t let them through here. Even a little, we need to earn time for the people to escape!」

As if to answer my thoughts, the men who are fighting raise a roar and encourage themselves.
There’s no doubt.
They literally earn time by risking their lives.
The time others are using to escape, even if only a little more.

「…… Are you serious. To do such a thing, I can’t do that….. 」

I definitely don’t want to imitate them……
Why are they so desperate?
Is that it? Because your family or your loved ones are inside?
Well, if it was me, I would still give priority to myself over others.

「After all I want to run….. 」

I can’t.
I don’t like those people.
The weather is getting cloudy and it’s going to rain, let’s withdraw early.


Momo in my arms raises its voice.
Can I? It seemed to ask.

「…… Ah, let’s forsake those people. Momo.. .. Are you the opposite?」

「………. Wan. 」

After a while, Momo answers.
It seemed to say, it’s fine if we leave.
Momo agreed with me, I was a little relieved.

「I understand. Well, Momo. Please use the 『Shadow』at my signal. At the same time, I’ll also unwrap the 『Concealment』. After that, let’s run. 」


Momo agrees and I try to unwrap the 『Concealment』.
At that moment —– there is a change in the battle.


The High Orc which refrained to move from the background began to.
Anxiety runs in the face of the men.

What are they going to do?
The High Orc moves only a few steps forwards and breaths slowly.
At that moment, my whole body freezes.

—– Hh!! Bad!! Something’s coming!
An unthinkable『something bad』!

In that evidence, the other orcs stop the battle at once and distance themselves from the men.
Then, they take a stance, cross their arms and prepare for something.
The men stare at the strange behavior of the Orcs.

「Momo! Let my whole body wear『Shadow』!Immediately!」

Momo, whether she was alerted by the danger, used the 『Shadow』 from Shadow manipulation at the same time I gave my instruction.
Momo’s『Shadow』covers my whole body.
In this state, I crouched on the spot so as to cover Momo.

The next moment, the High Orc 『Roar』

『OoooooooOoooooooOoooooooOoo Ooo Oho!!!!!』


The cry becomes a physical apocalypse spreading to the surroundings.
Like an electric shock, the atmosphere was trembling. Seriously.
The stone pavement peels off and cracks run on the exposed ground.
The glasses from the shopping mall and the surrounding buildings crumbled and fell on the ground.

Only a few seconds.
The scream of an instant seemed like a forever catastrophe to the surroundings.

「―――Hh! Haa, haa, haa.. .. . Momo, are you okay?

「.. .. . Kuuuun.. .. . 」

Although it was weak, there was a reply.
What the hell, that momentous『Roar』 .. .. ?

Is there a scream that can ignores the laws of physics?
No, it’s probably a 『Skill』.
I’m not aware of its name, but the 『Roar』skill brings extensive destruction.
The one the High Orc used.

I lean forward just a little and look at the front.

「Nah…… ?」

The people who were fighting in front of the entrance were all collapsed, blood gushing from their whole bodies.
They’re definitely dead.

The High Orc raises his hand.
The other Orcs stormed inside the shopping mall at the signal.
You’re going to hunt the people who are sieged.

Looking at the other Orcs entering the shopping mall, the High Orc follows right after.
However, it’s foot stops unexpectedly.
When I wonder what happened—– Its gaze turns to 『My direction』.


Our gaze met.
Even if we’re separated from dozens of meters.
I’m sure the skill 『Concealment』is active.

Clearly, his gaze turned to me.

And then —– that guy laughed.
It looked at me and laughed from the bottom of its heart.

Dangerous, dangerous dangerous, dangerous dangerous dangerous!


My heart seems to burst as hard as the laughter.
My breathing got strange.

This word floats in my head.

≪Proficiency has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪The skill Fear resistance rose from LV2 to LV3. ≫

≪Proficiency has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪The skill Fear resistane rose from LV3 to LV4. ≫

≪Proficiency has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪The skill Stress tolerance rose from LV2 to LV3. ≫

≪Proficiency has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪The skill Stress tolerance rose from LV3 to LV4. ≫

≪Proficiency has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪The skill Hostility perception rose from LV3 to LV4. ≫

≪Proficiency has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪The skill Crisis perception rose from LV4 to LV5. ≫

≪Proficiency has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪The skill Fear resistance rose from LV4 to LV5. ≫

≪Meeting certain conditions≫
≪Skill『Getaway』is now available≫

≪Meeting certain conditions≫
≪Skill『Defense instinct』is now available≫

There’s a lot of announcements inside my head.
But there was no room for them right now.

I don’t want to die.
I don’t want to die.
It was the only thing buried inside my head.

It’s raining.
The drops hit my face.


For a moment, I thought the High Orc was going to attack but a miserable voice came out.
The High Orc scorns at my figure and takes his eyes off me.
It disappeared into the mall.

I’m saved.
Apparently, I seem to have been overlooked.

Instantly, Momo’s『Shadow』and my『Concealment』are lifted.
Then we ran far away from the place.

This is dangerous.

I run away with my best.
In the pouring rain, even a little farther away.
Beyond the sight of that High Orc.
That monster is different.  This monster is clearly 『Different』from others

「Haah… Haah…… !」

It’s useless.
I can’t stay like this.

I’d die. I will die someday.

I don’t want to die.
I don’t want to die.

「Da……. Damn…… !」

I have to become stronger.
With Momo.
Stronger than I am now.

To survive.

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    • He’s a weak guy not a hero. I’ll selected fighter class and find a daikatana and armor, get more farm and joint every battle instead of live as spy with a dog like this.

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